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Apple Affiliate Program Review: Can You Make Money on ITunes?

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You are welcome to my Apple Affiliate Program review! Ever wondered how you could make money on iTunes Affiliate Program? What is the Apple Affiliate Program commission rate? Does Apple Affiliate Program worth It?

You need to have a blog or a website with a platform to host and secure your assets, then you can start making money with Apple iTunes Affiliate Program.


I am pretty sure you have heard about iTunes before, right?

iTunes is a music app by Apple Inc. that allows users to download and play music and videos from Apple devices such as iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad.

Apple came up with an affiliate program, which helps publishers worldwide earn commissions by promoting their products.

The program is iTunes Affiliate Programs or Apple Affiliate Program.

Every time a buyer buys from a text link that leads to any of these iTunes content such as movies, books, music e.t.c. on your site, you will earn a commission.

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 Applying to The Apple Affiliate Program

Becoming an affiliate to the Apple Affiliate program is very straightforward, it is fast and free. You can also learn all about affiliate marketing first.

Performance Horizon Group runs iTunes Affiliate Programs. This Apple affiliate program helps you earn a commission every time you refer a customer to their products.

Apple products range from iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV among other accessories.

Your earnings vary depending on some clicks to the Apple store (i.e., iOS App Store, iBook Store, iTunes Store, Mac App Store) and the money customers spend.

If somebody purchases an Apple product via a text link or banner on your site, you will earn a 7% commission that is paid by Apple based on successful transactions made.

The iTunes Affiliate Program is available to anyone with a blog or website, and it is free to join. For you to join the program, you will need to apply through their login page. The application is easy, fast, and straightforward.

You will be required to create a username and password. And provide your contacts.

For your application to be successful, you will provide a working link to your blog or website. After you apply, it takes about five business days to get a response from Apple.

They will send you an email notifying you that your application is under review. However, Apple reserves the right to reject any site, which does not meet its set standards.

If your application is successful, you will get detailed information on how to start. You can use your website, social media accounts, or email to post your affiliate links.

Apple does not put any restrictions when it comes to affiliate linking. What do you think of my Apple Affiliate Program review? Do you think you can make money on Itunes Affiliate Program?

Requirements for Apple Affiliate Program 

Your iTunes Affiliate Program application may be rejected for the following reasons:

  • It is a must to have a website or a blog
  • If you are an App developer, if you fail to provide your website link or link to your App on the iTunes App store
  • Your website must not be under construction; so you must give the URL.
  • If your application is rejected (which is very unusual); you can always provide your website or App link whenever it is ready.
  • Also, you can avoid rejection of your application by observing the following:
  • Also, ensure your blog, website; and content did not infringe on Apple and any third-party trademark.
  • Your blog or website must not contain sexually explicit material
  • There must not be an Apple-related trademark in your domain name
  • Your site or privacy blog policy must be display on your site
  • You must not use any images or text from the Apple website or store
  • Your promotion must not contain hate and invasive materials
  • Lastly, if you know you have observed all the above and still, yet your application is rejected; you can reach out to the Affiliate Support Team and ensure you provide all your details.
itunes affiliate login

Facts About the Apple Affiliate Program

  1. You need to have a website or a blog to become an affiliate.
  2. You will earn a 7% commission on any iTunes product sold
  3. Commissions are available to cash out after 90 days of sale.
  4. The cookies period is 24 hours. That means you will earn a commission if someone clicks your link and makes a purchase within 24 hours.
  5. For you to receive payment, you are required to meet the minimum payment threshold. The minimum payment threshold varies from one country to another.
  6. Your site must not contain objectionable content that is explicit or abusive.
  7. Links that direct people to Apple Store products do not earn the commission with this program.
  8. However, links to iTunes Gifts within iOS are available for affiliate commission.
  9. If your site is incomplete, your application will be rejected.
  10. You are not allowed to use Apple trademarks or logos on your site.

