How To Earn Money Taking Surveys Online

Getting Paid Taking Surveys Online – – Guide

You are welcome to my article on how to make money taking online surveys.

A quote by Elizabeth Grace Saunders, “Time is the ultimate democracy. Rich and poor, young and old, male and female: all have 24 hours in a day and 7 days a week.”

Time indeed is money these days, while not translate your unused time into making money by getting to know how to get paid to take surveys?

You can make some useful dollar online investing your time wisely taken paid surveys online.


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Why Do Companies Administer Surveys?

Major corporation around the world make a decision on the type and nature of product and services to produce for the consumption of the populate; they do random sampling so as to know the usefulness of there products and services.

Surveys panels are medium engaged by corporate companies to know what their customer really wants; as a survey participant, you stand to influence the business decision of these companies.

These companies collaborate with market research companies to evaluate their products and services through surveys targeting the users of such products and services.

The market research companies are the middlemen between various corporate companies and the perceived users of their products and services.


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Market research companies provide online surveys via their websites so as to know the inclinations of customers of their clients (The Corporate Companies).

Sometimes the corporate companies can operate the panel (Market Research), or they can decide to have several panels for different products and service to carry out their surveys.

But mostly, major companies subcontract any surveys they intend doing to market research companies (Panels).

Several companies can be using particular market research; a market research company can have several panels as required by their corporate customers.

Corporate companies contract surveys to market research companies about their products and services.

On the other hands market research companies (The Panel) employed panelist to take surveys on their websites as required by corporate companies, panelist are compensated for completing a survey online

The basis of the survey will be spelled out by the corporate company’s requirements and what they want to know about the users of their products and services.

In order to qualify for any surveys, your profile details (both biodata or otherwise) must meet the requirements of the corporate companies so that the results of the survey can be useful and translate to profits of the company owner.

This is why surveys sites collate your profile at the entry level so as to know which of the various surveys you can be served that will be useful for the company that required such data.

For instance, a product that is been consumed in China, cannot be subjected to panelist in the UK, while such product detail will be well known to the panelist from China.


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How To Complete Surveys Online

You will first join a survey panel to qualify to be served surveys; you will receive an email as soon as the surveys are available.

The information in the email includes Your reward, the survey's duration (time to conclude the survey), and the topic of the surveys.

Usually, you join any survey online by completing their data form that contains detail information about you, this information comprises your date of birth, the number of children, age of your children, your type of car, numbers of cars, about your house, nature of your job, made of your phones, type of product you consume, banks you patronize, type of flight you usually take etc.

If you sincerely want to make money taken surveys online you should consider the Top 5 Legit Highest Paying Survey Sites. 

The type of surveys you will be served with will be dictated by the nature of your data with the market research companies.

You can not be in China and be served with surveys that required a product that is being sold in the UK,

No, the essence of such surveys will be defeated; except we are dealing with surveys that are global in nature, that required products and service meant for major countries or region.

Other online products like surveys include:


About Market Research Companies, Panel, And Panelists

particular market research company can build more than ten panels (Group or Team or Potion) for various research programs as required by various companies that employed them for surveys.

A panelist is you, the survey takers.

It is the role of the market research company to organize survey takers into panels according to the various data submitted by the population.

A panel is, therefore, a great portion of a general population of a country or region.

For instance, if we take 200,000 of more than 400m population of Indian; the 200,000 people is a panel of a focus group of people to be served a survey.

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Which Is Better, Paid Or Free Survey?

Free surveys are free to join, both the participation and registration are free you will, of course, earn your incentive as you participate in such surveys online.

Paid survey on the other hands required you to pay an initial amount of money that will give you an opportunity to register with these companies.

People that go for the paid survey are those that are ready to make real money online taken a survey. Such people will definitely make a living take a survey.

People are making a lot of money taken paid survey online. You can be making more than $5,000 monthly taken the paid survey. Check out the Top 5 Legit Highest Paying Survey Sites.


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The Best Way To Make Money Online

Can you ever be rich taken surveys online?  Yes and no, yes if you are focusing on paid survey and no if you patronize free surveys online.

Free surveys will only pay you $2 to $5 dollars for the length of time and this won't come daily, while paid surveys online paid heavily and daily.

But there is another online business that pays better than taken surveys online, this is running your own business online.

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  1. I thought this was really great and informative.

    Are surveys something that you should do in combination with other programs?

    And if so, what other programs would you also recommend doing?



    • Hi Megan,

      Please don’t waste your time, energy and resources. Taken the survey online is a waste of time. It will not make you real money. There is nothing like building your own business online. Your country or region notwithstanding.

      This is the information age. There is something you have that you can offer the world.

      Have you ever search Google before? Millions of people are searching for something. Part of what people are looking for online today is what you are good at doing. Your skill, passion, Idea and your hobbies.

      If you work on them you can easily locate your audience online and start meeting their needs. In the process, you start earning from them if they see that you are offering values.

      People are ready to buy the value you are set to offer, but you must be ready to help and really help your audience first.

      This is why I will be recommending Wealthy Affiliate Training. It is just the best affiliate marketing training online today. Please try it out.



  2. Many thanks sir,
    I really appreciate your reply
    What I need now is just the survey that I can earn little by little. So that I
    Can you please give me any survey link that I can start little with?
    The one Nigerian can participate

    • Thank you Tony, for now most surveys for third world countries are not rewarding; you may not be able to earn money for a living. The only lucrative surveys are the paid surveys that you can still participate. You can participate in any survey without restriction by using VPN(Virtual Private Network); You will need to subscribe to any of the top 5 stated in the article.

      However, you may not be able to make much money attempting surveys online. Why don’t you consider been a freelancer. See how you can make money online writing for a living. You are sure of making more than $50 daily writing articles for people online.

      I hope i could help you?


  3. Hi john
    compliment of the season
    sir am from Nigeria, please i need a true survey company that i can earn money online.
    the ones that accept Nigerian, and subscription is free.

    • Thank you Tony for visiting my site. We actually have a lot of free survey subscriptions online. And there are some that accept Nigerian. I will update this page to reflect that for you and my other readers.

      But as a Nigerian, you can still subscribe to those other surveys that always restrict Nigerian or other third world countries with the help VPN (Virtual Private Network). You can read up my article on Importance of Virtual Private Networks (VPN) here: See my top 5 VPN you can start using now. Check it out here:

      There are limitation to how much you can make online answering surveys online. You can make a lot much more if you start Affiliate Marketing. The good thing is that you can learn from the professionals; you can have your own website and start making good money online instead of answering survey. Read more on how to own your first website. I have a gift of two website for you towards the end of the article.

      I hope i answered your questions. Feel free to drop your question or contributions



  4. What a great insight on Surveys. I got to know the reasons for carrying out surveys in the first place and how money is made. Can one focus on promoting surveys online and still make money through blogging ?

    Thank you.

    • If i understand you clearly, you can focus on promoting research companies that are into surveys; all you need doing is to affiliate with them and start making your money from referring people to those sites.People are making lot of money blogging about surveys online. Please try it it is a good idea.

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