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Is PayTime top a Scam? Can You Really Make Money?

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You are welcome to my PayTime top review. Can you make money with PayTime top? Is PayTime top legit or a scam?

I am sure you are here because you want to make money on PayTime?


But can you make money with PayTime top? Or, is PayTime top a Scam?

This article will show you why you may never make money with PayTime top.

At the end of this review, you will be able to decide if PayTime is legit or scam.

I will cover the following sub-headings:

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PayTime at a Glance

Product Name: PayTime top
Founder: Unknown
Price: Free
Rating: 15%
Recommended: No

Summary Review of PayTime top

PayTime is a website that claims to be paying its members for completing small tasks such as “testing Apps, taken and completing an online survey, referrals, and sharing of posts and articles on Facebook).

The question is this, can you make money with PayTime top? Is PayTime top legit or a scam?

The task seems simple to do, and it shouldn’t take much time.

It is clear that the PayTime website is a GPT (Get Paid To) site where you earn online for doing simple tasks.

The site promised to help you earn anything from $0.5 to $100 for these tasks.

It is a site you can join at no cost, i.e., it is free to join. But this site cannot make you good money, therefore, do n’t be so happy about all you have read.

From experience, I have reviewed many types of this website. This is why many people want to see the PayTime top payment proof.

Most of them won’t pay at the end of the day though they may look legitimate.

They also promised to pay you $10 for the sign on fees before starting any task at all.

The big question is are:

  • PayTime top the site they claim to be?
  • Can PayTime help you earn a living doing this smaller task?
  • Will PayTime pay you for your time and effort in doing these task-based jobs online?
  • Are there any PayTime top payment proof?

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What do you think of my PayTime top review? Can you make money with PayTime top? Is PayTime top legit or another scam?

paytime top payment proof

The Real Red Flags of PayTime top (Why You Must Avoid It)

The technique and style used by the PayTime website to make your work for the owner and get paid pennies is what I am about to expose to you.

Do you know what CPA – Cost Per Acquisition is? It is also known as PPA (Pay Per Acquisition), CPA (Cost Per Action), and CPC (Cost Per Conversion).

This is an advertising pricing model where the advertiser is made to pay for specific acquisition such as click, a sale, a form submission, sign up, registration, etc.

It is also a type of affiliate marketing where advertisers pay you for a particular form of an acquisition or take action.

Now, your actions and all your task on PayTime (PayTime top) will continue to make the owner of PayTime earn money from many advertisers online.

All the many trials and sign up you completed will continue to make the owners of the site earn from many advertisers out there.

And while the advertisers pay PayTime top for all your effort and action were taken; they delayed your payment (The rumor has it that they never pay their members).

As stated above, CPA (Cost Per Action); which is a form of affiliate marketing that is legitimate.

The owner of PayTime top is using that deceitfully to dupe you and all the members of PayTime top and make you work for the website without you knowing.

They also made you promote the website for a peanut that you may never receive.

What do you think of my PayTime top review? do you think PayTime top is legit or scam?

Can you make money with PayTime top?

What is PayTime top?

So what is Paytime top is all about?  Paytime top is a new online website that offers people to sign up on its sites and do start earning by performing different tasks.

Joining this site is free. It is a micro-task performing company and principal works available are about form filling or take a survey.

No task takes more than five minutes.

You can also read more about what people are saying about PayTime top on reddit.

The jobs available on this website are straightforward so no need for special skills. please continue reading my PayTime top review.

Do I Recommend PayTime top?

I am skeptical of recommending this website. I am yet to read any review of anyone that has been paid successfully through the website. Also, I am yet to see or read anyone that has been scammed either.

So, why don’t you try your luck?  Try out PayTime top It is a new site launched in July 2017.

A vast number of people daily visit this site. It is straightforward to use and no need to select skills to earn money on this website.

It is a safe site and an excellent way to make money online. One main reason for the recommendation is you can withdraw money when it reaches 50 dollars.

You can cash out your money by using PayPal, wire bank, etc

How to Make Money With PayTime top?

Yes, the website will not just promise you that you will earn money, they will credit your account with them. As you perform the necessary activities that earn you money on the website.

The challenge I have about this program is releasing the payment to you i.e. crediting your PayPal.

Indeed the website promised you that you can make money but I am yet to see anyone that has earned money with proof via this website.

Though, in recent times some couple of websites claimed they have received payment.

But I suggest you try,  it is straightforward and it seems easy to earn from this site.

All you need to do is sign up and start receiving within 5 minutes.

