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Home » SOCIAL MEDIAL MARKETING » How to Make Money With Your LinkedIn Account In 2023?

How to Make Money With Your LinkedIn Account In 2023?

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Home » SOCIAL MEDIAL MARKETING » How to Make Money With Your LinkedIn Account In 2023?

You are welcome to my article on how to make money with LinkedIn. Can you earn on LinkedIn?

It is good you are making your findings on how to make money on LinkedIn; this is how to discover legitimate online businesses and also avoid many scams online.


I will be showing you how the top earners use LinkedIn to make huge money online.

But first thing first, What is Linkedin about? Is it worth it or a waste of time? Are people making money on Linkedin?

Are you on Linkedin? If you know little or nothing about Linkedin, then you need to learn what Linkedin is all about.

LinkedIn is one of the social media that has broken the norm. I currently have over 17,000 followers on LinkedIn and this platform is helping me to convert and make a full-time income online. Join me on LinkedIn here.

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What is Linkedin?

We can refer to Linkedin as a networking social media platform. However, it does not concentrate on fun and social life.

Instead, it comprises professionals seeking diverse ways of earning money either offline or online.

A lot of people are searching for jobs daily, Linkedin is that platform that helps people network in search of great jobs.

Linkedin has a success story to tell. They did not start that big at first. On the contrary, it had 4,500 staff.

Who is the man behind this incredible idea? It is Reid Hoffman who had before that worked at eBay, Google as well as PayPal.

To those who have a sense of the names I have just mentioned, then they know that they are big ones.

He did so together with Allen Blue, Eric Ly, Konstantin Guericke as well as Jean-Luc Vaillant.

The 15-year journey of Linkedin began just like any other but little did they know that it would have turned out to be this great.

In 2002, it was contemplated. The following year on 5th May, Linkedin saw the light of the day.

Ever since that day, it has had significant milestones one after another. Learn all you need to know about LinkedIn on Wikipedia.

Do I Recommend LinkedIn?

It was six months after graduation. Under those circumstances, it is just human to give up. What was the use of all these papers if they could not help me get a job?

That is when a friend of mine suggested Linkedin.  At that instant, I created my profile on the platform and fill it appropriately.

Subsequently, I applied for several jobs, and I was lucky enough to get a job with an organization of my line of work.

Why then would I not recommend Linkedin? I would climb on the rooftops and shout out loud talking about Linkedin to help one realize one’s dream.

Can You Make Money On LinkedIn?

The answer is a big yes. Through LinkedIn, millions and millions of people have earned significant cash. Some have done that directly while others have done it indirectly.

You will see below the ways to actually make money on this great platform.

What Product Can You Promote on LinkedIn?

With LinkedIn, one can sell or promote either goods or services. You are at liberty to promote your chosen products.

LinkedIn is a great platform that you can use to start making money without any investment. 

Also if you are a serious businessperson, you can use a lot of great tools (both free and paid) to enhance your business promotion. They are listed below.

LinkedIn Tools for Business Promotion 

  • LinkedIn Sponsored InMail
  • Blink Chat for LinkedIn
  • Export LinkedIn Connection
  • LinkedIn Lead Accelerator
  • LinkedIn Company Pages
  • Company Insider Plugin Generator
  • Member Profile Plugin
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Sync.ME
  • LinkedIn Connected
  • SlideShare
  • LinkedIn Badges
  • Apps for Various Devices
  • LinkedIn Talent Solutions
  • Elevate
  • LinkedIn Showcase Pages

The Cost/ Price of Using LinkedIn

A Basic Account.

Owning an account with LinkedIn is free, and just by that mere fact, you can enjoy essential features and earn on LinkedIn.

However, sometime back, those elements were reduced. As a result, many people now prefer the paid accounts.

A Premium Account.

The paid accounts are in four categories.

Premium Career

It costs a subscriber $29.99 monthly. This is the cheapest, and it came to replace the Spotlight package.

Usually, one would pay $10 per month. 

That option no longer exists, but old members did not lose their membership. It is for job seekers.

Premium Business

If you settle for this plan, you will have to cough $59.99 monthly. It is good to note that you will bill it annually. This idea is perfect for businesses.

Sales Navigator Professional

For this one, you part away with approximately $79.99 monthly, but you also bill it annually. It focuses on sales.

