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Boutiquefeel Reviews: Is Boutiquefeel Legit, Safe, or a Scam Website?

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You are welcome to my Boutiquefeel Review. Is the Boutiquefeel fashion dresses website legit, safe, or another scam online store? Do you like to know where the Boutiquefeel is located?

It is good you are doing your findings of Boutiquefeel; this was how I discovered a legitimate online business that changed my life forever.


Though Boutiquefeel fashion dresses website has many negative reviews.

Boutiquefeel is safe, legit, secure, and not a scam Women’s clothing online store? There is yet to be a report on fraud on any credit used on the site. The Boutiquefeel US location, as stated on BBB, is 11335 Jersey Blvd Deck 30, Rancho Cucamonga, California.

You will learn all about BoutiqueFeelFashion, where it is located

Please read on.

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What is Boutiquefeel?

Boutiquefeelfashion is an online women’s clothing store selling dresses, tops, shoes, accessories, bottoms, lingerie, and swimwear.

The founders of Boutique Feel are not clear, but it appears to be owned by Hongkong Jigao Information &Technology Co., Ltd.

This company also owns some other online clothing stores including ChicMe and Chiquedoll.

Customers can go online and shop for clothes and accessories at affordable prices; because they sell and ship worldwide.

BoutiquefeelFashion Prices

Boutiquefeel fashion dresses website pricing range from cheap to fair. Dresses sell for $11 to $91 while tops go for $7 to $54. Bottoms range from $11 to $54 while shoes sell for $20 to $65.

Boutique Feel Swimwear prices range between $11 and $43 while lingerie ranges between $7 and $33. Accessories sell for $5 to $43.

Boutiquefeel Fashion reviews youtube and boutiquefeelfashion

Boutiquefeel Fashion Dresses Website Payments & Methods

You can pay for your Boutiquefeelfashion, and purchases using MasterCard, Visa, or PayPal.

How Do I Return Something to Boutiquefeel?

Yes, you can return the purchased item. Make sure you contact customer service first to be provided with the nearest return address and location. You will get feedback from customer service in less than 24 hours. Also, ensure you follow the return and refund policy as provided below. 

Boutiquefeel allows a 30-day return policy on its products. If you do not like the item you received, you are advised to contact Boutiquefeel fashion dresses website customer care for instructions on how to return the item.

Where is Boutiquefeel located? See down below for the Boutiquefeel location to ease the process of return of your order.

Customers are warned not to return things to the contact printed on the parcel.

Boutique Feel does not accept jewelry, accessories, swimwear, lingerie, swimsuits, and bodysuits for hygiene reasons.

Refunds will be issued once the returned item is received and confirmed.

PayPal refunds take 24 hours while credit card refunds take 7-15 business days. Shipping and insurance fees are non-refundable.

If you receive a damaged item, contact Boutique Feel customer service and send pictures of the defects. Once the fault is confirmed, you will be issued a refund or replacement. Are my Boutiquefeel reviews according to your experience?

 Boutique Feel Shipping Guide

Boutiquefeel offers three types of shipping; standard, expedited, and express shipping. Standard shipping is free worldwide. Expedited shipping is free for orders above US $50.

Any orders below US $50 attract a US $7.99 shipping and handling fee. Express shipping is free for orders above US $150. Orders below the US $150 incur a US $13.99 shipping and handling fee.

Once your order is complete, it takes Boutiquefeelfashion 3-7 business days to process your request. You will receive an email with your tracking details once your parcel has been dispatched.

Deliveries take 7-25 days to arrive depending on the destination.

The is store uses DHL, CNE Express, and 17TRACk carrier services.

How Long Does Boutiquefeel Take to Ship and Deliver?

Boutiquefeel ships globally. It will take between 7 to 25 days to deliver your order for standard shipping and 8 to 10 days for an express shipping method. How long your Boutiquefeel delivery takes to get paid to your location depends on your shipping method choice. 

In general, it will take between three to five weeks for your order to arrive at your destination for standard shipping in Western countries. This timeframe only starts when your order is delivered to the carrier service by the company merchants.

You will get your order faster if you go for Express Shipping irrespective of where Boutiquefeel is located.

Boutiquefeel Customer Service

Boutiquefeel fashion dresses website support and customer service have overwhelmingly negative boutiquefeel reviews online. Customers report getting the run-around when they call to complain about one thing or the other.

However, there are a select number of positive reviews stating Boutique Feel’s customer service was courteous and helpful.

