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Naming Force Review: Can You Really Make Money with Naming Force?

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You are welcome to my Naming Force reviews. Can you make money with Naming Force jobs? Is Naming Force safe, legit, or a scam? 

Is Naming Force the best alternative to Squadhelp?


It is good you are here to know about Naming Force; doing your research is the best way to discover legitimate online business, and you will also learn to avoid many scams.

What is Naming Force? Naming Force is a website that runs and organizes content for new companies and start-ups seeking to create a unique and exceptional company. The website employs creative and talented people to generate and assign great names to companies to get paid in return. 

This article is about how you can make money with Naming Force jobs as you give good domain names, taglines, business names, and an excellent brand description to companies and start-ups.

Please know that I don’t have affiliation in any way with Naming Force com; be rest assured that this Naming Force review is an unbiased one.

Estimated reading time: 16 minutes

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Naming Force Review at a Glance


Name: NamingForce
Price: Free for the Numbers and $99 plus charges for the companies.
Owners: 32nd Degree
Overall Rank: 45%

Summary of Naming Force Review

NamingForce is a website that provides company or domain name services for business owners by staging naming contest via crowdsourcing.

Business owners stage a contest that will help them get an excellent name for their business.

The objectives of the Namers (you) is to create great company names, business names, domain names, product names, start-ups, or taglines for companies across the world.

The NamingForce needs many people to research and come up with names, and this is where you can make money with namingforce.

The clients must fund and sponsor naming contest monetary wise. The Namers are expected to be creative by submitting relevant names suggestions on the contest page.

The client can give a hint and preferences of the kind of names they expect to like at the end of the contest.

The contest has three phases for shortlisting of names before the client finally decides on the best names and Namers that wins the contest.

What do you think of my Naming Force review? Will you like to get paid to name companies?

What is Naming Force?

NamingForce is an online earning platform for US and Canadian residents that want to get paid for naming companies from their creative talents.

NamingForce put up contests on the website, and the users can submit names for the company. One of the names is selected, and the user is paid through PayPal.

The contests are only valid for 18 years old and above.

It is essential to know that the NamingForce is controlled and coordinated by its owners’ 32nd Degree that is located in Texa, USA.

If you have some free time in hand and have creative talents, the Name Force is a good option for you.

However, note that there is no guarantee of winning on this website.

Although the site is free of cost for the Namers hence it does not hurt to give it a try.

For the business owners, NamingForce can be a great way to pick up a few naming ideas for their companies.

Therefore the website is recommended because there is no crime in suggesting names for a contest.

 Naming Force Products and Services

So the question is what is Naming Force about, exactly?

This is an online website that lets users earn some money by suggesting the names of companies through contests.

So, the website does not sell unique names to the companies for a lesser price.


How Does Naming Force Work?

The working of the Naming can be complicated because it is not that straight forward.

The first thing is to join the NamingForce and decide on which of the contest you will go for and then come up with great names for your submission.

There are three phases involve in working with Naming

  • The first phase required Namers to submit names for a contest of their choice.
  • Voting on titles that were provided is the task for the second phase, and the client will pick the winners from the best names that came top from the voting process (i.e., Namer with the best name).

There is a price tag on every contest with the details of the business that will aid the Namers to come up with great names at the end of the competition.

A winner will be announced within seven days of the contest.

How Naming Force Ranks Its Namers

Joining the NamingForce will make you a recruit to be a Namer. You will have a limit on the numbers of names you can submit in a contest.

It is only in better scorings of your abilities to come up with great and creative names that will improve and unlock your scorings.

An improved scoring will jack up your rankings, and this is only measured by the number of the vote you get during the voting process of 30 days. This is referred to as the Naming score.

We have the following rankings and levels in Naming Force com:

These are Namers with a score of between 0 to 19. Cadets are allowed to submit two names per contest. Namers rank as Cadet cannot vote on any contest.

These are Namers with a naming score of between 20 to 64. Corporals are allowed to submit 4 to 8 names per contest.

