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Fairy Season Reviews: Is Fairy Season Legit or Scam?

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You are Welcome to my Fairy Season Reviews. Are you wondering if Fairy Season is a fashion store? Is Fairy Season legit or a scam? Can you make money with Fairyseason?

It is good you are here to find out the truth, this is how to discover legitimate online stores.


This Fairy Season Reviews will inform you of all you need to know from purchasing of goods, acceptable payment methods, return policy, reward programs, shipping guides, and customer services at Fairyseason.

Fairyseason is a legit online company that deals with women’s tops swimwear as well as children’s clothes.

The company sells its goods all over the world making it one of the top-notch dealers in women’s clothes.

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Fairyseason at a Glance

Name: Fairyseason
Website: Faryseason
Rating: Legit

Summary of Fairy Season Reviews

fairy season

Fairyseason clothes come in different designs and different quality of material thus caters to all customer needs at reasonable prices.

Moreover, the company incorporates affiliate marketing that was affiliated to earn a certain percentage of profits generated from the sale of products making it an excellent business opportunity.

You will be watching detailed YouTube Video Reviews of Fairy Season and after reading this article you will have known all you need to know about this website.

What Is Fairy Season?

The company boasts of more than ten years of providing quality clothes for women all over the world.

Its target audiences are women and young children who love their clothes in various designs at a fair price.

Moreover, the site sells dresses, tops, t-shirts, swimming costumes, and other accessories loved by women.

Furthermore, the site ships its products all over the world which include the US and European nations as well as other countries.

Fairy Season Prices

The prices of goods are reasonable and way slightly lower than that of local stores thus making it the best site to purchase women and children’s clothes.

Fairy Season Coupon For Discounted Offer

What Are Fairy Season Payments And Methods?

The site offers flexible means of payment to cater to its customers who are spread all over the world.

The most preferred method of payment is PayPal, Wire transfer, and Credit Cards.

Fairy Season Return and Refund Policy

The company’s return policy covers goods that are sent to the wrong recipient, goods damaged during transportation.

In addition, when the customer is not satisfied with the goods they can return them also.

Moreover, the company would refund some amount if the owner wishes to stay with the good which did not match their expectations.

Wholesalers Purchase on Fairy Season Store provides significant discounts for every bulk purchase you made on the site.

Your discounts are directly proportional to the number of goods in terms of cash you are ready to spend on the site.

Discount for Wholesalers

  1. Get $10 discount for order of over $200
  2. $20 discount for order of over $400
  3. $30 discount for order of over $600

You can get the coupon for Wholesale purchase here; (Look at the foot of the site for Fairy Season Wholesale); these coupons can be used in an unlimited time (they are valid for all term).

You can get more wholesale goods from Season Store here, and you can get Expedited Shipping for all your wholesale purchases. See the table below:

Fairy Season Shipping Guide

Shipping of the goods is done once the payment of the goods has been made and it would take typically 24 hours for local clients.

International clients would have to wait much longer due to different policies on trade in various nations.

Moreover for active transportation one would choose to pay an extra amount to facilitate the fast delivery of goods.

Where Is Fairy Season Ship From?

Fairyseason is an online women fashion boutique that has been growing rapidly now via their online sales of latest women wares. Many of their customers always ask these questions: Where does Fairyseason ship from? Where is Fairyseason located? 

People love to know where Fairyseason Ship From their goods from and the physical location of Fairyseason address for many reasons. Customers want to be sure that they are dealing with the right and legitimate company.

I have read many Fairy Season reviews with the most positive and some negative. But I can confirm to you that Fairyseason legit. Fairyseason online store is not perfect because they have their negatives.

So, where does Fairyseason ship from? 

*** Where Is Fairyseason Located? ***

Another question I usually get about Fair season is this: “where is Fairyseason company located?”. Below is the warehouse location and where Fairyseason ship item after payment is confirmed from customers.

Fairyseason Physical Location: RM 1409 Blk C 14/F Tak Wing Ind Bldg 3, Tsun Wen Rd, Tuen Mun NT, Hong Kong, Tuen Mun New Town.

