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Home » Multi-Level Marketing » Is QNet Marketing a Scam or Not? Is It Really Worth It?

Is QNet Marketing a Scam or Not? Is It Really Worth It?

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Home » Multi-Level Marketing » Is QNet Marketing a Scam or Not? Is It Really Worth It?

You are welcome to my QNet Review. Is QNet marketing safe, legit, or a scam pyramid scheme? Is Qnet a genuine and good company or a bad one?

I am sure you are investigating if Qnet is a genuine and good company or a bad one? 


It is great you are doing your own research, this was how I learned how to turn my knowledge and skills into a full-time income blogging. 

This is one of the most prominent multi-level marketing company in Asia.

QNet, previously referred to as QuestNet, has its head office in Hong Kong but with a strong establishment in Malaysia, India, Singapore, Philippines, and now in Africa.

This company has so many negative reviews than a positive one. Are people wrong about this company?

Note that I am not affiliated with QNet, nor do I earn from them in any way.

This is a genuine and complete review of this controversial company.

For that reason, I will be reviewing all about QNet and if Qnet is a genuine and good company or a bad one?

And you will know at the end if QNet is worth your money and the stress. This thorough QNet review covers the following subject topics:

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Estimated reading time: 14 minutes

QNet MLM at a Glance

qnet com login

Product Name: QNet
Headquarters: Hong Kong
Industry: Multi-Level Marketing
Founder: Vijay Eswaran
Founded: 1998
Services Provided: Travel, Life Style, Holidays & Education
Products: Consumer Goods, Watches, Jewellery, Personal Care & Health Devices
Price: $30 Yearly
Rating: 20%
Recommended: No {Check Out My #1 Recommendation}

What is QNet?

qnet com login

QNet is formally known as QI Limited, GoldQuest, and QuestNet was founded in 1998.

It is a direct selling multi-level marketing company based in Hong Kong, Asia continent.

It is important to note that QNet is owned and run the QI Group.

The company promotes and sells its varieties of products online and through an Independent Representative (IR).

The IR gets rewarded with the commission on referral and sales of products.

QNet products are displays and sold on an eCommerce platform; such products and services include health & wellness, energy, home & living, weight management, fashion accessories, personal care & beauty, watches & jewelry, education, and travels

QNet has found its way in the market and has been rated as one of the biggest direct selling multi-level marketing company in Asia.

It has ultimate popularity in Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, and India; and the company is currently operating in over a hundred countries in the world.

QNet operates its activity legally in some countries, but the company has also be charged with the Ponzi scheme scam in some other countries, one of such countries is in India.

The India government and the India Telecom Regulatory Authority have already slam and banned the official website in India.

This was as a result of a massive scam by QNet in the city of Bangalore.

Below is how the QNET business opportunity has been sold to you online.

What do you think of my QNet review? Is QNet marketing safe, legit, or a scam pyramid scheme?

Benefits of QNet MLM Jobs

There are many benefits to using QNet. However, this works well for enthusiastic people and people who are self-driven.

This is because; it needs a lot of commitment in the beginning before you start reaping the fruits of your labor. If you are not enthusiastic, you will probably give up even before you receive your first payment.

Compared to 9 to 5 jobs, QNet is ten times better, because it gives you an opportunity of doing what you love most and working at your own convenience.

You are also presented with a chance of interacting with highly enthusiastic people who love what they do.

Is Qnet a genuine and good company or a bad one? What do you think of my QNet review? Is QNet marketing a safe, legit, or pyramid scheme scam?

Products Promoted and Sold by QNet

There are different products sold and supported by QNet online marketing. These are genuine products and have been widely accepted in the market.

These products include:

  • #Technology

QNet offers a range of technologically progressive communication solutions that make it easier for you to manage both your life and business anywhere in the world.

  • #Health and Wellness

QNet health and wellness products are scientifically researched and developed.

They are entirely created to help you uphold the highest quality of life by refining your health and wellness from the inside out.

  • #Watches and Jewelry

QNet stocks a world-class selection of modern and traditional high-quality jewelry and timepieces.

  • #Personal Care and Beauty

These products will bring out your natural beauty and get the inner confidence of chasing after your dreams with QNet beauty products that promise to enhance the way you feel and look.

  • #Holidays

QNet offers vacation club memberships and packages which redefine business travel and leisure.

  • #Education

You will receive invaluable learning practice in an informal yet professional education setting that is designed for entrepreneurs and networkers by being a member of QNet.

