14 Best SEO Reporting Tools – Used By The Experts

These are my top 14 best SEO reporting tools mostly used by experts in the blogging world.

The importance of Best SEO Reporting Software cannot be overemphasis if you want to be successful as a blogger.

It is key to the survival of every content marketing business online; you need these tools for traffics monitoring and ranking of your articles on page 1 of the search engine.

The full form of ‘’SEO’’ is Search Engine Optimization.

This is a procedure that increases the viewership of any website or blog by making the content genuine following some specific strategies, techniques, etc.

Which helps it rank much higher than others.

I will be discussing the best SEO reporting software, tools, and websites available in the marketplace that can help improve your sites or content rankings.

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The Best SEO Reporting Software

Below is the list of top SEO reporting tools that are great and will definitely yield dividends, I use most of these tools and they have really aided the ranking of this website to a great extent.

***Jaaxy Enterprise Keyword Research Tool***

In my opinion, this is the best keyword research tool or online SEO reporting tool that helps us in researching domains, keywords, niches and to tap into under-hyped markets.

This site is very quick and responsive. After hitting enter and one does not has to wait for a longer duration of time.

You can get a lot done with Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool.

If you want to use Jaaxy you do not have to download anything either, all you need to do is, go to their website and search for whatever you are looking for.

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It is not like the regular search engines; it is more advanced than them. Jaaxy is well known for its precision in searching the material you are looking for.

It can be a paramount part of your online business if you have any.

As mentioned earlier, Jaaxy can bite through millions of terabytes of data in seconds and fetch you the results within seconds.

***Traffic Travis***

Traffic Travis helps the viewer to find out what the current rating of the website is and what the viewership status of the tool is.

The interface of this web page is very simple and user-friendly with fantastic graphic design and this wonderful tool for doing such researchers.

This website has got four different features that help us to get the data and information on the choice of our website.

This website was designed to assist the rise of the viewership of the websites.

It is an all in one tool for SEO purposes. It has facilities like pay-per-click monitoring and general market research.


AffiloTools is a tool that helps us to find out what sort of activity is happening on our web page. That includes viewership, page rankings, social media revenue, etc.

This tool is used by web page owners and web marketers.

AffiloTools also helps us to seek out which is the most important keyword. This tool is also one of its kind and very user-friendly.

This also helps us to track our ClickBanks and the earnings from them. This site has an inbuilt Link Finder tool, which helps us to locate high-end websites where we can create multiple links.

***Seo Site Checkup***

This site helps the user to run a quick check, like an audit to find any anomalies or errors that might be on the site. It also checks for tags and errors.

This tool not only helps users to see the scores on their website, but they can also see the website’s health through it.

***Keyword Spy***

This site is one of the best keyword search engines. It is the place where you can find everything related to keyword searching.

You will be able to keep an eye on your competitor’s keyword bids and their pay-per-click strategy.

It sometimes gives you a proper insight into which keyword is most important and how can we can use them.

***Market Samurai***

This helps us to find a niche along with long keywords.

It also helps us to analyze the data from a vast array of sources as well as find keywords from them. It is one of the best SEO reporting tools.

The OCI value (Online Commercial Intention) informs us to be sure whether the person intends to buy anything online or just browsing for information.

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***Similar Sites***

best seo reporting tool

This may not be a tool but a website that is used as a tool.

These websites help us to find similar websites, which you intend to promote.

Most of the main competition can be found if you search for them on Google.

However, not always, will your competitors go after the same keyword that you are looking for.

Similar Sites is a famous SEO reporting tool. With the help of this tool, you would be able to find out many of your competition.

The best idea would be to research them and try to understand how they work and with what types of keywords they work.

This will give you an extra edge when you would be pitted against them, regarding efficiency and profit-making.

When you promote a website for the first time, you might be a bit unsure how it will turn out, whether you would be getting any response from the keyword conversion is not sure.

So, it would be wise to invest some money in one of the best SEO reporting tools ‘Google Adwords’ because we all know that there is nothing worse than trying to promote a website for six long months without getting a single dime in return.

==>How to Get Your Content Rank Instantly In Search Engines

With this tool, you would be able to see a good overview of the web pages which you can fix or upgrade.

It is a good idea to run this tool on every new website to check many small and silly mistakes.

best seo reporting tools

***Google Webmaster Tool***

This is another free website from Google which provides information about your web page.

While configuring your website you can add a Google Site Map to see the stats of your web page which will enable the option of viewership traffic.

If there is anything wrong or not and other information that can help you to maintain your web page properly.

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***Google PageSpeed Tool***

The speed of the website affects the ranking of the web page.

It is a free tool to measure that ranking. This tool also provides a lot of useful tips and information.

There could be some simple twists and turns that you might do, which will help you rank up again. It helps in SEO ranking reporting as well.


This is another tool that is very useful, user-friendly, and one of its kind. Most people use the SeoMoz tool for two basic reasons.

First, it has a great collection of resources and tools that help users to make a fantastic web page and greatly influence your SEO knowledge.

Moreover, Secondly, the avatar it uses looks gorgeous, “Roger the Robot.”

