Is Arbonne a Scam? Can You Really Make Money?

You are welcome to my Arbonne International Review.

Can you make money with Arbonne? Are the Arbonne sales consultant making money?

or is Arbonne a scam?

Many people are asking in my forum if Arbonne International is a Scam.

I am sure you are here to find out the same. It is excellent to research any business online. This is how I discover how to turn my passion into making a full-time income online.

Multi-level Marketing businesses are one of the most talked-about means of making money online.

The MLM industry is booming, and according to statistics from the Direct Selling Association, 18.6 million people have been involved in direct selling (MLMs) in 2017 and just in the United States alone.

The big question on your mind is how do I identify the right one for me? I am sure that’s why you are here.

Today, we would be reviewing the MLM health and beauty product Arbonne International, what the product is all about, how possible is it for you to earn money using its MLM system.

Join me as I unravel every aspect of this company.


Arbonne International at a Glance


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the arbonne reviewsProduct Name: Arbonne International
Founder: Petter Mørck
Year Founded:1980
Headquarters: Irvine,
Product Type: Health, Beauty MLM Company, Nutritional Supplements, Cleansers & Moisturizers
Price: $79 registration fee + $30/year + Monthly Autoship
Rating: 19%
Recommended: No
Best for: Only a very few top consultants. Also, for women who get little bonuses from using their products.


Arbonne International Summary Review

Arbonne International is a health and beauty MLM company that has been in business for over 40 years. Their health and beauty services range from makeup to nutritional products.

Arbonne is not a scam, but they have a very poor reward system.

They also have a very “shitty” method of recruiting and selling their products. One of such ways is hosting parties and inviting persons you feel you could convince easily to become members.

We shall, however, be analyzing this product to find out if it is worth your money or not.


What is Arbonne International?

Arbonne is an MLM sales company located in Irvine, California that sells and distributes beauty and health products made from plant materials. Petter Mørck founded it in 1975.

Arbonne claims that its products are specifically anti-aging, pure, safe, clinically tested, organic and made with botanical ingredients. Arbonne has branches in several countries namely: Australia,

Canada, New Zealand, Poland, Taiwan, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

Arbonne international claims to running a pure, clean and botanically based brand which is backed up with a list of about 2,000 ingredients they tag “Not Allowed List.”

Their Advisory Board consists of real health professionals and doctors who provide useful insight and innovation for their products.


Arbonne International Products

Arbonne has a wide range of products ranging from skincare to nutrition.

They believe that beauty isn't just about what we apply to the skin but also what we take in as food.

Some examples of their products include:

  • Skincare products – Toner, Sunscreen, facial cleanser, etc.
  • Products for the Body – Hand wash, lotion, lip balm, mask, etc
  • For Bath – Essential oil, etc.
  • Hair Care Products – Shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, hair serum, etc.
  • Makeup – Eyeliner, Mascara, Makeup Primer, Lipstick, etc.
  • Nutrition products – Immunity boosters, Protein shake, energy sticks, snack bars, etc.

arbonne pyramid scheme

How Much Does Arbonne International Cost?

Arbonne International relies heavily on a commission-based system to pay its members however to benefit from the commissions, you will need to fulfill specific requirements, they are:

First and foremost, you will need to spend a registration fee of $79. This fee comes with a basic starter kit containing training materials on how to start up the business

Secondly, you will also need to pay an annual fee of $30. This money will be spent every year starting from the second year.

Next, you will need to purchase the products or value packs containing products you want to market.

The registration and annual fee do not come with any product. The price of the value packs ranges between $270 and $500.

Lastly, you will need to meet up with a monthly order requirement also known as Autoship to stay active and continue receiving commissions.

With this in mind, it is quite clear that the startup cost of the business will be adding up to a few hundred dollars.

Are you willing to risk that amount of money and time for a business whose profit-making ability is uncertain?


arbonne com consultant


Who Is Arbornne International For?

Typical of MLM systems, Arbonne is best suited for people who are good salespersons.

You should also know that top consultants benefit more from the product.


How to Make Money with Arbonne International

Arbonne International will help you make money in two ways, You could:

  • Market their products and earn commissions
  • Recruit members; build your downlines, to earn overrides and bonuses.

Members can also earn through the Arbonne Compensation Plan also known as Success Plan.

There are four types of commission you can earn using Arbonne International, They are:

  • Client Commissions – This is the commission you get when you sell Arbonne products to your customers. This commission ranges between 15% – 35%.
  • Overrides – This is the commission you get through your downlines. It is usually based on the sales performance of your downline team.
  • Mercedes-Benz Cash Bonus – This commission gets you a one year lease of a Mercedes-Benz car. This commission is for members with a “Vice President” rank.
  • Other Cash Bonuses – Arbonne International also has several bonuses you can earn depending on your personal sales performance.