Corporals can also contact the clients via the client chat medium.

They can submit between 2 to 4 duplicates names for every contest.

These are Namers with the Naming force scores of 65 and above.

Sergeants can submit between 8 to 15 names for every contest with the added ability to provide between 4 to 8 duplicate titles for every contest.

The Three Contests Phase of  Naming Force com

A standard contest will run for seven days in this phase with an optional additional three days called “rush” contest.

Namers are invited to come up with names for submission on the contest page.

Clients have the right to favor or reject specific names. And they can also chat with Namers to state distinct and preference about the company, domain, product, etc. that is being named.

As many as 600 Namers compete on each Naming contest, and most of the contests will receive over a thousand names at the end of the seven days of phase one.

Naming will subject all the submitted names to a market survey.

All the accepted names are voted on by the Namers.  The naming force com makes the Namers participate in a blind ranking of the receive and accepted names for a particular contest.

The Namers are to decide on which name they like most out of the submitted names. The sophisticated algorithm of the Naming will choose the best name based on the pattern of voting.

The best names are ranked and presented to the clients. Clients also can rank, filter, and sort these names according to the voter’s demography.

This phase will last for three good days to conclude.

This is the last phase of the contest. The client will review the most voted names and choose a winner.

They agreed to pay the award for each contest either they are using the name or not.

The winner must be selected within seven days; otherwise, the voting result will be used to select the winners of the contest for the award.

Is Naming Force Jobs a Good Money Making Opportunity?

Let us go back to the question of what NamingForce is about?

So the NamingForce is a platform that lets the companies put up contests to find unique names and pays the applicants to do so.

Hence it is a legal way to make some money. However, it is important to note that the chances are slim. What do you think of this Naming Force review? Can you make money naming businesses?

The Requirements to Join Naming Force

You Must Be a Resident of USA or Canada

Do you want to get paid to name companies? I am sorry that you cannot join Naming, except you are a US and Canadian resident for now.

The NamingForce restricts any person from any other country or region from becoming a Naming member.

You Can Only Get Paid with PayPal

You cannot become a member of NamingForce if you don’t have a PayPal account to receive your money because NamingForce will only process the users’ payment via PayPal only.

Therefore, ensure you sign onto a PayPal account to become a member and make money with Naming Force. The payment method is strict via PayPal.

If you win the contest, you must fulfill the following:

You must provide the Company (i.e., Naming with your valid PayPal account, and it must be registered in your name.

This has to be submitted within ten days. Otherwise, you will forfeit your payment.

You must also request your payment within 90 days; otherwise, you will lose the money to NamingForce com.

You Must Be 18 Years or Older

Naming Force required any intending member to be of a minimum age of 18 years old.

You cannot join and make money with this NamingForce if you are a teenager.

Don’t venture into the naming sign-up page if you, not eighteen years of age and above; otherwise, you will be rejected.

Creativity Is Key to Join Naming Force

You must be highly creative to be impactful and make money fast with Naming Force.

NamingForce com is all about the competition to come up with great names that describe any company, products, domain, etc.

Such names must be unique and perfectly match the Company and its mission statements.

You Must Be Good in English

Your English language must be above average to do well and make money with Naming Force.

The majority of Naming Force users and clients are English speakers.

If you don’t know your onion in manipulating names with the English Language, you cannot do well with Naming Force.

You must know how to play around with catchy words such as the use of Idioms, Slang, and puns will be of great advantage.

Other Key Requirements

Additional requirements include internet access and a computer system because you will need to access the NamingForce com site to submit those names you have come up with.

Having good marketing or advertising experience or skills will be a great advantage to have the upper hand in competing well with another Naming Force workforce.

Aside from the above requirements, It will only take you like three minutes to complete your naming force sign up. You need to complete a form with your personal information, as shown below:

Cost and Price to Join Naming Force Contest Jobs

Naming Force is a platform that is entirely free of cost for the Namers and does not require any registration fee to join.

