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11 thoughts on “15 Top Online Scams And How to Avoid Them: Scam Alert”

  1. This is very informative. To be honest, I only knew phishing and don’t even know what others are called. I think I’m am receiving one in my office email. In has been emailing me about executive positions in top companies. I just mark as spam but it keeps coming. Do you know how to get rid of this? I’m using outlook 2013.

  2. Thank you for these great reminders about all the scams out there.
    You are right, during my time on the internet, I have received lots of these sorts of scams. I often receive the “fake receipt” from a sale in America and I don’t like in America. I simply ignore these sorts of emails. I have also had many of the other sorts of emails that you mentioned. You left off the “Nigerian Prince that wants to give me $10,000,000” though.
    Sigh!!! Scammers are awful and they make our time on the internet less fun than it should be. Thanks for these great reminders.

  3. Hey John, I really enjoyed reading your post about the online scams. I think it is really helpful that there are sites like yours who try to warn people before they get scammed because usually when you realize that you have been scammed it is already too late. I got to admit though I was amazed how many ways of scamming there are.

  4. I’ve actually just recently experienced the whole computer virus scam. There was a flashy screen that said my hard drive was infected and that I needed to get a scan to see to what extent. Luckily, I clicked away from it but noticed that my computer hasn’t been the same since. Is there any precedence for these scammers actually infecting your computer so you have to use their services?

    • Hi JD, 

      As soon as you click the flashy alert you must have downloaded some virus. This you can easily remove or repair with a good antivirus software. You may need to pay for a yearly subscriptions. This will even continue to secure you system even after the repair of your system. 



  5. Thanks for the article, I am always amazed at the innovative ways scammers ply their trade. It seems that if they just put that effort into a legitimate business they would be successful. I have also noticed that elderly people seem to be much more susceptible to these scams as they are not a tech savvy. I have had to deal with this issue with my own elderly parents. Again, thanks for the article, a lot of useful information in it.

  6. The number of online scams out there is scary. And it grows exponential the more and more people see the potential to steal without being caught.

    There are indeed many types of scams. But people who are searching alternatives to make money online are the most vulnerable.

    It’s really important to always keep a decent anti-virus running and don’t trust anyone. Wealthy Affiliate is one of the few honest platforms out there. A truly educational platform that I highly recommend.

    Thanks for warning us about all these scammy strategies

    All the best


    • Gypsy65, Thank you. I am encouraged. It is tough though combing this with day job. But if you make up your mind to succeed, you will. Thanks again.

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