Below are various evidence of  where Fairyseason Ship From:

where is fairyseason ship from and located
fairy season reviews clothing
fairy season reviews

I have cleared the issue of the warehouse location and address of where is Fairyseason company located. But, where do they manufacture and produce their various wares?

*** Fairy Season Returned Address ***

If you bought a good and you are not happy with what you received. You can happily return the item after you must have communicated with the Fairyseason customer service.

If they receive your parcel in good condition, they will process your refunds, and you will get your money back.

But where is the Fairyseason location address where you can return the item to? 

Please know that Fairyseason receives goods from China. They get these various items shipped to the company location and warehouse in Hong Kong, as stated above. 

You can also confirm the return location address, as stated in response to another customer within the Better Business Bureau (BBB) comment area. See the screen copy below. 

*** The Fairy Season Returned Address ***

In the yard of Zhaoheng Bearing Co., Ltd.,
No.1, Jinfu 2nd Road,
Liaobu Town, Dongguan City,
Guangdong Province, China
Zipcode: 523430

*** Fairy Season Returned Telephone ***


*** Fairy Season Returned Contact name ***

Meng Mingqi and Aukey

is fairyseason legit or scam

Source: BBB website. 

How To Track Your Fairy Season Order (Package)

The question people ask in many fora online is “how do I track my Fairyseason order.”

You will need your tracking ID to track your Fairyseason order. You can locate and get your tracking No in two ways.

Do the following to locate your tracking No:

  1. Check your order list by logging into your account at the Fairyseason to see your order. You will identify your tracking No. and view it in your delivery notification email.
  2. You can track your order through this FairySeason website.

How to Identify the Fairy Season Track Number

  1. If your tracking number starts and ends with two letters, for instance, If the tracking number is LS568229135CN, it begins with LS and ends with CN. Click here to Track Your Order.
  2. If your tracking No is 16 characters i.e., a combination of letters and digits such as 2MA679936101321931502 and 4006394033246756. Click here to Track Your Order. But you must select “Canada Post” or “Australia Post” it depends on your destination.
  3. If your tracking number ends with letters ‘GB’ such as VC026998760GB
    Click here to Track Your Order. But ensure you select “JCEX” as the carrier. If your tracking order is just ten-digit such as 8389453280, click here to Track Your Order. But you must choose “DHL” as your carrier.
  4. If your order contains 22 digits such as this: 9487651200830113943252, click here to Track Your Order. But you must select ‘”USPS” as your carrier. You will need your tracking ID to be able to track your order.

Important Notice On Tracking Numbers

  1. Your tracking number will not be active until the package is shipped
  2. Inability to trace your tracking order number implies that your package is yet to be shipped
  3. If you observed multiple tracking order numbers on your order list; it implies that your goods are shipped in different packages.
  4. If you observed some goods has no tracking number, it implies they are yet to conclude your shipment

Fairy Season Customer Service Number, Email, Address 

The site has a segment of FAQ where customers can get their issues addressed. Moreover, if the section does not answer their questions, they can feel free to contact customer care.

Unfortunately, customers have been complaining that the customer care is slow in solving their issues.

Are you also having any challenge with this website?

You can contact them here:

They promised to revert back to you within 48 hours. Is Fairy Season legit or a scam? What do you think of my Fairy Season website reviews?

Fairy Season Rewards And Credit Programs

Fairy Season rewards its affiliate marketers through the payment of commission of the sales generated through the affiliate marketing program.

Thus the company is an excellent source of extra income.

What Is Good About Fairy Season?

  1. Fairy Season products are cheaper compared to other competitors with products that have reasonable prices which give value for money.
  2. FairySeason is one of the best ways of earning a good source of extra income through their affiliate programs. Marketers are paid a commission on sales generated through their marketing efforts on their affiliate links.
  3. Clothes and accessories sold by Fairy Season are made of high-quality material with which is durable. They include different designs thus cater to the taste of its diverse customers.
  4. I gave a positive Fairy Season Reviews and this is what is you can see online.