On its website, Arbonne International has the option to start as a Preferred Client or Independent Consultant. Independent Consultants have to purchase start-up packages as well as pay annual dues.

You should know that the system is designed in such a way that you have to buy lots of Arbonne products as a distributor.

Consultants are compensated in return based on their ability to recruit new Consultants, who also have to buy into the system.

Typical of a pyramid scheme, the more recruits you bring into the Arbonne program, the more money you can make as a Consultant.

However, Arbonne Consultants receive beauty and health products which they can sell.


Arbonne International  Support and Customer Services.

Arbonne International has a poor customer service platform. As a member of Arbonne, your recruiter will be in charge of providing answers to any question you might have.

However, the website lists a contact address as well as days and times when the customer care representatives would be able to attend to you.


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The site contains the contact address as Arbonne Headquarters 9400 Jeronimo Rd. Irvine, CA 92618, 1.800. Arbonne


What is Good About Arbonne International

  • Arbonne Has Been in Business for Over 40 Years

Arbonne was founded in 1975 and so have been in business for over 40 years and have been able to weather several storms including bankruptcy.

This points to the fact that it is not a scam or a pyramidal scheme.

  • Arbonne is Accredited by BBB and a Member of DSA

Arbonne International has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

This is a good sign because an A+ rating shows that their customer service is top-notch and they do not have a lot of unsatisfied customers.

They are also a member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA).

  • Arbonne International Has Products That Make Sales.

Most MLM companies do not have actual products for sale.

This is entirely different from Arbonne because they have real and tangible products for sale.

  • 45 – Day Money Back Policy

Arbonne runs a 45-day money-back system. That is, if you are not satisfied with the product, you could return it within 45 days.

This money-back policy does not include shipping costs.


Issues with Arbonne International

  • Mainly Interested in Recruiting New Members

Arbonne just like any other MLM company is primarily concerned with recruiting new members.

Immediately after joining Arbonne instead of getting trained, you will be mandated to make a list of 100 people you can sell the products to.

Recruitment may include hosting parties, cold calling, sending emails and bugging people to buy into the system.

  • Outdated Business Ideas

Arbonne is an MLM company, and so like other MLM companies members are expected to recruit new members.

Arbonne still makes use of archaic methods such as hosting house parties to recruit members.

  • Arbonne Advice Members to Spend Beyond Their Earnings

To improve sales, Arbonne encourages members to spend beyond earnings, so that they will need to put in more effort to meet up with the amount required to foot their bills.

  • A Large Number of Arbonne Members Failed to Make Money

Most members or consultants fail in this business, instead of making a profit, they instead incur colossal debt.

The truth is that only very few consultants become successful and independent.

  • Trails of Bankruptcy

In 2009, Arbonne filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, so, despite singing of the success of its consultants, the company had tasted the bitter pills of bankruptcy.

Although the company survived and even reported nearly $600 million in revenue in 2017, can you trust it?

  • Law Suite

In 2017, Arbonne along with five of its top representatives was sued by a Texas couple Cynthia and Michael Dagnall who accused the company of being an illegal pyramid scheme.

The couple claimed that they had spent a total of $2,840 on Arbonne and yet they only received $30.00 from the company.

They also argued that the only people who had made money from the program were very leaders at the top of the pyramid.

  • Customers Opinion

Arbonne may be selling the happy customer tale to the world, but it doesn’t seem so. There have been a lot of dissatisfied and unhappy customers and consultants.

One customer pointed out how her skin reacted to the anti-aging product, leaving her with blotched spots.

Several consultants also complained of how stressful and unrewarding it was to market the products.
A disgruntled husband revealed that his wife was a victim of the scheme as she has introduced to it a friend to the family.

He claimed he took a lot of money and time she spent attending conferences all over the country. However, she realized she was being duped after she failed to make that kind of money she was promised.

An anonymous worker, however, reveals that the company may be on the verge of a selloff or bankruptcy.


Is Arbonne Internation a Scam?

Is Arbonne International Legit? Yes, it is.

Is Arbonne a Scam? No, it is not

Do I recommend it? No, I don't.

Although Arbonne is not a scam because it has been around for over forty years, I do not recommend it.

This is because to make a livable income from it; you will need to do a lot of networking and recruiting.

In my opinion, most of their members do not earn enough every month.

The process of making money via Arbonne is old and outdated. Imagine making enough money to foot your bills by selling beauty products to friends at parties, “How workable is that?”


Is Arbonne International Worth It? 

Thanks for reading my Arbonne review. Do you think you can now make money with Arbonne?


