Max International MLM Review: Can you Really Make Money?

max international llc

Thanks for reading my Max International MLM review. You are here because you want to make money with Max International Llc. Is Max International legit or scam? Or, Is Max International a pyramid scheme?

You must be doing your findings on how to make money with Max International Llc. This is how to discover legitimate business and avoid many online scams.

I am not affiliated with Max International MLM in any way, therefore expect an unbiased review of Max International MLM.

You will discover if you can make money with Max International jobs or not.

Please keep reading.

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Max International Llc at a Glance

Product Name: Max International MLM
Founder: Steven K. Scott
Price: Initial startup fee of $49 + monthly auto-ship + $25 annual renewal fee
Rating: 25%
Recommended: NO

Summary of Max International Llc Review

Max International Llc is a direct sales wellness company that is into marketing and distribution health products that are said to jack up Glutathione's production in your body.

Is Max International a pyramid scheme? Or Is Max International scam-based health products?

Max International MLM is legit and not a scam. The company uses a direct sales business model for its various health products, but it is not a pyramid scheme.

But, can you make money with Max International MLM as a distributor?

***Why You May Not Make Money with Max International MLM***

It won't be easy to make money with Max International because of its MLM sales business model.

MLM business sales model has been discovered to reward the owners, the people at the top of the scheme, and its early investor.

A long year of research was carried out on direct sales companies across the world by Jon M.Taylor, and he discovered that only 99.7% of people that join any MLM companies would lose their money.

He concluded with his study of direct sales companies by writing a book called “Multi-level Marketing Unmasked “; that has been endorsed worldwide by many regulatory bodies.

I have done enough reviews of MLM companies and agree with his result.

Just pick up any Income disclosure statement of any MLM company; you will observe that only 0.3% of the distributors make money.

There is no Max International USA Income Disclosure Statement in the public space. You can only see that of 2011!

The Associate rank is the lowest in the Max Compensation scheme.
They have 5,881 Associate members at the time, and they made an average of $227 each that year as average annual earnings.

The high-level ranks of Max International USA from Double Diamonds rank to Double Crown ranks were 77 distributors in numbers.

  • Each distributor on these high-level ranks made the following:
  • Double Diamond Ranks = $192,144.68 (0.04% of distributors) i.e. 4 distributors
  • Triple Diamonds = $388,400.20 (0.03% of distributors) i.e. 3 distributors
  • Double Crown = $2,049,400.20 (0.01% of distributors) i.e. 1 distributor

Compare that the Associate = $227 (68.83%) i.e. 5,881 distributors.

If you are joining now, the worth you can make is $227 in a year; don t forgets there is a $49; and much other marketing associated cost.

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What do you think of my Max International review? Is Max International legit or scam?

What is Max International?

Max International is a Utah based Multi-Level Marketing company founded in 2017. The company focuses on selling health-based supplements to aid people to empower their lives.

The company was founded by Steven K. Scott, Fred Ninow, and Gregory Fullerton. However, of all the initial founders, only Steven K. Scott is with the company today.

The company's supplement products are base on Glutathione, a product that detoxifies the human cells. The company has even nicknamed itself the “The Glutathione Company” after its vital ingredient.

Max International is recognized as a leader in the research into the development of Glutathione products.

The company has offices in 18 countries spanning North America, the United States, Australia, Asia, and Africa. You can learn more about Max on Amazon here.

Max International Product Line

Max International focuses on producing health and wellness-based supplements with Glutathione as its vital component. Glutathione is an antioxidant that defends the cells preventing damage.

The plant and animal-based antioxidant helps prevent aging, regulates the cell, protects against, and boosts metabolism.

With its key ingredient, Max international USA focuses on Skincare, Nutrition, and Weight Management.

The company's medical experts' team carries out research and creates a unique nutritional formula to increase Glutathione's the production and body support.

