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11 Critical Steps to Start an Online Business 2023: A Complete Guide

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These are 11 critical Steps to Start an Online Business. The thought of staying at home working online for money is excellent; I love it myself.

Building an online business is very similar to starting a brick and mortar business. If you follow these simple steps both online and offline, I can assure you that you will definitely be smiling to the bank every day.


The objective of this article is to state step by step of what will make you a successful business person online.

Doing business online in this age is like a parachute jump; it is essential to get it right the first time, it will be very costly to get it wrong.

Below are the critical steps or common, frequently asked questions (FAQ) you must observe to Start an Online Business as a newbie. 

This is for you if you are thinking about making money or doing business online.

These questions or steps will clear your doubts about starting any business online.

Steps to Start an Online Business

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1. The First Step to Start an Online Business

A lot of people have followed these steps and become successful in doing business online; It is essential you identify your market first before you decide on the product to offer the market.

The identification of the need in your marketplace will help you to quickly know the products that you can use to satisfy such a market.

This is why choosing a profitable niche market is very important for your online business because if you get it wrong at the initial stage, you can miss it all.

The identification of a hungry market will help you to know the nature of the substance to feed them with.

And the volume of that market will determine to some extent how much money you can make in the process of satisfying that niche market. Knowing this first step will help you Start an Online Business that is successful. 

  2. Do I Need Money To Start An Online Business?

The objective of business online is to make money; you must have seen many articles that state “ You don’t need money to make money online ”; if you want to make money online, you will have to spend money!

Yes, you need money, but a little money will do. No one will take you seriously in online business without your website.

It is now straightforward to create a website; you can develop your website in less than 30 seconds, see the video of how to create a website in less than 30 seconds.

Don’t patronize the free website if you plan to make money with your online business.

You will need money to buy your domain name and hosting for your website. This is like your office and furniture in your brick and mortar business.

You will secure a domain name with less than $15 and about $90 to $160 a year for your hosting. The importance of quality hosting cannot be overemphasized.

Don’t ever joke with where you bank your asset online. Note that the domain hosting cost can be less; it depends on your type of business online.

If you are still keen on not spending money or you don’t have the resource now, you can claim your two free websites now.

  3. Must I Have A Web page Or Blog?

No, you can make money online without a website, but you will be limited. You will need either a website or a blog to make real money online.

It will lend more professionalism to your business online. Making money blogging has been made easy this day. Consider the website in doing business online.

4. A Website or Blog, And Which Is Better?

A website is a collection of content referred to as web pages; dates do not organize web pages, this is a significant difference between blog and website.

While a blog is a sequence of content (referred to as post); posts are arranged by dates in the blog, with the last post coming first and the first post showing last. Categories in the blog can also organize posts.

With websites, you will have control over your site layout. You don’t need to be a computer science student or know to code to develop your website or blog.

I can recommend to you that if you are serious to make money online, it is better you go with the website. You can create your FREE site in less than 30 seconds.

5. How Long To Start Making Money?

This depends entirely on you; your success online is in your hands. If you decide to put all you have into it, then other factors can be controlled.

Your foundation matters there is always a theory behind making money online, you will start making money if you do it right.

This is why you need training. Wealthy Affiliate will give you all the training you need to make money online, as long as you can read and you know how to hold a mouse!

As long as you have the training and a website to work with. Your choice of niche market will depend on how fast you can start making money.

If you choose a broad niche like Making Money Online Niche, it may take a while (from six months to a year); it depends on the quality of your content and how often you write.

It is advisable you write an average of three articles in a week.

You must also focus on helping people, don’t ever focus on money. If you let your article focus on improving people in your niche market then making money will be natural.

6. How Do I Advertise My Online Business?

You can promote your blog in the following media: Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn, and Tumblr because everybody uses the above platform.

You don’t limit your presence to the above only. Ensure you avoid directories for link building; Google does not like this anymore.

It can take de-rank your pages and website in the long run. Write great content that helps your readers with great tools and people will find you, just like you find this article now.

7. How Much Money Can I Make Online?

You can earn any amount of money you desire online and be frank with you, a lot of people are making cool money online.

You must also know that we have a lot of fake online earners that use software to manipulate how much they earn online to attract people to their scheme.

The amount of money you earn depends on how much price you are ready to pay to make your online business work for you.

It is one of the most tasking jobs ever. Making money online depends on the following factors

  • Persistence
  • Desire to succeed
  • Ability to invest in your business online
  • Commitment to reach
  • Dedication and perseverance
  • Wiliness to learn
  • Ability to take actionable steps

Your drive and commitment to achieve your goal will determine how much money you will make at the end of the day. It takes your passion and commitment to Start an Online Business that will make you money in a good time. 