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Do you think Arbonne is a scam and pyramid scheme?

In my opinion, Arbonne is a legit company running a recruiting scam model.

Unlike advertising on its pages, only 13% of all U.S. active Arbonne Independent Consultants earned a monthly commission check of an average of $3,500 or less per year or less.

For me, I believe a customer review in 2013 perfectly explains Arbonne International: “Fantastic product at a decent price.

Don’t mix up the biz opportunity with the product……..2 different animals.”

However, in case you are looking for a product that will yield you consistent and real-time income, then, Wealthy Affiliate is your go-to.

I have personally been able to create real-time four-figure income every month through Wealthy Affiliate.

Let me know what you think about my Arbonne International review. I will love to hear what you think about it in the comment section below.

You can also get more information about Arbonne International via Wikipedia.


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9 thoughts on “Is Arbonne a Scam? Can You Really Make Money?”

  1. I have had friends who have went the Arbonne route and none lasted much over a year.  It takes time to build a business, but I think with a system like Arbonne you are fighting an even more uphill battle.

    I have done some MLM in the past and found that with a good product and a good system there can be some decent rewards.  What I have hated about many program, which Arbonne seems to do as well, is the push to recruit your friends.  I remember one program I was in they had us all in an office and they made a contest out of who could give the most referrals and got us to export our Facebook friends list.

    Have you had any experience with MLM before?

  2. Again, what a detailed article. I have just come over from your SwagBucks article, and you have delivered once again.

    My girlfriend is in the beauty niche, and this seems like quite a good product to review. However, at the top you said you do not recommend it. Why is this?

    Have you ever promoted this product?

    Once again, thanks for the article. It was very helpful.

  3. I have a couple of people who have been doing some mlm platforms for a while now.  They keep complaining about all the way they run the business and how they don’t make money from it. It seems like the way you have explained it, they are very right about it. Arbonne has some good products though. Nice review here.

  4. Hi John, what I primarily don’t like about Arbonne is its price and annual fee. I am not a pro and so I will avoid this product, just like you said, it is for top consultant and people who have big experience. Having a money-back guarantee is a big plus but do they really return money if we are not satisfied? 

  5. Thank you so much for the awesome review! I have been wondering about Arbonne for a whole now. My wife is particularly interested. I’ll be sure to let her read this post as well. We did not know that you don’t get any product to sell with the registration fee. There is a lot of money to have to put into this, and i don’t think I am interested in it anymore honestly! Thank you once again!

  6. Oriflame Cosmetics is also working on the same model. They have agents, mostly women, who join them and they sell their products, or use them and they get a commission for that.

    But I don’t think they are very high paying either. Anyone tried them?

    Is Arbonne a pyramid scheme? This question is all over the internet.

    Please help

    • Thanks for reading my Arbonne review.

      Firstly Arbonne is a Multi-Level Marketing company. Most time people mistook an MLM company to be a pyramid scheme.

      Most often, many of these direct sales companies operate pyramid scheme and pretend to be a legitimate multi level marketing company.

      Arbonne is an mlm company that generated over $540m in profits in 2016, the company is into the production and sales of healthy and beauty products.

      To answer your question, Is Arbonne a pyramid scheme?

      According to the FTC, when a direct sales company focuses on recruiting aspect of the mlm than the selling of the products, such company is a pyramid scheme.

      The question is this, is Arbonne compensation plan rewarding its sales consultants and distributors more for recruiting more consultants or for more sales?

      A lot of people believe that it is tough to make money selling skin care products and they believe such company must have to result in a pyramid scheme to be rolling out such profits.

      But opinion is this, after proper going through of the Arbonne compensation plan. You will observed that the company pays its consultants commission six level deep within the down line.

      It is observed that only 13% of the Arbonne independent consultants make commission. Only 13% active Arbonne Independent Consultants earn $3,391 per year.

      Arbonne rewards recruiters more than the sales. This is why more consultants are focusing on the recruiting others than the selling of the products.

      Thanks again for take the time to drop your comments.



  7. Seriously, how many MLM are there out there? I can’t believe there are so many people falling for this bullshit

    These hosting party recruitment schemes are just mere evil. I mean, you’re supposed to fool your friends (soon to be: former friends) into the scheme if you ever hope to recoup your investment.

    I hope reviews like this will help people avoid these traps!

    • Dear Jeronla,

      Thanks for reading my Arbonne reviews. But you don’t even care to let me know what you think of them.

      For me, I am classed all MLM to be a scam. Please check it out.



      There are tons of MLM program out we have to deal with on a daily basis.

      The problem is that most of them that seem legit are using the product that sells to mask the pyramid scheme they are practicing.

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