The starting cost and price a client will pay to start a contest on the Naming Force Platform are $175.

The objective of the contest is to get a right and unique name from the platform.

This cost price will attract a minimum of 500 names submissions (that you can choose from) from the Namers, and you will be expected to pay the winner a winning price of $100, which is inclusive of $175 already paid.

There are other optional upgrades that you can choose from as a client that will give you a better experience at Naming Force.

Standard Client Option

  1. Cost/Price of Registration is $250
  2. Winners to be paid $200 from the registration cost
  3. Access to over 800 names submission by Namers
  4. Characters ranked for you by NamingForce
  5. Names will be US trademark checked
  6. The domain names registration checked

Premium Client Option

  1. Cost/Price of Registration is $550
  2. Winner to be paid $500 from the registration cost
  3. Access to over 1,000 names submission by Namers
  4. Characters ranked for you by Naming Force
  5. Names will be US trademark checked
  6. The domain names registration verified
  7. The terms will be a check on Social Media

Note: Both standard and premium will have the following options:

  • Private Contest option – Extra cost of $50 (All names, both submission, and result, are kept a secret from the public throughout the contest)
  • Rush Contest – Extra fee of $50 (name submission days is shortened by three days)
  • The client can make payment for registration via PayPal and credit card.

NamingForce com Customer Service and Support

If you have any issue with the NamingForce, you can contact their customer service and support as stated below:

Naming Force Owners’ Address

32nd Degree LLC

 1321 Upland Dr. #4346

 Houston, TX 77043

Customer Service Support

Email Address:

 Fax Number: 832-220-9309

What is Good About Naming Force?

  1. Great way to earn some money.
  2. Free of cost for the namer.
  3. Companies can get unique names for lesser prices.

Naming Force Complaints

  1. No guarantee of winning.
  2. There is no refund policy.
  3. The namer loses the right to the suggested names.

Who is the Naming Force for?

Naming force is basically for two people:

  1. The companies who are looking for unique names.
  2. The people who have the creative talent and are willing to earn some money by suggesting unique names for the companies.

It is important to note that you can only apply if you are a US national and 18 years or older in age.

How to Get Paid to Name Companies

Yes! For all the creative people out there, the Naming force is a significant money-making opportunity. The importance of this Naming Force review is to make people aware of this NamingForce as a company.

So the question is how do you Get Paid to Name Companies?

Here is a step by step guide on getting paid to name companies with naming force:

  • Register yourself as a namer on the website by filling in the form.
  • Once you are registered, you can view all the active contests from the contest tab at the upper left corner of the page.
  • As you click on the Contest option, the list of all the contests will open.
  • Click the one you like and submit a name. You can enter multiple names depending on your Naming score. So, if you are a cadet level, you can submit four If you are a corporal, you can submit eight names, and if you are a sergeant, you can submit 15 names.
  • The contest takes place in three phases. The first phase is where the contestants submit their names; the second is where the people vote for the names and the third is where the clients accept one of the tops voted
  • Once the client has selected your name, you will receive the payment through PayPal.

How Much Can You Make Naming Business?

You can make between $100 to $500 with the Naming Force.

The amount of money you can make depends on the type of Naming Force contest you decide to go for.

As an independent contractor to the Naming Force, the money you can make depends on the amount the client is ready to be paid per contest.

You will be paid instantly as soon as you win the contest via PayPal.

 Naming Force Alternatives

I would not say that these are a better alternative to Naming Force.

However, if you want to try out some different platforms, below are the best naming force alternatives:

  • Crowdspring
  • Squadhelp

Online Opinion of Naming

There are always negative and positive Naming Force reviews about any product.

Looking at the fact that there is only one winner out of more than a thousand entries per contest, most of the people lose and hence there are a lot of negative comments regarding the authenticity of the product.

Many people have called the contests as biased and misleading.

However, there are a few people that have made quite a profit from the website.

Is Naming Force Safe, Legit, or a Scam?

