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Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review – The Shocking SEO Secrets. . .

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You are welcome to my Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review. Jaaxy Keyword Research tool is my shocking SEO secret ever for me. I am glad you are here to learn more about Jaaxy Keyword Tool.

You were searching about Jaaxy Keyword Tool; then, you landed here. That is because you saw this article on page one of Google. Yes, Jaaxy Keyword Tool pushes this article on Page 1 of Google and another search engine.


It once helped me discovered the best Affiliate Marketing Education Platform in the world; I now earn a full-time income working from home.

If your objective is to rank your articles on page one of Google and other search engines, you are definitely in the right place.

It could be challenging to get to page 1 of Google, but there are what you must do.

And of course, an excellent keyword ranking tool will be needed to get your article on page 1 at all times.

Using the Jaaxy Enterprise Research Tool is the best way to get ranked on page 1, but is it that straightforward?

Is Jaaxy Keyword Tool worth it? Continue to read to discover more about this rare keyword tool.

Estimated reading time: 16 minutes

how to check your website keyword ranking

Jaaxy Keyword Tool at a Glance

Product: Jaaxy
Ranking: 98%
Price: Free Trial (30 searches), Pro $49 per month, Enterprise $99 per month
Owners: Kyle and Carson

Try Out Jaaxy Keyword Tool For FREE


Summary of Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review

I use the Jaaxy Enterprise Research Tool to achieve this all the time; this is why you can be reading this article.

Of course, we know that the Internet is the world of SEO (Search Engine Optimization); without SEO Internet will not be effectively put to the correct usage.

But in the Internet world and the talk of the importance of SEO, contents social media signals, and authorship. It is easier to forget the foundation of SEO i.e., Keywords.

I can categorically state that without keywords, there cannot be SEO, and Jaaxy Enterprise will expose any online keyword you need to reach your readers.

Keyword Research implies Market Research in our ranking and traffics, and it is extremely very important and crucial to a successful and impactful content engagement on the Internet.

It has taken the extra time to research your keyword as regards your targeted audience can be the only reason whether your website or blog will do well or not in the long run.

If you get finding a high keyword for your niche right, then you will not only enjoy a lot of search engine traffics; it will also help you to have the upper hand to know your customers better than your competition.

What do you think of my Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review?

What is a Keyword?

best seo reporting tool

A keyword, in the context of SEO, is a particular word or group of words or phrases that describe the contents of a Website.

Keywords can also be described as specific words that describe the content of what you are searching online; for instance, if you are searching for a movie on, then your keywords could include the video title and the name of the significant artist or actress that features in that movie.

Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and the like produce search results and rank web pages based on their relevance to the keywords being searched.

This ranking increases webpage traffic and awareness, thereby increasing a page’s online presence and always help articles and contents rank on page 1 of Google and major search engines.

Though it is referred to as “Keyword,” it can contain more than one or two words. They are meant to act as descriptions that sum up an entire content of a page or post on a website.

Keywords constitute part of a Website metadata and assist search engines in matching a page or post to an appropriate search query.

You can as well refer to keywords as the Internet user’s intent or better put as buyer intent.
Keywords are what helps get content ranked within SERPs (Search Engine Results Page).

Keywords are essential to both Webmaster and Blogger alike, for it helps find long-tailed keywords that are not currently being thoroughly used by authority websites.

We have many keyword research tools out there that can help you with keyword research. What do you think of my Jaaxy Keyword Tool review?

==>Join Jaaxy Here Now

What is Keyword Density?

Keyword density is the percentage of times at which a particular word or phrase appears on a page or post compared to the total number of words on that page or post.

In the context of SERPs (Search Engine Results Page), keyword density can be employed to know whether a page or post conforms to a specific keyword or keyword phrase.

In the late ’90s, keyword density is used to determine whether a page is ranked on the Internet or not.

Search engines now give more priority to many factors that are beyond the control of website owners.

What Is A Niche Market?

A niche market is a subsection or segment that is a part of the broader market. Before you start looking for keywords, you must identify your niche; your niche must be related to your keywords.

Once you identify your niche market, it will be easier for you to research buyer keywords that your competition has never implemented.

This article will help you to decide the right niche market for exploring, please read the Science Of Choosing A Profitable Niche.