8. How Do I Spot And Avoid Scam Online?

Truly, we have a lot of scammers everywhere online; and the reason people get lured easily by scammers is that they want to make money quickly and fast.

Scammers dangle dollar on your face online telling you to pay $5 now to earn $200 tomorrow, Pay $10 now to make $1000 in five days. See how you can spot and avoid scam online

Making money online required a lot of hard work, and it takes time, you must have a structure in place, and this does not just happen over the night.

Making money online is a result of a lot of consistent sacrifice of several days, nights, and daily input.

One way to avoid a scam is to remain committed to a specific trusted online training program such as Wealthy Affiliate (the best online training program in the world today).

It is essential also to never get involved with MLM schemes, I have learned from experience online that all MLM is a scam.

These are elements that get you distracted from doing what is needful and prevent you from moving forward.

9. How Do I Get Google To Notice My Website Or Blog?

There is a science of how to get on the first page of Google if you don’t follow the method and requirement it will not happen.

What is the need to have a website or blog without a visit, if you don’t have a visitor you cannot get traffics and this implies no sales?

There is HOW to get on the first page on Google,  to rank on the first page of Google your content must have the following features:

  • Your title must be captivating
  • Your introduction must be great
  • It must have very clear subheadings
  • Your content must be helpful to readers
  • Ensure your article has complete information on the subject matter (also link to other pages within your website)
  • Employ a clear layout with a white background
  • Your site must be user-friendly, the well-organized webpage will ease the search of topics by your readers.
  • Your web-page must be attractive and welcoming to readers
  • Use excellent keyword tool for your articles (I use one of the best keyword research tools i.e. Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool)

If you observe the above, you will always get your web-page rank on Google page 1.

10. Is Social Media Important?

Yes, you need to be on social media to get more traffics, you must let your friends and family know about your website on social media.

You can not depend on social media to boost your traffics alone. You must work hard to produce fresh content regularly so as to get rank on Google page one

Ensure your common medium names are the same as your website names. Your presence on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, SOCL, and Instagram is very important to let people know you exist online. Other medial will follow suit.

11. What Can I Promote That Will Start Making Money?

What you promote depends on your niche market; this is why it is essential to choose a profitable niche.

You also have to consider your interest and hobbies; you have to love what you are doing because a time will come that you will like to abandon all of this, yes that time will come that you will be discouraged, it is the pursuance of what you love that will get you going.

What you love may not earn you money online, this is why you have to do your research to know exactly what can help you make money quickly online.

Don’t set your mind on money, think of help you can render with your websites and the target market that will need such help.

Focus on the sub-niche market, if you target a broad niche like Cars, Phones; Books it will take you time to start making money because you have a lot of authority in those niches already.

Target a sub-niche like Toyota Cars instead of Cars, iPhones instead of Phones and Business Books instead of Books. The above are Critical Steps to Start an Online Business. 

How I Make Money Online

Wealthy Affiliate is the training program that will take you from scratch to becoming a webmaster in no time.

You don’t need to know anything about the internet or computer, as long as you can read and you know how to hold a mouse you don’t have a problem.

The training resource of Wealthy Affiliate cannot be compared to any in the world, they are just the BEST for now.

WA has more than 100 videos and text of step by step training program of how to make money online.

You have access to the best community of affiliates that is ready to answer your questions 24/7. And the best of all you have direct private access to the owners and founders of WA Kyle & Carson.

You can ask them any question and you will be attended to directly.

If you join through premium you have access to 50 websites with hosting and if you decide to join free, I will have a gift of two websites with hosting for you install as you sign up.

Try it out today and take actionable steps.

What do you think of these 11 critical steps to starting a successful online business? This is how to start an online business and be successful online, if you can stick with the advice in this article there is no way you will not be successful online.

Please drop any other questions for me on my comment area down below, if you have any other questions.

I will respond to you immediately. and you can also check me out in WA through my profile Wealthy Affiliate profile page.

Conclusion on Steps to Start an Online Business.

The above are major issues that always confront new entrants into an online business.

If you follow the above and observe those precautions, I can assure you that you will do great doing business with huge success online.

Also know that you are very free to contact me for help, drop a comment on my comment area down below and visit me.

Ensure you consider the above 11 Critical Steps to Starting a Successful Online Business. 

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  2. Great steps illustrated here. I really like your frank statement.

    The reason for every business is to make money.

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    1. Making money on auto pilot could be very tedious, men it is a lot of work. To make money online effectively you must drive consistent traffics and if it is on auto pilot, you traffics must be organic.

      To drive organic traffics you need a lot of content on your website. Great high quality content that offer a lot of help to your readers will keep people coming back to your website always.

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