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AdvoCare Review: Can You Still Make Money with AdvoCare?

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You are welcome to my AdvoCare review. Can you make money with AdvoCare MLM jobs opportunities as a distributor? Is AdvoCare legit or another pyramid scheme scam? 

I am sure you are here to make your findings of AdvoCare MLM jobs. It is good you are doing this. 


Doing your research and findings is the only way to discover legitimate online businesses and avoid many scams.

With many AdvoCare lawsuits and the FTC Charges, Is it still okay to join AdvoCare MLM jobs? 

Please know that I am not an AdvoCare distributor; therefore, expect an unbiased finding of AdvoCare job opportunities.

Please keep reading. 

Estimated reading time: 22 minutes

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AdvoCare MLM at a Glance

how to Make Money with AdvoCare MLM jobs

Product Name: AdvoCare International
Founder: Charles E. Ragus
Headquarters: Plano, Texas, USA
Year Founded: 1993
Industry: Multi-Level Marketing
Products: Dietary Supplements, Personal Care
BBB Rating: A-
Rating: 30%
Recommended: No (Check Out My #1 Recommendation)

AdvoCare Spark Products Review

Advocare Spark Energy Drink (Mandarin Orange)


AdvoCare Mandarin Orange Spark Canister (10.5 Ounce & New)


Advocare Spark 1 Box + Variety Pack (14 Stix Pouches)


AdvoCare Blue Raspberry Spark 14 Sticks 


Liquid I.V. Hydration Multiplier (Hydration Powder Packets)


Summary of AdvoCare Jobs Review

On May 17, 2019, AdvoCare International changed its business model from multi-level marketing and direct sales to consumer and single-level marketing. 

The company promotes and sell weight-management, premium nutritional, and dietary supplement. 

The regulator slammed the company for running a pyramid scheme business model, and the company was charged to pay $150 Million to settle the case. They were mandated to change from the MLM business model to direct sales to the consumer. 

But can you still make money with Advocare Job Opportunities as a distributor? Is Advocare legit or a scam? 

Advocare Llc is officially a pyramid scheme company.

But how much are the AdvoCare distributor making? Are Advocare jobs worth it?

Before now, you could not have been able to make a dine with AdvoCare International because of its MLM structure. 

Why is that?

Why You Can Not Make Money with AdvoCare MLM Jobs

Because 99.7% of MLM company distributors will lose their money, only 0.3% of MLM members make money.

Mr. Jon M Taylor studied 600 MLM companies for over 20 years, and he came up with a detailed report and findings in his book the ” Multi-level-Marketing-Unmasked.

What is the meaning of this? 

It implies that very few people at the top of the MLM pyramid scheme are making money, i.e., the company’s owners, special investors, and the MLM’s early joiners. 

It implies that if you are just joining any MLM companies, you will only be working for them, and you will earn pennies at the end of the day. 

How valid is this?

Just study any MLM companies’ income disclosure statement; you will see that over 98% of MLM members make nothing while the real money goes to only very few, i.e., less than 0.3%.

I will use the income disclosure statement of 2017 (the only one in the public space). 

Many MLM companies will do anything to manipulate and hide their income disclosure statement because it is the only trustworthy source. 

AdvoCare Income Disclosure Statement Breakdown

advocare a pyramid scheme

You can see from the screenshot of the income disclosure statement that:

  • 67.28% (260,635 Distributors) made no money i.e. $0
  • 20.06% (77,707 Distributors) made between $0 to $200
  • 6.79% (26,303 Distributors) made between $ 200 to $500
  • 0.10% (370 Distributors) made between $50k to $150k
  • 0.03% (105 Distributors) made between $150k to $300k
  • 0.02% (70 Distributors) made between $300k to $4m

You can see that less than 0.3% of distributors will make real money in any MLM company from the breakdown above. And it applies to 99.999% of MLM companies worldwide.

And that includes AdvoCare International. 

My Recommendations

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You can easily do that now since this company is now direct sales to consumers and no more MLM.

But you can do that with your website and not with the branded website that the company gave. 

Why is that?

The company website is only for AdvoCare products. Your personal website will give you the capacity to partner with big brands with no limitations.

You can be sending traffics from your private website to the company website with the company (that will make you sales).

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What do you think of my AdvoCare review? Can you make money with AdvoCare Job Opportunities? Or, Is AdvoCare legit, or a scam and pyramid scheme?