The Head, Body and Long Tail Keywords

After the decision of knowing and choosing your niche market, you can start digging for the keywords.

A lot of Internet experts splits keywords into three parts; they are the head, body, and tail.

  • The Head Keywords

These are mainly single words (Single Word Keywords); they always have a lot of search volume and a lot of competition (Insurance, Marriage, Market; School, etc.); they don’t usually convert very well.

  • Body Keywords

These are words that contain more than one word but are usually less than four words.

They usually attract some traffics and are more accurate in the search engine than body keywords like “pain drugs” other diseases”; the unique aspect of body keywords is that they usually have lower competition.

  • Long-Tail Keywords

These are long keywords that are more than four words; they are the most specific and more accurate than body keywords.

The phrase “ the best keyword research tools” and “top 10 keyword research tools” refers to long-tail keywords.

They may not attract a lot of search volume, but accumulations of long-tail keywords form a lot of searches online.

Many Jaaxy Keyword Tool review shows that it can help you with long-tail keywords.

==> Start With Jaaxy Keyword Tool Here. 

Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review: The Best SEO Reporting Tool Ever

To accomplish your aim of topping search engine results, you should be able to use the best and the right keywords for your promotion.

Most companies conduct keyword researchers to aid them in this task. And, to succeed in this task, a smart thing to do is to get the best keyword tool.

Jaaxy Enterprise Keyword Research Tools is that keyword tool.

Jaaxy is an online keyword tool that is fast and efficient. If you are trying to put up a new site or improving an established one, this is the tool that will help you.

Of course, when you are looking for a keyword tool, you will inevitably stumble upon a lot of tools, which highly rely on Google’s past search results.

As a result, a lot of keywords may be using obsolete data, thereby giving you outdated results.

Now, you wouldn’t want that to draw you and your business back, would you?

Limitation Factor of Other Keyword Tools

The standard keyword research tools in use before the availability of Jaaxy Enterprise cannot perform a specific important essential task that makes life simple for webmasters and bloggers.

These drawbacks limit us from reaching the most critical audience and, at the same time, limit our income in the marketplace.

The limitation of standard keyword research tools include the following:

  • Some features won’t work for you, like Google Keyword Planner, which was designed with Adwords advertisers in mind (keyword bidding features).
  • You can only input one keyword at a time in most of the standard tools; when there is a need to search for two or more four keywords at a time, it is not possible.
  • Most are too expensive compared to their capability.
  • You may not get specific numbers of search volumes; most especially Google will only give an estimate
  • You cannot use them as stand-alone, you must employ several searches to conclude and come up with high keywords
  • They cannot spool result from all available search engine AT ONCE

How To Use Jaaxy Keyword Tool

The number one reason why I preferred Jaaxy Keyword Tools is for the Keyword Competition (Only available in Jaaxy).

Knowing the number of websites competing for the same keyword in the search engine is the most valuable information that a blogger or webmaster can have; without knowing this, it will be as if you are playing a game of chance.

==> Try Out Jaaxy For FREE Here

Features Of Jaaxy Keyword Tool

  • Keyword

A phrase that a user typed into a search engine

  • Avg.

This is the average number of searches that the keyword received per month

  • Traffics

Visit your website if you achieve first-page ranking in the search engine

  • QSR (Quoted Search Results)

The number of competing websites ranked in Google for this exact keyword

  • KQI (Keyword Quality Indicator)

KQI is described by traffic volume, competition, and estimated ranking results it gives a powerful and quick way to interpret keywords (Green is great, Yellow is okay while Red is Poor)

  • SEO

A score based on traffics competition, the higher the score, and the more likely it that you would rank for this keyword on the first page (Scale 1-100; Higher is Better

  • Domain

Availability of domains that are related to the keyword

  • Related

Keywords that are related to your target keyword

  • Brainstorm

This are the list of keywords that will help you brainstorm

  • Site Rank

You use these features to check how your website is ranking on selected keywords in your niche market.

It can also be employed to spy on your competitor’s site.

***Alphabet Soup***

This is a special Google feature that is embedded in Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool.

It is a combination of all letters of the alphabet with the inserted keywords; it generates more long-tail keywords as a result of several query searches done by several people on the web.

***Saved List***

This helps you save you already searched and selected keywords according to your specified headings.

