Referral Key Review: Can You Still Make Money?


You are welcome to my Referral Key Review.

I am sure that you are here because you want to know if you can make money with Referral Key.

But, Is Referral Key a scam?

Is Referral Key a legitimate business networking?

It is crucial always to research any online program you are not sure can make you money.

This is how I discovered how to transform my skills and passion into a full-time income online.

This was what birthed this website. It has changed my life forever.
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Referral Key At A Glance

Name: Referral Key
Price: Free
Owners: Lewis Weinstein
Overall Rank: 15%                                                                                                                          Recommended: No


Do I Recommend Referral Key?

But first thing first, what is Referral Key about?

The MLM referral model is quite an unconventional marketing strategy that is used by various businesses today.

Despite the flaws that are apparent in this model and its continuous association with unscrupulous practices, it remains a viable marketing route for firms with ambitious goals and weak financial might.

Referral Key is another of the group of favorite online businesses that use referrals as their principal marketing tool.

In fact, the whole operation of the company is based on the reference of one user by another.

It is mostly used to help people find jobs by directly linking a job seeker to a user or an employer that is hiring.

If you’re desperately in need of a job or can provide some service, Referral Key may be a platform you want to consider for marketing purposes.

It is wise you do not make the company your first option as there are more reliable platforms on the internet that deliver the same services with higher efficiency e.g., LinkedIn.


What is Referral Key About, Exactly?

Referral Key is a company that provides networking services for experts, helping them to find work they desperately need.

Look at it as LinkedIn running on the referral model. The business was founded some years back by Lewis Weinstein and principally operates on a model whereby users refer new people to a job opening.

New users are sent emails from already registered users who refer them to a prospective job. The new user can then decide to accept the responsibility or forward it to another person who may be better suited for it.

The main benefit of using Referral Key is, of course, the opportunity it provides to find work. Apart from that, its compensation fee for each successful referral is also something that may appeal to you.

The company starts you up with a $75 compensation for your first successful referral. It also claims that you can earn up to $1000 depending on the job.

Referral Key can be accessed anywhere in the world, though your chances of actually being offered work increases if you’re located in the US or Europe.

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What Products Does Referral Key Sell?

Referral Key mainly provides job opportunities for unemployed professionals and freelance experts. It also gives referral bonuses to users who can refer to as many people as possible.


The Costs/Price of Referral Key

Registering on the Referral Key platform is entirely free.

You can either go directly to the site to set up an account or be referred by an existing user.


Is Referral Key A Scam?

Referral Key is not a scam but unless you're an expert in a field who is seeking employment, Referral Key isn't an ideal business venture.

If you are familiar with the referral model of online marketing, then this may be up your alley.


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What is Good about Referral Key?

It helps active job seekers to find work through referrals quickly

It can also be used as a supplementary income source thanks to its lucrative referral bonuses


Issues With Referral Key

Despite the tempting promise of employment and financial rewards, Referral Key hasn’t proven to be reliable

Referrals are often sent as spammy messages that may be unconvincing to new and prospective users.

Referral Key also engages in the unscrupulous practice of sending spammy referral messages to your contacts if you register on the platform

It isn’t a reliable way to earn consistent revenue since your earnings are tied to the number of referrals you successfully make.


Who is the Referral Key for?

This platform is principally for professionals who are looking for a job or want to network with employers. It can also be used by entrepreneurs to build their customer base and improve revenue.

If you are also an expert in referral marketing, then it provides you with the avenue to earn some nice referral bonus.

Referral Key is available to users across the globe


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How to Make Money with Referral Key

Step 1
Go to the website to register an account or directly receive a referral from a contact
Step 2
Act on the reference if you’re interested in the job being offered
Step 3
Send referrals to people on your contact list who may be interested in the offer
Step 4

Earn a referral bonus for each contact that signs up for an account


How Referral Key Pay You And The Payment Methods?

You are paid for each successful referral you make. The amount can be dependent on the nature of the job in question.

Payment is usually through any of the conventional online payment channels.

List the Alternatives of Referral Key

LinkedIn is the most popular alternative to Referral Key. It offers the same services but with much higher efficiency.

