30 Minute Money Methods Review – Why It Is Not Recommended

Summary of  30 Minute Money Methods

You are welcome to my 30 Minute Money Methods Review. This article is all about why and reasons I am not recommending 30 Minute Money Methods for you.

You will agree with me at the end of this article that the four PDF training Material of 30 Minute Money Methods Is not worth the money.

You will also see how the whole product was packaged from day one with the intent of defrauding you without the plan to make you money online.


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30 Minute Money Methods A Glance30 minute money method is a scam

Name: 30 Minute Money Methods
Website: 30minutemoneymethods.com
Price: $37
Owners: Shelly West (Fake Name)
Rating: 3%                                                                                  Recommended: No


What Exactly is 30 Minute Money Methods About?

So what is 30 Minute Money Methods all about? 30 Minute Money Methods is about 4PDF training that includes four online home based money making schemes.

According to the sales video uploaded on the site; you are promised of making a lot of money if you can purchase this program.

The problem is this, the 4 methods of making money highlighted in this training 4PDF can be found in the online public domain.

I have reviewed many of these programs. Usually from click bank. See some of them below:


Origin of 30 Minute Money Methods

Shelly West has created the product. As claimed she started earning through these methods in 2015.

But no specific time has been mentioned about the launch of the product.

Looking at the bank statement shots in the video the product launch date can be assumed to be November 2017.

Also, there is no such name as Shelly West in the online world. No FaceBook, LinkedIn or Twitter related to this name. It can be assumed to be a fake name.

30 Minute Money Methods Review (Red Flags) | 



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Features 30 Minute Money Methods

30 Minute Money Methods  has the following features:

  • It is an online work from home money making method.
  • The creator claims the techniques can help make $500 in 30 minutes or up to $600,000 p.a.
  • You do not require any educational qualification or work experience to work on the methods.
  • You can do this from any location and at any time of the day.
  • There is a 60 days cash back guarantee if the user is not satisfied with the product.


Benefits of 30 Minute Money Methods

Though the product claims to provide substantial monetary benefits to the user, the scheme looks too good to be true. It has elements of scam written all over it and to me, they will not help you make money.

There are hundreds of such online scamming program everywhere. You just need to do your research to be sure you are taken the right decision before joining.

Though, this program is not restricted to a specific country. Anyone from anywhere can use the product. But I do NOT advice you join, please.


What Does 30 Minute Money Methods Sell or Promote?

30-minute money methods are selling four money making techniques that can be employed from home. The four methods proposed by 30 Minute Money Methods include:

  • Online Voice Over
  • Freelancing
  • Stock Photography
  • Playing Video/Games Online


Costs/Price of 30-Minute Money Methods

This program comes at a discounted price of $37 plus upsells up to over $90


Is 30 Minute Money Methods Legit Or Scam?

In my opinion, if this is not fake then what will you can it? You invest $37 for schemes that are everywhere in an online domain.

Additionally, the disclaimer policy of the product’s website states that it offers no guarantee that you will earn money. The use of FAKE testimonials from FIVERR is also a warning that this program will not make you money.

It is an absolute scam way of collecting your hard earned money; making people believe that those testimonials are real. It is definitely a scam in my opinion. See other major reasons why 30-Minute Money Methods is a scam:

***The Owner Name “Shelly West” is a Fictional Character***

We have searched every social media to get whom Shelly West is. There is no such social profile name against any of the major social media online.

The simple truth is that Shelly West is not the real creator of this program.

There is no way to authenticate her identity online. Verification of the status of your product owners will give a lot of confidence to an online audience.

In this case, I can conclude that the name Shelly West is a fake name adopted to be the product owner of 30 Minute Money Methods.

***Fake Testimonials Video***

You will also observe that everyone uses to testify about how good this program is her from Fiverr. They are professional testimonials. They are paid to lie about how good 30 Minute Money Methods is.

30 minute money methods scam

Why would you employ and pay someone to lie about your online program if it is not a scam?

