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Five Minute Profit Sites Review: Will It Ever Make You Money?

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You are welcome to my Five Minute Profit Sites Review. Can you make money with the Five Minute Profit Sites? Is Five Minute Profit Sites legit or a scam?

Finding out about online programs is what make me discovered how to make a full-time income with this website while working from home.


But, is Five Minute Profit Sites a scam? Can you make $519 daily with Five Minute Profit Sites?

Please know that I have no business connection with Five Minute Profit Sites; therefore, expect an unbias review of Five Minute Profit Sites.

I am going to express what I think about this product, so be ready to read a blunt Five Minute Profit Sites review.

Keep reading.

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Five Minutes Profit Sites At A Glance

Five Minute Profit Sites Review

Product Name: Five Minute Profit Sites
Price: $37 (+3 Up-Sells)
Owners: Sam Smith
Overall Rank: 5%
Do I Recommend: No

Summary of Five Minute Profit Sites Review

I will not recommend this product, for me, it is no go area though you can get a refund if you have already made a purchase.

Five Minute Profit Sites is not worth your money.

The sales page is structured to play on your emotion and intelligence of the newbie that has no experience with making money online products and training programs.

Five Minute Profit Sites is only suitable for the owner and the marketers promoting it because of the commission they will earn.

I will instead recommend a trusted affiliate marketing certification program. Level-1 with Ten lessons is FREE. Learn more about this training here.

You can go through the first ten lessons at no cost to you if you then think it worth the price you can then buy the premium subscription.

This certification training made me an affiliate marketer today.

You don’t need to promote it to make money; instead, you can start promoting Amazon products as soon as your website is ready.

What Is Five Minute Profit Sites?

Five Minute Profit Sites promised to deliver to you in 5 minutes a website that could be making you over $519 daily. Honestly, websites can be created in seconds these days. You can even claim two FREE web pages plus hosting for life.

But you cannot create and built a website and make it ready, and it will start earning you over $500 daily. The problem with the Five Minutes Profit Sites is the promised that it would help you make over $500 daily on a newly created website.

That is a false claim; it takes a lot of work and time to start making good money online (even a one-page website will cost you a fortune in paid ads to make much money)

The product owner also claims that the software helps him exploit $12.3m loopholes (This is referring to a multi-million dollars online opportunities/Industry available)

It is not a loophole but an opportunity for you if you learn how to make money online in the right way and place.

But Five Minutes Profit Sites cannot take you there; because you won’t make money with it.

They promised that the website would definitely convert your quality traffic into money for you, and they also claimed to offer excellent traffic methods that will earn you fast cash.

You cannot sell without traffics. It is not also possible to create a new website and be making sales via anyhow traffics. Those schemes don’t work anymore.

Only paid traffics can be directed to a new website and you should be ready to pay through your nose; most especially traffics that will help a beginner earn over $500 daily will cost you a fortune!

The product owner also ascertained that subscribers are going to be supported with quality services.

How to Make Money with Five Minute Profit Sites 

You will be expected to create a ClickBank Id and plug-in Five Minute Profit Sites software.

Five Minute Profit Sites software will help you create a website (You will choose a domain name from a pre-named domain from the database); a domain name is forced on you; you cannot decide the domain you want.

Also, be made to use AWeber to subscribe to their email service provider and link your AWeber to your Five Minute Profit Sites.

You will be expected to send traffics to your website; and then hope and pray you to make money.

The above steps are simple enough, but you cannot make money online through the above structure.

Blunt Truth About Five Minute Profit Sites

Five Minutes Profit Sites methodology will not work for you at this age. True be told it works before in the early days of making money online. Why is that?

It takes time to make money online, and one-pager websites will not help you either. It will be costly and efforts in futility to plan to make money online without rendering any help to your audience.

When you plan to make money online, the first question you need to ask yourself is your target audience.

What is your niche market? What is your focus and how are you helping people with your content online?

Five Minute Profit Sites won’t even allow you to decide your website name. You must choose one that is pre-made for you. How do you expect to be making over$500 daily with such a system?

The only people that are making money from Five Minute Profit Sites are the product owners and those affiliate marketers reviewing these products for money.

ClickBank is a great company but they have relaxed their vetting process, and they now allow all junks to use that platform for the promotion of their scam products. See other ClickBank products recently reviewed:

Is Five Minute Profit Sites Legit or a Scam?

Five Minute Profit Sites may not be a scam because they will deliver the websites they promise to you.

The problem is that the delivered website will not make you money because of the way that it is structured and organized. Also, there are three up-sells to the purchase of Five Minute Profit Sites.

You will be expected to pay for the Aweber email service provider monthly.

Five Minute Profit Sites promised you to take 23 minutes of your time out daily and do 17 clicks, and you will earn over $500 daily. Where in the world is that possible?

You can be tricked to make little money initially, but you can never sustain it.