How do I contact Boutiquefeel? If you would like to contact and track your order with Boutique customer service use any of these ways;

  • Use Boutique customer service whatsapp chat number: +86 137 0550 8081. The response is usually within 24 hours.
  • Live Chat on the Boutiquefeel site or their Facebook page.
  • Email:

What do you think? Is Boutiquefeel safe, legit, or another scam online store? How often do you see complaints online?

Have you watched any Boutiquefeel fashion dresses website customer service reviews on YouTube that are a complaint?

Boutiquefeel Fashion Dresses Website

What are Boutiquefeel Fashion Dresses Rewards & Credit Program?

Boutique Feel has lots of offers and discounts on its site.

You get a 10% discount on your first purchase, 5% off on purchases above $39, and 8% off on orders above $59.

You also get 10% off on orders above $79 and 15% off on orders above $199.

Boutique Feel also has an Early Bird Sale that is 60% off on the 1st-20th orders, 55% off on the 21st-50th orders, and 50% off on the 51st -200 orders. Customers can pre-order a minimum of 10 items.

There is also an occasional Boutiquefeel Fab Zone sale that shaves up to 80% off on select items.

Boutiquefeel offers periodic coupons both online and offline.

Customers can also accrue credits by purchasing items on Boutiquefeelfashion and sharing Boutiquefeel fashion dresses website items on Facebook and Pinterest. 100 credits equal $1.

What is Good About Boutique Feel?

  1. Items are sold at very affordable prices.
  2. They have a 30-day return policy.
  3. There are lots of discounts, coupons, and flash sales available on the site.

Boutique Feel Complaints

  1. There are numerous complaints about the quality of the products.
  2. Customers often complain about delayed deliveries.
  3. Reviews indicate a huge disparity between the items displayed on the site and the items sold to customers.
  4. There are so many complaints about where Boutiquefeel is located online on YouTube review.

Online Complaint About BoutiquefeelFashion?

Boutiquefeel has been plagued by widespread complaints regarding the quality of the products shipped.

Many customers claim that the items shipped to them are not the same quality as those displayed on the site.

Pleas to obtain refunds or to exchange the items end up in a run-around with the customer care team and ultimately the customers don’t get their refund or exchange.

There are few positive Boutiquefeel reviews about the products, but the negative reviews heavily outweigh the positive ones. One common complaint is the Boutiquefeel location.

Are There Alternatives to Boutique Feel?

Yes. There are other online clothing stores carrying women’s clothes, shoes, and accessories.

They include PrettyLittleThing, Boohoo, Urban Outfitters, Forever21, eShakti, Ellie Boutique, Miss Chic, Misguided, Kiki La Rue, Topshop, and Vestique to mention a few.

Where is Boutiquefeel Located?

The Boutiquefeel location as stated at the end of the site Terms & Conditions Notice on their website: Alkmand Estate Ltd 48a Sittika Hanoum Street, Map Building, 6051, Larnaca, Cyprus. While the US Boutique Feel location as filed on the BBB website is: 11335 Jersey Blvd Deck 30, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730.

There are many inquiries in my comment area about Boutiquefeel location and address. I also observed that a lot of people want to know the Boutiquefeel website is shipping from.

So, I start to do some digging. It is all about helping my audience and helping people to solve problems online. 

That is how I make a full-time income online every day.

So, where is Boutiquefeel located in the world?

The Boutique Feel Official Contact on Facebook is:

  • Boutiquefeel Phone: 021 6176 2186
  • Email for Boutiquefeel:
  • Boutiquefeelfashion Facebook Address: Boutiquefeel 
boutiquefeel reviews
boutiquefeel location

Where Does Boutiquefeel Ship From?

But, Where does Boutiquefeel com ship from? And where they are located? This is a common question online for buyers that want their orders to return if there are any defects.

Boutiquefeel ship from this location in HONGKONG. “HONGKONG JIGAO INFORMATION & TECHNOLOGY CO, LIMITED. UNIT 5, 7/F GREENFIELD TOWER, CONCORDIA PLAZA, 1 SCIENCE MUSEUM RD, TSIM SHA TSUI, KLN, HONGKONG” as stated on the bottom of the Terms & Conditions page. 

There is no evidence that Boutiquefeel com ship from the United States. The company ship from their location in HONGKONG as stated below in the screenshot on their website.

See the screenshot of the Boutiquefeel com contact and location in HONGKONG where they ship from. This is why many people want to know where boutiquefeel is located to calculate when they get their order delivered. Either Boutiquefeel is located in China or Hong Kong; expect to get your order according to your shipping methods choice. 