It also doesn't require users to refer people to job openings, unlike Referral Key.


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Public/Online Opinion of Referral Key

Like with every online business that runs the referral model of operation, Referral Key isn't by internet users.

Many are quick to dismiss it as a reliable networking service or money-making venture. Still, no one has reported the company for carrying out fraudulent practices.


Is Referral Key Worth It?

So, what do you think of my Referral Key ( Review?

Do you think Referral Key can help you make money online?

Generally, it is safe to regard Referral Key as a legitimate business since there hasn’t been any notable complaint about fraud.

The company, however, is notorious for sending spammy referral emails to new users and can also do so to all of your contacts without your permission.

Referral Key may not be a good business model for you, because not everybody will be able to use Referral Key to making money online.

I am having a better recommendation, try my best work at home business, instead.  It is tried and tested.

What do you think of this article? Are you making money already with Referral Key? Do you agree with my assertion on my Referral Key Review?

Do you have any contribution? Are you making money using Referral Key?

Kindly drop your thought in my comment area below? I will be glad to respond to you.

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10 thoughts on “Referral Key Review: Can You Still Make Money?”

  1. As a 20+ year vetern of the computer security industry, I would call the email I received from ReferalKey today spearphishing. Definately illegal spam. I’ve already shared the email I got from them with one company that does filtering for enterprises. ReferralKey went from a business with a good website reputation to a dangerous spam site in a matter of about 30 minutes. I would expect to have many antimalware companies classifying them as spam or phishing in the next few days.

  2. Sir, don’t you think Referral Key requires a lot of time and gives peanuts? I stopped using it months ago because it is nothing but a chaotic platform which will flood your inbox with referral links and promotional emails. I am very happy that you didn’t support it much.

    • Dear Erna,

      Yes, I am not in support of Referral Key ( It is a waste of time and energy. I am proposing a Wealthy Affiliate instead. it is my #1 Recommended Online Business.

      It is helping me to earn over four-figure monthly. It is the best affiliate program in the world in my opinion.

      Thanks, Erna for visiting my webpage.



  3. Wow! Referral Key revealed! Sounds interesting, but it looks like a herculean task. How about I get a referral, and I feel qualified for the job, will the employees truly accept me? How does it feel sending job offers nobody might accept? Apparently, one might stay for so long before earning a referral bonus.

    • Dear Joe,

      Referral Key ( won’t make you money. There is one important online secret that many don’t know and that is there is no platform online that can help you earn consistent money online;

      Twitter will not help you, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and Quora cannot help you earn you consistent money online. Those websites can wake up one day and ban or revoke you from their site. You won’t have access to everything you have built.

      There is nothing like your own website. Having your own website is the key. This is why I recommend Wealthy Affiliate. It is just the best.

      Even if you decide you can not go premium they offer you two free websites to start making money online.

      Thanks again for visiting my web page.



  4. Referall Key sounds like a great service. How much can the usual person expect to make from using it, and how long have you used it? I am curious if it’s worth putting my time towards. I imagine it takes awhile to build up a significant referall network, no?

    • Dear Sam,

      I will not advise you to even consider using Referral Key ( No forum or platform in the world can help you make money online like your own platform (Your website). This is why Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 Recommended Online business.

      It is better you channel your effort on building your own business online rather than wasting your effort, money, and resource on a third party website that can revoke your access tomorrow.



  5. I believe, it is a detailed guide about ReferralKey. Though, it is a legitimate business but I will not sign up for it. I take your recommendations very seriously because you are an authority on such kind of affiliate websites. Anyhow, thank you very much for writing such an informative article for us again.

    • Dear Ramon,

      Yes, you are right. Referral Key ( is legit and not a scam. But it will not make you money. Consider my #1 Recommended online business. This will help you build your own business online considering your passion/Ideas/hobbies.

      The top secrets many people did not know about online business is this. No platform online, this includes Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Quora etc. Non can make you money like your own website.

      You can easily be banned or revoke at any time irrespective of what effort you must put into your page on any platforms.

      Thanks for visiting my website.


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