Naming Force is safe, legit, and not a scam. You have to come up with emotion-driven names to make money effortlessly with Naming Force. You must be creative to be able to come up with the name(s) that win the contest so that you can be rewarded with the prize money.

My challenge and fear about NamingForce are that you are not assured to make any money, unlike the way I am making money with this website.

The site has many clients that sponsored contest daily, but there are also lots of Namers that you will need to compete with as well as un anonymous voters that will vote for the best names.

Your chance of winning the naming contest is very remote.

If you think you are right and creative to come up with a unique name for the Naming Force clients, then this site may be for you.

There is no complaint online about Namers not getting paid on the Naming Force website.

It is my opinion that people can get upset that the name they come up with does not get a vote to win the contest.

Making money with Naming Force is all about creativity and the business name feedback from voters.

You will always win if you are a company name specialist (i.e., maybe you are exceptionally creative with coming with great company names).

If you are also a good marketer, you will be able to come up with creative business names that will sell.

What do you think of my Naming Force reviews? Is Naming Force safe, legit, or a scam? Can you make money with Naming Force jobs?

Can You Make Money Given Names to Companies?

But, how much can you earn with the NamingForce, even if you are good at assigning names to companies, domain, products, etc.? Very few people can win.

It is liking to making money with the lottery, even if you are good.

what are good side hustles

But you will always make good money if you can learn to help your audience online in your niche, this is what I do with this website.

You don’t need to be creative to earn big as an affiliate marketer, check out my #1 recommendation, this online business will make you a full-time income online. This is the objective of this Naming Force review.

If you follow the step-by-step training, you can be making over $5,000 monthly within two years.

Is Naming Force Jobs Worth It?

Thanks for reading my Naming Force reviews? Can you make money with Naming Force jobs?

Is Naming Force force safe, legit, or another scam?

In the end, do you think NamingForce will help you make good money online?

From the look of things, NamingForce sure is a great way to make money and you can easily follow the steps on how to make money with Naming Force.

However, there is no guarantee. Sure, suggesting a name does not take much time, and you can use it as a side gig. But making really good money is key.

Have you been making money with Naming Force before now? How much are you making naming companies? How many of the names you suggested have been taken and you getting paid?

Have you worked with Naming Force before? Can you make money with Naming Force jobs? Is Naming Force safe, legit, or a scam?

What do you think of my Naming Force reviews?

Do you love to get paid to name companies? kindly drop your question, comment, or contribution in my comment area below.

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19 thoughts on “Naming Force Review: Can You Really Make Money with Naming Force?”

  1. Well, this sounds interesting but since it’s not guaranteed money I’m not sure I would do it.

    I do think it would be fun for a month or so. I would like to hear from someone who has actually made good money on the naming force.

    I think it’s kind of a funny idea for a business, but not sure that it’s really a practical way to invest your time.

    What is the concept of the Naming Force?

    How did you come up with the name for your site?


    1. Dear Tina,

      Thanks for reading my Name Force Review.

      Naming Force is a website that runs naming contests for up and coming companies/start-ups looking to generate a creative name for their company.

      Thanks for reading my name force company. What naming force does is to run a contest for most upcoming companies and startups companies that are looking for great names to be adopted for their company.

      The point is this, naming force is a company that arrange for companies’ names for start-up companies so as to get a good name for them. The start-up companies will pay to adopt any of those names.



  2. Not a scam but so what? I mean, you have to work a lot of hours to get a bit of money so what’s the point? I wouldn’t waste my energy on it. I want to find that company that really cares about it’s clients and wants to make money by their side.

    1. Thanks for reading my Naming Force Review.

      You are very right that Naming force is not a scam. But it is not easy to make money.

      You will need to be very good and have great creative talent in naming stuff.

      You will need to compete with others. The question I once asked in a forum is that how many people use Naming force for naming?

      How many client do Naming Force has?

      How many request will you need from clients daily to satisfied the thousands of namers?

      How many namers earn up to $100 monthly. It is just a few namers that make this money and they must be very good and talented with great names.