The Cost to Join QNet MLM

For you to enroll to become an Independent Representative (IR), you will pay a $30 enrolment fee.

The fee will cover you for a year.

This will allow you to have access to the following tools that will help you excel as a QNet IR:

  • You will have access to a Virtual Office
  • QNet eStore
  • Every business-related and marketing and eCommerce tools.

You will also need an annual renewable fee of $30 yearly to continue to be a member of QNet as an existing IR.

Your renewal fee must be in place before the date of your anniversary with QNet to maintain your record, services, and various marketing tools.

If you have excellent interpersonal relationship skills, QNet is a unique business opportunity for you.

However, if not so, it might prove a significant challenge to earn with Net. What do you think of my QNet review?

Qnet Complaints

QNet Review BBB Rating is “F”

What does “F” BBB rating mean for QNet?

This rating represents the BBB level of confidence in the management of QNet.

It implies that BBB will not trust QNet to make an effort to resolve customer complaints as filed on the BBB platform.

is qnet scam

This F rating indicates that QNet has not put resources in place to take care of customer service and issue resolution.

The question is this, why would you start a business with a QNet that is not ready to pay attention to its customer’s complaint? This is NO for me.

You Must Convert Your Friend and Family

QNet is a multi-level marketing direct selling business, and you need human conversion first before you can earn a dine.

Someone calls QNet a legal scam. As soon as you sign up, you will be required to get your down lines to fill up your left and right leg (downlines).

What comes to mind are your relatives, family, and friends. It is not always easy to approach them.

You may even convert some, and they will hate you forever if they cannot see it through and they make lost at the end.

You may have to pay for some of your friends and family member, but since you force them, they won’t work to bring in more people leading to wastage of your money and resources.

Is Qnet a genuine and good company or a bad one? Is QNet marketing safe, legit, or another pyramid scheme scam?

QNet marketing Scam  (Negative Feedback)

Why will you join QNet with so many negative feedbacks everywhere?

They are blacklisted in over 30 countries with legal issues everywhere. QNet has been banned from Nepal, Sri Lanka, Iran, Sudan, etc. See QNet’s Many Controversies on Wikipedia.

For those countries that are yet to ban it, such as Indonesia, India, and Egypt, there are many accusations that it is a QNet marketing and a Pyramid Scheme.

But is QNet marketing legit, real, safe, or a scam pyramid scheme?

Many Fraudulent Independent Representative (IR)

QNet, as a company may be trying its best to stay afloat of many negative reviews (both online and offline).

They have a lot of fraudulent Independent Representative (IR) that are bad eggs; despite the QNet Code of Ethics that contains many do’s and wonts.

They often cause more problems for the company that leads to legal issues in many regions and countries.

The Independent Representative (IR) has the opportunity to advertise on social media for advertisement; many in desperation misuse the chance to promise what the business cannot deliver.

QNet Products Are too Costly

They have many excellent but costly products.

Very few members that want to promote and sell QNet products find it very difficult to achieve success because the products are mostly costly.

Knowing that sales of the product will lead to earning a commission; many focus on the high price products for sales.

Because it is difficult to make sales; many concentrated on referring to new Independent Representatives because that is where most earning lies.

Poor Support and Customer Service

QNet has a huge negative image online couple with unfriendly, unresponsive customer service, and support.

Many people have unresolved issues with QNet. Most of this complaint has to do with Independent Representative having difficulties getting their refunds back.

This is with the 30 days money back guaranty that lures people to register in the first place.

This is one reason why QNet is rated “F” on the BBB website; because they are not responding to member’s complaints as of when dues.

Representative are Prohibited from Joining Another Program

As soon as you become an Independent representative of QNet, you are not expected to join another networking program.

I was shocked to see this on their website! Why can’t your representative join another program?

This warning is clearly stated in QNet Policies and procedures. You will be suspended or terminated of your Representative-ship if you are discovered to join other networking programs.

You May Never Make Money with QNet

QNet state clearly that in their Earnings and Income Disclaimer that earning or income statements by any Independent Representative or the company as a whole are merely estimated or roughly what you can make.

They stated that there is no guarantee that you will make the same or close to that amount of money.

The point is at the end of the day; you may never make your investment back.

