Rose Wholesale Review: Is It A Legit Fashion Store Or Scam?

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You are welcome to my Rosewholesale Review

I am sure you will want to know If Rose Wholesale is a legit fashion store or a scam before you purchase any goods on the website.

This is a detailed review of Rose wholesale, It is an online shop that is endowed with a variety of housewares, men, female and children clad and jewelry.

The store is legit in its operations, and it is established on the grounds of legalized business practice.

It offers fantastic prices for all items displayed on their website and time to time amazing offers for all wholesale and online shoppers.

However, the reviews given by vendees display a horrible experience for online purchasers and therefore, I do not advise anyone to undertake any online purchase.

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What is Rose Wholesale About, Exactly?

Rose Wholesale is an online shop owned by Chinese and is based in Shenzhen city.

It was established in the year 2013 alongside its sister online shops DressLily and NastyDress to open the world market on the sale of brand clothing for both males and females across the globe.

In particular, Rose wholesale started a men’s brand in 2015 and had since gained popularity.

As it is, for now, it deals with the sale of classy and latest designs of clothing and jewel to both bulk buyers of original clothing and online buyers.

The wholesale shop has a handful of benefits to its customers despite many outcries of inconveniences the sellers have caused their customers.

Firstly, the wholesaler has astonishing prize offers for large-scale buyers.

Up to 70% of the market price is cut off at certain times.

Secondly, the store offers free shipping to all its customers, and finally, amongst many other benefits, it is restricted to neither age nor gender, making it easy for family shopping.

All the benefits mentioned above give value to the customer’s money and also save them from repeated extra-purchase costs such as PayPal charges.

Rose Wholesales is also open to all buyers from anywhere in the world.


Rose Wholesales Prices

All discounts are imposed on the market prices of the items to be bought.

The pricing of goods differs depending on the category as shown here: Women's clothing and accessories, ranging from $ 4 to $ 50.

On the other hand, men’s wares also cost way between $2 and $50. For children, the prices range from $1 to $30 depending on the purchase to be made.

What are the Rose Wholesale Payment and Method?

Rose Wholesale engages with an online payment that includes the use of PayPal, Credit cards, that is, MasterCard and Visa, wire transfer in which orders exceeding $500 need the buyer to communicate with the support center and finally, Western Union where 5% discount is offered when this method of payment is used.

The payments are done before delivery upon placing the order from their purchase web page.

Rose Wholesale Return and Refund Policy

As per their terms and conditions of purchase, Rose Wholesale accepts the return of both money and goods. A 30 days warrant given from the date of receiving the products.

If dissatisfied, the customers can obtain Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA). The RMA contains guidelines for return to Rose Wholesale stores across the world.

The product under RMA can be exchanged, or a refund is done.

However, the customer pays for shipping all goods being returned to the seller's stores.

Rose Wholesale Shipping Guide

The store offers to ship up to the doorstep. The shipping is free for all local buyers but paid for all international buyers and follows a particular process.

First, an order is placed. Processing of the order takes 1 -4 business days, during which suitable courier services are secured.

Once transportation begins, an email is sent to the customer, containing detailed information about the package.


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The shipping time depends on the rate chosen as follows: Flat rate takes 7-25 business days, Standard rate takes 6-10 business days and expedites rate takes 3-7 business days. Other factors that affect shipping include public holidays and countries of destination.

The shipping companies include DHL, UPS, EMS and local transporting service vehicles in destination countries.

Rose Wholesale Customer Service

All complaints from customers are channeled to the seller's staff by submitting a help ticket. Once an inquiry, complaint or question has been posted, the company takes one business day to respond to the concern.

The primary communication links include an email:, a telephone contact; (+001)888-969-8881 for all customers across the world and (+1)888-969-8881 for the USA only, and online live chat services.

Customers are advised to make contact during office hours which are 6.30 a.m to 8.30 p.m East African time and 8.30 a.m to 11.00 p.m American time.

Rose Wholesale Rewards & Credit Program

The company offers both coupons and promo codes to its buyers. There is a huge bonus with 12-15% off for all new signups accompanied by $89 cash.

All extra purchases have the bonus of credit and up to 90% off on prices for new clothing arrivals.

Most of the items are discounted in the form of a percentage off from a marked price.

What is Good about Rose Wholesale?

  1. Amazing price offers
  2. Free delivery for local purchasers
  3. Latest fashion
  4. The flexibility of payment method
  5. Warranty on all products
  6. Offering promo to customers
  7. Doorstep delivery of goods


My Issues with Rose Wholesale?