Recruiter Lite

This is the most superior premium account offered by LinkedIn. Its cost is $119.95 per month. You can settle for it if you are looking for skills and talents.

Is LinkedIn a Good Business Opportunity to Earn Online?

That question got me thinking. What could you do in a situation whereby a hundred million people at your disposal. That is what Linkedin offers its members.

With such a number, even a thousandth of the population would be a good number of clients for any business.

For this reason, I can say without fear of contradiction that Linkedin is an excellent business opportunity. Equally, necessary, the advertisement is also available.

I knew a lot of people with a great online business that leverages Linkedin to make huge money online; most especially when you own your website, you can be making over $5,000 monthly in residual income and on autopilot. 

What I Like About LinkedIn

  1. The platform is simple to earn on LinkedIn and easy to use thus communicating as well as making a connection has been simplified.
  2. Its use of keyword when searching helps one find only the candidates or jobs he seeks.
  3. As a user, you can opt for a personal page, business page, or both.
  4. This is a great platform to find an employee

Issues with LinkedIn

  1. The presence of many fake profiles which can misinform someone. How do you even tell that the person has the expertise he or she claims to have?
  2. LinkedIn is not a great place to sell consumer products but you can always refer customers
  3. Another issue is the many spams that you receive.
  4. The premium accounts’ charges are high especially if you choose to pay them monthly. There is a difference between what you pay if you bill it annually and that of the monthly payment which is very vast.

Who is LinkedIn For?

Linkedin is meant for both young and old, professionals and non-professionals. This is one of the platforms of top online jobs for college students

Are you looking for a job? Do you need a platform to promote your business?

Looking to recruit employees? Look no more because that is what Linkedin is for.

There is no limitation as to which business you can promote using LinkedIn.

How to Earn on LinkedIn

Start Blogging

Creating a blog of your own is so very simple these days. You will need to identify a great chosen niche market that commands a ready-made audience for your business.

You can make a lot of money online blogging about your hobbies, because blogging will earn you a lot of money in the long run but it is a lot of work, it is not for lazy people.

If you post blogs regarding your area of expertise, that will increase your chances of being noticed by a lot of people from various fields and endeavors.

A friend of mine is making over $20,000 monthly blogging about how to make money playing a video game online.

You have a lot of great tools to promote your good and services on Linkedin.

You have a lot of opportunities to showcase your business to your contacts, friends, and the whole world.

Find a Job and Start Earning

There are many online job opportunities available via LinkedIn.

All you need to do is to apply for the same. If you get one, you will, as a result, start earning.

You can set an alert to let you know when your favorite job is available.

Work for Another Company

Do you know that you can earn money via LinkedIn by advertising on behalf of other companies?

Such an organization will in return pay you depending on the terms that you will agree.

You can easily practice affiliate marketing on Linkedin, this involves the promotion and selling of other people’s products for an agreed commission.

A lot of people are making huge money online via this medium, this is why affiliate marketing still remains a gold mine to date

Start Offering Consultations

One can make a lot of money by advising people.

If you are a successful businessperson, for instance, you can provide amateurs with an entrepreneur with relevant information for a fee.

How Does LinkedIn Make Money Video


Creatives Ways to Make Money with LinkedIn

These are five major ways anybody can make huge money with Linkedin. Social media has gone nuclear in different ways and methods of getting people’s attention online.

Linkedin is not only for networking, connecting, and securing quality jobs online but it is one of the major ways of making huge money daily online.

Below are five major ways you can effectively employ Linkedin to make huge money online:

  1. Using LinkedIn to Drive Traffic to your Website or Blog

Whether one runs a blog or a service-providing website, one can increase the number of visitors and prospective customers by a significant fold by simply setting up a LinkedIn profile and networking with other members of the platform.

While the professional identity of individuals on a social media platform like Facebook cannot really be verified, LinkedIn guarantees a user base that includes qualified individuals who are either seeking a service or offering their expertise.

It is much easier to acquire both business and personal websites these days. Making money with your own website is a billion-dollar business today.

You don’t need to be educated or literate to have your own website.

Making money anywhere both off and online is a serious business and it takes hard work to be successful.

The good news is that you can learn the trade and it is everywhere online, as long as you can hold a mouse or use the internet.

Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best places to learn how to make money with your passion or your hobbies.

Wealthy Affiliate is a training platform that you can join FREE.