To start making money online demand your knowledge of so many things such as website creations, plugins manipulation, both on the page and off-page SEO, link building, making money online, affiliate marketing, building list, and how Internet Marketing works.

I am not recommending Five Minute Profit Sites because of the several false claims; such as the following:

  • ***The License Is Not Free As Claim***

There is a claim by the headline that the proprietary software is free. It is not free. It is later offered for $37. How can a product be free during the advert and it no freer after?

  • ***A Lot of Up-Sell***

The Five Minute Profit Sites have other three upsell that is amounting to over $350. Can you imagine putting in so much money into a product that will eventually fail?

You must also sign up for an autoresponder call AWeber that will cost you over $17 monthly?

You can get more value on other proven Internet Marketing training program that will deliver more to you at better pricing.

what is five minutes profitsites about
  • ***FMPS Owner Is Not Feasible***

In most great products the owner always spearheads the sales of such products. Unlike Five Minute Profit Sites, the real owners are nowhere to be found.

Instead, they employed a salesgirl that is so very good at her job, and they also used a false name as the name of the owner as “ Sam Smith.”

It is fake names because you won’t see any Sam Smith throughout your relationship with Five Minute Profit Sites.

What I Liked About The Five Minute Profit Sites

The only good thing I love about the structure of FMPS is the 60 days money-back guarantee. This is common to all ClickBank products.

The implication of that is that you can ask for your money back within the 60 days you buy the product.

The bad news is that getting the money back is not that straightforward and could be cumbersome sometimes.

Issues with Five Minute Profit Sites (Red Flags)

In the early days of Internet marketing, it is much easier to make money online.

Then you can have duplicated content on your sites, and Google or other search engines will not penalize you; but not now.

***These are why Five Minute Profit Sites will never make you money:

  • *** Your FMPS Website Is Not Yours***

Websites that will be built by Five Minute Profit Sites is not going to be yours; you are not in control of your sites. You can’t even decide the name and website host (this is probably why it is a scam).

The website that will be made available to you after making the payment is already named and hostel in their chosen domain. You will select your choice name  (This age you should decide the names of your websites)

It takes time to build a moneymaking website today. You can never make money with a site constructed entirely within five minutes for a newbie (We are not talking of website creations).

You can create a pager website and push traffics towards the site, and this is only possible for professionals and not a newbie.

A properly built website can take over six to a year before you can start making money; why some authority sites can take over a year before you make a dine.

Usually, if you build an authority website that can stand the test of time. You can be making over $10,000 monthly with 2 –years in focus; with that, you will need to put in a lot of work.

The Five Minute Profit Sites software can build a website, but you will not make money with it instantly as promised.

If you are fortunate maybe you’ll wait for like 60 to 90 days before making your first earnings.

It will be tough for a newbie with a new website to be playing in the paying ads business; you will crash your savings eventually make lost with your sites.

  • ***Online Opinion of Five Minute Profit Sites (FMPS) is Negative***

You came to this website because you want to know the truth about Five Minute Profit Sites. Many reviews of FMPS are negative.

It is a product that has been declared as a scam online. This is why it is not going to make you money.

  • ***Duplicating Content Will Be Penalize By Google***

A lot of FMPS practices will result in the delivery of duplicating contents to the buyers. What they are selling to you is what they are selling to others.

Your content should be unique to your websites otherwise your website will be in a deep ocean of several other sites because you won’t be able to rank on the first page of search engines and you won’t make sales.

Major search engines hate websites that engage in duplicating contents; content here includes article, video or podcast.

  • ***You Will Be Made To Promote Scam Products***

You cannot decide which product you will be promoting or which affiliate network to join. Every buyer of FMPS will be forced to promote Clickbank products.

You don’t have a life of your own because it is a preloaded website and you cannot decide your niche (audience); you can go with your passion. Usually, it is easier to make money online turning your passion and hobbies into a thriving online business.

If you keep promoting a product that the buyer will never revisit your site for subsequent buying what does, that say to you?

Five Minute Profit Sites  Traffic Methods 

The traffic methods that are taught here will not work for a newbie, and they are old and not for 2018 and the above ways of making money online.

  • 1. Article Marketing

Article Marketing will always work every day for any company, blog or niche audience.

Why it will not work for FMPS is that they are distributing duplicating content and not unique content. This method of article marketing does not work anymore.

  • 2. Guest Posting

This is a targeted way of launching your blog or websites by writing a great article on another blog or sites to showcase and make reference to your website.

This must be done strategically and not just pitching your work or anyhow blog or website like what FMPS. FMPS ways of doing Guest Posting cannot work in today’s methods of making money online.

  • 3. Forum Marketing

This a process of marketing your product, services, website, or blog by locating a discussion community where issues are discussed, and such problems are related to your product and service.

As issues and problems are being solved in such a forum through your expertise. Forum members are made to visit your platform such as website and blog to purchase your products and services.

A forum is not the same as chat room such that the solution provided in any discussion is more detailed than any line of chat in a chat room.