What Is AdvoCare? 

The company was established in 1993 by Charles Ragus as a direct sales company that is into distribution and sales of dietary supplements, bodybuilding supplements, and health shakes products. 

The word “AdvoCare” was derived from “Advocates Who Care.” 

Charles Ragus was a formal employee of Fidelity Union Insurance. His last position was regional vice president before setting up this company.

He was also involved in Herbalife as a distributor and even established an MLM company called Omnitrition International (1989); he was once a National Football league player.

Charles Ragus died at the age of 58 in 2001. 

There have been five Managers/presidents from 2001 to 2007. 

They are: 

  • Todd Cash – was asked to go in February 2005
  • Lance Wimmer – fired after four months in charge 
  • Bob Ulrich – was in charge from 2005 to May 2007
  • Richard H. Wright took over in May 2007 . . .

They were charged in July 2019 and declared as a Pyramid scheme company. 

The company was rewarding its distributors for recruitment instead of rewarding them from commission for sales of products. 

The company has since operated as an MLM company and started rewarding its sales of dietary products to its consumers. You can learn more about AdvoCare MLM Jobs on Wikipedia.

The question is this, can you still make money with AdvoCare Job Opportunities? Do you think AdvoCare is legit or another scam pyramid scheme?

What Happened to AdvoCare MLM?

It is a summary of what happens to AdvoCare MLM. 

On May 17, 2019, AdvoCare International announced that it would no longer operate the multi-level marketing business model. 

They will be moving to the direct sales to consumer business model (popularly referred to as a single-level marketing compensation plan).

But why? 

And what lead to that decision? 

The company was indicted in another AdvoCare lawsuit with Federal Trade Commission (FTC). 

It was all about the pyramid scheme business model and the way they were compensating their distributors.

AdvoCare MLM was slammed and charged $150m to Settle FTC Charges for operating an illegal pyramid scheme. 

The Company, the CEO, and top distributors were permanently banned from MLM activities in the future.

It was why the company has entered into discussion and agree to change to direct selling to the consumer. There is no more MLM and pyramid scheme for 

The changes impacted heavily on the AdvoCare distributors that have accumulated downlines for years. 

All distributors must now sell and earn a commission from products sold directly to customers. 

The single-level direct sales model started and took effect on July 17, 2019, and the company will start paying compensation only on product sales direct to customers.

Do you think AdvoCare is a scam and pyramid scheme? Can you make money with AdvoCare Job Opportunities? What do you think of my AdvoCare review so far?

AdvoCare Products Line

AdvoCare distributors promote and sell bodybuilding supplements, dietary supplements, and health shakes. The company sells its several products with the brand names:

  • Performance Elite
  • Fit
  • 24 Day Challenge
  • Active
  • Trim
  • Well

You must know what a company promotes and sell to do well and be profitable as a distributor. 

You will need to know various products’ values to make money with AdvoCare jobs as a distributor. 

The product line of this company includes the following:

Energy Products

These AdvoCare product lines are about your active lifestyle and the energy you need to sustain it. 

It includes vitamins and various supplements such as spark and meal bars and different other ready-to-drink products. 

Various Energy AdvoCare products include:

advocare lawsuit
  • Spark Stick Packs
  • Spark Canister
  • Ice Shaker Bottle
  • Backpack
  • Spark Stick Packs, 
  • Vanilla Latte
  • Spark Alternatively Sweetened
  • Rehydrate Stick Packs


This set of AdvoCare product lines is designed to help you maintain the very balance lifestyle you desire. 

 It provides the vital vitamin, nutrients, and minerals your bodies need to have a healthier lifestyle. 

Various Wellness AdvoCare product includes:

Advocare Job Opportunities
  • Oasis
  • Aloe Ease
  • SleepWorks
  • AdvoGreens
  • Core
  • Greens Powder
  • Glow etc

Sports Performance

This set of AdvoCare product lines will help you make the most of your daily workout activity and help you get the result you desire. The various supplements will help and support your muscle performance, repair, and endurance.  

The various Sports Performance AdvoCare products include the following:

advocare scam
  • BioFuel
  • Bio-Charge
  • BodyLean25
  • O2 GOLD
  • Arginine Extreme
  • Post-Workout Recovery
  • Nighttime Recovery
  • Muscle Strength etc.

Weight Management

These sets of AdvoCare product lines are for the maintenance of your weight. 

