Tips To Winning The Lottery: 13 Sure Strategies To Win The Lottery

How to Win a Lottery

Do you hope to win a lottery one day? These are tips to winning the lottery. This 13 strategies and tricks can help you win the lottery before you know it.

A lottery is a form of gambling involving the drawing of numbers for a prize, knowing tips and strategies to win the lottery will make your life simple. Winners are usually chosen from the drawing lots for those who paid for the tickets to participate.

Every lottery number has an equal chance of a win thus making it difficult to predict a win from the random draw the numbers are subjected to.

The following tricks and strategies have been proven to increase the chances of a win. These are not a prediction but 13 tips and strategies for winning the lottery.

  • Stay Within Your Budget

Lotteries can be likened to gambling, a lot of people became additive to it, and it can make you miserable. It is always advisable to avoid being additive to playing lotteries. One way to check this is to stay within your budget and never pay more than what you budgeted.

This is one big strategy that will make you leave long to play more, and this will increase the odds of winning a lottery in your lifetime.

Always consider your income and expense so that you will not become a liability to your family. As long as you stay within your budget you will be okay. Because no one is guaranteed to win a lottery. No one is!


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  • Pick Unusual Numbers

Research has shown that most people tend to pick their lucky numbers from their birthdays and special events of the year, the year has 12 months and at most 31 days of the month picking combination of numbers over 31 while combining them with those below 31 would increase the odds of winning.

A right mix of numbers increases chances of making a win; special numbers come with the advantage of avoiding winning ties which would mean splitting of money won among the winning numbers.

  • Avoid Lottery Numbers in Sequence {4,5,6,7,8,9}

Most people target sequence of numbers all the time thinking this will help them win the jackpot.

A lot of odd is against these sets of numbers, it is important you avoid such sequence of numbers.

  • Choose a Game With High Odds

ca lottery winning numbers results

Choosing the right game, which gives a high probability of winning the lottery, is a wise thing to do.

It is notable that national lottery games such as Powerball lottery have more participants since it covers the whole nation thus as noted before, every ticket has an equal chance of a win thus reducing the probability of a win.

Therefore it is advisable to participate in county lotteries with fewer participants raising your chance of a win.

  • Get into Lottery Pools

A lottery pool is when a group of individuals comes together to contribute money towards buying a lottery ticket with the purpose of dividing the money among them in case of a win.

The good thing with coming together to purchase a ticket is that it is a cheaper way of buying a ticket and the group would choose to buy a lot of tickets to increase their chance of a win.

  • Once You Buy Your Ticket Secure it With a Signature

A simple signature at the back of your ticket would prove ownership even if you lost the card whether the ticket will win the lottery or not.

This will prevent your win from slipping due to a misplaced ticket, and in case of theft, this will be evidence to help you claim your ticket.

  • Avoid Already Won Number Combinations

It made sense not to target number combination that has won people the jackpot before, but then you still see people chasing such numbers.

But the question is can a player continue to play the same set of number over and over again? This is different from playing previously won numbers. It is a guessing game.


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  • Double Check Your Number When the Draws are Being Made

Once you buy a lottery ticket be sure to keep it somewhere safe until the day when the draws are being made.

Make sure to check your number against the winning number and don’t forget to double check.

This will ensure that you will not miss out on a win, as the gambling participants are responsible for reporting a win and claiming them money.

The unclaimed win has been happening which could be due to failure to check numbers; you don’t want to let your win slide away.

  • Summation of Total Lottery Number is Key

Choosing your lottery numbers matter, ensure you strategically in your choice of total lottery numbers.

The summation of such number should add up within 120 to 200.

The summation of drawn numbers always fall within this range of numbers, this is reflected in the 65% in average of every lottery won.

  • Take Second Chances

Most games offer second chances with a ticket especially when there was no mega winner in the first drawing made.

If your number was unlucky not to win any prize in the first draw then why don’t you try it for the second time maybe it will be your chance at winning.


fla lottery winning numbers

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  • Counter Check Discarded Tickets

Most people tend to throw their tickets after a drawing has been made, these discarded tickets would be your luck at winning the lottery.

Perhaps the owners did not check the numbers, or they checked the lottery against the wrong drawings its worth to have a double checking on the tickets for a win and could even use it to re-enter the numbers for a second draw increasing your chances at winning.

  • Beware of Scams

Buying tickets only from authorised people is a way of avoiding being scammed; always remember the lottery does not notify you of a win if it does, it is a scam.

Always remember that you are not required to pay a certain amount for you to collect your prize, but in the recent past people have been conned to pay money to the scammers.

Another thing to always remember is that it is illegal to buy transnational tickets you can only buy tickets if you are located in the country, lottery sold through the internet and emails are usually prohibited.

  • Moving to a Particular City

Lotteries in some countries are won in particular cities. If you observed that, you could as well move to such city to choose your lottery numbers.

Some specific cities have more millionaires that have won the lottery before now. This can increase your possibility of winning one.

How to Pick Winning Lottery Numbers


Is Lottery worth It?

What do you think of these tips to winning the lottery?  These 13 tips and strategies to win the lottery has been used by many and it pays off for them.

Apparently predicting a winning lottery number is impossible since all numbers have equal chances of winning but if you focus on these tricks and strategies to increase your chance at winning you could be smiling your way to a prize.

When you don’t win once always make sure you try to enter the game once more taking the above cautious practices to make a win possible. Always remember winners never quite and caution is paramount in gambling.

Do you have more tips and strategies to win the lottery?

Are you an expert person on lottery and lotto program?

Kindly drop your comment or question in my comment area.

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  2. I have won small lottery prizes but never a biggie. I knew some of the tips you listed such as looking for games with better odds. I would never have guessed at the numbers having to add up to between 120 – 200. What a weird finding. What other ways one can make money online aside from playing lottery? 

    • Hi Dr Doug, 

      A lot of people are chasing lottery and some of them will definitely win someday.  The findings are as a result of regular lottery winners. 

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