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ROSARINI HK Clothing and Fashion Review: Is It Legit or a Scam?

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You are welcome to my ROSARINI clothing and fashion review. Is ROSARINI International Limited legit, or another scam women’s clothing online store? Is it safe to purchase on ROSARINI HK? 

Rosarini clothing and fashion is legit, safe, and not a scam. The company is based and operates from its head of Hong Kong. ROSARINI HK is not on file on BBB, but they have an excellent rating with Trustpilot reviews. I am yet to see any significant complaint about ROSARINI in any online forum. It is a strong indication that you can trust this company to deliver your item when due.


It isn’t easy to use your wallet and credit anyhow. You must, however, take your due precaution whenever you are making your purchase online. You have to ensure you are using your card on a trusted site. Ensure the website HTTPS:// is on before you use your card. 

Please read on to learn all about Rosarini clothing and fashion and why I still direct my online stores to Amazon.

Rosarini is a Hong Kong-based fashion company that specializes in the manufacturing and sales of stylistic women’s clothing and other accessories.

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Rosarini is a Hong Kong-based fashion company that specializes in the manufacturing and sales of stylistic women’s clothing and other accessories.


The company’s brand is marketed as a fashion solution for female shoppers who want to look stylish but still want to be very comfortable in the clothing they put on.

The array of clothes the company has in its collection includes timeless wear that are perfect regardless of the time of the day and can be worn in the warmest summer or the coldest winter.

The versatility of Rosarini’s clothing is one of its major features as its line-up of products includes clothes that are ideal for specific occasions like sports, travel, maternity, evening outing, and of course, work.

Its selection of colors is also unique and ensures that customers always find the perfect fit for every occasion and season.

The company also understands that weight and size are quite pertinent factors when buying clothing and so has made its various brand products available in numerous sizes to ensure that every woman is able to find a size that fits perfectly.

The benefits of the Rosarini brand include clothes that can tolerate machine wash, don’t require exceptional care, and are durable.

Other benefits of the brand are the astonishing feel of the fabric as well as the simplicity of the brand’s trademark design.

Read more about Rosarini on LinkedIn

Rosarini delivers its clothing products to customers scattered around the globe and has no restriction on the location of its customers.


The prices Rosarini offer for some of its products are quite impressive when you consider the fact that it is a top fashion brand.

Its variety of fine tops includes products that are sold between $30 and $40 while its selection of beautifully styled pants can be obtained at the rate of $60 to $80.

Rosarini also has a lot of pristine dresses that are quite affordable with most going for prices within $35 to $80.

What are ROSARINI HK Payments Methods?

The payment methods used in the Rosarini platform are PayPal, American Express, Discover, and credit or debit cards.

Rosarini’s Shipping Guide

For local deliveries within Hong Kong, Rosarini offers a free shipping package with a duration of about 2 days.

International deliveries can, however, vary depending on the package the buyer chooses.

Standard shipping to international customers may take about 7-21 days and is also free as well.

Express shipping, which incurs a little cost, requires only 3-5 working days.

How to Return Rosarini Clothing and Fashion Items?

Rosarini HK has a 30-day return policy, just as the practice is in many online stores. You have a 30-days money-back guarantee policy that backs any of the items you purchase from Rosarini Clothing and Fashion. If you receive goods and don’t want them again, you can return them within 30 days of your purchase. It will help if you enclose the delivery note that came with the item. 

You must ensure that the return form is completed, and you will be responsible for the posted cost of the item. All items should be returned in the same shipment. If you are returning multiple items, make sure the things are in one package and must come with the original packaging for maximum protection in transit. 

Also, try to engage a reliable carrier that will provide tracking and insurance for the item. The company may not accept the returned item if the box is damaged. You will get a refund from Rosarini Clothing paid into the account where you initially purchased the item. Be expecting the company feedback via email. You can also contact Rosarini clothing at this email address: 

Note: Any item found to be damaged on receipt or appear to have been worn, tags removed, or damaged in any way will not be refunded. Rosarini International Limited will not replace your packages that are lost or erroneously sent to the wrong hand. 

The Rosarini Clothing and Fashion ships from the below address, hence ensure you return all items with problems to the below address: ROSARINI RETURNS OCEANIC INDUSTRIAL CENTRE 14TH FLOOR, UNIT 12 2 LEE LOK STREET AP LEI CHAU HONG KONG. Ph: +(852) 2526 1036 Email:

Where Does Rosarini Clothing and Fashion Ships From? 

