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How to build a website from WordPress has been simplified with the new technologies around, at this age, I believe every professional should have his or her website.

Having a website will aid in the promotion of your business and career online. 70% of American populate now shops online, this is an indication that money in on the web and every individual must react and position for it.

I will be covering in this article easy ways to create your website online and even free at no cost to you  If you read this article to the end, I may have a gift of two sites with a host for you.

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How To Build Website From WordPress

lot of people are rushing into having an online business to start making fast and quick money online without proper planning and taken stocks of what to expect.

There are  11 Critical Steps To Starting A Successful Online Business; you must consider these steps and make some vital decisions so that your online ventures can be profitable.

This is how to work at home with a computer can be made productive and have a lasting experience with making money online blogging.

There are various reasons why you may need to have your website, maybe to promote your business, helping people with your blog or sharing your life and experience with friends and family.

In this modern day, business is now integrated with the Internet such that a blog is very critical to any business success. You can learn these days quickly how to make money blogging on your website.

It is realizable to build a website from scratch and for free with the today technologies with no setup or monthly maintenance fees and with free hosting (this implies no monthly subscription).

Before now building a website is a very challenging activity but with the emergence of new technology and various web builders, life has been made easier.

You can make your website look professional with minimal stress, and you don't need to be a computer science student or know how to code or programming before you can work on how to create a website for free from nothing.


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Deciding On Your Web Hosting Service Provider.

Before coming up with your website, you have to decide on the host and provider. The best part is that you don't have to spend a lot of money to reap the benefits of being a website owner.

Creating web pages also must remind you of the need to have a reliable web host for your web page or pages.

What's a web host? It's a company that hosts or holds your web pages on their server (computer). Your website is maintained on their computers in a safe environment where people can access it through the Internet.

Indeed, some web host services will even make a web page builder component available within the services they offer.

Creating web pages begins with deciding on the purpose and style of the web page to be formed; a decision will need to be made around whether it is going to be informational, educational, sales or anything you plan to get involved in online, your niche will determine the nature and structure of the website.


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Is Building  A Website For Free Possible?

Yes, it is possible to learn and know how to create a website for free from scratch for your choice of business.

But before the site is designed you have to see the nature of the website or blog you want for your business online.

You will need to decide what you want to do with the website, the kind of help you are prepared to render to your readers.

It is essential to decide on a great niche that will make money for you; this is why choosing a profitable niche is critical at the inception of your online business.

I am here to recommend Wealthy Affiliate which is one of the most reliable free websites builders with the free domain name, by making use of a web page builder of your choice, creating web pages for beginners becomes easier and quicker.

Everyone should have a web page be it for business or personal reasons. This is the Internet age. Your websites can be compared to any real estate; they are big-time investments.

Learn to build and take care of them, and they will appreciate in future value. Trust me on this one.

Learning how to create web pages is not only an investment in your skill set, but it's an investment in your financial future.


set up website dummies


 Now What Next. . .

 Now you have decided on your service provider and hosting; you will now need to take actionable steps that will lead to doing the main work, which is creating your first website.

The key to building a quality website is identifying and an opening of a free account with one of the various company that offers them.

The website will be up and running in no time by using a site building editor that comes with the free account.  After choosing your type of web builder, you will log in and click on the site editor

You are to decide what kind of template that suits your niche from various template displays. This is a pre-loaded template with content that you can adopt, but it is advice able to delete and replace with your content.

Naming your page is the next important job to be done, and this is a very crucial assignment because the name of your blog may affect how fast the search may rank you

You will then need to pick your theme or design of your new site, though the template helped you decide on the structure of your site. Your choice of Theme will determine the appearance of your website.

With this, you now have a primary and most straightforward website built from scratch. See how you can create a site in 30 seconds with my recommended website builder.


 Build Your Website In Less Than Thirty Seconds | YouTube

You can build your choosing website in any of your niche under a minute, to be precise within thirty seconds. It is fast and easy.

Watch a video proof below by Kyle the Founder and owners of Wealthy Affiliate.

How To Create A Free Website: YouTube

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Valuable Content Is What Your Audience Need

The essence of having a website is to meet the needs of your readers, you continue to write to solve their various problems, and when they find your site valuable, they keep coming back.