Cost and Price of Apple Affiliate Program

It will cost you nothing to join the iTunes Affiliate Program. It is FREE to join

Is Apple Affiliate Program Country Specific?

iTunes Affiliate Program is open to many countries/regions, and they are all supported.

You can check if your country or region is on the list here

Payment Set-Up for Apple Affiliate Program 

As an iTunes Affiliate, you must make available your banking information by selecting your currency choice and you must set your minimum payment limit by login into your iTunes Affiliate account.

You can receive commission via a direct deposit payment (directly to your account irrespective of your country). The payment threshold is as a result of your country and currency of your choice.

The important thing to note is this, iTunes Affiliate Program payment is only available 90 days after the date of sales.

Payment Method for Itunes Affiliate Program

iTunes Affiliate Program has two payment methods. You either decide to get your payment via your bank (direct deposits) from anywhere in the world or using the iTunes Store Credit payment.

***Direct Deposit Payment Method Set up***

Sign in to your dashboard, go to your settings, then choose the payment method

If you decide for a single/multiple currencies go to (add payment method); you will require the following information:

You will need your bank information which includes SWIFT or BIC code.

A SWIFT – Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication code or Bank Identifier Code – BIC code identifies particular banks uniquely worldwide.

It is commonly used in the process of international wire transfers. It is made up of 8 or 11 alpha-numeric characters

***iTunes Store Credit Payment Set-Up***

What Exactly is iTunes Store Credit About? iTunes Store Credit is a new payment method that helps iTunes Affiliate to make purchases within the iTunes Store, Mac App Store, iBook Store, and App Store.

It is included as an option for payment to the iTunes Affiliate Program.

Sign in to your dashboard, go to your settings, then choose iTunes Store Credit payment.

itunes affiliate programs

The minimum payment limit for iTunes Store Credit is $5/¥500 while the maximum value is $500/¥50,000 respectively.

How to Make Money on iTunes Affiliate Program

To earn commission on the iTunes affiliate program, you will need to append your affiliate token (which is sent to you via email) to iTunes URL.

You can do this by copying iTunes URLs from their iOS store using their copy link option. However, you can still type it in if you don’t mind.

On appending your affiliate token to iTunes URL, you will start earning a commission every time a person purchases through your link.

The iTunes Affiliate Program is available to 134 countries. That means the currency they use is different from one state to another. Make sure you update your payment information before getting started.

iTunes Affiliate Program helps you earn well just by adding a banner or text link to your site. In addition to making an income, it is an excellent way to get traffic to your blog or website.

Besides creating a website, Apple allows publishers to use their social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Google+ to promote Apple products.

If you are a developer, podcaster, or just looking to become an affiliate joining the iTunes affiliate program is an excellent way to earn extra income. What do you think of my Apple Affiliate Program review?

iTunes Affiliate Program- Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How Does iTunes Affiliate Program Works?

On becoming an Apple Affiliate, you will be able to use Apple text links with their banners on your website.

Your earnings or income is proportional to the number of customers you refer from your site that finally purchases Apple product

What Are The Condition To Become An iTunes Affiliate Program?

Becoming an Apple Affiliate is free, and you must have a website before you can join. Apple does not approve of any affiliate without a site.

Your website will be a review in less than five working days. After getting your approval, you can as well use any platform for your advertisement, but your website must be in place to get approved.

If you don’t have a website, claim a FREE one here.

Sign On Process for iTunes Affiliate Program?

 Start your Apple Affiliate registration here.

Can I Use Apple Logo And Name on My Website?

On getting approval to become an Apple Affiliate, you will have full access to the approved marketing assets already design by Apple.

You are not allowed to alter or modify these marketing assets such as banners and other resources made available for your marketing success. These promotional materials are regularly updated as trends changes in the industries.

You can locate approved banners and other promotional material within the Affiliate Program platform

How Much Can You Make on Itunes 

You can not decide the amount you will make. But your effort on effective promotion of Apple products and the volume of traffics you can drive from your website to the Apple sales page will determine how much you can make.