It is one question that I get asked every time online and on many forums, i.e., “Where Boutique Feel ships its goods from? “

What do you think? Please drop your comment, use my comment area, please.

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boutiquefeel uk reviews

The Boutiquefeel Website BBB Reviews Rating is “F”

The Boutiquefeel BBB rating and reviews “F”, and the website is yet to be accredited by Better Business Bureau. I have seen companies that were not accredited but with a BBB rating of A+.

The problem is not the accreditation but the way they resolve customer issues.

Is Boutiquefeel safe, legit, or a scam with the “F” BBB rating?

Know that BBB Boutiquefeel reviews are done based on the boutiquefeel audience’s feedback and the rate at which customer disputes are resolved.

The implication of the Better Business Bureau reviews rating of Boutique Feel is the lack of getting customer’s issues resolved timely and quickly.

Where Boutiquefeel Is Located (As Stated By BBB)

BBB Review of boutiquefeel fashion

BBB ratings and accreditation are all about taken customers seriously.

This is why many people are scare of buying stuff from Boutique Feel stores; they go to Amazon instead; because most people believe that if when they have an issue with this website, they may not get help.

How do you know you will get help if you have issues with Boutique Feel? The way they attend to customers’ issues and complaints.

I still stand by the site that Boutiquefeel is safe, legit, trustworthy, and not a scam.

I don’t know how they will handle your problem if you have an issue with them because I am yet to have one issue with Boutiquefeel.

You can also see where is Boutiquefeel located inside the BBB website.

What do you think of my Boutiquefeel reviews? Is Boutiquefeel legit, safe, or another scam online store? Can you purchase on this site?

How to Make Money with Boutiquefeel Affiliate Program

Boutique Feel has three different Affiliate programs offered on their site. They are the Shareasale affiliate program, Web gain affiliate program, and Admitted affiliate program.

Affiliates earn a 15% commission on sales. If you would like to join the affiliate programs, contact Boutique Feel customer service for further instructions.

Boutique Feel does drop shipping. Contact their customer service for instructions on how to sign up for dropshipping.

Note that you can learn how to make money with Wealthy Affiliate Certification training.  It is usually called the Wealthy Affiliate University.

Is Boutiquefeel Legit, Safe, or a Scam?

Yes, Boutiquefeel is a safe, real, legit, and not a scam website.

Why is that?

I have ordered an item on this site, and I got it to my girlfriend safely delivered.

You can also take time to watch another Boutiquefeel review on YouTube below.

What do you think of my Boutique Feel reviews? But, where is boutiquefeel located? You now know. Is Boutiquefeel safe, legit, or scam?

But, then to me, purchasing on Boutique Feel is a gamble; because the address and location of this store are not well stated, and tracing the is boutiquefeel address and location is a real challenge.

Therefore, you keep thinking about if the goods are not delivered after you parted with the money?

There are so many that will be running on your mind.

Bu then, the clothing and displays you see are un resist able, you have to gamble the ordering and purchase on this site.

While your money and personal information will not be lost, there is no guarantee that you will get value for your money.

Their items are tagged with ridiculous discounts and low prices.

This should be the first indication that everything is not right. If you choose to purchase anything from

boutique feel, do not be surprised if you receive a cheap copy of the item displayed initially on the site.

You will effectually get what you ordered.

If you are not comfortable. You should read up the Boutiquefeel privacy policy to see how well you are covered.

Does Boutiquefeelfashion Website Ship to Australia?

Boutiquefeel Fashion Dresses Website will ships worldwide daily. Customers and shoppers receive orders from Africa, South America, Europe, North America, and Australia. When you get your order delivered will be determined by the type of shipping method you go for because delivery schedules are estimated according to various location of their customers worldwide.

Is Boutiquefeelfashion Website Worth It?

Thanks for reading my boutique feel reviews. Is Boutiquefeel safe, legit, or another scam website? I believe you now know the boutiquefeel location.

But, I can confirm to you that the boutique feel is trustworthy because they have delivered three of my orders.

What do you think about the Boutiquefeel reviews on YouTube below?

Thanks for reading my boutiquefeel reviews. You can now answer the common questions of where is boutiquefeel located.

What do you also think of my Boutiquefeel reviews on YouTube below?

Boutiquefeelfashion Website Reviews YouTube

12 thoughts on “Boutiquefeel Reviews: Is Boutiquefeel Legit, Safe, or a Scam Website?”