What kept your readers coming back to your website is quality content, this will translate to a lot of traffics.

Traffic is the lifeblood of any website, what customers meant to a shop owner is what traffic meant to website or blog. This will drive people to your website to see what you are offering.

Usually, your site will automatically get located by the various search engine, but you can improve the placement of your website in the search results by the addition of appropriate keyword research tool.

When you use great keyword research tool(I use Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool), you will always get rank on Google page 1.  With the appropriate keywords, you will help your website get located through a search engine.

Various links to your site from your social media such as Facebook; Twitter and Google+ will enhance your website visibility in the Internet space.




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The importance of creating a website for your business cannot be over emphasis; you can only make money if you know the how-to of doing it right online.

Your business needs the feasibility it deserves for your profitability in the marketplace. You need to be seen by your audience to constantly make good sales.

You can make money by blogging on your choice of niche. Wealthy Affiliate is a great platform to learn how to do it right the first time.

You will be thought how to turn your idea into gold, and you will become an authority in your niche.

The good thing is that you can start free with two gifts of websites as highlighted above before you decide if you want to join a premium, Premium will offer you 50 sites for hosting.

If you choose to participate for free, you will have access to make yourself two free websites plus hosting for life.

If you have challenges sign on as a result of your regional location or countries you can check out the alternative to Wealthy Affiliate or use any of  VPN (Virtual Private Network) to find your levels in Top 5 Best VPN – Virtual Private Network.

Do you have any question as relating to this article? Do you have an alternative to Wealthy Affiliate?

Do you know any other platform where you will have an opportunity to create a free website online in 30 seconds plus hosting for life? Please share in my comment area.

I like to explore new ways of making money online. Also, know that you can always contact me on Wealthy Affiliate through  Personal Profilehow to build website for free

6 thoughts on “Create A Free Website Online In 30 Seconds: Claim 2-Domain + Hosting For Life”

  1. I think it sure is AMAZING that Wealthy Affiliate gives anybody the opportunity to quickly and easily build a website from scratch (with no technical knowledge).

    As a SiteRubix website owner myself, I can honestly say that it’s the best builder I’ve ever used that goes hand-in-hand with WordPress.

    I’ve tried numerous builders in the past, but SiteRubix trumps them all because sites are very fast at loading and the features are very powerful too, especially the high-level security that prevents hacking and also spam comments from bots. 🙂

    But what’s even more amazing is that the guys at Wealthy Affiliate also provide you with the tools, training, and support needed for turning your website into a REAL money maker.

    I highly recommend SR + WA to any newbie looking for a clear direction for starting and building a web-based business from scratch.


  2. Wealthy Affiliate has an amazing community and lots of great benefits to help any person who is seeking a better life.

    The training is great and walks you step by step on how you can make a full-time living online.

    How long did it take you before you started getting sales?

    • Hi Jamie, 

      Making sales is not without a lot of work. Making money online is real and it is not a fluke. It is for the determine mind. You have to put a lot of effort to work it out. A friend of mine said this, if you are to succeed online, you must either be gifted or you must be ready to spend your money. 

      You will need to outsource to real break out of your shell. You can not outsource if you don’t have money. Making money also depends on how competitive your niche is. 

      I hope you are clear?



  3. Hi Jofa,
    thanks for posting this interesting and detailed article.
    Today is super easy to create a website for free with a great platform like WordPress.
    As you mention Wealthy Affiliate, I can say it probably represent the best way to start your website and make a thriving business out of it.
    You can even start for free. Just put your own effort and follow the process.

  4. This is so great to hear about new opportunities to learn and grow my business! I’ve been looking for something that would position me as an authority in my field. This article definitely gives me hope for getting a website up and running fast and with a little money! Thanks again.

  5. Thanks for sharing about getting a free website. Many people don’t understand how cheap it can be to build a website these days. There are also several programs that offer free websites as well.

    My top choice is also Wealthy Affiliate. In my 5 years of working online and trying different platforms to learn about building a business online, Wealthy Affiliate is one of very few programs that are legit. WA has great training, provide great website support and tools and best yet is the very supportive community within WA.

    WA only has 2 memberships. The free and premium. There is no up selling or selling period within the platform. It’s all about building your business and helping others build their business.

    I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate. I’ve been a member for over 3 years now.

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