Mode Sportif Review: Is It A Legit Women’s Clothing Store Or Scam?

Summary Review of Mode Sportif 

You are welcome to my Mode Sportif review.

The female clothing and leisurewear market are indeed huge with billion Dollars’ worth of clothing traded on a yearly basis.

Among the popular niche brands that are actively performing in this branch of retail is the renowned French-themed store Mode Sportif.

The online store’s brand, which exhibits grandeur and exoticness, has seen the company become a favorite of numerous online shoppers who consider the items it has to offer as some of the best in the market.

With regards to its confirmation as a legit online store, there is virtually no evidence to suggest that Mode Sportif isn’t a legit online retailer with real items on sale.

The store, which is based in Australia, is held in high esteem by buyers located in the country and also internationally.


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Mode Sportif at a Glance

Name: Mode Sportif

Our Overall Rating: 70%

What is Mode Sportif?

Mode Sportif is one of the vibrant e-commerce platforms that offer the sale of designer leisurewear as well as perfectly fitted activewear.

Principally catering to the needs of female shoppers, the online store has in its collection various ready-to-wear clothing that prioritizes both comfort and style.

The company was founded in 2013 by Deborah Symond whose passion for exotic clothing with simplistic styling saw the curating of beautiful items from renowned brands.

The concept behind the online clothing retail store includes fun-themed clothing that is donned for the execution of simple activities and the completion of errands.

The wears sold by the renowned e-commerce platform can be worn to the gym, for a casual walk in the park and also to informal gatherings.

The primary objective of the store is to dress its numerous customers based on their personalities.

A significant benefit of shopping with Mode Sportif is the access buyers have to procure some of the finest brands in the market. Not many shops can boast of being able to provide this service.

Mode Sportif’s items are quite affordable when you consider the fact that it offers only top brands that can match its signature style.

The store also offers some of the best discounts you will ever see on the internet.

Though Mode Sportif is based in Australia, the store also attends to its numerous customers scattered across the globe via its effective payment and delivery channels.

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Mode Sportif Prices

The prices of items on Mode Sportif vary depending on the brand being sold.

Exotic female dresses from top brands like Love Shank Fancy, Derek Lam 10 Crosby, Dodo Bar Or, and Vanessa Bruno can be purchased at prices that range from $240 to $720.

Shoes on the Motif Sportif platform also have similar valuation although they are marginally cheaper.

Average female shoes on the Mode Sportif platform are valued at a range of $150-$320.


Mode Sportif’s Payment Methods?

Like most conventional e-commerce stores, Mode Sportif allows payment via the popular payment methods including American Express, credit cards, and debit cards.

Mode Sportif’s Return & Refund Policy

Mode Sportif has a considerate return and refund policy that allows users to return purchased items within 28 days.

An RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number must, however, be requested before 14 days if the buyer is to execute the return process successfully.

The item must also be returned within 14 days of getting the RMA number to ensure that the stipulated 28 days isn’t elapsed.

Mode Sportif usually issues a full refund on a returned item, though shipping and delivery costs are never refunded.

Mode Sportif’s Shipping Guide

Within Australia, Mode Sportif offers free shipping on orders with valuations that exceed $300; and the shipping duration is usually between 2-3 days. International customers who place orders on Mode

Sportif’s e-commerce platform only has to wait for 5-10 working days for shipping to be completed.

Shipping costs for international orders are dependent on the location of the buyer’s country as well as other factors that have to do with custom processing.

Mode Sportif’s Customer Service

Mode Sportif has a functional customer service department that can be contacted via email, telephone, and live chat.

The customer service is always available during weekdays from 9 am to 6 pm.

Mode Sportif’s Rewards & Credit Programs

Apart from the sales offer the company regularly provides; Mode Sportif also gives its buyers promo codes that slash the prices of its items by as much as 30%.

The company ranks high regarding bargains with only a few competing brands able to match its offers.

What is Good About Mode Sportif?

  1. It sells quality female clothes from top brands at affordable prices
  2. It has a very lax return policy
  3. Its customer service is reliable and understanding

My Issues with Mode Sportif?

  1. Its requirement for free shipping is quite steep

Public and Online Complaints about Mode Sportif

So far, the online store has just a few minor blemishes with most customers satisfied with its service delivery and the quality of the products.

The prices of the items it sells could be lower though that isn't a deal-breaker.

Are There Alternatives to Mode Sportif?

Le Coq Sportif is a France based company that deals with similar products and has become quite popular as well.

It offers the sale of pristine clothing and footwear, though its main business leans more towards sportswear.

Is It Safe to Purchase on Mode Sportif?

Mode Sportif is a safe e-commerce platform that is reinforced with an SSL certificate to protect the personal information of customers.

You’re guaranteed a fraudulent free transaction if you shop on its platform.

How to Make Money with Mode Sportif

Mode Sportif runs an affiliate program that is quite lucrative and can be used to earn some extra cash. Its commission rate of 8% is substantial when you consider the value of the items it offers.

The low status of the store, however, means that you have to engage in lots of marketing to reap the rewards of the program.

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  1. Hi, i must say these prices are quite high for just sport wear, but can be lovely gifts for a wonderful lady. However, i have an interest in the affiliate programme as the commission seems very good based on the prices.


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