What I Like In QNet

  • You become your boss and dictate your weekly or monthly income.
  • It quickly gives you financial freedom.
  •  It offers an excellent compensation plan.
  • You have access to real products and services that provide value
  • Some Independent Representative have discovered and learn to still make money with QNet (Though they are very few compare to the volume of IR with Qnet)
  • You learn some business educations and skills
  • You can leverage on your many of your downlines to make huge money, i.e., if your downline is hardworking; QNet will always pay you for their effort.
  • They have meager start-up capital, i.e., $30
  • Your partnership with QNet will help you to interact with another member outside your region or country

Countries Where QNet MLM Is Banned 

QnET is known to have been banned and shut down in the following countries:

  • Afghanistan (2008)
  • Rwanda (2009)
  • Iran (2005)
  • Sri Lanka (2004)
  • USA & Canada (2008)
  • Syria (2009)
  • India (2010)
  • Nepal,
  • Sudan, etc.

QNet Target Audience 

QNet majorly targets young people who have little or no knowledge or experience of how pyramid schemes work.

They believe uninformed young people are easy to lure into any online money-making system.

Young people are also easy to convince to buy beauty products and health and wellness products since that is what they are mainly after.

Many don’t know that most products like QNet are not straight forward.

You will not make what the ads actually display.

QNet clearly states this in their earnings and income disclaimer that there is no guarantee that you will make such a level of income promised.

The question is, why promising it initially?

Other companies like QNet include:

Is QNet Restricted to Any Country or Region?

Although QNet was founded in Asia, it has spread all over the world.

It is currently in over 100 countries and still digging deep into other countries. QNet has not been restricted in any country so far.

It is, however, important to note that the laws of Hong Kong govern it.

Online Complaint and Opinion of QNet

Although few people have confessed to having benefitted from QNet, most of its clients seem not to like it.

The fact that it is not bright in its mode of operation and seems to focus more on the compensation plans rather than advertising their products makes it look shady. I am sure you have read the Qnet review online.

It is cited to be more of a QNet marketing than a legit business.

Is Qnet a genuine and good company or a bad one? Is QNet legit, safe, or a QNet marketing pyramid scheme? What do you think of my QNet review?

Is QNet Marketing a Genuine and Good Company or a Bad One?

Yes, QNet is a genuine, good company and not a bad and QNet marketing one.

QNet marketing seems very legit and it is not a scam Ponzi scheme.

But It has many red flags that prove it to be a scam. Hence, I suggest you look somewhere else for your MLM opportunities.

It is no for me because I already discover a legitimate online business that is earning me a full-time income online.

QNet has always been under investigation because of its several controversies. Over 30 countries are investigating it for possible fraudulent practices.

QNet operates legally in a couple of countries; the company has been charged with Ponzi and MLM schemes in many of these regions.

See the list of the country of various cases as listed every year on Wikipedia under the Controversies category. But know that Qnet is a genuine company.

The MLM company also involved in many deceptive and unscientific claims, most notably about their health products.

These claims and the promise of income you can make are used to trick people into joining newly.

QNet also has a very complicated and confusing compensation plan; many believe that the complication and complexity of the compensation plan are intentional.

Is QNet safe, legit, or a pyramid scheme QNet marketing? Is Qnet a genuine and good company or a bad one?

Otherwise, it wouldn’t be that complicated.

An instance in India, where the government and the Telecom Regulatory Authority have banned the official website of QNet after series of protection, and many scams claim that happened in Bangalore.

This multi-level marketing company also has hundreds of online complaints of both the products and their Independent Representatives (IR).

Check QNet complaint on the Complaint board website.

No one is buying the products, but every QNET representative earn depends and earn 97% from the payments of other Representatives (IR).

This is why you should avoid QNet by all means.

What do you think of my QNet review? Do you think QNet marketing is a scam?

Is QNet Marketing Worth It?

Thanks for reading my QNet Review? Is Qnet a genuine and good company or a bad one?

what are good side hustles

Is QNet a genuine or a another scam company?

Or Is QNet marketing legit, safe, or pyramid scheme scam?

I am asking all these questions because I knew that QNet could not earn you a living.

Why don’t you consider an online business that will help you add value and help people online?

I am into affiliate marketing. You can learn easily with Wealthy Affiliate. You will be thought all you need to know, the training will help turn your hobbies and passion into a thriving business online.

The bottom line is, Qnet is genuine and a good company and not a bad one?.

If you are good at convincing people to buy your products, then you might be the right candidate for QNet.