From the research, the company has created different products ranging from weight loss to anti-aging. Here is a list of Max International's product line:

***Max GXL***

This product supports the Glutathione levels and is the flagship product of Max International. You will see it in a 30 day supply bottle and costs $85.

***Maxx Fuze***

This supplement combines vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants to provide a cellular defense. It also comes in a 30 day supply bottle and costs $92.

***Max ATP***

This is a drink that contains RiboCeine.

This clinically compounded molecule combines ribose and cysteine to increase the levels of glutathione production in the body. A single glass serve costs 85 dollars.

***Max One***

It helps produce healthy levels of Glutathione levels, thereby boosting the immune system. It comes in a 30-day supply bottle which costs $92


This product also contains RiboCeine, which aids in cell nutrition. A 30-day bottle supply costs $97.


This weight loss supplement costs $89 for a 30 day supply.

***Visible Solutions***

This is a skincare solution that replenishes the skin and gives it a youthful vigor. The skin recovery serum costs $239.

Max International Compensation Plan

The company calls its compensation plan the Max plan. It is designed to pay out 50% of Cumulative Volume (CV) to its associates. The Max plan is designed into eight hierarchies.

  • Retail Profits
  • Preferred Customer Bonus
  • Fast Start Income
  • Prime Bonus Income
  • Binary Team Bonus Income
  • Matching Check Bonus
  • Global Bonus Pool
  • Max Living Bonus

***Retail Profits***

Profits an associate gets from selling products or using them.

***Preferred Customer Bonus***

You earn 25% on the orders placed by all your preferred customers. You also get to make free products as your referrals buy the company's product.

***Fast Start Income***

For every new associate that registers under you, you earn depending on the enrollment package they choose.

***Prime Bonus Income***

You must earn 500 points to qualify for this bonus from three or more Associates you enrolled personally.

***Binary Team Bonus Income***

Max international pays residual income using a binary structure. So your binary team gets commissions based on the volumes it generates.

For instance, your team will get 10% of the volume it develops in a month as commissions.

***Matching Check Bonus***

This is the highest earning level, and the bonus is dependent on your enrollment tree. You get to receive as high as a 50% bonus on all personally enrolled Associates.

***Global Bonus Pool***

You get a share of 1% of all the volume generated at Max international globally to increase your CV by 1,000.

***Max Living Bonus***

On getting to the platinum level, you earn a $250 – $725 bonus monthly.

Max International has eleven Affiliate Membership Ranks, and each rank has a different requirement before you can earn.


Beginner newly signed up as an affiliate.


To earn as a bronze affiliate, you need to recruit two affiliates who will form your binary sides, right and left. You also need to generate a minimum of 100 PV a month.


You need four affiliates, which will be split into your binary sides and a minimum of 100 PV a month.


You need six affiliates and a minimum of 100 PV a month, and one of your binary sides should generate at least 16,000 CVs a month.


Recruit 8 affiliates, have a binary side providing 32 000 CV a month, have a Gold-ranked affiliate member in your Unilevel, and generate at least 100 PV a month.


Personally recruit eight affiliates, have two unilevel legs with a Gold-ranked companion in them, have a binary side generating 8,000 CV per month, and develop at least 200 PV a month.

***Double Diamond***

At least 200 PV a month, personally recruit eight affiliates, Gold-ranked affiliates in at least three unilevel legs, and have a binary side generating 160,000 CV a month.

***Triple Diamond***

Similar to double Diamond except you need 250 000 CV per month from a binary side and Gold ranked affiliates in at least four unilevel legs


Personally recruit eight affiliates, generate at least 200 PV a month, and a minimum of 5 unilevel legs with one Gold ranked affiliate in them, and have a binary side developing at least 400,000 CV.

***Double Crown***

Like Crown, you will need six unilevel legs with a Gold-ranked affiliate in each binary side and a personally recruited unilevel generating 2,000,000 CV a month.

***Triple Crown***

Similar to Double Crown, except you need seven unilevel legs with a Gold-ranked affiliate in each binary side.