Suppose you want your body to be slim and tone up. You use the products to take charge of your fitness. 

Some of the standard AdvoCare Weight Management

products include: 

advocare reviews
  • Meal Replacement Shake
  • Slim
  • MNS
  • AdvoGreens
  • Crave Check SR
  • ThermoPlus etc

How to Make Money with AdvoCare Jobs After FTC Banishment 

Is AdvoCare still in business?  Can you still make money with AdvoCare Job Opportunities? The answer is yes. This section of the article is about making money with AdvoCare International after being stripped of FTC’s multi-level marketing business model roles.

The best way to make money and turn a profit with AdvoCare Jobs as a distributor of their products is to sell as many as you can. 

After the FTC sled and banned, you can no longer make money with the AdvoCare MLM Jobs opportunity.  

You can only use direct sales to the consumer and Customer. 

What does this mean for you? 

If your objective is to either consume AdvoCare products for wellness purposes or make money with an AdvoCare job as a distributor, you can join AdvoCare.

You can start with a low start-up cost as a preferred customer to test run the products. 

But, how do you join as a Preferred Customer or as a distributor?  What do you think of my AdvoCare review?

Advocare Distributor Vs Preferred Customer

What is the difference between an AdvoCare Distributor and a Preferred Customer?

As a Preferred Customer, you have the power to purchase any AdvoCare products at your Preferred Customer discounts level for your personal use.

You can not and must not sell the products to any other person, nor can you take part in Compensation Plan.

Only AdvoCare distributors have the privilege to sell and promote AdvoCare products and participate in AdvoCare business opportunities. 

How to Join AdvoCare Distributor 

How much does it cost to be an AdvoCare distributor?

You can join AdvoCare to become a distributor for $59.00. 

How much of a discount do AdvoCare distributors get?

The AdvoCare distributors will get a 20% discount. It will earn you a 20% discount on all your purchase; you will have full access to:

  • Your AdvoCare microsite for product sales, 
  • AdvoCare distributor training and 
  • Access to various exclusive Distributor events. 
  • No minimum purchase requirement 
  • You will receive $50 worth of AdvoCare products for your sign up.

As an AdvoCare distributor, there is no need to purchase products to maintain your product discount and AdvoCare distributorship. 

However, you will be required to maintain your annual Distributorship at the cost of a $50 yearly renewal fee. 

You will have the opportunity to sell various AdvoCare products via your personal AdvoCare microsite. 

All product purchases via this website will be auto-delivered to your customers. You can also sell products directly without the aid of the AdvoCare microsite. 

How to Join AdvoCare Preferred Customers

You can become an AdvoCare Preferred Customer at the cost of $19.95. It will earn you a 20% discount on all your purchase with the opportunity to increase the discount to 30%. 

Do you know the annual Renewal fee for Preferred Customers?

Your annual renewal fee is $19.95. You will get the delivery of a free Spark box in your next order. 

What discounts do Preferred customers get at different levels?  

Below is a discount for Preferred Customers for different level schedules. 

  • 0 – 499.99 QV = 20% discount
  • 500 – 999.99 QV = 25% discount
  • 1,000 + QV = 300% discount

Best Way to Make Money with AdvoCare Jobs Opportunities

Are you an AdvoCare distributor? Do you have a passion for promoting and selling weight loss products and dietary supplements? 

Do you want to make real money?

I mean a lot of money with AdvoCare jobs? 

I have good news for you right now. 

The best way to promote and make a lot of sales with AdvoCare products is to have your website. 

Yes, you need a website.

No, not AdvoCare microsite!

AdvoCare Microsite Vs. Your Website

AdvoCare microsite is only for selling and promoting AdvoCare products, while your website will be yours forever. 

No one can prevent your access to your website. In contrast, the AdvoCare microsite is not your own, and the company can deny your entry if you go against the company’s term of use either by mistake or intentionally. 

AdvoCare microsite limits what you can promote to just AdvoCare products, while your website will give you the opportunity to partner with thousands of other companies (just like this website). 

All you need to do is provide great content to direct customers from your website to the AdvoCare microsite. 

With your website, you can have your authority site in the weight and loss niche or choose a niche you love. You can be making over $5,000 within 12 months plus. 

You will have the opportunity to promote other supplementary products on Amazon and other big affiliate networks. 

Do you know other great news about your website?

You can sell your website at 10X the amount of your investment. 