Otherwise, this is a no-go zone for shy people.

In my own opinion, You may not be able to make good enough money with QNet. QNet is also an MLM product that involved a lot of risks.

This is the number one reason I wouldn’t recommend QNet personally to anyone unless you are a great risk taker and always ready to try anything provided it promises to give you good returns.

So, are you doing business with QNet already? Have you been scammed before by QNet?

What is your take of my QNet review? Kindly drop your thought in my comment area below.

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28 thoughts on “Is QNet Marketing a Scam or Not? Is It Really Worth It?”

  1. I am actually here on behalf of a friend. She was considering working with them and a few other companies and I told her I wanted to look into them first. I heard these types of companies will sell your information to 3rd party operations which is horrible. I was able to find all three reviewed on your site here and not a single one of them is legit. Glad I looked in to them before she did something stupid. I will be sending her your way. She may be up for signing on with you.

    1. Dear Amber,

      Thanks for reading my QNet Review. With what you have read what do you think about QNet? Do you think that QNET is a Scam?

      I am glad you visit my site and you even take time to drop a comment. I really appreciate you.

      Thank You


  2. WOW! What a comprehensive review! You must have spent dozens of hours to get all of this together, John! I appreciate the hard work. Those arrests speak a lot about how bad this company is. That’s enough for me and it should be enough for everyone.

    1. Dear Axton,

      Thanks for reading my QNet review. I am happy you can decide for yourself if QNet is a Scam or not after reading the article about QNet.

      I hope you will visit my site again?



  3. “The India government and the India Telecom Regulatory Authority have already slam and banned the official website in India.”

    Well, that basically tells us all we need to know, right? But what I don’t understand is that you later say it has a lot of benefits. Could you explain this, please? And I see more contradictions… I mean, you like you can get financial freedom fast, just a few lines under “you might never make money”

    I did try to understand the whole payment plan, but man…this is more complex than my annual tax statement (which keeps me awake at night).

    This thing is so complex, I just run away from it. Like Warren Buffet, I don’t want to invest in something I don’t understand.

    1. Thanks for reading my QNet review.

      I have concluded that QNet does not worth it for me.

      Do you think that QNet is a Scam? You will see so many online review that already y called it out.

      Just search online “QNet scam”, You will be shocked and amaze of what you will discover.

      Thank for reading about QNet here.



  4. Wow! What an intense review.

    I’ve never read one that was so thorough. There is no way I would join Qnet!

    The products may be great, some people may be making money, but it doesn’t sound ethical.

    Any company that has that many RED FLAGS per bad reviews, lawsuits, and horrible rating from the BBB is definitely a no-go for me!

    However, I have heard great things about Wealthy Affiliate and am glad to hear you are promoting them.

    Thanks for the WARNING!

    1. Thanks for reading my QNet review. I am certain that you can Not make good money that will be enough for a full time job.

      There are so many opportunity online to calve a niche for yourself.

      You can make enough money that will forever make you an house name online.

      Until you help your audience you can not make money with any product.

      How can you use QNet to help your audience?



  5. Another excellent and very straight forward review John. I absolutely love the brutality and the amount of research you’ve put into this. Qnet is most definitely a pyramid scheme and should be avoided at all costs.

    1. Thanks for reading my article on review of QNet.

      But, Noth withstanding my article about how to make money with QNet,

      Some people are still make some money with QNet. This is why some people in Asia still can not do without QNet knowing that it is good as scam.

      Most people in Indian don’t have a better alternatives to QNet that is the reason for still enrolling for this product on a daily basis.

      Thanks again for reading my page about QNet scams.



  6. This is another one of those companies with a typical snowball system! Only those who have been involved since the beginning really profit here – or rather the management! It’s not impossible to be in one of these positions one day, but you have to work really hard and you could move up the career ladder. Then you could earn very good money in the end. Personally, I would keep my hands off it. Please bear in mind that such systems also require equity capital.

  7. Dear John,

    I love how straight forward you are with your article. I am sure you are not scare of being taken up by the management of QNet ? The fact in your is clear for a dummy to see.

    But, why are people still joining QNet despite all this facts?

    How can I practice MLM without chasing people around? Is there any training you may recommend or program.

    I can’t wait to read your response.


    I am James

    1. Dear James,

      Thanks for reading my QNet review. I am glad you visited my website and thanks for dropping a comment.