  1. Delayed response to customer inquiries, questions, and complaints.
  2. Mismatch of the ordered product and the delivered one
  3. It does not cover shipping of goods on RMA
  4. It does not provide tracking codes for the shipments although the seller states that they provide a shipment tracking code.

Rose Wholesale Public / Online Complaint?

According to several third-party reviews, the store has many product and shipment issues.

In fact, from views of customers as displayed by webutation website indicates that more than 90% of Rose Wholesale online customers rate the store at 1 star and express their experiences as hoarse.

The store on average takes more than one week to respond to customer complaints; they do not provide any order tracking mechanism and worst of all, the products they deliver are extremely of low quality.

Some clothing appears to be hand sewn as some customer display on buzz feed website.

Are there Alternatives to Rose Wholesale?

There are countless alternatives to making purchases on Rose Wholesale.

Although some other trustworthy online sellers may not offer extreme price offer as Rose Wholesale do, the customer care, response and online shopping experience they offer is more secure and satisfying.

Furthermore, with the rise of cybercrimes, online sellers need to assure customers of the security of their money.

The leading alternatives are Walmart and Amazon. Others include eBay, Rosegal, and ASOS. Below are articles writing on other great online stores:


Is it Safe to Purchase on Rose Wholesale?

From a personal point of view, I would not advise anyone to purchase from this store since a majority of customer experiences are traumatizing.

However, all transactions are safely carried out during the purchase process.

Rose Wholesale Honest Review | YouTube


How to Make Money with Rose Wholesale


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You can make money through the Rose Wholesale sale. All you need to do is to join the seller through any of their affiliate networks listed on the website, log in or sign up then apply to join the program and wait for the approval.

Once approved, you advertise your product and sell it through the store's online shop. The company also partners with some shipping companies for dropshipping.

Therefore, those with courier service vehicles can join hands with Rose Wholesale to make money.

Is Rose Wholesale Worth It?

What do you think of my Rose Wholesale review? Do you still think it is a legit fashion store or a scam website? I need you to drop a line or more for me in my comment area below.

Most especially if you already have either good or bad experience with this website. Your opinion will really help my audience to take a good decision before they make a purchase.

8 thoughts on “Rose Wholesale Review: Is It A Legit Fashion Store Or Scam?”

  1. One thing with these stores is poor shipping service. In fact, they don’t deliver as promised most times. Can they truly deliver to my doorstep when I make purchases?

  2. I like the way you review these websites. Even when you have given a summary of your thoughts about Rosewholesale, you still went further to break it down. Whey would a brand that aims to keep growing be slow to response and mismatch orders? Happy customers are the air any business breathes, and it’s wise to reply customers (existing and potential) swiftly, and serve them better.

  3. John, you have spent a lot of time in research and your review is filled with loads of information and evaluation.
    I think you have been accurate and fair in your evaluation.
    Not being involved in clothing, especially online shopping, I really am not able to offer a lot of advice in that area.
    Being a writer, I am more interested in content, grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
    I use other grammar and spell checkers to just be sure I have it right.
    That would be my only suggestion, to just check and make sure you have the grammar and punctuation correct.
    Otherwise, a great review. Loads of information and advice. You’re on the journey, so just enjoy it!
    Best wishes.

  4. Do you think Rose Wholesale would be worth the trouble? I have one site that I would like to promote clothing on, but don’t want to into something where my visitors end up having a negative experience.

    What about the option of picking and choosing which products to promote through their program? If I focused on only those products with good review…maybe I could make it work. Especially if I did some hand holding when it came to returns and support.

    The only other concern I have is that rock bottom prices usually means rock bottom commissions…making me wonder again if it would even be worth the trouble.

    Thanks for the review. I think I’ll do a little more research before signing up.

    • Dear KMV, 

      Thanks for visiting my webpage. You can actually promote any of the products on What many affiliate does is to pick a product and start a niche site and start making money just on a product. 

      So you can go ahead and start a blog on a product. Sub niche is great, it narrow you traffics to the specifics; and you can easily be an authority on that niche.



  5. That was a great detailed review of Rose Wholesale. Although they have amazing prices, it seems as though it’s just not worth dealing with them because of the product and shipment issues along with the length of time customer service gets back to you.

    I think I will stay with Amazon for my online purchases.

    Thanks for sharing,


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