If a buyer returns a product for a refund, or if there is any dispute and charges are reversed or fraud on credit cards, a commission earned already will be debited for such transaction.

But if a product is a return for an exchange with another product your commission will be intact. You can get more of these with the Affiliate Agreement area.

==>An Online Education That Is Better Than a College/University Degree

Where Can I Check How Much I Have Earned?

 As soon as your approval is in place and you register. You will have access to your password protectedprofile area where you can view your earning report at any time.

Note: It is essential you get visit with the Affiliate Agreement page before you place your request to become an Apple Affiliate otherwise you may not scale through.

Ensure your webpage conforms to the stated guideline with Affiliate Agreement

Are All App Publishers Qualify as An iTunes Affiliate Program?

As an app publisher, you must go through the normal process to access to become an iTunes Affiliate member.

Therefore, it is not automatic to get approval as an app publisher.

Can An Affiliate Negotiate iTunes Affiliate Program Term and Condition?
You cannot negotiate the current term and condition for an iTunes Affiliate Program

Can One Decide a Preferred Currency for Payment on the iTunes Affiliate Program?

You can decide which currency you wish to accept for your commission payment irrespective of your country of the region. Two factors can affect you though.

what are good side hustles
  • The exchange rate of your country may change the amount that gets to your account later, and
  • The minimum payment threshold may be higher than expected; you may not be able to cash out your earnings in a good time.
  • In the case of iTunes Store Credit, you must ensure that the currency you choose and your bank in the country you reside in must be the same. You only have two option of currency for your credit redemption (USD and JPY)

Is Apple Affiliate Program Worth It?

Thanks for reading my Apple Affiliate program review. I am sure you now know how to make money on Itunes Affiliate Program. But, is the Apple affiliate program worth it?

It is a very legitimate program that is obvious. Is there anything else you like to know?

Please feel free to drop your comment in my comment area down below. I will respond to you immediately.

What do you think of my Apple Affiliate Program review? Are you Itunes Affiliates already?

Are you making money on the Itunes affiliate program? What do you think of my Apple Affiliate program review?

Thank you for visiting my website.

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19 thoughts on “Apple Affiliate Program Review: Can You Make Money on ITunes?”

  1. This article is a great one, I was so impress when I was reading through it and I see what it is all about.
    I can not but put something down in this comment box.
    This is really a great opportunity from apple doing affiliate with apple I think it will be really lovely and easy.
    Thanks for this write up.

    1. Dear Joshua,

      Thanks for reading my ITunes Affiliate Program review. I am happy you like the article and it added value to you.

      However, I hope you know there is a better Affiliate program that can earn you over $10,000 monthly only if you can work very hard and smart fir that matter. I am promoting Wealthy Affiliate and this is how I am making money online.

      Ensure you check that link out for more details.


  2. I know about affiliate programs but it hasn’t come to mind that we can do this with Apple until you mentioned it. It’s a good thing to invest in as it’s legitimate and safe. Although it will take time before a good amount but you know the build up helps I guess.

    1. Dear Vivian,

      Yes, Apple have affiliate programs for its soft products, it is call Itune Affiliate Program.

      The affiliate commission are small because of the price of the Apps, music the ebooks.

      But as you say the money will add up before you know it.



  3. Oh wow! I’ve been looking into affiliate marketing, and I really didn’t even know this existed.

    It must not be a very highly advertised affiliate program, because I’ve never heard of a blog using it.

    I wonder how effective it is for a lifestyle blog? That’s what I run. It might end up being more effective for entertainment or app development blogs, but I might still give it a shot.

    I am EmmiJade

    1. Thanks for reading my iTunes Affiliate Program Review. The challenge with this affiliate program is that the money and the margin are thin.

      You only earn 7% on any digital product sold. Products you are selling are Apps, music, and ebooks. The maximum price of anything you can sell on Itune affiliate marketing is $15. What is 7% of $15?

      What do you think?