 Issues With FairySeason

  1. The shipping cost is slightly higher than 2, mode deals, styles for less, 10 dollar mall, and many more forever thus clients pay more for the cost of shipping. This is true especially when one needs the clothes to be delivered faster.
  2. Their online opinion indicates that the customer care service does not respond to queries faster thus making the process of purchasing a bit tedious.
  3. There is growth in demand for goods by the international market. Therefore, the company will need to expand its business internationally in the future.

Online Complaint and Fairy Season Reviews

The only public and online complaint about the company is that the customer care is slow in addressing issues put forward by its customers making purchases a bit tedious.

In recent times I have met people via this article making complain about Fairy Season. The major issue is that the company is not fulfilling its refund and return policy.

What do you think of my Fairy Season website reviews? Is Fairy Season legit or another scam fashion store?

Fairy Season BBB Reviews Ratings Is “F”

Better Business Bureau of Fairy Season Reviews is all about response and turns around time to taken care of customers’ issues and complaints.

FairySeason BBB rating is “F,” this is the worst rating ever on Better Business Bureau. This is just an indication that the company “Fairy Season “ is not in complete control of their customer service department.

This evidence of the series of complaints you will see online about FairySeason.

BBB claimed to contact FairySeason on Aug. 21, 2019, to respond to many complaints as listed on their website and issues such as:

  • Business location
  • Licensing and bonding
  • Listings of all Fairy Season’ s physical and remote locations etc.

BBB claimed that this company did not respond to their request. Learn more here.

Is Fairy Season Legit or a Scam?

Fairy Season is legit and not a scam website, and it is safe to use for the purchase of your various wares.

It is entirely safe to purchase products from Fairy Season since the site is legit; customer reviews indicates that this website is not a scam.

Consequently, I would refer anybody who wishes to buy clothes from them as it is a reliable site.

Few websites have a negative opinion about this website, but most Fairy Season reviews are positive and also confirmed that the Fairy Season website is legitimate.

So, Is Fairy Season legit or scam? What do you think of my Fairy Season Reviews?

How to Make Money With Fairy Season

Do you like the idea of working with clothing and fashion?

I am sure you know you can easily make money with your love for fashion?

Yes, you can start making money even right now with Fairy Season.

You can turn your passion/hobbies/ideas into a thriving online business in four simple steps, and you can be earning over $5, 000 monthly as an affiliate marketer.

Not only promoting for Fairy Season but over 500 legitimate fashion stores online. It is also good to know that Is Fairy Season is legit?

Fairy Season is an online fashion store with over ten years in the fashion industry. You can start making money with Fairy Season in the following ways:

Join Fairy Season Affiliate Program

Making money on the site involves joining their affiliate program (which is free to join) where you market their products (either online or offline) thus generating sales.

Then you will get paid an affiliate commission for every valid purchase of goods sold through any of your blog/website/social media platforms as a result of marketing using your affiliate links.

Benefits You Will Get Working with Fairy Season

  1. 12% to 15% Affiliate commission for every valid sale
  2. 30 Days cookies

Steps To Join Fairy Season Affiliate Program

  1. Join any of the four affiliate networks (I recommend Commission factory because it is easier and faster approval and you will get your earnings directly to your bank account, and it is worldwide)
  2. Search for “Fairy Season” on Commission factory
  3. Apply to join and wait for your approval
  4. Get your Fairy Season affiliate link from Commission factory and start your promotion
  5. Start writing about Fairy Season Reviews.

Earl and Fairy Season 2 FAQs

Is Fairyseason a legit website?

Yes, Fairy Season is legit, and not a scam women and men fashion online stores. 

Though this store has some online complaints, I can testify to my purchase, and I received what I ordered in no time. 

What country is Fairyseason from?

Fairy Season is originated from China.

The company can ship globally and to any country. They have their suppliers located in China. 

How long does Fairyseason take to deliver?