See pictures of these Fiverr workers from other programs while playing different roles as Fake testimonials

***Forged Income Proof***

30 Minute Money Methods claimed you would make a lot of money within 30 minutes if you sign on to the program. It is just FAKE.

30 minute money method review


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What is Good About 30 Minute Money Methods

The Refund policy is the only good thing I find in the product.


Issues With 30-Minute Money Methods

***Huge Upsell***

Though the Fake Owner Shelly West promised that there is no upsell in 30 Minute Money Methods; she virtually lies.

The actual cost Is $37, but you will be offered one-time fees of $99; if you declined, you would be asked to go for $49.

The program also offers you an affiliate link of their own to set up your website; which will earn them an extra commission.

***No Support For Members***

There is no direction or evidence of support for members.

You cannot also contact the owners for any question or queries. Since the owner is even fake, who will you reach?

***Over Stated and Impossible Income Claims***

30 Minute Money Methods overstated what the product could help you achieve. There are a lot of over hyped-up in their sales pitch.

what is 30 minutes money method

They claimed that the program could help you make over $50,000 in a month! That is ridiculous; even making money on a website with a focused niche with take you a minimum of a year to start making over $10,000 monthly.

You are also promised that you will be able to be making over $600,000 annually; this is an extreme over excited of the highest order.

Some Almost Impossible Promisesis 30 minute money methods scam


***Everything About 30 Minute Money Methods Is Fake***

The 30 Minute Money Methods setup and structure was planned to scam you at the inception. Why will anyone use fake testimonials on their sales page?

The aim is to mislead you to pull out your credit card to make a purchase.

They employed Fiverr freelance to make the video testimonials.

what is 30 minute money methods about a scam


***The Program Offer No Value To Members***

With 4 PDF training Material that can be downloaded via search engines. 30 Minute Money Methods is a waste of money and resources. You can get what they bundle up easily and free via Google.

Therefore, there is no value addition in their offerings.


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Who is 30-Minute Money Methods for?

This product is targeted at stay at home moms, single parents and anybody looking for ways to earn extra income.

Since the product is about online methods, the usage is not restricted to a specific country.


4 PDF Training of  30 Minute Money Methods

30 Minute Money Methods promised to help you make money online through the following four methods. They provided you with a PDF download for each of the methods.


***Selling Photographs Online***

This method highlight how you can make money online selling pictures.

***Playing Games Online***

Some companies will pay to play video games.

They are generally looking for testers who would be able to find any flaws in the game before it is launched publicly.

This PDF highlight how you can go about playing video games for money.

***Working as a Freelancer***

You can function as a freelancer for some job profiles like a writer, developer, and designer and so on. This PDF training state how you can make money as a freelance.

***Working as a Voice-Over Artist***

This PDF training will show you how you can audition for voice-over artist work from your home, and how you can submit your work on several websites online.

You can expect better income if you can voice over in multiple languages.


Alternative to 30-Minute Money Methods?

There are many alternative methods for these products. Most especially if you want to work from home and have no qualifications or experience and little money can try some of the following ways:

  • Lend money online: Online peer to peer lending platforms like the lending club and prosper provide 4-6% rate of interest. You can start by lending an amount as small as $25.
  • Earn money by investing small change: Download the Acorn app that link-ups with your debit and credit cards. It will spend the difference in your bill amount.
  • You can make money by renting out your expensive items, clothes, shoes on sites like craigslist and style lend.
  • You can find various part-time WFH options listed on flex jobs like virtual assistant jobs.
  • If you have writing skills, be writing for several Magazine both online and offline. See how to be making over $500 writing for top magazine online. 
  • Design products and sell them on stamp press.
  • Sign up with early birds and earn $10 for each beta testing assignment.
  • Online games like second life and Team fortress 2 allow you to sell virtual property for real cash.

The above techniques are similar to 30-minutes, but they offer you realistic returns. But you can learn most of the more above directly by yourself without paying a dine.


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Public And Online Opinion of 30 Minute Money Methods

The comments section of the various online reviews of the product shows that people are highly dissatisfied with the product with some even claiming it to be a scam.