      The are many problem in the world that you can engage and make money with.
      There is nothing like starting your own blog and helping the world by just starting somewhere solving problems that the world are searching for daily online.

      Therefore, check out my number recommendation menu. That Free training will change your life.



  3. Naming Force seems like a lot of money to pay upfront for just a chance at some income. I prefer sites where I can name a price that will compensate me for the minutes or hours I spend. I appreciate your honest assessment of the features and potential pitfalls of using this service.

    1. Thanks for reading my Naming Force review.

      The good news is that there are other Naming Force alternatives. But how much money can you make working with naming force.

      The competition is too high and you must be very good as a creative artist to come up with great names.

      It is not a job for everybody.

      There are several ways you can earn money online in 21st century working from home.

      Check out my number 1 recommendation menu. That training is free and it will change your life

      Thanks again for check my site out



  4. Why are so many companies accepting just people from the US and/or Canada? I mean, so many (especially from the ones that are actually good) just don’t give other people a chance? If I live in England or India I have no chance of joining a company like Naming Force. It’s sad to see this in so many cases.

    1. Thanks for reading my Naming Force Review.

      I am sorry that Naming force can not be found in UK England.

      But, you can still make money online. Check out my Number Recommended online business.

      It will change your life.



  5. While this sounds like a lot of fun, it certainly doesn’t seem like a trusty source of income. The article names a couple of other similar opportunities. Have you written- or do you know of- any studies or articles that discuss comparative research between gigs like this and respective profitability for participants?

    1. Thanks for reading my Naming Force Review.

      I am yet to write about the alternatives to the Naming force.

      For me Naming force trustworthy the only challenge is that Naming force can not be taken a full time job.

      Thanks again


  6. John, you are a gem. Thank you for educating inexperienced freelancers like me. Naming Force can be a good source of income for me. Once I get a little success on Naming Force, I will definitely share with you guys.

    1. Dear Terrance,

      thanks for reading my review on Naming Force Review and if you can really make money with Naming Force.

      Yes, Naming Force is great. You get people to come up with great names and if you are lucky they liked your name suggestion you will get paid for your efforts.

      Thanks again for visiting my site.



  7. I have been making money on naming force for a while now. i stumbled upon this review on Facebook and think I should let people know

    1. Dear Eddy,

      Thanks for reading my Naming Force review.

      Naming Force will help you select great names for your company. It work such that. You describe your company and you you do.

      Several people submit great names to Naming Force and over 1,000 names will by submitted, the names will be arranged, sorted and ranked and Naming Force decide with you in selecting the most ranked names.

      So, how do you make money with the Naming Force? You can make money with Naming Forces by regularly submitting great names.

      Any time the names you submitted is chosen by the clients you will make money by earning commission from from the money paid by the client to Naming Force company.

      Thnaks for visiting my sites. Really appreciate.



  8. I have used naming force and I highly recommend the website if you are creative and have good naming techniques. If you think you are not of you are nit sure how talented you are there are still videos online that can help you through all of that.

    You are doing a great work here John. Providing this much of an information is not always easy.

  9. By what I’m reading here Naming Force sounds like a super cool platform and an easy way to have a valuable business.

    Although, I’ve been reading some of the other articles on here and Wealthy Affiliate seems to be a better alternative to make some money.

  10. Naming Force sounds like a good platform to join if you want some pocket money.

    It seems like a great idea for companies to get very unique names for their business. I think I will recommend them to my friends in the US.



  11. After reading your review I am thinking of joining both Naming Force and Wealthy Affiliate. I think WA will be a great one for the long term and there seems to be a lot to learn from their library. Naming Force is more of a short term project.

    1. Thanks for reading my Nameping Force Review.

      Right decision you are making most especially to join wealthy Affiliate. Joining Wealthy Affiliate will help you have your very own profit ready websites and you can use that to promote and make money from other affiliate programs.

      Online business is where to go in year 2019 and beyond.

      I hope you will visit my website again?



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