If you have no particular skills like writing, logo designing, etc., no worries because it is a micro-task performing agency and required no unique ability to perform tasks on this site.

You can earn money as promised through the following means:

Get Paid Promoting and Testing Apps

You will make money promoting free Apps. An affiliate link is provided for you and each Apps.

Your job is to encourage each link as relating to each app.

As soon as you get anyone to click on the Apps and get it downloaded, you will receive credit for your efforts.

You can employ major social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest for your promotions.

You can even create YouTube videos and provide the Apps link in your description and if you a webmaster or a blogger you can also be promoting your Apps links by coming up with great articles.

Promoting your links by targeting people from countries and regions such as the UK, Europe, and the USA will earn you more money according to the website.

You will only receive your payment if your targeted users open and use the downloaded applications for a minimum of five minutes; this is the condition to get paid as relate to your promotion.

Get Paid Promoting Movies and TV Shows

You can promote your favorite movies and TV shows on PayTime top.

All you required is to enter your favorites movie’s name in the search box and get the link to such movie(s) and share such a link via your website or with your audience on any of the Social Media platforms.

If you get anyone sign up for such a TV show or movies and any of your audience referred to make a subscription to such services, you will be paid $15 per every sign-up.

Get Paid Taken Survey and Testing Apps

Another way you can start making money with PayTime top is to start downloading and testing new Apps.

New apps owners expect you to use the apps for at least 5 minutes and do a good apps review of your usage.

If you can successfully write a good review you can earn between $5 to $20.

Also, you can get a paid attempting survey on the website.

There are many tasks that are survey related, you can get paid between $5 to $200 for every survey you treat fully, and it has three stages of the task.

It has to be proven that you can make huge money taking the survey

Get Paid Via Referrer/Affiliate Program

You can also get paid by referring friends and relatives both online and offline; every referred from the following countries: (Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Czech, Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Korea (South), Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Slovenia, Israel, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, USA) Will earn you $1 while referrers from every other country will fetch you only $0.5.

You also get paid by promoting digital products and online courses on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other major social networking platforms. 

Every successive sale will earn you from $20 to $150 per every digital course sold.

What do you think of my PayTime top review? Can you make money with PayTime top?

Do you think PayTime top is legit or another scam?

is paytime top a scam

Start With PayTime top Here

Costs/Price of Joining PayTime top

When you sign up, you earn $10. Most tasks here have a $5 price. You can make this amount by performing many tasks. The minimum cash out is $50.

PayTime top offers an affiliate program where you can earn a handsome amount by promoting different given links.

By referral program, you get $1 for a single referral. Promotional tasks also available which have priced $0.5. In this, you promote banners on Facebook.

==>See Why Wealthy Affiliate Is Better Than University Education

Paytime top Support  and Customer Service

PayTime will have a dedicated account manager attached to you as a user of the platform.

This is great, but I don’t use the platform to the extent of contacting this individual assigned to me.

You will see the account manager attached to you within your profile page with his or her email address.

It could have been the same account manager that is assigned to all users; who knows?

My account Paytime.The top account manager is called Kymie with the email address

make money with paytime top

My Dedicated Account Manager

However, there are some couple of complaints online about the lack of support.

Another negative is that the website has no known existing social media profile or account online. The best place to receive support would have been via the social media page.

The worst thing about the PayTime website is that the owner is also unknown. This is a huge minus that made many webmasters not to trust this page.

Is PayTime top Legit or a Scam?

In my opinion, PayTime top is legit and Not a scam.

It seems legit but I am yet to get paid (Please help me with Paytime Top payment proof if you have one).

I have earned some money so far but my funds are yet to be released (PayTime top a threshold your money will get to before you can get paid).

The program is best for the newbie who wants to make money online without any investment.

But you cannot make a huge amount from this site. It is a mini-task performing website where most tasks available for $5.

It is not a too old site; maybe after some time, it causes an excellent business opportunity for you and you may able to earn a handsome amount.

What do you think of my PayTime top review? Is PayTime top legit or a scam?

Do you think you will make money with PayTime top?

Can You Get Paid By PayTime top?

The truth is this I am yet to see any blogger, webmaster, or any member of PayTime top with a testimonial and PayTime top payment proof).

The only one article that admitted getting paid by PayTime top was written by Nika Harni
On Medium.

I suspect this writeup is from a paid writer with a fake name because he has no trace online aside from that very article of getting paid by PayTime top

Aside from that one exception, many other members have complaints online of not getting paid yet by PayTime top despite reaching the qualified threshold of the amount you must have in your wallet to get paid.