  4. This is a great review! I didn’t even know that Apple had an affiliate program. I’m just getting into promoting affiliate links so I’ll definitely have to check it out. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Wow! I had never heard of the Apple iTunes affiliate program until now! You lay out all the information regarding the program perfectly and pretty much all of my potential questions were answered. I haven’t had my blog up very long but I’ve started looking into different affiliate programs and now this one is on the list.

    1. Dear Anderson,

      Thanks for reading my iTunes Affiliate Program Review and how you can start making money with it.

      The iTunes Affiliate Program is a good way to earn extra income online. Most especially if you have your own website. You can easily own website these days. At Wealthy Affiliate; you have a gift of two website instantly as you join.

      See how to claim your two website here. .

      Do you have any question as regards how to come up with your websites?

      Kindly drop your comments.



  6. Hi John,

    Excellent article about the iTunes affiliate program.

    However, my one issue is that I feel that the work needed to create a site to focus on selling iTunes products would be extremely hard.

    Although, I could see it being profitable for music ranking websites etc.



    1. Dear David,

      Thanks for reading my iTunes Affiliate Program Review.

      It won’t make sense to just create your website with the sole aim of promoting iTunes and Apple products only.

      A page of your website is good enough for iTunes Affiliate Program while you promote or review many other program with other pages of your post.

      I hope you are clear?



  7. Dear John,

    My family buys a lot of music on iTunes and it is very convenient that they pay your iTune affiliate marketing credit into your iTune account.

    With this iTune affiliate marketing program, you can really earn a good income if you work hard.



    1. Dear Sanette,

      You are right, you can make a lot of good money with iTunes Affiliate marketing.

      Thanks for visiting my site and for reading my iTunes Affiliate Program Review. I really appreciate.



  8. Dear John,

    iTunes has an affiliate program? I don’t think I knew this.
    I use iTunes all the time and think I could make at least a few extra bucks from referring friends and family to my favorite items in the iTunes store.

    Sounds like I need to have a blog or website to go with it though?

    I might have to make this my winter project. Thanks for sharing!



    1. Dear Sam,

      Thanks for reading my iTunes Affiliate Program review.

      Yes, iTunes has a great Affiliate Program and people are making money. The only challenge is that you must have a platform of your own. When I said platform, I mean your own website.

      It is so very easy to create a website these days. You can create and have two websites here for FREE. Yes, for free!. kindly check it out.

      iTunes Affiliate Program has a lot of great stuff such that anyone from any region can join and start making money. Another great thing about this iTunes Affiliate Program is that you will be paid direct into your account in your chosen currencies.

      It is so very unbelievable. I wish many great affiliate programs are doing this.

      The disadvantage of the iTunes Affiliate Program is that earnings a so very minutes because you will be promoting Apps, ebooks, music etc. Each of the prices of those items is sometimes less than $20. How much commission will you earn from $20?

      Thank for visiting my website again.

      Really appreciate


  9. Great Review.

    Does this affiliate program involve promotion of physical Apple products? Otherwise, what is the process to promote physical Apple products like MacBook, IPhone, Ipad etc.



    1. Thank you Franklin,

      This review is an Itune Apple affiliate program review. it is for the promotion of Itune products i.e. digital apple products. I will revert on apple physical product. What i observed is that each stores are mandated to promotion of those physical products.

      You can promote Mac-book Pro for Amazon for instance.



  10. Great review. I am just getting to know that Apple has an affiliate. My only challenge is that the commission is so low. Not really, the Commision of 7% is not that low but the price of the product one will be promoting is is very low.

    Can you imagine selling an apps of $1.5, what is the Commision for 7%?

    Are you promoting this product? How are you fearing ?

    I love Apple! But this Commision is rediculoues.



    1. Yes, the commission is minute but aggregate of those tiny commission will be something. If you want to promote iTunes Apple Affiliate products, you have to work very hard and you should not expect much in a hurry.

      Thanks for visiting my website.



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