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Why Online Surveys Are a Waste of Time: Shocking Revelations

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You are here to see why online surveys are a waste of time. If you’ve been doing them, there’s a better way to make money that is just as easy.

Taken Surveys Are a Waste of Time
  • They make you click million of affiliates link of their merchants while they earn a commission.
  • They exchange your information and personal data for big money from their partners while they pay you paltry and pennies.
  • Also, they reward you with worthless points that are no match for their 10% commission earned on every purchase via their affiliate links
  • They make you referred your friends and family for the same dirty jobs
  • They make you take surveys, participate in testing of App and websites, test products from their partners and companies that are for research. Also, they earn big while you are paid pennies.

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Wasting time taken survey online

You’re Making Less Than Minimal Wage

According to a study of twelve survey sites, it has shown that online surveys will only pay you between 41 cents to $2.03 per hour. The federal minimum wage is $7.25.


You probably didn’t realize how much you weren’t making with online surveys because any money is better than no money at all, right?

While that may be right, you could be spending your time making so much more money than that. This is why Online Surveys Are a Waste of Time

They Take a Long Time

Most survey sites don’t allow you to take several surveys a day. Instead, you have to hop from one survey site to the next to find the ones you can do.

By the time you find one you can take, you could have been making money doing something else.

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You Don’t Always Make Real Cash

Gift cards or credits towards a purchase are regular payments for completing online surveys.

Not only does it take virtually forever to earn a gift card or credits, but it also won’t be much when you do, or they will be towards something you don’t even want.

Cash allows you to do what you want, and that is always better. That’s why it’s better to work for cash.

It’s Not Residual

You only make money (or other payment) when you complete surveys. When you stop, the money stops.

Residual income is much better because you make money when you’re not actively working.

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They Get Boring

Face it – it was fun at first, but after doing 100s of them, they get to be a bore.

If you’re going to do something online for money, you might as well like it. Yes, you should learn to make money with what you have a passion for.  this is why the reason why Online Surveys Are a Waste of Time.

You’re Taking a Risk

If you’ve been doing online surveys for long enough, you’ve probably found some sites that are scams.

They either promise to pay and don’t or they do something much worse – steal your identity. The risks are not worth it.

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Then you can start making serious money that can change your life completely.

When you build a successful affiliate website, you can:

  • Work from home and from anywhere in the world.
  • You set the time you work
  • Have enough time with your family
  • Earn more money than your day time job
  • You can go for a vacation at any time of your choosing
  • You can plan and save money for the future

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My Recommendation For You. . .

Do you agree with me that online surveys are a waste of time? You love taking online surveys because you can make easy money. It’s convenient, so despite the low pay, risks, and boredom, you do it anyway.

What if there was something else you could do that can make you much more money and being able to work outside of normal business hours?

Affiliate marketing is just as simple as completing online surveys, and it can make you A LOT of money. That money is residual, too. That means you make money even when you’re not in front of your computer working, and it can continue to make money for years.

Affiliate marketing is fun because you can do so much with it to advertise the products or services. And the more you do, the more you’ll make – on a much bigger scale than online surveys!

If you hadn’t thought about doing affiliate marketing before because you were too busy wasting time taking online surveys, consider it.

You’ll be happy you did when you start seeing the money you’re bringing in each month compared to what you’re making now. To me, online surveys are a waste of time.

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14 thoughts on “Why Online Surveys Are a Waste of Time: Shocking Revelations”

  1. i personally have been a victim of this online survey crap. i met with a platform and started survey for very little money. sometimes the survey will take a long time and at the end i get an error message so i have to restart the whole process. your article is well researched. thank you very much

    1. Dear Benny,

      I feel your pain. This article is about how to build an online business rather than asking time taking survey. 

      Thanks for reading my article on how to stop wasting time taken survey online. 



  2. Thank you so much for sharing this important article with us. For many of us who want to devote ourselves to online survey work, this is a teaching article. Clicking on various links in online surveys is very no cost to us. And we have a lot to do, ignoring our personal freedoms. So we can do affiliate marketing from where we can secure a good income. Those of us who are doing these small things ignore our personal freedoms and we need to get out of it and move on to marketing. 

    1. Dear MD,

      Thanks for reading my article about why online surveys are a waste of time.

      Thanks for your time. 



  3. I agree that online surveys can get pretty boring after doing dozens of it. Not just boring but mentally exhausting as well. Plus making $2 an hour is pathetic. I would so much rather spend my time creating an online business that creates perpetual passive income such as affiliate marketing with Wealthy Affiliate.  Thank you. 


    1. Hi Sonny, 

      Thanks for reading my article about why you are wasting your time taking the survey online.



  4. You are right. I tried doing surveys to get some quick cash rolling but I have hardly made any money. I have only filled forms after forms giving details about myself multiple times. It is not worth the effort.

    I am a part time affiliate marketer and joined couple of courses teaching how to make amazon affiliate sites. I have made 3 to 4 sites and kept posting articles and lost my patience as it was taking lot of time to get ranked. Each time the coaching sites gave a new strategy for getting the sites ranked. I am looking for a site where the training is consistent in approach and there are lot of people making real money.

    1. Thank for taking the time for reading my article. It is all about how people are wasting time taking surveys and what they can do better to make real money online. 

      Thanks again for your time.



  5. Indeed online surveys are a waste of time! The efforts are not cummulative in effect, unlike affiliate marketing, every input you make continues to work for you over the years and just as Warren Buffet says  and i paraphrase, compound interest is among the wonders in the world. Rightly put in affiliate marketing you are in control of your future and income and with the community support availaible in Wealthy Affiliate, you are motivated to keep focus and grow. Also the regular updates and training makes sure Everyone is moving with the ever dynamic trend of the online world and well positioned to take advantages of the future as well as maximise the current opportunities. THANKS so much for this article and more success to your lofty goals. Shalom

    1. Thanks for reading my article on why online surveys are a waste of time.  The essence of the article is to point to survey-takers to take up the task of Affiliate marketing. 

      Thanks for your time. Regards


  6. First of all thank you so much for sharing such an excellent article with us .Your article is really informative and I gained a lot of knowledge .I have been working at Affiliate Marketing Place for a long time and I am personally affiliate marketing through the wealthy affiliate website. Affiliate marketing is just as simple as completing online surveys and it helped me make a lot of money .Wealthy Affiliate has provided me many tutorial videos to learn how to work in the affiliate marketplace. It also provided many tools to take my website to a good level .And the advantage of working here is that it can be done at home and done with your own time .

    Finally, I hope that by reading your articles, everyone will gain important knowledge and will certainly share their new experiences with you .

    1. Thanks for the interest in my article about how to stop taking the survey and why it is a waste of time. 

      Thanks for the comment. 



  7. I too agree online surveys are a waste of time. I tried once, signed up to a website that claimed to pay for survey completion. After I started my first survey, took me 15 minutes to answer a lot of questions, only to be told that I didn’t qualify for that survey… Why did they make me waste so much time answering that many questions just to tell me that and pay me nothing?

    1. Dear Afonso,

      Thanks for reading my survey about how easy surveys legit are not worth your timr.



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