See the screenshot of some members dropping comments online about PayTime top of not getting their money out of PayTime top website.

 paytime top review

Therefore, if you sign up for this scheme, you may never get paid.

Other similar online programs include:

 Avoid PayTime top “Ghost Ban” Account Revocation

One major way you can lose your money or not getting paid by PayTime is called a ghost ban.

A ghost ban happens when you violate any of their term of service.

You may be able to login to the website but you will not be paid off your hard-earned money. I believe it is a way of not paying members.

Though every establishment has its term and condition of services.

PayTime Top Payment Proof

Do you have PayTime top Payment Proof? How do members of PayTime top get paid? 

The problem with this site is that of trust. The site is even down as at the time of writing this review.

Many want to see the PayTime top Payment Proof first before they can get started with this site. 

I think I only saw one PayTime top Payment Proof online. I later discovered that it was a promotional payment proof for PayTime top.

It may be a schemed PayTime top Payment Proof to keep people working for them. 

PayTime Top’s Payment Methods and Limit

These are different ways to get paid and limit or threshold per each of the payment methods: 

  • You must have a minimum of $50 in your account before you can request payment. 
  • The payment day on PayTime top is the 30th of every month.
  • The website is using a Net X basis for the payment process. In this case, PayTime full payment basis is Net 30, i.e., You can only get paid after 30 days to the day of invoicing your payment request. 
  • You can get your payment via Payza, Skrill, Payoneer, and PayPal. 

The question is this, will you ever get paid?

What do you think of my PayTime top review? Can you make money with PayTime top? 

Is PayTime top legit or another scam?

What is Good About PayTime top

  • If you have no special skill or have no expertise in any work then also you can work here without any difficulty?
  • It is free to join.
  • No need to buy a premium or paid account.
  • You can earn money in a short span of time.
  • You can earn without investment.
  • The minimum payout via PayPal is $50.
  • You can withdraw money by using net30, net50, PayPal, wire bank, etc…
  • They have a dedicated support system such that your account officer can guide and help you, but the turn around time may take two to three days.

Issues with PayTime top

  • No real customer support
  • No evidence of payment
  • A lot of bad reviews online
  • You cannot withdraw less than $50.
  • It is a new website, so it can stop working anytime.
  • There are low price projects available in the greater range.
  • The payout threshold is too high such as Wire Transfer ($500); Skrill ($100); Payoneer ($100); PayPal ($50)
Is Paytime top  legit or a Scam?

Who is PayTime top For?

PayTime top is a website like other freelancing sites where people complete tasks or projects and earns money.

However, a little difference between this site and other freelancing sites, on this site the only website can assign projects. It is a multi but mini-task offering website based in Panama.

It was launched in July, but in a short span of time, it is growing very fast than any other website like this.

The reason behind this work is its simple and huge amount of work for newbies as well as experts.

This website also promotes products, so companies can also contact for the promotion of their products.

How to Actually Make Money with PayTime top

No big deal to earn money from PayTime top Just create an account without any cost, because it is free to sign up for an account on this site.

There are many tasks such as form filling; surveys etc are available on this site.

There is also promotional work available. By completing a simple task, you earn money. Most tasks have priced at $5.

what are good side hustles

When I first read the PayTime top review on other sites I acted very fast, thinking I could make lots of money.

“ I am yet to read many reviews of people that have been paid successfully by PayTime top; If you know any members with paytime top payment proof.

Kindly drop a comment below. You can also do well to provide a PayTime top payment proof to help my audience decide on this Online business. “

What do you think of my review of PayTime top?

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How I Make Money Online.

Wealthy Affiliate Vs PayTime Top


Is PayTime top Worth It?

Thanks for reading my PayTime top review? Can you make money with PayTime top? Is PayTime top legit or a scam?

PayTime top will not make you good enough money online. Doing a mini task online is a pure waste of time and energy.

I am an affiliate marketer making money online reviewing various products and making recommendations.

Affiliate marketing is a multi-billion dollar business. You will be mistaken not to venture into it right now. You can start this Affiliate Marketing training today.

The level one of ten courses is free and no credit card or PayPal is needed to join.

You don’t need to go to school to learn it, can you hold a computer mouse and use the internet? Then you can start making huge money online now.

Do you agree with my PayTime top review? Is PayTime top legit or another scam? Can you really make money with PayTime top?

Check out one of the best places to learn how to start making money online and it is free. 

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16 thoughts on “Is PayTime top a Scam? Can You Really Make Money?”