It gives you options to download later in either TXT format or CSV format on your hard drive for further or future usage.

***Search History***

This is for your historical search on Jaaxy; it keeps and records your search history of keywords on your profile.

The above-listed symbols are those that I commonly use that give me a lot of results.

We have other advanced symbols that are in use within Jaaxy Search Tool; it depends on your objectives and usage of the targeted keywords.

==>Join Jaaxy for Free Here

Cost and Price Of Jaaxy Keyword Tool

Jaaxy Keyword Tool

Jaaxy Keyword Tool Plan For Your Budget.

From the price table above, you observed that Jaaxy has varieties of cost plans; you will need to decide the one that meets or fits your budget.

For a newbie, such can go for the Pro option for maximum productivity. At the same time, Enterprise will be best for a regular blogger that knows the importance of an excellent keyword research tool.

Jaaxy Enterprise is meant for power users; these are people that like speed and don’t like time wasting in searching keywords.

The enterprise option is configured for speed and accuracy. The speed rate is its characteristic. 

Jaaxy Pro is also great; it has a lot of options for the Jaaxy Enterprise, and it will save you a lot of time, while the Jaaxy Starter pack is the best keyword tool for free today, in case you are not sure, you can give it a trier.

You won’t regret trying it because Jaaxy is the best keyword research tool I have ever seen as an affiliate marker.

  • Jaaxy Starter = Free
  • The Jaaxy Pro = $19/month, $199 per year
  • Jaaxy Enterprise = $49/Mth, $499 Yearly

Become Domain Name Reseller Using Jaaxy

how make money online and

You can utilize the domain section of the Jaaxy Research Tools to make a lot of money while researching keywords for your content, that is, you can get involved in domain flipping for a profit if you join Jaaxy for free.

This column shows the availability of domains that are related to the keyword being searched.

Domain name reselling or flipping is a severe and fast business online; it is also very profitable online.

It involved you finding a great domain name in any niche of your choice that has a high number of searches and low QSR (Quoted Search Results).

Read up this article on the Guides To Buying And Selling Of Websites

You can search for names in any of your niches and also create additional with it the corresponding social media names as relating to the names.

It makes it more credible and more valuable to buyers. For instance, from this screenshot, you can see the available domain i.e., .com, .net, and .org.

Therefore any available domain can be purchased instantly, and you can then work on getting more domain search results.

You can get more value and money from the reserve domain name by doing this:

For instance. If you have a name with excellent volume and lower QSR, all you need do is to create the Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest of the same name.

The buyer will appreciate such and will be ready to stake some reasonable amount to purchase it. It can be bought for $13 and sold with common names at $60; within thirty minutes, you must have made quick profits.

==>Sign Up to Jaaxy For FREE Here

What I Like About Jaaxy Keyword Tool

  • Jaaxy is user-friendly. It is easy to use with its simple UI(User Inter-phase), and it is straightforward to understand since the information given to you is already available.
  • Jaaxy also provides you with up-to-date and precise data simply because that’s what you’re looking for, right?
  • It gives you all the data you need and all that you can use. It does not include irrelevant and useless ones. Because why would they put unnecessary data in the first place, right?
  • Jaaxy works fast. Its superior servers allow you to get a hold of all the information you need just in a matter of seconds. Ultra-fast, right?
  • It works both on your computer and your smartphone. It allows you to work on the go.

My Issue With Jaaxy Keyword Tool

  1. It does not include the location of the searches. Sometimes, one factor you consider when you do keyword research is the geographical location of the result. It does not have an option (yet) for local searches and global searches. Maybe the developers can incorporate this in the future? Yes, please!
  2. If you’re starting with your site, its price might come off as expensive for you. It is a good investment, so. The tool is worth the money.
  3. You cannot change the language.

How to Make Money with Jaaxy Keyword Tool

Wealthy Affiliate owned and managed the Jaaxy Keyword Tool

this is why 88% of Wealthy Affiliate content is ranked on page 1 of Google and other search engines (Debatable).

Wealthy Affiliate is the best training program in the world.

jaaxy keyword tool review

They trained affiliates and anyone that loves to be a blogger or webmaster on how to be an active affiliate.

In Wealthy Affiliate, you will have access to 25 websites and hosting privileges for premium members, a great support program of 24/7.