If you joined through this LINK you will be given two free websites and also have access to limited training on how to start your own business online, while the premium option will give you access to 25 websites and full handheld training and so many other resources you can’t find anywhere else online.

  • 2. Bring your Product and Services to LinkedIn

While directing traffic from the LinkedIn platform to a website or blog is a very apt strategy, it is even shrewder to simply bring the product and service to the prospective customer base on LinkedIn.

Though this strategy definitely requires some commitment and work, it is guaranteed to increase one’s income tremendously if it is thoroughly applied.

By joining several groups on the LinkedIn platform and embarking on an aggressive networking campaign, one can build a customer base that will certainly translate into remarkable profits.

  • 3. Secure a Job

Since the principal objective of LinkedIn remains to effortlessly link highly skilled job seekers with prospective employers, it has become the biggest job hunting tool available to qualified employment seekers.

It is very important that LinkedIn users looking to get hired properly edit their profiles and also include impressive cover letters that will garner the attention of HR personnel.

  • 4. Forming a Lucrative Partnership

One of the incredible features of LinkedIn is the presence of highly qualified individuals who always have something positive to offer a business or website.

By networking with several such people, one can form amazing partnerships that are certain to improve the quality and performance of a business venture.

Many remarkable business mergers that have led to the creation of more profitable entities were actually crafted on social networking sites for professionals.

This is because LinkedIn provides the enabling environment for professional partnerships to blossom and also helps business owners find the right expertise lacking in their enterprise.

  • 5. Using LinkedIn for Affiliate Promotions

The promotion of affiliate products and services is perhaps the fastest way to make money on the internet. However, running an effective affiliate promotional campaign isn’t as easy as it sounds.

In fact, many affiliate marketers are usually frustrated by their inability to generate leads and follow through with sales. There are many that make money with Click Bank via their LinkedIn accounts.

The crux of the challenge facing affiliate marketing is finding a platform or forum that is specially designated to cater to professionals and service-seeking entities, and that is why LinkedIn is the number one target base for successful affiliate marketers.

No other website or Internet platform has a multitude of ready-to-patronize web users who can all be assessed without any hindrance.

It is very important that the product or service being marketed is of the impeccable standard to boost sales and avert the wrath of a dissatisfied customer base.

How Does LinkedIn Make Money?

LinkedIn makes money and generates revenue from three sources:

  • Talent Solutions, 
  • Marketing Solutions, and 
  • Premium Subscriptions 

Since Microsoft acquired LinkedIn, the company finances have been constantly consolidated. They continuously change strategies. In 2021, LinkedIn is currently making money and generating revenue from three services points: 

  • Marketing (talent solutions)
  • Premium recruiting services, and 
  • Premium user subscription services.

LinkedIn is currently making money from sales of ads, recruitment services, and premium membership privileges. 

LinkedIn is also making money from its new services venture, i.e., the company’s learning division. Users and members learn different skills from various topics and interests. The LinkedIn learning solution comprises the newly acquired website, i.e., (acquired in 2015).

Is LinkedIn Worth It?

What do you think about making money with your LinkedIn account? Have you seen how the top earners in the industry earn with LinkedIn? Can you really earn on LinkedIn?

what are good side hustles

Given these points, Linkedin is a social network where you can make money a lot of money online. It is an excellent business opportunity.

Create your profile account, join a lot of Linkedin groups, and start looking for ways to make money.

Making money online is not a piece of cake, it takes a lot of work.

The same applies to LinkedIn, It is also not easy to make money with LinkedIn, but it is doable and many are earning huge money online on and with their LinkedIn account daily.

There are critical steps that must be followed to start a successful business online.

It all depends on want you want to achieve and the nature of the business you plan to promote on Linkedin. The ball is in your court.

What is your take on how to making money with your LinkedIn account?

Do you have any comments, questions, or contributions about how to earn on LinkedIn?

Kindly share your thought below. I will be glad to know how you are making money with LinkedIn.

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    1. Thanks for reading my article on how to make money with LinkedIn. 

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  4. I always thought Facebook and Instagram were the best social media to promote your services or products. But it makes sense to be visible on LinkedIn. I guess you could even get useful contacts in addition to your promotion. Happy to know that LinkedIn has so many tools to offer! Now that you mention it, I often see advertisements for business programs on the platform. I will certainly think about LinkedIn when if I ever promote products or services online. Thanks for the great post

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