30 Minute Money Methods (Scam Exposed) | YouTube


My Final Opinion of 30 Minute Money Methods

What is your take on my 30 Minute Money Methods Review? In my opinion, my recommendation will be for you not to subscribe to this product. It is what you can learn on your own online. The four PDF information compiled is in the public domain.

Aside from easy and free access to what 30 Minute Money Methods is fraudulently selling to its audience online. The way 30 Minute Money Methods was packaged from inception to deceive the online community can be termed as a scam.

The promotional testimonial video is a work of many Fiverr professionals that paid to lie of what they have achieved with 30 Minute Money Methods which is a false way of promoting any products that are said to stand the test of time.

I will be recommending my #1 online business ever. It is the most trusted online business that can make you over $10,000 monthly within two years. You will have to put all you have into making it work.

The good news is this; this fabulous online business will help you to be solving a real-life problem to millions of people around the world. This online training will help you turn your passion/hobbies and Ideas into a thriving business online.

Are you a member of 30 Minute Money Methods? Are you making money with 30 Minute Money Methods? What will you say of my 30 Minute Money Methods? Kindly drop your thought in my comment area.


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23 thoughts on “30 Minute Money Methods Review – Why It Is Not Recommended”

  1. It was early 2016 when 30 Minute Money Methods got my attention. It was the first method I utilized as an affiliate marketer. I reckon it is nothing but a medium of wasting time. Now, I am in search for a solution to do some affiliate marketing and earn money online. Please advise what to do?

    • Dear Charles,

      You don’t need to search again. Check out my #1 Recommended online business. It is just the best you need for now. I am making money online and I will reach out to you at Wealthy Affiliate.

      Kindly use my affiliate link; so that I can earn commissions through. I will always be around to help you succeed online.



  2. I was about buying this, i thought i would be getting huge classes from this on how to make money as a single mother at home.thank God i did not fall for this, its little but would have been catastrophic for me and my kids losing some valuable cash.

    • Dear Pamela,

      I am happy you saw my 30 Minute Money Methods Review and read Why It Is Not Recommended.

      It is just a scamming way of promoting online training program.

      I hope you consider my Wealthy Affiliate Certification. It will surely make you money if you do the needful of implementing what you will learn.



  3. Wow, this lady should have come up with more reasonable claims and more believable testimonials if she wanted anyone to take this scam seriously! Thanks for the review!

    • Thanks for reading my 30 Minute Money Methods Review.

      Do you know why they can’t get valid testimonials? Because 30 Minute Money Methods cannot and will not give you the result. And the program cannot be sold except they lied about their success.

      This is different from the saying of faking it before they make it! They will continue to fake it because they can’t make a success of the program.



  4. More like 30 minute money method to get you scammed. Haha! Ridiculous things people nowadays. The fact that she had to hire these people to do fake testimonials is proof enough that the method is not effective. But to an untrained eye or those lazy to do research would get scammed right away by this. Thanks for sharing.

    • Dear Jake,

      Thanks for reading my 30 minutes money methods review. I am happy you liked it.

      Many are ready to scam a lot of people to make it online, knowing that it is very difficult to start making legitimate money online.

      30 minutes money method was conceived to scam online community from day one. This is why I do what I am doing; that is to expose the scammers by doing a thourough review of products and services.

      I will then leave you to decided on what you want.

      Thanks again.



  5. some people should be arrested for selling shits online. and some should be rehabilitated for buying old methods online.

    I wonder what makes you think a 5 years old method should still work when algorithms are updated regularly online.

    If I am wrong please correct me.

    • Dear Ted,

      You are very correct. These set of people with different shapes of products most especially from ClickBank should be sanction.

      The funny thing is that when the come up with one product as people keep on buying it and soon as as the audience discover that it is not working the owner will go out again to go and think of how to develop another type.

      It is now their jobs and scheme to keep on ripping people off their hard earned money online.

      Thanks for reading my article on how to make money with 30 Minute money methods. I hope you will come around again.



  6. Just a heads up for anyone who is thinking of buying products online. If a product/course or any sort of teaching product is not backed up by a real person… you can assume that it is some sort of scam. Just be aware of these people when dealing online.