How to Join Max International Llc?

The first step to join Max International MLM is to visit the company website. You will then choose the country of your resident (at the right-hand corner).

Then, click join.

You can decide to join via Max Associate or Preferred customer.

How Much Does It Cost to Join Max International USA?

To become an associate with Max, you have to pay $49 for a starter kit, which contains a welcome brochure, sales materials, and a flash drive that contains information on how to build your Max MLM journey.

There is an additional $25 per annum to maintain the back end of your virtual office.

You will also have to buy one out of three optional packages that cost $179, $549, and $999. Finally, there is a monthly auto-ship that costs $150.

Who Is Max International USA For?

If you are a good salesman with networking and recruiting skills, you can try it out.

However, you might have to recruit your friends and families, and if they do not make any profit, it could turn great relationships sour.

How to Make Money with Max International

We have two ways to make money with Max International.

***Sell Max International MLM to Earn Commissions***

You need to make a minimum of 100PV every month to earn commissions, and to do this; you have to sell products.

***Recruit Downlines to Max International MLM***

You need to build your downlines to earn, and the bigger your binary tree, the more you would make.

First, you have to recruit two people under you as an associate and then build from there.

How Much Can You Make with Max International?

The only available income disclosure document of Max International is from 2011.

However, the document states that an Associate earns an average of $227.02 annually. On the other hand, double crown associates make $2,049,400.12 annually.

You can see how low the earning power of those at the bottom of the ladder can be.

The implication is this; if you are joining Max International USA now, you can not make more than $227 in a year.
Remember that there is a startup fee of $49, monthly auto-ship, and a $25 annual renewal fee. If you deduct that amount, you will make a loss if you are joining now.

According to Mr. Jon Taylor, you will lose your money because all MLM companies will only reward them at the top of the scheme and the company's owners.

Max International Income Disclosure Statement

Are Max International Distributors Making Money?

Max International has eleven ranks in its affiliate ranking, and unless you are at the top of the ladder, earning will be hard.

The supplements' prices are also on a high side and can be bought at a cheaper rate elsewhere.

So, the answer is no; Max International distributors are not making money except those at the top tier.

Why It Is Difficult To Make Money With Max International

Similar to all MLM businesses, a referral is a vital part of doing business.

However, with Max international, a referral is not just the basics. To earn, you have to bring in more affiliates as your affiliates bring in more affiliates.

Max International also utilizes a binary system, and the amount of CV needed to earn each month is ridiculously high.

I had explained its compensation system earlier, and I am sure you can see how hard it will be getting people in. You may have to recruit your neighborhood.

It is difficult because of the MLM nature of this company. Is Max International a pyramid scheme? Or, Is Max International legit or scam? What do you think of my Max International review?

Max International Support /Customer Service

The company has a support service for clients.

Max International can be reached via email (

Its support is available only on business days from 7 AM to 5 PM (MST).
If you want to visit the company:

Max International has its head office at LLC 102 S. 200 E Suite 610 Salt Lake City, UT 84111.

Contact Max Internationa helpline (801) 562-8440.

What is Good About Max International Llc?

***Clinically Tested Products***

This is new for many health & wellness companies that questionable market products.

Max International's products seem more convincing because they have done many studies on their products.

The company also has a patented compound called RiboCeine, an ingredient in most of its products.

At a glance, Max International has a ton of research, studies, and clinical tests to back up their products. The validity of these researches will need to be examined, though.

***Open Trade Secret***

Max International provides full disclosure of product ingredients on the company website.

Many health and wellness company will only list a few active ingredients and keep the entire list a trade secret.

***Training for New Associates***

Max International has a 90-Day Training program to teach best practices and business skills to its associates and recruits.

The program consists of 14 modules. Each module has videos and worksheets to guide students along the way.

Recruits also receive sales materials and product guides to learn more about what the company offers. At a glance, this looks pretty legit.