It takes between 1 to 8 business working days to get your delivery from Fairy Season. 

Though the regular shipping days are between 13 to 18 days, you can use the expedited shipping that takes between 7 to 12 business working days to deliver. 

How do I track my Fairyseason order?

You can easily track your order within your profile inside the Fairyseason.

Just login into your account and check the order list; you will see the tracking number. 

How do I contact Fairyseason?

You can contact Fairy Season with any inquiries via

Is Fairy Season Fashion Worth It?

Thanks for reading my Fairy Season Reviews? Is Fairy Season legit or another scam fashion store?

You now know where Fairy Season is located; you also see where the company ship from and most important where you can return an item you bought, and you are not pleased with.

I hope you now know that Fairyseason is a legit fashion store, and it is not a scam website. You can now make any purchase you want and take advantage of various cheap offerings.

You are free to buy and ship your goods to anywhere in the world.

What do you think of my Fairy Season Reviews? Is Fairy Season legit? Do you have any contributions or comments?

Do you ever have any problem with Fairy Season? Kindly share your thought with me and my audience in my comment area below.

Fairy Season Clothing Reviews – Video

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23 thoughts on “Fairy Season Reviews: Is Fairy Season Legit or Scam?”

  1. This firm is a FRAUD.
    Bought a product, when I finally received it, it was broken. They refuse to refund or send me a new product. They’ve kept my money. They are a scam, not a real business. Read online reviews and you will find countless stories about this “firm” being a fraud. NEVER BUY FROM THEM!

    1. Thanks for reading my Fairy Season Review.

      I am really sorry for the trouble you went through. You can still get your money or another order for FREE. Please use their contact on my page to contact them and make your case. You can also use their social media pages. You will find all this on my page.

      Thanks again for reading my review on Fairyseason.



  2. Honestly, I wouldn’t thought of Fairy Season as a scam site. I’ve seen their promotion around and their clothes are really my style. I did find some of the pricing to be ridiculously cheap so that raised the question about quality and that YouTube reviewer kind of confirms it. If that’s the case, I don’t think being part of their affiliate program is worthwhile. I don’t want to be sending my readers to some cheap sites. 

    1. Thanks for reading my Fairy Season review. 

      I disagree with you that you will not promote any program that seems to be of low quality and pricing. 

      Low pricing of Fairy Season does not imply low quality. I am promoting several  Fairy Season products with many people buying without complaint. 

      As long as any program is not a scam, for me, it is worthwhile joining its affiliate program.

      Thanks again for reading my  review of Fairy Season. 



  3. Hi John! I landed on your site searching about Yoonla and stayed around for a bit and this post caught my attention. I’m really into fashion. So I had also heard a bit about Fairyseason. Now, I have two friends that just don’t like the company. One of them is kinda neutral but the other is really against them based on her experience.

    1. Dear Ann,

      Thanks for reading my Fairyseason review.

      I can assure you that Fairyseason is very safe. 

      Many people are scared of buying stuff online, most especially newe sites. 

      But, you can try Fairyseason, it is Safe with high-quality fashion clothing. 



  4. Very nice article you have here! Although I’m not a chick, tons of clothing scammers exist in the fashion industry for guys. This Fairyseason seller looks to sell some pretty nice pieces for women. Do you think I should buy anything from the store for my two sisters? If so, what’s looking good for the upcoming season? The affiliate program also looks pretty interesting.

    1. Dear Jose, 

      Fairyseason is a safe fashion store. I am also an affiliate to the website. I am earning from the fashion store. 

      But, I can assure you that it is a safe site. 



  5. John – I am not sure where you got most of the info for your review of FairySeason but it is almost completely opposite of my shopping experience with them. Here is my review of their organization and product I ordered as a Christmas gift for my wife. I have also attached the complete string of emails with their customer service to prove I was sincere and courteous in my attempt to return/refund our purchase after it was so disappointing.