What do you think of my AdvoCare review? Are you okay with the AdvoCare Job Opportunities? Or, do you think Advocare is a scam and pyramid scheme?

Claim Your FREE Website

You will have a discount on every AdvoCare product purchase, either a distributor or a Preferred Customer. 

Do you know that you can have a FREE website of yours right now? And going with it is an affiliate marketing certification training. 

Digital marketing (affiliate marketing) training will teach you how to build and create a profitable website, while you avoid affiliate marketing mistakes others are making.

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What is Good About AdvoCare Jobs

Discount on Product Purchase

You will have a discount on every AdvoCare product purchase, either a distributor or a Preferred Customer. 

Preferred Customer will get a discount of between 20% to 30% on every product purchase.

An AdvoCare distributor gets 20% discounts with other great benefits to make huge sales.

Access to AdvoCare Microsite 

As an active AdvoCare distributor, you will have access to a branded and already made AdvoCare Microsite eCommerce website that you can direct traffic to make sales.

Every product bought on AdvoCare Microsite will be shipped directly to the buyers via the company drop shipping process while earning your commission on every sale.

Change of Business Model from MLM to Direct Sales to Consumer

After the AdvoCare Lawsuit with FTC $150 million cases of July 2019 

FTC banished the company was from practicing multi-level marketing business, and they instantly adopt direct sales to the customer/consumer business model.

With the change in the business model, you can now make money with AdvoCare jobs, especially if you adopt my suggestion on how to make massive money with AdvoCare, as written above.

The Issue with AdvoCare Jobs

Expensive Products

AdvoCare products are costly to purchase. It will be difficult to sell by the distributors.

FTC declared AdvoCare as a pyramid scheme.

AdvoCare MLM is a pyramid scheme as sighted by FTC and finds guilty of making money from various distributors’ recruitment without selling products or services. 

AdvoCare MLM was slammed and instructed to pay $150m. They were sanctioned and banned from ever practicing MLM. 

The sanction affected over 100,000 AdvoCare distributors. 

The company is no more an MLM but direct sales to consumers, as explained in this article’s body.

Use of AdvoCare Microsite

AdvoCare International will avail you of an AdvoCare microsite as soon as you meet the requirement to become an AdvoCare distributor.

The AdvoCare microsite is a branded website that you can only use to sell and promote only AdvoCare products. 

You will make money with AdvoCare jobs as a distributor, but you will be limiting your capacity by running just an AdvoCare microsite. 

I recommended my #1 way of making money online; that will help you own your website that can be used to promote thousands of products or services.

Please claim your free website here. 

What do you think of my review of AdvoCare? What about the AdvoCare Job Opportunities? Can you still make money as an AdvoCare distributor?

Other issues with Advocare International Jobs:

  • There are many complaints online about this Advocare MLM scam
  • If you are a Prefered Customer, you can not sell the products to other people.
  • AdvoCare review BBB rating is not bad, but you will see an alert of the AdvoCare FTC Lawsuit warning people about this company
  • FTC stripped the multi-level marketing status of Advocare International
  • Advocare Job is a commission-only business.

Are Advocare Products Sold on Third-Party Stores?

Yes, Advocare Products are not exclusive. 

You can get the various Advocare products on Amazon, eBay, Fishpond, and any other eCommerce stores. 

You can also sell Advocare products on any of your local eCommerce stores via dropshipping. 

The problem with selling the products on third-party websites is that; the pricing is much more than what you can get via any Advocare microsite. 

Compared to Amazon (for instance ), compared to the company branded website. 

AdvoCare Lawsuit 

Below is a review of AdvoCare Lawsuits that affected this company because of one infraction or the other. 

Most of the AdvoCare Lawsuits lead to massive payment; this is why many controversies were managed without resulting in a court case.

advocare distributor and lawsuit review

FTC Vs. AdvoCare Llc

In October 2019, FTC concluded its indictment of AdvoCare International and slammed the company to pay $150n in settlement of the charges for operating an illegal pyramid scheme.

The FTC also charges two very top AdvoCare distributors, i.e., Danny and Diane McDaniel. 

FTC charged them for unlawfully promoting a pyramid scheme and deceiving many of their downlines with false claims. You can read the details here.

 Lisa Ranieri And Megan Cornelius Vs. AdvoCare Llc

The plaintiff accused the company of practicing illegal pyramid schemes. 