***Majestic Seo***

If you look for a backlink checker and site explorer, then Majestic SEO is the best option.

It helps you by providing reports about anchor texts, backlink history, citation flow, and keywords density.

*** Raven tools***

Its specialty is that it can draw a huge number of data and provide a complete report of your website.

Raven consists of more than 30 tools that can be relied upon.

You can use it for a related to digital marketing and SEO which includes backlink reporting, link building, campaign management, and much more.

Conclusion About Best SEO Reporting Tools

What do you think of these 14 Best SEO Reporting tools used by experts in the blogging world?

SEO reporting tools are needed by all serious Webmasters that are ready to monitor the progress of their growth.

The bottom line is to harvest the yield of every investment, for you to be successful as a blogger you need the above set of tools for you to maximize your investments.

Online business is a serious business and thus required a serious approach. It is these SEO tools that are needed to measure the effectiveness of every strategy employed in the growth of any online business.

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Such that any strategy that has not signals growth could be stopped and new approaches are initiated.

What do you think of my reporting tools? Do you have any other SEO tools in mind? Are you using anyone on my list?

Kindly drop your comment and also help with names and links to such SEO tools. It could help my online business as well as my audience.

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10 thoughts on “14 Best SEO Reporting Tools – Used By The Experts”

  1. Not everyone knows about SEO, but if you rely on a website for business purposes, you’d better know what it is and the way to tell whether your site is attracting your target audience.

    You can go out and buy a book on SEO, but this article actually gives you a good starting point for your SEO needs.

    Again, if you have any kind of online business, you need to know how to maximize your search engine optimization (SEO).

    Jofa, a big shout-out for saving me time looking for the best SEO tools.


    • Dear Ty,
      Thank you for visiting my webpage. SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is everything for you to start making money online. Most especially if you are not ready to go for paying traffics and ads.

      If you can rank your content and constantly be on page one of the search engine you will be feasible to your audience and you can offer what you are out to sell in no time. SEO success takes time but when you start making ends meet you will soon forget all the stress it takes for you to get your page rank on Google or Search page 1.



  2. Thank you for writing this article on best seo reporting tools. I am new to internet marketing but I always consult my SEO keyword selection tool before I finalise my headings. Mostly I do this because my website is so new that I can’t afford much advertising yet, so I need all the free traffic I can get. I actually use the product that you recommended – Jaaxy. It is nice to see that you like it as well. I had not heard of Keyword Spy or Market Samurai before. Thank you for talking about them. I use Google Adwords and Google Webmaster Tools (GSC). I am happy to hear that I am on the right track. I was just wondering how you go about reading the reports about different potential keyword options that you COULD use. How do you nail down which keyword will be the #1 winner and be selected as your Headline?

    • Hi GBIG, 

      You must have motive as regards any of your review.  Motive will guide you and you need to read widely as regards those other tools and products you are not interested in so as to be able to write rightly about them. 

      By motive, I implies that you know first hand which of the products you are writing for. You can then write objectively about the other and then recommend your product. 



  3. Wow – great list! I hadn’t heard of a lot of these so I will be checking them out in the future – I saved them so I can look into them if I need them. Right now, I use Jaaxy and Google Adwords tool – as well as the free tools over at SEO Moz. I have Market Samurai from when I used to make websites for small businesses but I haven’t pulled it out in years. Maybe I should. If I find myself at a point where Jaaxy isn’t doing the job I need – maybe I will try Market Samurai again. Thanks for sharing all these other tools. Are you using all of these?

    • Thanks you for visiting my web page. 

      I am not using all of them. but most of them, it depends on what you plan to achieve. But i cant do without The Jaaxy Enterprise. It is the best Keyword Tool in the world. It always makes me rank on first page of search engines. 



  4. Hey Jofa,

    Thank you for highlighting the 14 Best SEO reporting software. What I am using now is Jaaxy and Google Search Console and PageSpeed Insights.

    While all these tools only reporting your Site/Page SEO, is there any automated tools to fix one of my Website which had many SEO errors. I don’t have the time and resources to engage an SEO expert to do this.

    Kind regards

    • Hi

      The automated tools that is good for fixing your page error is Traffic Travis by Mark Ling of Affilorama. It is a great tool and you will love it so very much. Traffic Travis is an SEO – Search Engine Optimization Tool and PPC – Pay Per Click Software Suite. It has various usages such as:

      1. It help you create compressive keyword list

      2. It track and monitor your search engine rankings

      3.It optimized your webpages in a flash with SEO analysis

      4. It help spy on the search engine for all your competitor and help you out rank them 

      5. It help you pay less and earn more with PPC analysis.

      Please go for it 



  5. This is a great post! I haven’t even heard of a lot of these, but I will definitely be looking into each and every one of them to find what will work best for my own business.

    One I am already using is Jaaxy and it is the best research tool I have used to date. Makes it so easy to choose the right keywords to write posts around. I will use this one for the rest of my time in the online business world.


    Leah Vanier

    • Thank you Leah for come by.

      Yes, Jaaxy is the tool that always help me rank on first page of Goole and other search engines. It is just the best.



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