BangGood Review? Is It Legit Online Store or Scam?


What is BangGood?

You are welcome to my BangGood review.

You are eager to know if you can purchase on the BangGood website; I am sure you like to know if BangGood is legit or scam.

You are in the right place. I will take you through everything about

Both what I love and what I hate about Banggood and how you may even make money from this website.

Banggood e-shop was established in 2006 as a specialist firm in computer software research and development specialization.

Later, the company shifted into e-commerce services. At the moment, Banggood retails almost everything you can think of, or you may need.

Also, the e-commerce service shop has a professional team that is committed to ensuring that its products have exclusive deals and special promotions, all for you.


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BangGood at a Glance

Name: Banggood
Website: banggood
Year Founded: 2006
Area Served: Worldwide
Owners: Xin Zou
Rank: 67%


Can You Make Money with BangGood?

There are lots of ways to earn at Banggood, you can make money through the various programs provided by Banggood? Some ways to generate cash include the:

  1. Fashion Blogger Program
  2. Affiliate Program
  3. Wholesale Program
  4. Dropshipping
  5. Review club

cheap online shopping

Now that you have known the ways in which you can earn money let me take you through the next section.

Do you have an idea of what we are about to discuss?

Worry not, I will explain to you what an affiliate program is, how it works, how to earn points, exchange commission as well as the expiry of your earned points.

An affiliate program is simply a way of earning money without selling anything.

All you need to do is to promote Banggood products on your blog, website, social media, and other social online platforms and you will receive a commission for all successful referrals of sales.

Now, do you have an idea of how this affiliate program works? For you to promote products, you need to post the URL or Banggood Ad on other websites.

When your referred customer places an order in 15 days, you earn a commission.

Banggood awards you affiliate points that you can exchange for cash or Banggood products.

Do you know how the commission is calculated? The Commission is calculated as a percentage of the total order value your referred customer places.

The commission rate varies based on your affiliate class, customer type, and product category.

Therefore, the more you sell through promotion, the higher your commission will be. Now, the next question is, when do affiliate points expire?

Affiliate points expire on 31st December of the year preceding the one in which you earned the points.

For instance, if you earn 50 points in 2017, you can use them up to the end of 2018. In addition, once you are eligible for a reward, you should claim it within 30 days of the ending quarter.

To join a new affiliate class, you simply need to email, and you will be upgraded to the next class.

However, each class varies based on the total paid sales amount of your affiliate account. Nevertheless, although Banggood encourages online promotions.

It gives an exception to the following channels: Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, Yahoo Ads, and Yandex Ads. This is done to avoid conflicts of interest in Ads.

However, if you are interested in promoting your affiliate links on these platforms, you have to request permission beforehand.

Attempting to use these channels without permission results in a warning. If the behavior persists, then your affiliate account is terminated and earned commission confiscated


Products Sold and Promoted By BangGood

Banggood has a wide variety of over 150000 products of different categories.

These products include: smartphones, Apple accessories, electronics, LED lights, RC toys, clothing, jewelry, beauty products, watches, and many more.

The fascinating thing about Banggood is that their products have been carefully selected to offer the top quality at pocket-friendly prices.

In addition, the e-commerce shop strives to always provide its customers with a wide selection of the latest and most trending products in the market.


What You Should Know About BangGood Prices

Banggood is focused on providing you with the best product at the most competitive prices. Do you know why? Because Banggood's slogan is “best bang for your buck.”

They encourage buyers and online shoppers on their site to always inform them about any product they encounter on other websites selling at a lower price. I have compared the various BangGood Reviews from other sites.

They always do their best to outshine our competitors.

Other online stores I have written about include the following:


BangGood Coupon Code for Discount Offer

Is BangGood a Scam?

For sure, Banggood is one of the best business opportunities that shouldn’t go untapped. You can do a lot with these websites.

Like purchasing goods at a bulk price or wholesales and import to your country and resell and retail, making huge money.

You can decide to use the site for drop shipping by having your own online store and getting your stocks through Banggood.


What I Like About BangGood

There are a number of things I like about Banggood. They include:

  1. The wide range of products: more than 7000 products
  2. Professional customer service
  3. Free or economical shipping methods


Issues With BangGood

  1. Banggood uses verified payment methods such as PayPal, Credit cards, and Boleto
  2. Drops shipping orders directly to customers. In the event you have issues with quality, you will always get a quick response or compensation for the product.
  3. Banggood does not limit your order quantity


Who is BangGood For? is universal? It does not discriminate on whichever grounds.

If you are a lot that likes shopping for all products from one online source or dealing with reputable sites, then Banggood is the e-shop for you.

You can place single or multiple orders for almost everything you need, with no restrictions.

BangGood Review

Start Buying With Banggood Here

How To Make Money With BangGood

With the Banggood popular app,  known as a “cash back savings and discounts for shopping.” This app helps you to earn money through your daily purchases. I prepared you with a short description of how the app works.

  1. Unlock savings by unlocking money-back rebates in the app before making your purchase
  2. Begin shopping for your favorites from preferred stores, restaurants, retails, and apps.
  3. Verify your purchase by submitting your receipts or linking your loyalty card
  4. Get cash by paying using PayPal, Venmo or your gift card


Is BangGood Worth It?

What do you think of my BangGood review? Do you think BangGood is a Scam?

You now know if BangGood is legitimate and you also know that it is not a scam website? is one of the top e-shops in the 21st century.

Everything works well and fast. I recommend it to all customer online shoppers to give it a try. I am sure you have read this kind of Banggood review before now. What do you think of this one?

MD: Banggood is one of the best e-marketing services that customers should try. Get all the products you need at this one-stop e-shop, and enjoy professional customer care services.


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  1. Dear John,

    Such a nice review about Banggood. I think it’s high time I gave it a shot.

    Can I place my order and have it delivered to a friend in Texas?



    • Thanks Boniface,

      Thanks for visiting my website and reading my article on if BangGood is a Legit Department Store or A Scam?

      Just to answer your question directly. Yes, you can purchase any item and have it shipped to any country or region of your choice.



  2. The affiliate program on Banggood sounds good. For anyone who has a high DA site or can promote Banggood’s products, I think this is a great opportunity. The fact that the earned affiliate points last up to a year, and can be exchanged for cash or products, makes it worth trying.

  3. Hi Jofa, I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and I also have a website hosted with them. Looking for things to promote with my website, I stumbled upon this review of yours about Banggood, and I like the way you handled it.

    My question:

    At the end of your review, I looked for the score and honestly, I got a bit disappointed why it scored that low. Only 55 out of 100? Why is it the score or rank you gave is too low?

    • Thank you for your observation. The score is better than initially stated. It has been worked on. 

      Regards Gommer

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