  1. you have created a superb review on boutiquefeel. this review sounded funny to me at first but then there is serious controversy.

    It is not entirely good as they have not been accredited by the better business bureau. although i think that with time they can get total recognition from the public as they have successful with you.

    1. Thanks for reading my Boutiquefeel Reviews. 

      Yes, Boutiquefeel is not accredited by BBB but the Boutiquefeel fashion online store is rated. 

      Boutiquefeel is a legit online store. 

      thanks for reading my Boutiquefeel fashion review. 

      Really appreciate your time.



  2. hello john,
    with platforms like this, there is no way we can rest and this is because their reputation is not as solid as the major big sellers.
    Getting a reachable address and great support center is one major key and it that is missed, then it becomes difficult to gain the trust of the people.

    1. Thanks for reading my Boutiquefeel reviews. 

      Yes, you are right. It can be very difficult to gain trust in such cases. This was why I had to do the digging and findings of the Boutiquefeel actual locations. 

      I observed that where the company (i.e. Boutiquefeel )  ship from is different from their actual real business location. Boutiquefeel has a warehouse in the US (where they ship their goods from); while they have the official location in Cyprus (Cyprus is an island in the Mediterranean located in the south of Turkey). 

      I can understand why they will have the business address in Cyprus; it could be for easy drop shipping to customers in the USA and mainly to avoid paying the TAX ( I may be wrong; I am just speculating !).

      Thanks again for reading my Boutiquefeel fashion reviews. 



  3. what a lovely boutiquefeel fashion reviews we have here, wow! the sole purpose of shopping is to get the desired result of what you paid for,desired result in terms of quality, etc. 

    I think boutiquefeel fashion is not trustworthy, It is like boutiquefeel fashion online storeis a scam site, because it doesn’t deliver the accurate goods, with the things previous customers are saying, I wouldn’t want to take that risk. 

    Thanks for saving a life.

    1. Dear Wilson,

      Thanks for reading my boutiquefeel fashion reviews. I am glad you liked my article about boutiquefeel fashion and how the site work. 

      Trust me boutiquefeel fashion online store is great. Have you by from the site before? Yes, I bought three times and I got my items (for my babe). They also have very few complaints online. 

      Note though, I am yet to have any issue that needs resolving (so I won’t know how it feels resolving the issue with boutiquefeel fashion store.). Please don’t slam them if you are yet to purchase from the store.

      Thanks anyway for your time and for reading my boutiquefeel fashion reviews.



  4. I have never heard of this boutique but from your review on it I can see that it is a legitimate company. 

    The price range is actually really impressive and affordable – which is one of the biggest “plus” – now, I’m really wondering about the quality of the clothes. 

    I can see that the prices vary, but are the cheaper pieces worth purchasing? Do you have an idea of where is boutiquefeel located and when they ship from? 

    Will I get my item if I purchase from them? I can see that you are affirmative that  boutiquefeel is trustworthy and legit?

    thanks for the great Boutiquefeel Review.



    1. Thanks for reading my Boutiquefeel Review. 

      I am glad you liked my article about boutiquefeel fashion reviews.

      Yes, Boutiquefeel trustworthy and also legitimate.  Boutiquefeel is not a scam because they delivered three of my items. 

      They shipped to customers from their warehouse in the USA with this address: Alkmand Estate Ltd 48a Sittika Hanoum Street, Map Building, 6051, Larnaca, Cyprus.

      You can also contact them on the official page on Facebook:

      Boutiquefeel Phone: 021 6176 2186Boutiquefeel Email: support@boutiquefeel.comBoutiquefeel Facebook Address: Boutiquefeel 

      You can also see that in the body of this article.

      I believe that Boutiquefeel also shipped from the USA. They have their warehouse in 11335 Jersey Blvd Deck 30, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730. That is the Boutiquefeel ‘s business address on the Better Business Bureau.

      Thanks again for reading my Boutiquefeel Fashion Reviews.



  5. I’d be weary of a site like this. I think I’d just assume go to ebay and shop, lol! At least they offer refunds within 30 days.

  6. I just checked out Boutiquefeel and some very engaging prices. In fact, while shopping there, one could spend more than planned. But my question is; do they deliver exactly what they advertise? Because, this is common with most online boutiques.

    1. Dear Joyce,

      Thanks fir reading my review.

      I am sure they will ship the exact good you purchase. It is very rare to send a wrong good. But it can still happen. No one or company is above mistakes.



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