***Refund Policy***

Max International offers a money-back guarantee to customers who return their products within 30 days of purchase.

Issues With Max International USA


For new affiliate marketers, this is something I need you to avoid.

The reason is that Max International actively encourages its associates to purchase as many products as they can and keep the inventory at home.

The supposed catch is that associates can resell their list to retail customers at a higher profit margin.

Everyone knows that this is an outdated and flawed strategy because stockpiling puts you at risk of having “dead stocks.”

These are the different products that you may never manage to sell, resulting in a considerable loss.

Nowadays, the retail model is to ask your customers to order online, and they can choose to either pick-up the products themselves or have them shipped to their address.

***Litigation Nightmare***

Max International has been involved in several lawsuits in the past.

According to sources, in 2011, Max International USA was accused of poaching members from another health & wellness MLM Company, Melaleuca.

It was settled out of court for $1.2 million.

Max International has also been at the center of a patent infringement lawsuit with Tripharma. Tripharma alleged that Max International engaged in false and improper marketing, labeling, and advertising.

With the many litigation, is Max International a pyramid scheme? Is Max International legit or scam?

***Secrecy on Price***

To view prices, one must become a member.

This can be very frustrating for new and potential customers who need to weigh their balance with what they are getting into.

Although hiding prices is a norm for some MLM companies, there is absolutely no justifiable reason to do that.

***Low Earning Potential***

It is an essential part of this review because it is tied to potential earnings.

In this screenshot from Max International's Income Disclosure Statement, you can see that 97% of all members fall within the rank of Associate to Silver and that the average annual income for Silver is roughly $340/month.

Gold rank members are not doing well off either.

Since I couldn't find an income disclosure after 2011, I guess that the earnings have become so bad that the company stopped disclosing such statements.

Max International USA BBB Review Rating Is “A+”

Max International has two profiles on the Better Business Bureau website.

The first profile, Max International Llc, is listed as a health and wellness company.

It is rated A+ on the BBB website (BBB does not use customer complaints to place a company). This profile has no review or customer complaint.

The second profile, Max International, is listed as a vitamins and supplements company.

It is not accredited by the BBB, has no rating and no customer complaint nor reviews.

It is odd for a company that has been around for 13 years.

What do you think of my Max International review? Is Max International legit or scam? Is Max International a pyramid scheme? What is your take?

Online Complaints About Max International Llc

The most common customer complaints revolve around the price of the product.

Glutathione's active ingredient of the consequences can be found in similar products for half the price.

Other complaints are on how purchasing from retail associates is way pricier than when customers order on auto-ship.

Many consumers also complain about how the products are ineffective, even with long-term use.

Max International Lawsuits

Max International has been involved in several lawsuits in the past.

According to sources, in 2011, Max International Llc was accused of poaching members from another health & wellness MLM Company, Melaleuca.

This case was settled, and out of court for $1.2 million.

Max International has also been at the center of a patent infringement lawsuit with Tripharma.

Tripharma alleged that Max International engaged in false and improper marketing, labeling, and advertising.

Is Max International a Pyramid Scheme?

No, Max International is legit, not a scam, and not a pyramid scheme.

Why is Max International not a pyramid scheme? Because Max International is all about the distribution and sales of health nutritional supplements that help boost our body's glutathione production.

In a pyramid scheme, no sales of products or services are involved. The pyramid scheme is based on the recycling of recruitment efforts.

Max international has also been around since 2006. What do you think about this Max International review?

Is Max International Legit Or Scam?

The company is not a scam.

Although they have a questionable MLM business model and shady practices, the company does offer real products to its customers, and associates earn, however meager.

For these reasons, Max International is not a scam.

Though, many will mistake MLM companies for a scam because of many issues with MLM companies.

But, please know that Max International Legit and not a Scam. What do you think of my review of Max International?

Is Max International Llc worth It?

