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Point 2 Click Profits Review: Can You Really Make Money?

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You are welcome to my Point 2 Click Profit Review. Can you make money with Point 2 Click Profit? Is Point 2 Click Profit legit or a scam?

Are you a sit-at-home mom or someone looking for a way to change their finances and you think Point 2 Click Profit is the answer to your financial woes?


Point 2 Click Profit is also called Point to Click Profits!

I am in no way affiliated with Point and Click Profit, and I will be giving you an unbiased and detailed analysis of the program

Please read on

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Point 2 Click Profit at a Glance

Point 2 Click Profits

Product Name: Point 2 Click Profit
Founder: Amy Jensen seems like the figurehead, but Jon Meyers may likely be the real founder.
Price: $97 (with spam & upsells)
Rating: 10%
Recommend: No

Summary Review of Point 2 Click Profit

Point and Click Profit is a product that claims to offer training on how to earn a living by processing listings on eBay for big companies such as Apple that are trying to cut marketing costs by paying work-at-home folks $5 to do the work.

The fact is that you are getting access to start another expensive pyramid scheme referred to as Easy1Up.

And the only way you can make money is by promoting the same pyramid scheme to your family, friends, and people you come across.

The subscription starts from $97 and the upsell to $1,000.

This is a lot of money that many of your victims may never get back from this scheme.

In my opinion Point and Click Profit is just like those bunch of websites I have reviewed and they have all turned to be a scam.

Continue reading to find out what I discovered about Point and Click Profit.

What do you think of my Point 2 Click review? Can you make money with Point 2 Click? Is Point 2 Click legit or another scam?

What is Point 2 Click Profit?

The company first sells you the story of a single mother who lost her job and couldn’t support her kids and then a knight in shiny armor comes her way with claims that all she had to do was Point and Click Profit, and all her problems would be solved.

Well, that’s precisely how the story of the so-called founder of Point and Click Profit, Amy Jensen.

She claims she was out of a job and a stranger gives her the secret of making money online.

That may sound funny, but that’s the story she provides.

The big secret Amy Jensen receives turns out to be helping companies find a cheaper means of selling their products.

And this involves assisting companies in cutting costs by putting listings up on eBay for such companies for as much as $5 a pop.

These companies hire people who want to make an income online and utilize them in selling their goods on eBay instead of selling in stores.

Since Amy Jensen was able to over her financial woes with Point and Click Profit, she now teaches others how to make earning as much as $195 per hour.

The gist about Point and Click Profit claims that it can help you earn as much as Lawyers and Doctors.

This means that they offer you a way to make listings on eBay for companies that are serious about cutting down and reduce their marketing costs.

For all your troubles, you will receive a whopping $195 per hour, and you don’t even get to move a muscle.

First, you need to know that this is a misleading banter to funnel you to the real product which is in no way related to the program pitched in the sales video.

What you are paying for is a high-ticket program called Easy1Up.

Easy 1 Up is a Ponzi scheme rearing up its ugly head behind the sob story. Also, Point and Click Profit do a form of e-commerce called drop shipping.

PCP has a partnership with a dropshipping company called Doba; this enables you to list and sell products on eBay without having to buy inventory.

All you have to do is select a product from Doba’s catalog, list the said product on eBay, sell the product, and Doba handles the shipping to your client.

You don’t need to deal with inventory or shipping; you are a middle man. However, to utilize this service, you will have to pay a monthly subscription fee to Doba.

There is still another catch to PCP, while it claims to be a dropshipping training program; it also runs an affiliate referral program. This is why it keeps redirecting you to Easy 1 Up.

When you sign up for the program, you will notice that you are referred by Jon Meyers who gets a $1 commission for anyone who signs up.

What do you think of my Point 2 Click Profits review? Can you still make money with Point 2 Click Profits? Or, Point 2 Click Profits legit or a scam?

How Much do Point 2 Click Profit Cost?

Point and Click offer a free subscription for one month after which you have to pay $97 which the sales video claims will gain your financial liberation.

There is also a lot of upsells so you might end up paying more than $97 in a month.

Who is Point 2 Click Profit for?

The video pitch claims that PCP is an opportunity for anyone with no experience hoping to earn a passive stream of income from the comforts of their homes.

This mostly targets work-at-home single parents and folks who are trying to make ends meet.

How to Make Money with Point 2 Click Profit?

According to Amy Jenson in the sales video pitch, all you need is to have a computer and a few spare hours. After purchasing her course for $97, you are on the way to making $195 per hour!

By processing listings for companies on eBay, you will be paid $5 for every order processed. At this rate, you could be earning $600 daily and about $12000 monthly.

At first glance, this looks like a legit way to strike gold, but as I mentioned earlier, you are being herded through a narrow pathway to a Ponzi scheme – Easy 1 Up.

The way Ponzi schemes like this work is that after signing up, you have to recruit others who will into the system; by doing this everyone in your downline (bottom ladder) pay to the upline.

Even though the Federal Trade Commission relentlessly cracks the whip on similar schemes, others keep springing up.

Anyway, the way Point and Click Profit works is that you go through DOBA where you have to find products to sell.

