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Home » Affiliate Marketing » Hunting For George Review: Is It Really Safe and Legit or Another Scam?

Hunting For George Review: Is It Really Safe and Legit or Another Scam?

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Home » Affiliate Marketing » Hunting For George Review: Is It Really Safe and Legit or Another Scam?

You are welcome to my Hunting For George Review. Can you make money with Hunting For George? Is Hunting For George safe, legit, or a scam?

You are here because you want to know if Hunting For George Com is legit or a scam website.


Straight away, It is good you know that it is NOT a scam site. But there is a lot you will need to discover from this website.

Hunting for George is one of the biggest names in Australia’s online retail ecosystem and has built quite a reputable status as one of the key players in the sale of housewares.

Household items and homewares are very pivotal niches that require a great deal of professionalism as well as innovation, and Hunting for George has proven to have both in abundance while also being able to adapt to the various challenges that present themselves in the e-commerce business.

House of George’s sleek e-commerce website is another proof that the company is, in fact, capable of adapting to the changing dynamics of the e-commerce market.

Having already expounded its roots across Australia, the company is gradually immersing itself in the international market.

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Hunting for George Worth It

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What is Hunting For George?

Hunting for George is a niche e-commerce store that is based in Australia and services the demands of buyers located in its environs and also international.

The company solely focuses on the sales of housewares like furniture, beds, rugs and carpets, appliances and electronics, bathroom items, and gardening tools.

The company was established in 2010 by two sisters, Lucy Glade-Wright and Jo Harris, who first treated it as a hobby.

But with growth came the realization that the business could be even bigger and the pair of talented siblings has never looked back since, building what will become one of Australia’s most impressive online stores.

Though the company mostly deals with the sale of trusted brands in the homeware niche, it does promote and sell its own branded bed-linen, which it launched not too long ago to an incredible reception.

The bed linen collection bearing the company’s brand name includes three sheet sets, four doona cover designs as well as matching pillowcases.

The product has been a success with multiple orders being made on a daily basis.

Hunting for George’s products are of impeccable quality, and you are guaranteed to get top value for your money irrespective of the household equipment you wish to purchase.

The company’s service is primarily targeted at Australian shoppers though it also sells to buyers located in other parts of the world.

Hunting for George Prices

The company’s collection of bedspreads and pillowcases go for prices that range between 59$ to 229$, its living room items can be purchased for $59 -$109 while its selection of bathroom items like towels and mats costs between $39 and $79.

Hunting for George’s Payment Methods

The payment methods used on the Hunting for George platform are PayPal, American Express, After Pay, and credit or debit cards.

Hunting for George’s Return & Refund Policy

Hunting for George’s return policy allows for the early return of purchased items that don’t satisfy the customers.

It must, however, be returned to the store within 14 days of purchase if a buyer located in Australia purchased it.

The company, however, doesn’t honor the change of mind returns for international buyers; and only if the product is defective will returns be allowed.

Bulky items also incur a 20% restocking charge if it is being returned because of the buyer’s change of mind, though Hunting for George covers all the costs associated with returning the item.

Hunting for George’s Shipping Guide

Hunting for George ships orders above $150 and within Australia for free. Australian orders that are below $150, however, incur a cost of $9.95.

The shipping duration for all purchases within Australia usually ranges from 2-5 days.

The company does offer an express shipping package for $14.95, which delivers the item to the buyer within 2days.

International Shipping can take between 5-16 days, and it costs a flat rate of $40.

Hunting for George’s Customer Service

Hunting for George’s customer service can be contacted via phone and email during working hours.

The company’s web platform also has a live chat feature for buyers that need emergency assistance.

Hunting for George’s Rewards & Credit Programs

The online store does occasionally organize sales on its platform that offer homeware products at incredible prices. Its sales, however, don’t require any coupon code or promo code.

What is Good about Hunting for George?

  1. It is a reliable online store
  2. It sells quality products from tested brands
  3. Its return policy is quite logical

My Issues with Hunting for George

  1. Products are quite pricey
  2. Its free shipping policy comes with a set of conditions that may not be easily reached

Public and Online Complaints about Hunting for George

There are no complaints about the Australian based e-commerce website, and many of the reviews it has received have been very positive.

Are There Alternatives to Hunting for George 

Alternatives to Hunting for George include Pottery Barn, Dunnes Stores, and Home Essentials.

Is Hunting for George Safe, Legit, or a Secure?

Hunting for George is safe, legit, and not a scam.

It is completely safe to buy your household items from the Australian-based shop as it deals only with trusted brands.

There has also been no fraudulent practice by the company, which is undoubtedly rest-assuring.

How to Make Money with Hunting for George

Thanks for reading my Hunting for George review? Is Hunting for George legit or a scam? Is Hunting for George safe to use?

What is my opinion of Hunting for George?

Ok. Hunting for George safe and legit. And, Hunting for George is not a scam.

This website has no affiliate program so earning money from that medium is off the table.

Though drop shipping is a feasible option, it isn’t lucrative as the prices of the products are already quite steep.

Can you now purchase on Hunting for It is definitely legit and it is not a scam website.

Have you used Hunting for George before? What do you think of my Hunting for George review?

Do you have any contributions or questions? Have you purchased on Hunting for before now? Kindly drop your thought in my comment area below.

Is Hunting for George safe, legit or a scam

Is Hunting for George Worth It?

Thanks for reading my Hunting for George reviews. Is Hunting for George safe, legit, or another eCommerce scam online?

My take is this about Hunting for George.

what are good side hustles

Hunting for George is safe, legit, and not a scam online eCommerce store. It is a reputable company and has been in business for years.

But then, you still have to be careful when using your payment details online. Ensure you the site has secure encryption to avoid online scam.

Have you heard of any bad experience with Hunting for George? Is Hunting for George legit safe or a scam?

What do you think of my Hunting for George reviews? Can you make money with Hunting for George?

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  1. I had not heard about Hunting for George until reading your article. Sounds like a super niche store. Just from doing a little reading, it seems they sell high-quality products. I might be inclined to stick with more familiar brands like Pottery Barn or Home Essentials though. Seems hard to make any long-term income with them as well.

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