    I would not give this company even ONE star unless the review site forced it. I ordered a shirt for a Christmas present – it arrived after almost 3 weeks and was made from the cheapest possible materials and almost see thru – it was the Hallmark Movie Watching long sleeve shirt. Not only that – it was at least 2 sizes too small (I ordered a Large) for my petite wife to allow for some washing/drying shrinkage – and they will neither exchange or provide a refund. It has never been worn, and I followed all of their emailed instructions and requests in my attempt to return the shirt.

    I plan to bash and blast their terrible and dishonest company in as many places as possible – but my advice is, unless you just wish to throw away your money and not deal with a reputable company that will stand behind their products – DO NOT BUY ANYTHING from this crappy organization called FairySeason.
    Correspondence with Lynn at Cust. Service at FS:
    From: Fairyseason
    Sent: Wednesday, February 13, 2019 1:33 AM
    Subject: Re: photos of shirt as requested

    Dear Customer,

    We apologize for any inconvenience caused to you. FSB238968861465220

    We have posted size guide, that is not item size chart. Our size fits the body measuring which matches the size chart, you may choose the wrong size ,if it runs small for you.

    Refunds or exchanges are unfortunately not accepted under any condition. We are not responsible for incorrect measurements and unfortunately will not be able to honor an exchange or refund. Because we don’t support returns, if you send back an item, you will be subject to a shipping fee that may cost more than the product itself. You can check with your local post office for details.

    Is there any chance you can keep them for who fits? For the inconvenience, We’d like to give another chance for you to save 10% on the next order.

    Your support and understanding will be highly appreciated.

    Best regards from Fairyseason

    Customer Representative

    Lynn – thank you for the reply. I have attached 4 photos of the shirt we ordered. As you can see, the shirt has never been worn. I took 2 of the photos – one with flash, and one without flash with my own hand inside the shirt and in both photos, you can clearly see my hand thru the thin white material that was used to make this shirt.

    My wife will not wear a shirt that is practically see thru. But the bigger issue is the small size of the shirt – when we ordered a large just to make sure it had some room for shrinkage when washed. It has never been worn, therefore never been washed or dried and simply does not fit her at all to where she would be able to wear it if she wanted to.
    We will await your further instructions about returning the shirt for a full refund.
    Thank you for your attention and assistance.
    From: Fairyseason
    Sent: Tuesday, February 12, 2019 1:56 AM
    Subject: Re: need to return item ordered for refund
    Dear Customer,
    Thank you for your message. FSB238968861465220
    If possible, would you mind sending us pictures of the item(s) you received and try on?

    After we receive your pictures, we will offer you a reasonable solution asap.
    Waiting for your reply,
    Your support and understanding will be highly appreciated.
    Best regards from Fairyseason

    Customer Representative
    To Customer Service – FairySeason:
    I ordered a shirt for my wife for a Christmas gift. The item # was 425427 – The Hallmark Christmas Movie Watching Shirt – white with red sleeves. I have scanned and attached the order confirmation and shipping info that I was emailed when the order was placed.
    Per your return instructions – I am contacting you to receive communication regarding how to make the return of this shirt to you as your policy requires.
    The shirt received was not acceptable nor wearable for my wife for the following reasons:
    1. Size – the size ordered was not acceptable. My wife is petite – 5’8” and 115 lbs. In all ladies clothing such as shirts, blouses, etc. – she wears either a women’s small or sometimes a medium depending on the brand. I assumed your shirt might be all cotton and shrink – so I went ahead and ordered a SIZE LARGE. When she unwrapped the shirt and held it up – it is so small – there is no way she could even put it on. It appears your sizes run 2 or 3 times smaller than most major brands – so the shirt has never been worn.
    2. Quality- The shirt is made out of the thinnest material I have ever seen a shirt made out of. She would not have worn the shirt even if it did fit because of the thin nature of the fabric – the white part of the shirt is practically see-thru due to how thin it is.

    Those are the reason we are requesting that you refund our account. We do not wish to re-order a larger size and she is not interested in receiving another shirt. Please refund the proper amount of the cost of the shirt as your policy says you will do.