      To react to your comment. I am not afraid of the QNet community, everything I wrote is as a result of my research and my personal opinion of QNet.

      Ok. Many people are still joining QNet because they don’t have access to enough information about QNet. The question I will be asking is why are people still joining the Ponzi Scheme and MLM.

      I am not saying QNet is a Ponzi Scheme, It is not because the selling of product is involved otherwise, it will be qualified for one.

      You can join good multi-level marketing and start your outreach without disturbing your friends and family. This is a modern way of marketing any MLM products that you believe in.

      The objective of this outreach is to focus on the audience that your MLM product is made for or let me put it this way. You must focus on the people that really need your product.

      Therefore, how do you identify people that need your MLM product i.e. your audience or your niche market?

      This is a modern way of having a full-time business online, a business that will market itself. I am sure you came to this website via a search engine? You search and the result of your search linking you to this website.

      This is how to do business online. You will need to have a business ready website; you will need to know how to build and rank your content to rank on page one. This is where wealthy Affiliate training is key to your MLM business.

      The strategy is to start writing about the solution provided by your MLM products.

      At least a legit MLM products address certain needs and have a solution towards a certain problem.

      As soon as you start writing about the problem that your MLM product solve and support that problem with the solution brought by your MLM product.

      This is how you identify sell your MLM products to your audience without bothering people that do not need them.

      What do you think? Do you have any question about using blogging to marketing multi-level marketing?



  8. I’m not that good at convincing people to buy products so I feel this may not be for me at all. I’m looking for a good MLM to join and I’m going down a list I’ve found online. This is out so next is Amway. I’m going to see what I can find on them. Actually do you have a review of Amway?

  9. This seems like a very promising platform. since you are not mandated to make recruitment then it sounds good. I can focus on how to promote products and make sales.

    Thanks for this review.

    1. Dear Jeffrey,

      Thanks for reading my QNet Review and how you can Make Good Money With it.

      I am happy you gained something from my write up.

      I hope you will be around on my site again?



  10. Your review about Qnet is very encouraging for me. This looks a good option to earn some money as an affiliate marketing expert. After writing this comment, I will signup for their marketing plan and make some money.

  11. I’m not a fan of MLM business, but Qnet seems promising from your review above. I’m just a bit scared. What do you have to say about the mass who see it as scam?

    1. Dear Breda,

      You are not alone. I once did an article on why all MLM is a scam! The I assume any business that has elements of MLM as a scam. This is also why I am not also confirtabke with QNet.

      Yes, you will make money promoting QNet but you have to start running after people to make sales instead of people to be running after you because you are solving problems fir them.

      This is why Affiliate Marketing with Wealthy Affiliate is great for me. It is my #1 Recommended Online business. So I know the feeling I don’t really recommend QNet as a viable online business.

      I hope Inam clear?



  12. Nice information shared. Now, I can say I have an in-depth insight into what Qnet is all about. Personally, I think the mandatory sales shouldn’t be there. Hope they don’t place a mandatory quantity of products a member must sell successfully before being rewarded?

    1. Dear Jonathan,

      QNet product sales are driven by MLM strategies. Selling is a key if you must make money via QNet No sales no money. It is mandatory to make sales before you can make money with QNet.

      I don’t believe in MLM strategies in making sales. I believe people should only purchase your product and services if only it can add value to you.
      This is why I believe in Wealthy Affiliate. WA will help you turn your ideas, passion, and hobbies into a thriving business online that can really add value to people.

      The value that people will be ready to pay you for. Just, for instance, my friend Mark loves to play video games online. He is currently making over $20,000 monthly with is the platform (Website).

      He learned all he knew from Wealthy Affiliate. It is just the best in the world right now. You can compare that to trying to sell a health product to a family member via QNet even if such person does not require it.

      I hope you are clear with what my takes are about QNet?



  13. Thanks for the review of this program. I was searching about this QNet online when I came across your review. It was difficult to find full information about this product online as there are not a lot of reviews.
    I have a question about the cost section: what do you mean by depends on the level of your currency?

    1. Hi Dreamgirl93,

      The value of the currency here implies that the exchange rate of your currency to dollar will determine the cost effectually. 

      Thanks for visiting my website.



  14. Great Post,

    Thanks for your write up. What is your best alternative to making money with QNet. I mean your trusted best ways to making money online?

    1. Great review of one of the best company in the world ” Qnet ” Really like your work. I will always be here. Thank you.

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