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Killer Content System Review: Can You Really Make Money?

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killer content system reviews

You are welcome to my Killer Content System Review. Can you make money with Killer Content System? Is Killer Content System legit or a scam?

I am certain you are here because you want to know if the Killer Content System can still make you money.


Though, Killer Content System by Socrates Socratous promises to provide the easiest ways to make money online.

But can anyone still make money with Killer Content today? Nothing much is known about the owner.

Please read on

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Killer Content System at a Glance

Product Name: Killer Content System
Founder: Socrates Socratous
Price: $47 (But Discounted to $37 + Upsells}
Rating: 5%
Recommended: No

What is Killer Content?

Recently there have been YouTube video ads circulating that advertise Killer Content System and claim it would assist you in setting up a website and it is as simple as clicking the mouse a few times.

True be told, the main aim of having a website and getting it rank in a search engine is to help people around the world to solve a real-life problem.

Using software automation to manipulate content will not help your audience and Google will take you down if you are caught using these ancient ways of building your website. 

How The Killer Content System Works

The system works by you chose a niche category to create a website.

Once the topic is chosen the article distributors will find articles in your chosen category on the web and post them to your newly made website.

The article spinners will take these articles and duplicate the articles by making some changes and adding more content.

In this age of search engine optimization, Killer Content System will make Google and other Search engine penalize your website.

Using software to automate your niche website will not work in 2019 and beyond because Google will not permit content automation.

As soon as you bought this product, you will get access to log into the software where you have access to multiple of thousands of PLR articles in the various niche.

This software will help you choose an article in your chosen niche, do some addition and spinning of the article and the software will also help you auto post directly to your blog or website.

This is not traffic though; you will still have to send traffics to your blog and wait for your content to rank in search engines.

You may need to wait for a long while because ranking takes time to surface

This method of manipulating the article was a great idea then but not now.

Google algorithm has changed and such websites where articles are manipulated and spin will be penalized heavily if and when get.

What do you think about my Killer Content System review? Is Killer Content System legit or a scam?

Can you still make money with Killer Content System?

What is Good About

  1. A Meager cost for a starter.
  2. Many training videos are offered to keep you busy.
  3. The system comes with tools that can assist you to make money online.

Issue With Killer Content System

  1. There are just too many package options.
  2. It has an insufficient support system.
  3. No free trial is available and to use the system you need to pay for it entirely.
  4. You can use the automation in 2019 and beyond.
  5. Google will penalize you if you are caught using this system.

Who is the Killer Content System For?

This system is designed to help people who have no experience in digital marketing and have no clue about how the web works or how websites are ranked.

However, there are different prices and marketing options to choose from, and this might confuse you.

This program is not recommended for any beginner as they may find themselves confused.

Is Killer Content System Legit Or Scam?

Killer Content System is legit and not a scam.

But it is a fraudulent way of building a niche website, and your website will not rank on any search engine.

Using software that will automate your niche website will not help your audience in any way.

The focus of various search engines is to help people solve the different problem but looking for a solution online.

How will manipulate content via software automation help anyone?

Therefore the Killer Content System is not a scam because it will deliver the content you are paying for.

But, I will say that it is a fraudulent way of building a niche website. Trying to game the search engine will not work in this age.

Killer Content System Tools and Training

Killer Content System provides their pieces of training via videos. This makes it easy for starters to understand. The training gives you information on the following subjects:

  1. How to accurately target nearly 3345 subscribers by just doing two hours’ worth of work?
  2. Build a successful list on eBay for free and make real money online?
  3. Earn approximately 68% more money by reselling the rights of your products?
  4. How to find the right niche for yourself to create a website that will give you the most money?
  5. How to come up with over 30,000 different keywords in less than 3 hours of work?

The system also offers a variety of tools. They have an Article tool that would connect your different websites together.

The Money Maker tool is used by using built-in banners which can be added to your site.


The system claims that it has a full functioning support system, but that is a lie.

Its “support system” is an email system which doesn’t necessarily mean you will receive a response when you ask or request. You get no response.

It does not deliver on its promises, and hence we can categorize this system as a borderline scam.

Killer Content System Price

This system is cost around$47. It has also been reduced to $37 after discount. However, there is some more expensive premium version.

The Platinum version comes for $97, and the gold version comes for $297.

My Final Opinion of Killer Content System

Killer Content System looks like one hell of a solid program at first, but then you look at its flaws. Its flaws are more than its pros. Do you think you can still make money with Killer Content System?

The content of the system’s video training is great, but the techniques are very primitive.

The tools may seem very helpful, but you will definitely get into trouble with Google.

Google is against every software or program that is manipulative and not adding value to people.

The objective of this product is to spin contents and duplicate it for use on many websites, this is no more tenable in this age.

You can not make money with the Killer content system with the current Google algorithm

Any article that is not capable of adding value to people will be de-rank and such pages on the website will be deep in the ocean of content and no one will be able to see it. It will be on the last page of Google.

Is Killer Content System worth It?

Thanks for reading my Killer Content System Review? Can you make money with Killer Content System? Is Killer Content System legit or a scam?

For me, the product is a borderline spam, you can NOT make money with the killer content system in today Google algorithms.

I believe you can get enough material online than paying for this product. It will be a waste of money and resource paying for what you can get on Google.

It may seem like a great investment at first, but do not buy it. Google has wise up now, your content must never be duplicated otherwise your website page will be de-rank.

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Have you used the Killer Content System before now? What do you think of my Killer Content System review? Is Killer Content System legit or a scam?

Can you make money with this Killer Content System?

I hope you agree with me that it will be almost impossible to claim anyone can still make money with the killer Content System today.

Please drop your comment in my comment area below.

How to Make Money with Killer Content System – Video

8 thoughts on “Killer Content System Review: Can You Really Make Money?”

  1. Dear John,

    If someone is not well versed with the new ways of Google or technology, in general, they would fall for this trap.

    Although not a scam, is it worth getting penalized by Google? Besides article spinning is just producing pure trash.

    I’ve read articles like that and some of them are pointless to read.

    Better make fresh articles using the right ways for optimizing them. Wouldn’t recommend Killer Content at all!



    1. Hi Damian,

      Thanks for reading my Killer Content System Review. The truth is that you won’t make money with this program.

      Thank God that you now know this.

      thanks for visiting my page.



  2. Hi John,

    For those that are not currently working in the online field, this scheme might seem lucrative.

    However, it is important to note that spinning articles that are already on other sites will only end up in penalties for your site.

    Systems like these are outdated and will no longer accomplish the job.

    Thanks for the heads up.



    1. Dear Blakes,

      Thanks for reading my article on Killer Content System Review. You are right. such product will definitely get you to penalize by any search engine. It is just a modern way of the gaming system.

      I hope you will visit my website again?



  3. Dear John,

    Hi! Thanks for the article, it was very useful.

    Do you know if you can modifying or editing the articles before they are posted by Killer Content?

    Maybe that could be a way of bypassing Google’s penalties.

    Great work John.



    1. Dear Allan,

      Thanks for reading my Killer Content System Review. I am also happy you liked it.

      To answer your question if it is possible to edit the article before posting to your website? Well, even if it is possible to edit the article.

      Why would you be going through the stress of constantly re-editing already prepare an article that is meant for posting on your site?

      Why did you pay for such product that can not achieve the set objective of purchasing it? Why won’t any blogger or webmaster just focus on writing a completely pure and unpirated article?

      Thanks for reading my article again.



  4. Dear John,

    This article opens my eyes for borderline scam sites like Killer Content. Thanks for all the tips to watch out for Amazingprofitonline.



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