You can never be stranded in the 37 benefits of Wealthy Affiliate “affiliate marketing training” or lack support, and most notably, you have access to the owner Kyle both privately or otherwise.

Also, you can start and join Wealthy Affiliate free i.e., without the need for your credit card. If you join now, I am having a gift of two websites for you with free hosting for life; claim your bonus here.

Note: Please know that you can always contact me on Wealthy Affiliate; this is my Profile.

Also, do well to leave your comment here. What do you think about Jaaxy?

What do you think of Jaaxy Enterprise Research Tool?

The best way is to use this keyword tool. It is just the best way to get your article on page 1; It is my best keyword ranking report tool ever.

Do you have a better keyword ranking report tool that helps you rank your pages and article on page 1 of Google that you will like me to know?

Or do you have any questions about the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool review? I will respond to you immediately.

what are good side hustles

Note ==> Jaaxy Pro Is FREE for all Premium Members of Wealthy Affiliate

Is Jaaxy Keyword Tool Worth It?

Thanks for reading my Jaaxy Keyword Tool review? Do you want to rank on page one of Google?  Then this is your best bet.

Jaaxy Enterprise is my best keyword ranking report tool; it always helps me rank my articles on page 1 all the time. Keywords play a vital role in driving traffic to any site. It drives visitors to the site and makes them aware of the business that you are promoting.

Hence, having the best keyword tool is very important because they define your keyword research. Jaaxy Keyword Tool is fast, reliable, and easy to use.

It is not merely one of the best online keyword tools; it is the best keyword tool out there. Jaaxy is indeed the only research platform you need.

Jaaxy keyword research tool is essential to blogging. 

Every website owner needs this great keyword ranking report tool, most especially if you want to get your content and articles ranked on page 1 so that you can be making good and consistent money online.

Jaaxy is more than just any keyword ranking report tool you can also use it for several other purposes such as:

  • You can spy on your competitor (Already discussed above)
  • And you can become a domain flipper, making money-selling domain generated by Jaaxy
  • You can quickly come up with several niches in different niche market using Jaaxy
  • Also, you can create other keywords for a brainstorm
  • You come up soon with great article topics that will rank using Jaaxy etc.

 This is why I highly recommend the Jaaxy keyword research tool.

What do you think of my Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review? Please subscribe to Jaaxy Trier Version for free here.

You won’t fail in getting your pages ranked on page 1 with this excellent keyword ranking report tool.

Please drop your thought for me, and I urge you to try Jaaxy and sign up for a free trier today. Cheers.

jaaxy keyword tool review

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  1. Hey, I enjoy a lot while reading your review on Jaaxy 3.0 and find it very useful for everyone. As we know that Keyword research is very helpful in our ranking and traffic. It is extremely very important to get more content engagement on the internet. I am doing my keyword research from Jaaxy. It’s price is also in our budget anyone can try it on their on. It also gives free trail. I hope everyone must give a try and get good results.

    1. Thanks for reading my jaaxy keyword tool review. Jaaxy has really help me to rank many of my pages on page one of Google. 

  2. Hello, While using Jaxxy I know that it is really the best tool in the online industry . I am doing my all keyword research via Jaxxy tool and getting an awesome results from it. It provide all details we need to know about keyword. Your detailed review helped me very much to understand Jaxxy in much better way. Really it is an awesome tool. Thanks for giving light on it.

  3. Hey John, I have searched for several keywords before and I have found you in Google’s front page on many occasions. Now I know your secret! I have heard about Jaaxy before and people speak well about the research tool and how effective it is in keywords research and ranking on search engines. I really like the feature with which I can spy on my competitors if I start using Jaaxy. This will give me an edge over my competitors. Nice one.

    1. Dear MrBiizy, 

      Yes. I use Jaaxy to rank my pages on page one of Google, bing, and yahoo. I am still learning and working daily to get to the destinations.  

      Thanks for reading my review about the Jaaxy keyword tool.


  4. Thank you for this very informative post. I did not know what Jaaxy was and I appreciate these details. I think from your review, Enterprises worth of $99 is differ from the free Jaaxy and it will really help me to search for a profitable keywords to my site. If free Jaaxy have 30 searches, what about Enterprises?

