Can You Make Money with iTunes Affiliate Program?

iTunes Affiliate Programs

Ever wondered how you could make money online with the Apple Itune Affiliate Program?  If you already have a blog or a website, then you can start making money with Apple Itune Affiliate Program. Join iTunes Affiliate Programs.

I am pretty sure you have heard about iTunes before, right? iTunes is a music app created by Apple Inc. that allows users to download and play music and videos from Apple devices such as iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

Apple came up with an affiliate program, which helps publishers worldwide earn commissions by promoting their products. The program is known as iTunes Affiliate Programs. Every time a buyer buys from a text link on your site, you earn a commission.

What is iTunes Affiliate Program?

Performance Horizon Group runs iTunes Affiliate Programs. This Apple affiliate program helps you earn a commission every time you refer a customer to their products.

Apple products range from iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV among other accessories.

Your earnings vary depending on some clicks to the Apple store (i.e., iOS App Store, iBook Store, iTunes Store, Mac App Store) and the money customers spend.

If somebody purchases an Apple product via a text link or banner on your site, you will earn a 7% commission that is paid by Apple based on successful transactions made.

The iTunes Affiliate Program is available to anyone with a blog or website, and it is free to join. For you to join the program, you will need to apply through their login page. The application is easy, fast and straightforward.

You will be required to create a username and password. And provide your contacts.

For your application to be successful, you will be required to provide a working link to your blog or website. After you apply, it takes about five business days to get a response from Apple.

They will send you an email notifying you that your application is under review. However, Apple reserves the right to reject any site, which does not meet their set standards.

If your application is successful, you will get detailed information on how to get started. You can use your website, social media accounts or email to post your affiliate links.

Apple does not put any restrictions when it comes to affiliate linking.


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Facts About iTunes Affiliate Program

  1. You need to have a website or a blog to become an affiliate.
  2. Commissions are available to cash out after 90 days of sale.
  3. Cookies period is 24 hours. That means you will earn a commission if someone clicks your link and makes a purchase within 24 hours.
  4. For you to receive payment, you are required to meet the minimum payment threshold. The minimum payment threshold varies from one country to another.
  5. Your site must not contain objectionable content that is explicit or abusive.
  6. Links that direct people to Apple Store products do not earn commission with this program.
  7. However, links to iTunes Gifts within iOS are available for affiliate commission.
  8. If your site is incomplete, your application will be rejected.
  9. You are not allowed to use Apple trademarks or logos on your site.

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Making Money With iTunes Affiliate Program

To earn commission on iTunes affiliate program, you will need to append your affiliate token (which is sent to you via email) to iTunes URL.

You can do this by copying iTunes URLs from their iOS store using their copy link option. However, you can still type it in if you don’t mind.

On appending your affiliate token to iTunes URL, you will start earning a commission every time a person purchases through your link.

The iTunes Affiliate Program is available to 134 countries. That means the currency they use is different from one state to another. Make sure you update your payment information before getting started.

iTunes Affiliate Program helps you earn well just by adding a banner or text link to your site. In addition to making an income, it is an excellent way to get traffic to your blog or website.

Besides a creating a website, Apple allows publishers to use their social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Google+ to promote Apple products.

If you are a developer, podcaster or just looking to become an affiliate joining iTunes affiliate program is an excellent way to earn extra income.


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Apple Affiliate — Frequently Asked Questions

1.) How Does Apple Affiliate Works?

On becoming an Apple Affiliate, you will be able to use Apple text links with their banners on your website. Your earnings or income is proportional to the number of customers you refer from your site that finally purchases Apple product

2.) What Are The Condition To Become An Apple Affiliate?

Becoming an Apple Affiliate is free, and you must have a website before you can join. Apple does not approve any affiliate without a site.

Your website will be a review in less than five working days. After getting your approval, you can as well use any platform for your advertisement, but your website must be in place to get approved.

If you don’t have a website, claim a FREE one here.

3.) What is the sign of the process?

 Start your Apple Affiliate registration here.

4.) What may make my website not to be Approved?

Your website will not be approved if it contains an adult content like porn and has anything to do with abuse or fraudulent activities. As long as your site contains appropriate materials, you will not have a problem with Apple.

Your website will be visited periodically to ensure it remains legitimate websites and that it is free of porn contents. Read more on Apple Affiliate Dos and Don’t in within Apple Affiliate Agreement Center.

5.) Can I Use Apple Logo And Name on My Website?

On getting approval to become an Apple Affiliate, you will have full access to the approved marketing assets already design by Apple.

You are not allowed to alter or modify these marketing assets such as banners and other resource made available for your marketing success. These promotional materials are regularly updated as trends changes in the industries.

You can locate approved banners and other promotional material within the Affiliate Program platform


6.) How Much Can An Apple Affiliate Earn

The amount you can earn depends on many things and cannot be entirely controlled by you. But your effort on effective promotion of Apple products and the volume of traffics you can drive from your website to Apple sales page will determine how much you can make.

If a buyer returns a product for a refund, or if there is any dispute and charges are reversed or fraud on credit cards, commission earned already will be debited for such transaction.

But if a product is a return for an exchange with another product your commission will be intact. You can get more of these with the Affiliate Agreement area.

7.) Where Can I Check How Much I Have Earned?

 As soon as your approval is in place and you register. You will have access to your password protectedprofile area where you can view your earning report at any time.

Note: It is essential you get acquit with the Affiliate Agreement before you place your request to become an Apple Affiliate otherwise you may not scale through.

Ensure your webpage conforms to the stated guideline with Affiliate Agreement


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Can you now see how you can actually make money online with Apple Affiliate Program? What do you think of iTunes Affiliate Programs? It is a very legitimate program that is obvious. Is there anything else you like to know?

Please feel free to drop your comment in my comment area down below. I will respond to you immediately. Thank you for visiting my website.

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4 thoughts on “Can You Make Money with iTunes Affiliate Program?

  1. Great Review.

    Does this affiliate program involve promotion of physical Apple products? Otherwise, what is the process to promote physical Apple products like MacBook, IPhone, Ipad etc.



    • Thank you Franklin,

      This review is an Itune Apple affiliate program review. it is for the promotion of Itune products i.e. digital apple products. I will revert on apple physical product. What i observed is that each stores are mandated to promotion of those physical products.

      You can promote Mac-book Pro for Amazon for instance.



  2. Great review. I am just getting to know that Apple has an affiliate. My only challenge is that the commission is so low. Not really, the Commision of 7% is not that low but the price of the product one will be promoting is is very low.

    Can you imagine selling an apps of $1.5, what is the Commision for 7%?

    Are you promoting this product? How are you fearing ?

    I love Apple! But this Commision is rediculoues.



    • Yes, the commission is minute but aggregate of those tiny commission will be something. If you want to promote iTunes Apple Affiliate products, you have to work very hard and you should not expect much in a hurry.

      Thanks for visiting my website.



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