Forum Marketing cannot work for an inexperienced user of FMPS products. Forum not correctly utilized will lead to your revocation and banned.

  • 4. Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is an ancient way of gaining backlink to your website or advertising your platform online. It does not work for any more for traffics or conversion.

Usually, where you are commenting must be relevant to your product, blog or websites. Blog commenting must be done with care.

This is why an inexperienced FMPS subscriber cannot use this method to drive traffics effectively.

  • 5. Press Release And Solo Adds

These two are other ways listed as a way of driving traffics in FMPS. These two methods required a lot of experience to be successful otherwise the users will be penalized.

A new member of FMPS cannot use these to mobilized traffics to their websites. Therefore there is no way you can make money with it.

Is Five Minute Profit Sites Worth It?

Thanks for reading my Five Minute Profit Sites Review? Despite the negativity that surrounds this product online; do you think you can still make money with Five Minute Profit Sites?

Is Five Minute Profit Sites legit or a scam?

Five Minute Profit Sites will not make you money, I am certain of that. I am recommending a product that has been proven by many Internet marketers, and that is Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is an Internet Marketing Training that will change your life. If you can follow the training and implement what you learned; there is no way you won’t make money.

You will start making money while you still learning. You will know how to do things by yourself instead of doing it for you by the Five Minute Profit Sites.

Are you making money already with Five Minute Profit Sites; What do you think of my Five Minute Profit Sites Review?

Do you think that Five Minute Profit Sites is legit or another click bank a scam products?

I will love to read from you. Kindly drop your thought in my comment area below. I will be glad to get back to you

How  I Make  Money  Onlinefive minute profit sites reviews

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Is Five Minute Profit Sites Legit or a Scam?

10 thoughts on “Five Minute Profit Sites Review: Will It Ever Make You Money?”

  1. Reasons for not recommending Five Minutes Profit Sites, is quite obvious. You want to save your followers from getting tricked by such useless websites. The claims like “make $500 daily” itself looks fishy. Thank you very much for saving me and many others from falling prey to this time wastage machine.

    1. Thanks Vera,

      Yes, you are right. You can detect scamming products from their names. This product is also a scam training promoted on Click Bank.

      Thanks for reading my five minutes Profits sites review. I hope e you will visit Again.



  2. I am a web developer and SEO expert, there is no way i will fall for this kinda website. build a website and start earning? Hilarious! and the traffic strategies are just basics and usual stuffs that will generate good traffic but not enough to make $500+ except you invest over times two.

    Anyways, Thanks a lot for this highly informative review.

    1. Thanks fir reading my review of Five Minute Profit sites. The gist is to start making money online in Five minute, which is a scam.

      The fast way to start making money online is via survey but it is not even as easy as that and survey can not make you rich. It is purely a waste of time and energy.

      Therefore, five minute profit sites will not work for you. Making money online has a technique and until you follow that methodology; you won’t have that breakthrough.

      It can be so very difficult at times to navigate but with proper tools, trainings and resource like the one been promoted on this site ( my #1 Recommended way of making money online).

      Thanks for visiting my site.



  3. You’re so right about this! It’s ridiculous to suggest that with just a snap of the fingers, you can make hundreds of dollars off of a website. I can’t imagine who would fall for such a scam. Does this really make the scammers a lot of money if they have a money back guarantee?

    1. Hi,

      Five minute profits sites is a scam definitely. We have many of them. If you really want to make money. Check out my #1 Recommended Online business on this site.

      You will thank me later for this.



  4. Thank you John for sharing so much information on Five Minute Profit Sites. What is the best alternative to this program?

    And how can I start earning money with this alternative. After numerous tries, And effort to make money online, I am giving up.

    But your article gave me another hope.

    Please revert.

    1. Dear Roxanne,

      Thank you for visiting my website. Really appreciate. I won’t want you to go for an alternative and replica to Five Minutes Profits Sites. Rather consider my number Recommended Online business as seen on my website.

      It will change your life.



  5. Signed up with Five Minute Profit Sites almost 7 months ago and consumed bulk of time with a hope to earn some bucks but, nothing worked for me. Your article gave me some innovative tricks and the magic started happening. I reckon, Wealthy Affiliate is the best option for anyone ready to equip him/herself with latest techniques of affiliate marketing.

    1. Dear Steven,

      You are right. Five Minute Profit Sites is not a scam but it can not make any serious mind money online in this age. The major signal right from the start that shows that it is a wrong program is that:

      1. You can not choose a domain name you like
      2. You can not choose cannot choose your host
      3. You can not move your domain after purchase

      You can see a lot for the red flag at every stage of this program. I would have classified it has a scam. But the program deliver what they promised ( That is the domain, hosting and every other thing).

      This product may make you money but it can never be consistent and this will not make you rich because the element of the product violates the present age SEO practice. And your domain or website can get ban easily.

      What do you think?



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