  5. Jaaxy keyword research tool is by far the best keyword tool i have used in my opinion. it allows you to see things about keywords that mostly other keywords tools do not. it has been helpful and useful since i started using it, i would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to seriously find great keywords for their business. I got to know about this tool through the help of wealthy affiliate and your review of it has been helpful. Thanks

  6. As an Affiliate Marketer serious about building a kickass digital portfolio you must understand how to drive traffic to your website so you must understand SEO and when you understand that then you need a first class tool like Jaaxy to do your keyword research.

    It is in my opinion the best of breed and money more than well spent. There ar3 of course others but there is only one Jaaxy!

    This is a great recommendation , just follow it


  7. Your review of Jaaxy is amazing. I believe it’s the best keyword tool out there. You explain so well what a keyword is and why it’s needed if you want to have page 1 rankings on Google and other search engines. I use the Pro version of Jaaxy, but do you believe the Enterprise membership is much better than Pro? What aspect of Jaaxy do you like the most? I love that it can help you find great domain names that can be registered as well as see how you fare against the competition.

    1. Thanks for reading my galaxy keyword tool review.

      Yes, the Jaaxy enterprise has more options and also very fast in loading. 



  8. Hi, it is a great and nice feeling to know that someone will create a great website like this and also create a write up on an article like this. At the initial stage of my blogging career, I never knew of jaaxy and getting traffic to my site was a serious problem. I have been enjoying the use of jaaxy and there are no regrets

  9. Fantastic post, I am so glad that I stumbled on this blog, the Jaaxy software is really the bomb and the insight you gave on keywords is really amazing. I guess that is why this blog is really ranking on google.

    1. Hi Danny,

      Yes, Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool is the best of for ranking on Google page 1 or ranking on any search engine for that matter. I can not do without Jaaxy and it has helped me to be doing great with my audience in my two websites.

      Do you want to the feasible to your segment market? Do you want people that really need your help to find you? If your answer is yes then you will need the Jaaxy Keyword Research tool.

      What do you think of my The Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Review. Are you ranking well on Google Page 1? please drop your reply to this content.



  10. As a blogger I am always looking for ways to improve my SEO and keyword information and such to get more qualified traffic to my site. I wasn’t even aware of Jaaxy Enterprise Research Tool until I saw your post. Would you say this is a good tool to use along with Google’s tools or as it’s own product?

    1. Dear Ashley,

      Thank you for visiting my website. Jaaxy Enterprise Research Tool is unique and just the best Keyword tool that many webmasters are yet to discover. You are not alone.

      I was shocked when I found it. It has been helping me to rank most of my article on Page one of Google. I even publish an article on Wealthy Affiliate Page. Informing members of how great Jaaxy is. Showing how I just got my article ranked on Google within 20 minutes.

      See how I got ranked in Google, Yahoo, and number 1 page 1 on all these search engines.

      Thanks for visiting my website.


  11. Hey John, thank you for the extremely informative review on Jaxxy, it is very simple to use, and if anyone struggle’s with it there is very easily explained step’s here at the platform. As for me following this Jaxxy platform has lead me to strong Google rankings right out of the gate, with my article’s. This system defiantly works ‘s, and I really appreciated your very enriched content. I hope the best, Jack

    1. Hi Jack, 

      Using Jaaxy has help increase my earnings tremediuisly. If you are a content provider you are missing out if you are not using Jaaxy Enterprise Keyword research tool 

      Thanks for visiting   


  12. Jaaxy is a cool tool and easy to use with plenty of help if you’re unsure how to use it. It has helped me a lot with my online business. Since there is a lite version for those with a Wealthy Affiliate Membership you simply can’t go wrong, it’s more than enough for most of us. It is very important to use a good keyword tool and I feel Jaaxy is that and more compared to others I’ve tried in the past which were a complete waste of my money, and time because I heard to learn how to use them.

  13. Christopher De La Hoz

    Hey John,

    I want to congratulate you on creating such a detailed and informative review. I also feel Jaaxy is the best keyword tool out there. I would recommend it to anyone running an online business who wants to rank on the first page of Google. Great review here John. Keep up the good work!


  14. Yeah, while long tail keywords might not bring in a lot of traffic, it’s the best kinds of keywords for new sites. There is not a lot of chance that you will get ranked on shorter keywords, because they tend to have a lot of competition. Jaaxy is the perfect tool to find those keywords. And this tool is very simple and easy to use.