They accused the company in this AdvoCare lawsuit of making money via commission earned from recruiting other people who pay fees to join the company.

It is an illegal pyramid scheme practice and deceptive trade practices. 

You can read the content of the Lisa Ranieri And Megan Cornelius Vs. AdvoCare Lawsuit here. 

Advocare Llc Vs. Jessica Hardy 

It is an AdvoCare lawsuit with Jessica Hardy, an Olympic swimmer. 

In July 2008, Jessica tested positive for a banned breathing enhancer (called clenbuterol). 

Hardy attributed the tainted supplement (i.e., the Arginine Extreme supplement she was using).

The supplement was a gift for making product testimonials for the company. 

The company sued her for making false claims about the products. 

Hardy’s suspension was reduced after an expert and scientist testify that the company tainted AdvoCare products. 

Bruce and Teresa Badgett Vs. Advocare Llc

This AdvoCare lawsuit happened in 2009. 

Bruce and Teresa were awarded $1.9m in damages against the company by the Dallas County jury.  

The company was found guilty of canceling the distributor’s agreement, false, misleading, and engaging in deceptive trade practices against the litigants.

They disputed this ruling then and filed for appeal on April 30, 2010. 

The court dismissed the appeal on March 13, 2012, and AdvoCare International was ordered to pay the Badgett’s for the cost they incurred for the defense in that appeal case. 

It was a well-reported AdvoCare lawsuit in every newspaper at that time. 

What do you think of my AdvoCare review? Is the AdvoCare Job Opportunities worth it? Do you think AdvoCare is Legit or a scam pyramid scheme?

Is Advocare a Pyramid Scheme?

Yes, Advocare was practicing a pyramid scheme business model. 

The FTC caught and persecuted the company in 2019, and they were banned together with the CEO and two top distributors from participating or run MLM ever again.

It was why the company transformed its business model and compensation plan to a direct selling to consumers and a single compensation plan. 

But what is a Pyramid scheme?

A pyramid scheme is an illegal business practice that involves the constant recruitment of downlines. As you recruit, your referrers are made to pay specific fees to join the system. 

You will get paid a commission from every fee paid by your referrer to join. 

Your referrer will also need to recruit to get paid from their referrer, and recruitment continues without the distribution of any physical products or services. 

It was what AdvoCare MLM was practicing, and the reason FTC banned the company from direct sales business model using MLM.

What do you think of my AdvoCare Jobs review? Is AdvoCare legit, or another pyramid scheme scam? Can you make money with AdvoCare MLM jobs?

Is AdvoCare Legit or Scam

Is AdvoCare a scam or a legit company?

It is a serious question to answer!

The truth is this. 

The FTC calls AdvoCare a pyramid scheme. 


Because they were caught, penalized, banned, and slammed $150m.

About the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), many distributors paid AdvoCare MLM thousands of dollars to join and become distributors and earn cash bonuses and other rewards from the company. 

Has this company committed a crime? 

Yes, they did. 

Does it make AdvoCare a Scam? 

Yes, to me. AdvoCare is a scam. 

Or should I say AdvoCare was a scam before July 2019?

Right now, the company has been forced to change its way of doing business. 

The company is now operating a single-level marketing scheme instead of the ordinary MLM.

If you join AdvoCare jobs, you can no longer make money from AdvoCare via recruitment of downlines. 

You can only make money from the commission you earn for product sales. 

What do you think of my AdvoCare review? Do you believe AdvoCare is a scam or a legit company? Can you make money with AdvoCare jobs

AdvoCare Jobs Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Is AdvoCare Out of Business?

No. the company is still in business. 

After the settlement with FTC, the company has been banned permanently from operating the MLM business model. 

what are good side hustles

The company now sells its products via various distributors directly to the consumer. The company currently operates a business model called single-level marketing.

Do you agree with my AdvoCare review? Can you risk become an AdvoCare distributor?

Do Walmart and Amazon sell AdvoCare Products?

Yes, you can now purchase AdvoCare products on third-party stores online. 

Where are AdvoCare products manufactured?

AdvoCare products are manufactured in Horizon, California. They transport the products to the company based in Texas, USA. 

How do I Cancel my AdvoCare Distributor?

You can cancel your AdvoCare distributorship or Preferred Customer account by contacting Customer Service at 1-800-542-4800.

You may delete and cancel your account at any time. 

What do you think of my review of AdvoCare? Are there other ways to cancel your membership?

