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Textbook Brokers BookScouter App: Can You Really Make Money?

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 You are welcome to my Textbook Brokers BookScouter App Review. I am certain you are here because you want to make money with Bookscouter App. But, Is Bookscouter App legit or another scam?

Researching making online money program is what everybody should be doing; this is how I discovered how to make money online with my skills, passion, and hobbies.


Many won’t believe that they can still make money on in the 21st century! 

Do you have used books? Everyone seems to have books that are no longer needed. It can quickly be sold.

The question is this, how much money can you make selling used books using Bookscouter App?

Books are indeed uniquely portable magic. Every book has its effects on the reader’s mind.

On completing a book, one has a lot of enhanced knowledge and a changed mindset regarding a specific matter that is discussed in the book.

Book lovers are fond of collecting and reading books. However, when they have collected the books in huge volumes. The problem that occurs is how to dispose of these books.

Well, I guess it is hard for book lovers to throw their books in the trash or to give them to someone who won’t take care of them.

At this point, is here to help the readers.

what is bookscouter about

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What is Bookscouter App?

You may or may not be aware of BookscouterIt is an online search engine that offers its services to buy old books at the most reasonable prices.

The site has different buyers who offer different prices for the books. One can choose the buyer who pays the highest price for the old books.

This is a detailed Textbook Brokers BookScouter App Review. But first, look at what book scouting is all bout in Wikipedia.

Background of Textbook Brokers BookScouter App

Before going into more detail, first, have a look at the Bookscouter‘s background.

Launching As A Website

Well, basically it is a website that was launched to help folks to earn and be a little secure financially back in August 2007.

As the past it has spread its wings a lot as today it has become the best old bookselling site. The members of this site are increasing day by day.

Services Or Working Scenarios

As the name indicates that this site deals with the books and pays cash for them. If you have a lot of books then can be the best choice.

Benefits of Using

This site is quite different from other sites that deal with books. The purpose of other sites is to earn profits while offers to help its users both academically and financially.

As on the one hand, it pays cash to you while serving the other party with the book they are in search of.

Some of the important benefits of this site are stated below.

  • It provides a list of vendors who deal in buying old books. It’s just too clear that the Bookscouter itself doesn’t buy the books. It’s an intermediary between the buyers and the sellers.
  • You can choose the vendor of your own choice. It will surely be the one who is offering the maximum price for your books.
  • If you have a certain book in which the site does not deal with them it directs you to the websites that can purchase your book.
  • It not only deals with academic textbooks but also deals with regular books.
Textbook Brokers BookScouter App

Services Rendered By Bookscouter App is also offering its services at, LLC associate program, and an affiliate advertising program.

So if you are an Amazon user then you can get benefit from this site.

Targeted Audience By Bookscouter App 

The targeted audiences of this site generally are the students who have used textbooks and want to sell them.

However, this is not the limit.

Any other person who is interested in selling and buying books can be benefitted from the site.

The site serves in the US, UK, China, Italy, and some other European countries.

How to Make Money With Bookscouter App 

This site has been in messy discussion that either it is really helpful in earning some extra money or it’s just spam like other websites.

After going through deep research and doing an experiment too it can be analyzed that if this site is not helping you in earning a great amount of cash then it is also not leaving you totally disappointed.

Like just to say, if you have purchased a book for $100 then don’t expect it to be sold at $120.

However, the fair price for it can be from $70 to $90. So by selling on this site, you can get half of your amount refunded that you spent while purchasing the same book.

You can earn money by following the following steps:

  • Sign up to
  • Know your book’s worth by entering ISBN or the name of the book.
  • You will see the prices of different buyers.
  • Compare the prices and contact a reliable buyer with good ratings.
  • Make a deal and ship the books.

Other great Apps that will make you money online are:

How to Get Paid By Textbook Brokers BookScouter App?

As a seller, you are expected to get paid immediately, but every vendor has different payment methods, it all depends on the vendor you are dealing with.

Your payment method will also determine how fast you receive your money.

If you use PayPal, you are expected to get paid as soon as the vendor received your shipment. This can take between one to three days.

While the payment method via check can take between three to seven working days.

My Alternative to Textbook Brokers BookScouter App

There are also some other sites that help you to get rid of used books. These include Cash4Books and Powell’s books.

In the case of half price books and Powell’s books, you have to deliver the books to their outlet. Whereas does not require any such effort.

Public Opinion of Textbook Brokers BookScouter App

The public opinion is diverse about this app.

Some people have more than a positive opinion while others are not satisfied. Let’s have a look at some reviews.