    1. Hi Rich,

      Thanks for validating my article. I hope you are using Jaaxy Keyword Resaerch tool?



  15. Hey this is a really good article about JAAXY, its very informative. I did not upgrade at all i still use the free version because it still does what i need it to do. But upgrading it does have its benefits, everyone would love JAAXY if they get into writing blogs, keep up the good work!

    1. Hi justin,

      Thank you for visiting my web page. I hope you will be here again? Jaaxy is the reason why you came to my website; because it helped me ranked on page one of all search engines.

      Keep on making money online!


  16. I will be honest with you, I had not heard of the Jaxxy keyword tool before. I really like how this tool can be used and the video was very informative. I see you have said that the keyword density you mention no longer has the importance it used to have, can I assume that the keyword then just needs to be in the title or roughly speaking where else should the keywords be placed?

    1. Hi Willian, 

      For auto ranking, your keyword should be placed in the title, your opening paragraph , your closing paragraph and your metal description. 



  17. Hey John,
    Thanks for the jaaxy keyword tool review, I’d no idea they had a 30 free search introductory offer, this has inspired me to give jaaxy a try.

    I gather jaaxy is a subsidiary of Wealthy Affiliate to which I am a member. I use their free keyword tool to find high traffic keywords with low competition for my web posts.

    Whenever I choose my keywords I try and choose a longer phrase so I have the chance of being ranked for words within the phrase, choose keywords with around 100 monthly traffic count and below 30 other websites using the same keywords, that’s my current plan.

    I understand that jaaxy is more advanced than Wealthy Affiliate’s keyword tool – What are the main differences upon comparison?
    I will give this a try, thanks,

    1. Jaaxy Keyword tool or Jaaxy Enterprise Keyword research tool is one of the best keyword research software of our time. I cant write an article without using it. 

      The difference between the main Jaaxy and the internal Keyword Research tool within the Wealthy Affiliate are miles apart. There are limits of searches and it is not as in depth the Jaaxy Enterprise Keyword research tool. 

      You can identify your competitors that are currently using the keyword under consideration.  

      Using Jaaxy properlly will make you rank your article on page 1 within 30 minutes of posting your article.  

      It is just the best tool around



  18. Hey, first of all thanks for this great, interesting and very informative review of jaaxy. I have started my website a few months ago and I have realized how important keywords and keyword research is. I tried out the free 30 searches quite a while ago and used all of them very fast. Jaaxy is an amazing tool, but I am still not 100% sure if I should get the enterprise edition.

    1. Thanks for visiting,

      Keyword research tool is very key to your success as a content marketer. If you want your article on first page of Google, then you have to use Great keyword research tool like Jaaxy.

      The challenge is usually the fund involve, it is a decision you have to make if you want your content rank.

      Thank you.


  19. Great work John,
    I love your review and I will definitely try Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool. My question is this. We have so many Keyword tool out there. Can you categorically say that Jaaxy is the best?

    Your reply will help me make decisions because I have an alternative to Jaaxy Enterprise here.



    1. Hi Rosemary,

      Jaaxy Enterprise keyword research is definitely my best seo reporting tool ever. If you read through my article, you must have observed why it is classified and love by many. Jaaxy can help you accomplish so many things.



  20. Thank you for your review of Jaaxy. It shed a lot of light on keywords. I really learnt a lot. My question is this. The Jaaxy is really great but it is too costly. Do you have alternative keyword research tool to Jaaxy? It is really a great tool and I love it.

    Please revert.

    1. Thanks Luke for coming by. Yes without Jaaxy may be you may never have noticed my website. It is so great that I can’t cone up with an article without it. Many people keep asking the same question. what is the best keyword research tool of the moment, it is Jaaxy of course. I don’t have alternative to Jaaxy for now. Jaaxy has other payment options that could fits your purse. With less than $20, you will have access to Jaaxy. Though, the best keyword research tool for SEO today is Jaaxy enterprise. The cost worth the result and reward that you will earn in the nearest future.

      You can how ever start with free trier. I hope to see you again. Take cars

  21. What a comprehensive review of Jaaxy, i love this software. i will definitely take a look at it. My question is. Is it working for you? Is your page ranking in google. Though i saw this link on facebook!

    Thank you for a great work

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