Does AdvoCare Have an App?

Yes, the company has a 24-Day Challenge App that can be downloaded by every Android user on Google Play.

The App can help you set up your account, and you can input your detail to start using the App. 

Is AdvoCare MLM Job worth It?

Thanks for reading my AdvoCare Jobs review. Can you still make money with AdvoCare Jobs as a distributor? 

Is AdvoCare legit or a scam pyramid scheme business opportunity? 

What do you think of AdvoCare International’s new business model? 

This is my take on the AdvoCare Jobs opportunity? 

You can make money with AdvoCare Jobs now with the new change to the company. That is after they will slam and be found guilty of operating a pyramid scheme.

The new direct sales to consumer business is a good one. But you will need to know how affiliate marketing works to make money. 

 I earlier recommended to you the best affiliate marketing certification training online for this reason. The first level with ten lessons is FREE to join. You can start this business with your day job.

You can leverage the training and push traffics to the branded AdvoCare microsite. I informed you of the body of this article, the need to have your website.

Your website will help you to partner with thousands of other companies. Couple with the training, you will learn how to work once and earn a long time with AdvoCare Jobs.

What do you think of my AdvoCare Jobs review? Can you now make money with AdvoCare Jobs opportunities? 

Do you think AdvoCare Llc is real, legit, or another scam pyramid scheme? 

Advocare Business Opportunity Reviews – Video

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  1. Hey there it nice that you brought this kind of review to our notice, you know sometimes out of curiousite  we do things without the T&C, going through this review I found out that the regulator slammed the company for running a pyramid scheme business model, and the company was charged to pay $150 Million to settle the case.and it was mandated that they do direct sales business,  and this affected them. It is on my opinion that the management should employ technicall persons who can bring ideas that can make the company .

  2. There are a whole lot of business, platform, websites etc online each pointing at making money through them but really not as easy as it’s been presented here. I think it’s not different with AdvoCare, the more you sell,the more you earn. It’s a good thing to pass through stress and have a reward for the stress. Thank you for this review

    1. Thanks for my AdvoCare Review. 

      This article is about how to make money with AdvoCare MLM jobs after the company FTC issues.

      Thanks for your time and comment.

      Really appreciate




  3. Here you have provided a comprehensive review of Advocare.

    I was aware of the products being out there, but I had no idea what the business model looked like before reading your review. I honestly did not even have any idea what MLM was before I read this review.

    You have explained it all here, and now I have a very negative feeling towards Advocare.

    The company being utterly content with the business model prior that cost them $150m by the FTC makes you already feel like the company was dishonest in all ways.

    Even though Advocare has switched over to single-level marketing now, I feel like, without a lawsuit and a fine, they probably would not have changed a thing.

    Do you think they would have changed without a lawsuit?

    I do not think that Advocare is a company I would put my name on in marketing in any way personally.

    1. Thanks for reading my AdvoCare MLM Jobs review. It is all about how to make money with MLM job opportunities. 

      Yes, you are right. AdvoCare would not have changed their ways without the lawsuits with the FCT. 

      Thanks for your comment. 

      Really appreciate.



  4. Thank you, John, for introducing me to AdvoCare.  I confess, this is a new model or scheme for me. There are so many scams on the internet, its always good to receive some frank and honest advice on different schemes. Your 30%  rating and “No” i.e. NOT recommended is clear and speaks volumes. I see a regulator came down hard on them for running a pyramid scheme.  I have read enough.  However, I see you do recommend Wealthy Affiliate for Affiliate Marketing.  Do you think the Affiliate Marketing has a sustainable future?  How long have you been involved in Affiliate Marketing?  Do you make a living from it?

    1. Thanks for reading my AdvoCare review. 

      It is all about how to make money with AdvoCare MLM jobs. 

      I really apreciate your comments.



  5. I have come across AdvoCare a few times in the past and honestly I never really examined it, after reading your review I can certainly say that I am hooked, I think I might be considering to join soon in the future. I love the amount of information you’ve provided in this article., I really appreciate this a lot. Thank you so much. You’ve certainly done an excellent job, thank you for sharing this, may the force be with you

    1. Thanks for reading my Advocare Distributor review. It is all about how to make money with Advocare.

      The question many are asking is this ” Can you still make money with Advocare MLM jobs?

      The correct answer is yes. You can still make money both as a distributor and customer that consumes the products.

      Thanks for reading my review of Advocare.



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