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8 thoughts on “RoseWholesale Review: Is It a Legit Fashion Store Or Scam?”

  1. One thing with these stores is poor shipping service. In fact, they don’t deliver as promised most times. Can they truly deliver to my doorstep when I make purchases?

  2. I like the way you review these websites. Even when you have given a summary of your thoughts about Rosewholesale, you still went further to break it down. Whey would a brand that aims to keep growing be slow to response and mismatch orders? Happy customers are the air any business breathes, and it’s wise to reply customers (existing and potential) swiftly, and serve them better.

  3. John, you have spent a lot of time in research and your review is filled with loads of information and evaluation.
    I think you have been accurate and fair in your evaluation.
    Not being involved in clothing, especially online shopping, I really am not able to offer a lot of advice in that area.
    Being a writer, I am more interested in content, grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
    I use other grammar and spell checkers to just be sure I have it right.
    That would be my only suggestion, to just check and make sure you have the grammar and punctuation correct.
    Otherwise, a great review. Loads of information and advice. You’re on the journey, so just enjoy it!
    Best wishes.

    • Dear Joe,

      Thank you for visiting my website. I also appreciate your tips. 

      Please visit again.



  4. Do you think Rose Wholesale would be worth the trouble? I have one site that I would like to promote clothing on, but don’t want to into something where my visitors end up having a negative experience.

    What about the option of picking and choosing which products to promote through their program? If I focused on only those products with good review…maybe I could make it work. Especially if I did some hand holding when it came to returns and support.

    The only other concern I have is that rock bottom prices usually means rock bottom commissions…making me wonder again if it would even be worth the trouble.

    Thanks for the review. I think I’ll do a little more research before signing up.

    • Dear KMV, 

      Thanks for visiting my webpage. You can actually promote any of the products on Rosewholesale.com. What many affiliate does is to pick a product and start a niche site and start making money just on a product. 

      So you can go ahead and start a blog on a product. Sub niche is great, it narrow you traffics to the specifics; and you can easily be an authority on that niche.



  5. That was a great detailed review of Rose Wholesale. Although they have amazing prices, it seems as though it’s just not worth dealing with them because of the product and shipment issues along with the length of time customer service gets back to you.

    I think I will stay with Amazon for my online purchases.

    Thanks for sharing,

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