Caleb Friedman 1/31/2017

This app is amazing to use. It’s basically an index; it will show websites that will buy your book. But be aware that some websites are better than others.

Maybe a website will give you more than other websites but it all comes down to the review of the website. Don’t always go for the highest price. Keep that in mind.

Laura Perez 3/5/2017

This app is a scam. I scanned a book and it was worth 0.80.

What I Like About Textbook Brokers BookScouter

Below are what I love about the BookScouter App.

  • It provides you with the best prices from all of its buyers who are interested to buy the book. What you have to do is just compare the prices offered and sell to the book to the vendor of your own choice.
  • This site ranks the vendors depending on the perfection of their services. So with the help of star ratings, you can choose the most reliable buyer.
  • If the site cannot serve you over a certain book it guides to other sources.

What I Dislike About Book Scouter App 

As everything has some negatives along with positive points.

  • Once the contact between the seller and the buyer is developed, the site does not take any further responsibility for dealings.
  • The payment procedure totally depends on the buyer. As the site doesn’t offer to pay for anything itself.
  • The packaging and shipping of the books is the headache of the seller. The seller has to do everything as required by the buyer.

Is BookScouter Legit or Scam?

Many people will call it a scam to pay to get a used book back. But, I can assure you that BookScouter App is not a scam. The evidence in this Textbook Brokers BookScouter App Review reflects that.

BookScouter App will not make you rich, but I can assure you that you can make extra money selling old books with this app.

BookScouter has some complaints online. The price of these used books changes very often. Therefore you will need to be online most of the time.

You will need to invest your time, and you must be ready to wait to get your books sold.

Please note that the BookScouter App will not make you consistent money online.

This is why I will not be recommending this company to you because you make a full-time income with your current skills, hobbies, and what you have a passion for.

Please consider taking this online certification training. Level-1 of ten lessons is FREE, and no credit card is needed to join.

If you follow what this train teaches, there is no way you will not be making over $5,000 within your two years online. What do you think of my Textbook Brokers BookScouter App Review?

Is Textbook Brokers Book Scouter App worth It?

Thanks for reading my Textbook Brokers BookScouter App Review?  Do you think Bookscouter App is a scam?

Or, can you still make money with Bookscouter App? Do you know of anyone selling his or her used books?

In my opinion, is the most reliable site for selling books and mostly used books.

People may have different experiences about it but most people go well with it. As it one of the most facilitating sites at present.

what are good side hustles

So what do you think? Do you think you can make money with selling your used books?

Are you making money with already? I need feedback from any user of

Have you used Bookscouter App ( before?

What do you think of my Textbook Brokers BookScouter App Review? Are you making money selling used books on Bookscouter (

Do you also have any comments or questions? Kindly drop your thought.

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8 thoughts on “Textbook Brokers BookScouter App: Can You Really Make Money?”

  1. I was not aware of this app, John so I’m glad I found this post.  

    My wife and I are planning a big move at the end of February and we have a lot of books that we really don’t need but we think could be of help to someone else.

    Most are Christian based so I was wondering if this site might be of help.  I don’t care if I only make a few dollars or cents. I just don’t like the idea of throwing out books that I think still have value and can help somebody else.

    I’m going to check out this website and I will try and remember to let you know how it all turns out,


  2. Thank you so much for the awesome review of Bookscouter!  It seems they offer some good services for people who want to sell their books, and like you said, this is a good site for college students.  I wish I had heard of them while I was in college, but I didn’t and sold my books back to the bookstore for a very small price.  Today though, I have hundreds of books I’d like to sell, and I think this may be a good site to do that in!

    1. Hi Jessie, 

      Thanks for reading my article about how to sell textbooks  at a compare prices.



  3. Wondering if it is possible to make a lot of money through this site.

    For example, if I was able to acquire a large variety of books for cheap…

    would I be able to then sell them on this site and make a profit? Thanks for any response.

    1. Dear Andrea,

      Thanks for reading my Bookscouter App ( Review and how to make money with it.

      Yes, the objective of Bookscouter App is to help you gather books (used one) at a very cheaper rate; you can then re-sell it or keep them in your Library.

      However, there are better ways of making good money online. No App will make you money except you are the owner of the App. The best way to earn a full income online is to focus on helping people. Start a website that is focused on helping your audience with a problem.

      Why do you think people are searching online daily? Because they hope to get their problem solved. But, I can recommend training that will change your life. It will help transform your hobbies and passion into a thriving online business.

      You can read more about this Affiliate Marketing Training here.



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    1. Hi Priyanka,

      I don’t really know how what you wrote here is related to this article. What is your objective?



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