    Great review,

    Thanks John!

  7. Dear John

    All the information you mention in your review on 30Minute Money Methods screams scam.

    I enjoy reading your review, it is very informative and will be an eye-opener to novice online workers.

    After reading quite a lot of reviews on online work there are certain red lights that warn you to watch out, this might be a scam.



    • Hi Nolene,

      Thanks for visiting my webpage and for reading my 30 Minute Money Methods Review; Yes, you are right 30 Minute Money Methods is has with elements of scamming online products. This is the reason I have declined from recommending it to my audience.

      But, while much online training programs are a scam, we have many that are great products and very legitimate.

      In making money online training program; the best online affiliate marketing training program I can boldly recommend is Wealthy Affiliate.

      It will be great if you check that link out. Kyle and Carson (Co-Owners of Wealthy Affiliate) will take you by the hands and help you come up with a profit ready website.

      The website that will rank on Google and other search engines. You will be taught how to create your sites by yourself.

      The site was done by me from this training. And you will learn how you will be making money daily with your ideas or passion.

      In short for me they help turn my passion and hobbies into a thriving business online.

      Thanks again for visiting my site.



  8. Dear John,

    I can’t believe anyone would pay actors to do fake testimonials! People are just unbelievable and heartless. Is this a common thing online? I’ve just found out about it after reading your article.

    Thank you,

  9. You just saved me from making a big mistake. I thought this program might work but decided to research it a bit before I purchase anything and I was smart to do so. Not even going to touch this one again. I’m ashamed I didn’t see the red flags myself 🙁 but I’m glad I didn’t waste any money on such an obvious (now) scam. Thanks a lot!

  10. Dear John,

    Just a heads up for anyone looking to find business opportunities on the internet… anyone who claims that they are making a certain amount of income should be able to back it up.

    Also, anytime there is a product created under a fake name with fake testimonials… you should suspect that the product is a scam.

    I am Jerry.


    • Dear Jerry,

      Thanks for reading my 30 Minute Money Methods Review.

      I agree with you that any online with fake testimonial is a scam from day one. This is why I classified 30 Minute Money Methods as a chronic scam of the century.

      I coulda person develop a product or program that is claiming to help you make money and then source for testimonial artist on Fiverr to make false testimony?

      Are you fed up of scam online business? Please check out the most trusted all business ever.

      You can start FREE just to see how authentic this program is. It has changed my life it is going to change yours.



  11. Hey John,

    Thanks for sharing this information, What a great review you did. I love it; seriously I do.

    I’m always cautious purchase products like this online because it can be easy to fall for scams if you don’t do your research first.



    • Hi Tami,

      Thanks for reading my 30 Minute Money Methods Review; you must have now seen Why It Is Not Recommended by me. I hate scammers, I even did an article on what you need to do to avoid online scam.

      We have a lot of people that won’t go easy on you online most especially if you are new to the online world. A lot of people want to make money online but they don’t know how to go about it. They get all sorts of things to throw at them.

      This is why I am doing what I am doing; to help you avoid online scammers and point you in the right direction and eventually help you make money online.

      I am sure you won’t forget me. This is why I will be recommending you to the Affiliate marketing training that changed my life and points me in the right direction.

      If I can be making money online, you can too. Check out my #1 Recommended way you can start making money. Go through the training; implement it and your life will turn around for good.



  12. Dear John,

    Fake name? Fake testimonials? This has scam written all over it!

    It seemed pretty legit when I first started looking into it, but after your review, I’m convinced that it’s 100% a scam.



  13. Dear John,

    After reading the article about 30-minute money I realized how easy it is to scam innocent people out of their hard-earned cash.

    If you know a little about magic words used in sales pitches it becomes even easier.



    • Dear Linda,

      Thanks for reading my 30 Minute Money Methods Review. The owner and source of this product ought to be penalized because they plan to scam people at the inception of the production of this online program.

      Why would anyone secure a paid testimonial for an online program that people will be made to pay before getting access? It is even a training you can access online on any website.



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