  1. Thanks for the heads up. From the information you have given, I think time is better spent building one’s own real business online rather than doing small tasks for someone who might eventually pay a small amount. I appreciate you trying to separate the good opportunities from the time-consuming duds.


      Thanks for reading my review. Also, thanks for taking your time to read and Al’s drop your comments.

      Taking part in Get Pay To sites is a waste of time. Spending hours to earn a dollar is a crime.

      But, there are problems in our world. People lack information to move forward. You are limited to what you know.

      PAYTIME.Top is not just a waste of time but a scam. You just need to Google it “ scam review”

      PAYTIME.Top does not worth it, kindly check my N1 Recommendation that can earn you a full time income.

      It will requuered a lot of hard work to build your own business.

      What do you think?

      Thanks again for your visit.



  2. I signed up for a couple of sites like PayTime last year to earn some extra bucks, but most of these sites pay so low that it is not worth wasting time doing these tasks. I eventually dropped the idea as it was not worth pursuing.

    1. Thanks Rosie for reading my review. You are right. A lot of site are that alternative to Paytime.Top do pay but they pay so very low.

      The payment does not worth your time and energy.

      Why would I be wasting my energy on such website why I can be making mush more money expiditing my energy on what is really paying real good money online.

      Thanks for the comment



  3. Why are they paying people when they know that they are not ready to release the money?

    Can you sight anyone that has been paid by website?

    Thank you.

    1. I believe they want people to be committed and keep working for them.

      If you know the logic of such a GPT (Get Pay To) website. They want to keep you in their website to keep you working for a long time so that you can help them treat their smaller tasks.

      And you know they make money from these small tasks.


  4. What is the point of Getting paid if you can’t withdraw your money? That would be the biggest source of disappointment, so far there are only testimonials of people who complain about the fact the could not transfer the money from the website to their Paypal account and not a SINGLE person who claims he was getting paid. Stay away from it it’s a scam!

    1. Thanks for reading my review 2019.

      I agree with your comments about Many people already called it out that is a total scam.

      Thanks for r WA ding my page. It is all about my thought about



  5. I agree with other commenters who found this app to be sketchy. I’m wondering, are referral type programs generally better or worse than a program/app where you ar preforming tasks, taking quizzes, etc.? Thanks for all of your advice

    1. Dear Karen,

      PayTime.Top is a referral and task based products. I termed every task based online products as a waste of time and energy. You will make money but the money will make you is a going to be a peanut.

      You can not make good money online with a task base online program. That is my opinion.

      Thanks again for visiting my site.



  6. You say in this review that you haven’t read a review in which any member successfully paid.
    I’m wondering, what are some of the red flags we can look for to know if there is a potential to be scammed?

    Thanks for the informative article

    1. Thanks for reading my PayTime ( Review. Paytime is a new program online. The challenge is that very few people have claimed they have received payment via this site.

      I am an affiliate I am earning money but I am yet to get paid so far. For me, I won’t advise you to even consider this task-based online program. Check out my #1 Recommended Online Business.

      WA is free to join and no credit card is needed so; you don’t have anything to lose.

      Thanks for visiting my page.



  7. Hi John
    Thanks for sharing this post. It is a bit of a worry to read at the start of your post that people couldn’t withdraw any of their cash once they’ve reached that 50$ threshold, even though they have put the time and effort into completing the tasks. Even though it claims to be a legitimate business, I might stay away from this one due to the payment issue.


  8. What a great review of The challenge with this website is that the payout is so very high. I am afraid that I will be working for that long without getting paid. I may not even get paid eventually.

    Please, what are the simple proven ways of making money online? I am new in this space, I really need this.


    1. Hi Peter,
      Thanks for visiting my page. You are right about I can suggest you take a look at Wealthy Affiliate. You will be thought how to make money online. They will help you turn your passion and hobbies into cash cow online. For instance, if you like to read books, you will learn how to start making money with various books.

      It is certain you will have your own website, you will be thought how to develop your website by yourself. There are over 100 Videos and text materials of step by step ways on how to develop your own business online. The good thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that if you follow the various training. You are certain to start making money within six months.

      If you are serious about this business, you are expected to be making over $20,000 monthly within two years. It is a serious work. You will have to choose a Niche with a ready-made audience that will earn you a lot of money online.

      I hope I answered your question?


  9. The app does seem a little strange. Normally there are tons of things like this online where you can perform little things throughout the day and get a few pennies for the ‘job’.
    It all looks skeptical if you haven’t found anyone being paid or being scammed by it. I guess I wouldn’t feel comfortable putting time into something that could potentially turn out useless. Nice review though.

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