Rosarini Clothing ships from HONG KONG. The full address and location of ROSARINI HK are Oceanic Industrial Centre, 14th Floor. UNIT 12. No 2 Lee Lok Street. AP LEI CHAU HONG KONG. 

The Rosarini Clothing and Fashion Ships’ official phone contact and email address are +(852) 2526 1036 and, respectively. 

What Is the List of Countries Rosarini HK Ship to

Rosarini HK ships to USA, UK, Canada, Australia,

China, Japan, etc. Rosarini Clothing and Fashion Ships international. The only issue with Rosarini International Limited is that the company can not ship to a P.O. Boxes address in any location. 

How Much Does It Cost to shipping Rosarini Clothing? 

Rosarini Hong Kong will treat every international order of over $100 at no cost and free via express international shipping. While Rosarini HK international

order below $100 will cost you $30. It will be shipped via FedEx fast shipping, i.e., you will take delivery of your item within 3 to 5 business days.

The free local shipping and delivery are via Hong Kong Post or S.F. Express. You will get your Rosarini International Limited order between 1 to 3 days. 

How Long Does It Take to Get Refund from Rosarini Uk Fashion?

It will take roughly 5 to 7 business days to get your refund from Rosarini Clothing and Fashion.

The excellent news about ROSARINI International LTD is that they will communicate with you if there is an issue regarding your refunds. 

Please don’t forget that you will only get your refund credited to the account from where the purchase was made initially when you finally get the rebate approved and authorized. 

How to Order Offline from ROSARINI International

Yes, you can order your women’s clothing from Rosarini Clothing and Fashion offline. Rosarini Clothing is generally shipped from Hong Kong. Hence you will have to visit the ROSARINI Shop in Hong Kong at this location and address: Oceanic Industrial Centre, 14th Floor. UNIT 12. No 2 Lee Lok Street. AP LEI CHAU HONG KONG.

How Long Does Rosarini Fashion Take to Process an Order?

It will take roughly between 1 to 3 business days to get your order process and dispatch

to your international address or anywhere for that matter. You will get an email notification as soon as your order is shipped. 

Note: There may be some delay during the busy sales and peak period. If there are changes in your orders,

there may be some delays. 

Rosarini Clothing and Fashion Trustpilot Review

The Rosarini Clothing and Fashion review on Trustpilot are generally very okay, with many Rosarini Clothing online buyers giving the company five-star ratings. There are very few complaints about Rosarini Clothing. 

Rosarini Clothing and Fashion has just one 3 star ratings of over 71 reviews considering all the review ratings. The Trustpilot gave the company an excellent overall review. It shows that the company is okay and trusted by its clients and customers.

Rosarini Clothing and Fashion BBB Review Rating

Rosarini Clothing and Fashion is currently not on Better Business Bureau file. 

Rosarini woman



Rosarini’s Customer Service

Rosarini’s personnel can be contacted mainly via a form of the site’s contact page, email, and phone call. The company’s website, however, doesn’t have a live chat feature.

Rosarini’s Rewards & Credit Programs?

The site offers amazing discount prices on all its products, which can be accessed by making use of a promo code displayed on the top of the website.

What is Good About Rosarini HK?

  • The fashion company is quite reliable and its collection of female clothing is impeccable
  • It offers some of the cheapest prices you will find in the market
  • Its return policy is very convenient
  • It offers free shipping to international clients

What are the Issues with Rosarini HK?

  1. The duration of its standard shipping package for international customers is too long.

Public and Online Complaints about Rosarini?

There are no complaints whatsoever about the products and services of Rosarini on online platforms, though the company may do well to expedite the shipping process for international buyers.

Are There Alternatives to Rosarini?

Unless you wish to buy other branded clothing like NastyGal, the store is the sole place you can get original clothes and accessories.

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Is Rosarini Legit, Safe, or a Scam?

Rosarini legit, safe, and not a scam. The online store is 100% safe for buyers who wish to purchase any of its stylish clothing. But you must take precaution on ROSARINI not to lose or expose your credit card details.

There has been no single allegation of fraudulent practices tabled before the Hong Kong-based company.

How to Make Money with Rosarini

Since the company doesn’t run an affiliate program, the best way for you to earn money from the site is via drop shipping on more popular e-commerce sites like Amazon and eBay.

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