    Please send us the correct shipping address for the return to be sent to you and if there are any special shipping instructions for the return, please forward those to me asap.

    Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

    1. Dear Kevin Kyle,

      Thanks for visiting my page and for pouring out your pain. I feel you and I hate what happens to you. This is the first major complaint I am getting from any of my audience. I suggest you contact the support on this phone.

      Facebook page:
      Email us:
      Phone: 0086-17318077672

      Physical Contact
      RM 1409 BLK C 14/F TAK WING IND

      Please let me know if there is any breakthrough via a phone call to the support and customer service people.



  6. It is hard to find any other review on Fairyseason that is better than this one. Your review will not only help buyers to avail maximum discounts. I am a marketing professional and earn by doing affiliate marketing for various brands. The commission rate Fairyseason offers is tempting. I am considering to do marketing for them.

  7. Fairy Season scammed me out of money. The purchased they said they shipped never arrived, even after 2 months. And they refused to refund my money.

    1. Dear Rolanda,

      I understand your plight. This is the first time I will be receiving such complaint about Fairseason. I am sure you will get this challenge resolve in no time.
      Do me a favor by doing a mail to this email address: and you can also contact their facebook page They promised to get back to you within 48 hours.

      Kindly let me know when you get this resolve.

      Really appreciate your coming to my website.



  8. Hey there,
    Thank you for sharing. I’ve never heard about Fairyseason company before. It seems to have beautiful clothing.
    You told that they make shipment also in other countries, but are there any additional taxes if you buy from Europe?
    And what commission does an affiliate make per sale when you promote Fairyseason items?

    1. Dear Marta, 

      There is no additional cost for purchasing from Europe; but you may be made to pay custom fees according to your country custom tariff. 

      The affiliate commission is from 10% and above for every referral you made to the site that make a purchase. 

      Thanks for visiting. 



  9. I have never heard of this shop before but it looks like a fair website to purchase clothing. Do they ship to canada? This is where I reside so it would be nice.

    FairySeason is a nice alternative to the other websites that I know because I am also looking for variety. The best websites from where I buy my clothes are way too common and I do bump against people that have the same clothes as me.

    I will definitely take a look.

    1. Dear Reyhana,

      Thanks for visiting my website. To answer your question on shipping. Yes, they ship worldwide. Using popular speed courier like UPS and DHL. 



  10. Great review. I went into the website and agree that the clothes are cheaper than a lot of websites out there and also very pretty.

    If one were to promote this clothing line, do you have any idea what the commission percentages are? If they payout more than Amazon does it might be well worth looking into.

    1. Michel, 

      Check out the affiliate program of this website. They pay over 10% of any sales you make for them. 

      Do use my link to sign on to the website. 



      1. I have been part of the affiliate program for months now. They keep scamming me out of my earned money.

        I have followed all of the rules. The always void my transactions saying “repeat sale”. I checked those links. Not repeat sales.

        Every single transaction gets voided out and I am creating tons of traffic for them.

        When I contact them, I get no answer. Share a sale tried to contact them.

        No answer. Share a sale said there is nothing they can do. DO NOT waste your time with them.

        1. Dear Corrney,

          Thanks so much for reading my Fairyseason Review.

          You must know that the Fairyseason affiliate program is legitimate. I already made over $450 and I got my fund credited to me via
          Payoneer Payment. Since I am now in Abuja Nigeria, that is the mode of payment I am adopting for some of the affiliate programs.
          I get the funds paid directly to my bank account.

          I think you should try to promote them via the commission factory.

          That is what adopted.



      2. This seems like a pretty good company clothes wise, but I’m still confused about the whole money thing.

        Is it a true afflialte program, or is it an mlm company that you have to recruit people?

        Also you seem to like this company a lot, how come you have it such a low rating?

        1. Dear Michael,

          Thanks for visiting my website. The Affiliate program is through an affiliate network. It is not an MLM affiliate program. You will be paid Commision on any purchase made by all your referees. Thanks a lot the ratings has been amended  

          Really Appreciate. 


      Comments are closed.