To make a profit when you sell, you will have to list those products on eBay for a higher price.

This means if a product costs $30 on DOBA, you will list it on eBay for a higher price like $45 and will keep the profit you make a sale.

Point 2 Click Profit Support /Customer Service

There is no customer service or support; however, there is a form you have to fill before you can access the product.

However, you will be redirected to another site which means you are not signing to PCP but Eay1Up.

So you might have to visit Easy1Up for more information which is a red flag for me.

What is Good About Point 2 Click Profit?

There is nothing good about it. Stay away from this product.

Issues with Point 2 Click Profit

One of the first red signs I noticed about this product is the fact that its website is not secure.

At least if you are promising to make me tons of cash have a secure site where my payment transaction will be safe.

The following are the issues I noticed about PCP.

Fake Testimonials

This was the first red flag I saw.

A simple image search reveals that the image of Amy Jensen is a stock picture.

With fake testimonial, do you think that Point 2 Click Profits is legit or a scam? Can you make money with Point 2 Click Profits?


I know it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that a mere $97 one-time investment cannot cut you out for a $200 hourly paycheck.

Also, whenever you pay for the product, you are redirected to register in a Ponzi scheme.

Troublesome Refund

There are complaints from customers who wanted to opt-out after discovering that they’ve been scammed.

They were coaxed to pay another $300 for access into a “level-up program.”

BBB Accreditation/Rating

The Company is not BBB accredited and has a BBB rating of “F.”

There are also complaints from people who bought the product and believe that they have been scammed.


Within 24 hours of providing your email address, you will be assaulted with emails from salespeople who employ high-pressure tactics to get you signed up for yet another scam like a product called Aspire.

Is Point 2 Click Profit Legit or a Scam?

Technically Point 2 Click Profits is legit and not a scam.

The main scheme hides behind a legit means of internet marketing.

But even a blind man can see that this is like trying to find gold in a sinkhole.

Point 2 Click Profits does not worth the money though it is not a scam.

Is Point 2 Click Profit Worth It?

Thanks for reading my Point 2 Click Profits review. Can you still make money with Point 2 Click Profits? Is Point 2 Click Profits legit or another scam?

While it is easy to believe that a product of $97 will usher in millions for you, I do not buy into it.

PCP claims to give you training on dropshipping but it does not do that, while you are supposed to learn about dropshipping from DOBA, PCP keeps referring you to Easy1Up which is a referral program.

It may seem that they make more money from it than from DOBA.

However, I will like to recommend a product from which you can gain true financial liberty just like I did.

This product is called Wealthy Affiliate, an internet marketing training program that enables you to learn and earn. I have personally created a monthly four-figure passive income wealthy affiliate.

To learn more about this product, you can click on my link here.

Let me know what you think about my Point 2 Click Profits review. Do you think you can still make money with Point 2 Click Profits?

Is Point 2 Click Profits legit or a scam?

I will be happy if you can drop your comment about Point 2 Click Profit in the comment section below.

I will love to hear what you think.

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4 thoughts on “Point 2 Click Profits Review: Can You Really Make Money?”

  1. How can someone just promise you to make $500 daily on Amazon after signing up? Earning money requires a lot of hard work. It does not just come to you sitting idle at home. You actually have to work off your a** for it to earn a living. Too sad people make false claims and then there are innocent people who fall for these claims.

    1. Thanks for reading my Point 2 Click Profits Review.

      Yes, I agree with you that it takes a lot of fo work to start making money online. It is a huge thing.

      Believe me, You must be determined to make it online. It is not a program like Point 2 Click Profits that will help you succeed online. Mostly the scammers with scamming products attract newbie by playing on their intelligent that they can easily make money by just some click.

      No, it doesn’t work like that. There are what you must know, do and act upon before you can make real money online. You can actually earn a full-time income online if you do it right the first time. This way you need to learn the how-to of making money online.

      I propose you learn from Wealthy Affiliate..

      The program at Wealthy Affiliate helps me discover my self. It is free to join, in fact the first ten courses are FREE.

      Many people have declared Point 2 Click Profits as a scam. Just search online ” Is Point 2 Click Profits a scam “; You will be shocked by how many articles have declared this program as a scam.

      thanks again for reading my Point 2 Click Profits scam Review.

      Thank you.


  2. Hey Jofa,

    Thank you so much, I was thinking about joining the program but after reading your article, I changed my mind! It clear to me that even if it’s not a scam, it will be a waste of money, I always try to stay away from any system that uses any kind of scheme, not mention that the 200 Dollars per hours with little effort is unrealistic to promise!

    I have a question tho :

    What’s the difference between a Ponzi scheme & a pyramid scheme?

    1. Thanks for reading my point 2 click profits review.

      To go straigt to answer your question about the different between Ponzi scheme and Pyramid scheme.

      Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment scam that promise a high rate of return to the investors.

      While Pyramid Scheme will reward the early investor with the funds and money collected from the new investors

      That is the difference between the Ponzi scheme and the Pyramid scheme.

      Do you think Point to Click Profits is a scam

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