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Body Blendz Review: Is BodyBlendz a Legit Skin Scrubs Store or Scam?

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You are welcome to my BodyBlendz review. So you want a perfect looking smooth skin? And you are not sure if BodyBlendz is a legit skin scrub store or a scam website. This is a thorough Body Blendz Coffee Scrub review.

Please know right away that BodyBlendz is a legitimate website and it is saved to make your purchase.


The beauty industry is quite booming with numerous skin care products making waves and earning billions of dollars in sales.

Every successful cosmetic company today can attribute their success to their products that have proven to be both reliable and effective.

A signature product that helps smoothen the skin and rid it of unwarranted blemishes is sure to become popular with buyers who are always on the lookout for the next big thing.

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Body Blendz at a Glance

Name: BodyBlendz

Our Overall Rating: 80%

Summary of Body Blendz Review

BodyBlendz is another famous beauty brand whose signature product, BodyBlendz Coffee Scrub, is highly acclaimed and used by millions of satisfied customers.

The company is reputable and has featured in numerous publications including Viva Glam Magazine, US Weekly, Allure, and People.

Its Instagram page is also one of the most visited in the cosmetic domain with numerous followers and daily updates.

If you’re looking for a skincare product that will rid your body of stretch marks and make your skin gentle and firm, then BodyBlendz should be on the top of your wish list as it’s Coffee Scrub is capable of doing just that. What do you think of my Body Blendz review?

What is Body Blendz?

BodyBlendz is an Australian based company that offers some of the finest beauty care products you will ever find in the market.

The principal products it deals with include skin scrubs, face scrubs, body oils, and even gift items, which can all be procured from its e-commerce platform.

The company prides itself on the claim that all its beauty products are all made from natural products and involve no practice of animal cruelty, which is why many of its customers are so comfortable taking orders from its online platform.

One characteristic feature of BodyBlendz’s range of products is the bright, alluring packages used for them, which many of the company’s customers indeed find attractive.

More importantly, however, the efficacy of the products is what most certainly adheres to the brand to its numerous users.

Though the company is in Australia, its products are widespread across the globe thanks to its strong network and competent shipping channels.

Body Blendz Prices

The prices of BodyBlendz products are quite modest in comparison with those of competing brands with its range of signature Coffee Scrubs going for just $19.95.

Its Oily Love costs $24.95 while a pack of four body wraps only goes for about $39.95.

BodyBlendz also has some new products featuring on its platforms like the collagen facial masks that go for about $29.95, the collagen eye masks, which goes for $19.95, and the Konjac sponge, which is sold for $8.95.

Payment Methods on Body Blendz

Payment can be made on BodyBlendz’s website via PayPal, credit card, and debit card.

BodyBlendz’s Return & Refund Policy

BodyBlendz’s refund policy allows for the return of products customers aren’t satisfied with.

To get a refund on a purchased product all you have to do is send the item back via tracked shipping to a post office address given on the website.

It is noteworthy, however, that items that have been opened or used are not eligible for refunds.

Body Blendz Shipping Guide

BodyBlendz offers two shipping options to customers depending on their financial buoyancy and the urgency of the purchase.

The standard shipping option is FREE for all buyers regardless of your location.

The option does have its drawback, which is the lack of a tracking feature.

The second option is paid shipping, which allows the tracking of the product and is faster than the standard option.

Shipping rates are dependent on the weight of the product as well as its destination.

BodyBlendz’s Customer Service

Contacting BodyBlendz’s customer service is a piece of cake as the company has a live chat feature on its site.

Its customer service personnel can also be reached by an email address given on the site.

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BodyBlendz Rewards & Credit Programs

The company doesn’t presently run any rewards or credit program, though they give discounts for almost all the products in terms of pricing. It is a place to get cheap body scrubs.

What is Good About BodyBlendz?

  1. Its beauty products are effective and affordable
  2. Its website is quite attractive
  3. It accepts returns and gives full refunds to unsatisfied customers
  4. It offers free shipping

My Issues With BodyBlendz

Information about refund policy is not on this site.

Public and Online Complaints About BodyBlendz?

BodyBlendz is a highly praised company, and its products receive the warmest receptions on online forums and blogs.

So far, there hasn’t been any complaint about the efficacy of the product nor the quality of the company’s services.

Alternatives to Body Blendz Coffee Scrub

Alternatives to BodyBlendz include Baebody Arabica and Frank Body; both of which are popular brands.

You can get many alternatives to Body Blendz Coffee Scrub review on Amazon at a great price.

Is Body Blendz Coffee Scrub Safe?

Yes, it is very safe to purchase Body Blendz Coffee Scrub. Most especially on a standard website like Amazon.

BodyBlendz is a genuine beauty company that is reliable and only engages in ethical business practices.

There has been no incidence of fraudulent activities in the company’s commercial dealings. What do you think about my

Body Blendz Coffee Scrub review?

How to Make Money with BodyBlendz

Thanks for reading my Body Blendz review. Apart from drop shipping, you can also make some money with BodyBlendz by participating in its affiliate program.

Its affiliate program is one of the most reliable and financially rewarding in the beauty industry.

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Now that you know that BodyBlendz is a legit skin scrub store and not a scam site. What do you think? your personal opinion mater.

Are you a user of BodyBlendz product? Have you tried the most popular of their product ”  BodyBlendz Coffee Scrub”? 

Kindly help me and my audience have your thought on using BodyBlendz. Or do you have any questions? Kindly drop your comment below, I will get back to you in no time.

What do you think of my Body Blendz review?  Please help me with your feedback.

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4 thoughts on “Body Blendz Review: Is BodyBlendz a Legit Skin Scrubs Store or Scam?”

  1. Dear John,

    Bodyblendz products are positively awesome, I have really sensitive skin and suffer from extreme eczema, however when i started using the coffee scrub it really calmed down.

    I have continued using it for my stretch marks and they are gradually fading away.

    This blog told no lies about the wonderful product.



    1. Dear Keshaia,

      Thank for reading my article on Rosarini Review. What do you think? Is It A Legit Clothing And Fashion Store Or Scam?

      I believe it is a legit site. Or have you bought anything here and get scammed?

      Thanks for visiting



  2. Hi there,

    Thank you kindly for creating and sharing this bodyblendz review with us all, it is absolutely appreciated. Thanks.

    I am glad I stumbled upon your site and this article via social media. Admittedly I have never heard of this company but I suffer from seriously dry skin, do these guys offer a range of natural products for people with very dry skin?

    1. Dear Derek, 

      The BodyBlendz different type of Scrubs for various type of akin. It is a website that cater for all. 

      Thank you for visiting. 



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