Thanks for reading my Max International MLM Review. With all you have read, can you make money with Max International USA? Is Max International legit or scam?

Or, Is Max International a pyramid scheme?

This is my take; I will not encourage anyone to join Max International USA because you will lose your money at the end of the day.

Why is that? 100% of direct sales companies only reward the top people on their scheme and their owners' earnings.

Marketing MLM products is very complex; it is usually tough to breakthrough. Will it better for you to invest somewhere else?

99.7% of any direct sales members of any MLM company will lose their money. Please avoid Max International Llc so as not to lose your money.

I recommend you consider affiliate marketing certification training by Wealthy Affiliate; it will change your life. Start free training here.

So, what do you think of my Max International MLM review? Have you tried any of the company products before?

Do you think you can still make money with Max International USA?

Is Max International a pyramid scheme? Or do you think Max International legit and not a scam?

Please let me have your take in my comment area below.

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8 thoughts on “Max International MLM Review: Can you Really Make Money?”

  1. What a great article on how to make money with Max International MLM I do books for a living and I can’t tell you how many MLM clients come in with their books and the majority of them are making little to no money. 

    I think you have to be way at the top to make anything.  MLM is not the home-based business I would choose to do.  

    I really liked the article you wrote and will be passing it on to a few people.

    thanks again for the great review about max international scam.


    • Thanks for reading my review on Max International business opportunity.

      It is all about how to make money with Max International Llc. I was instructed to do the write up by a friend because of a rumor about Max International Scandal. 

      For now, there is no Max International Scandal. The good news is that Max international Jobs is everywhere now such as: 

      max international new zealand, max international in ghana, max international lagos, max international kenya, max international New Zealand, max international USA, max international Canada, max international ghana, max international porthacort Nigeria. 

      Thanks for reading review about max international scam. I apreciate your time. 

      I am sure you know know that Max international is not a scam but legit MLM business oportunity.



  2. What a great review of Max International scam.

    I am very dubious about MLM. Many companies offer expensive products, and you may have to buy them in bulk. 

    The numbers seem to be very good, and you can make a good income.sadly. 

    Most people make little or no money from MLM; if you consider MLM, always research the company and the product.

    I can see that Max International is now every where mostly in Canada, Lagos Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, New Zealand, USA etc. Max International Jobs is helping people in making money selling Max International Cellgevity.

    I love your Max International Jobs review. 

    • thanks for reading my Max International Jobs review. It is a review that focuses on how to make money with 

       Max International Llc. The review also shows that Max International Jobs is not a scam. You can see that 

       Max International Jobs is now in many locations in Africa such as Max International Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, etc. 

       Max International Jobs are also in the USA, Canada, New Zealand, hong kong, India. MAX International is everywhere selling Max International Cellgevity.

      Thank you for reading my review about Max International jobs 



  3. Great review of Max international Jobs.  I don’t think this company is a scam but it is based on the MLM model and I don’t believe people can profit much from it. 

    I would not recommend it to my friends, nor am I a supporter of that program, but let everyone think carefully and be informed before entering into such affairs. 

    You narated a good way of making money with Max International MLM jobs through affiliate marketing. 

    Thank you.

    • thanks for reading my Max International review. It is all about how to make money with max Internation using the Affiliate Marketing model and approach. 

      Max international scam and rumor is set asside in this article. Max International is NOT a scam but legitimate MLM Business oportunity that is helping people make money. 

      But what many of ax Internation distributors in USA, Canada, Kenya, Lagos Nigeria, Porthacort, Philipians, Indian, New Zealand etc. 

      What they dont know is that they can start selling Max International Products via affiliate marketing in colabroation with big brands such as Amazon. while they earn commission daily. 

      Thanks for reading my Max Internatinal MLM business oportunity and how to make money with it.



  4. Hello there, thanks for sharing this really nice article about how to join Max International MLM Jobs. 

    I have so many people who are looking to go into business and all they are going into the business without reading any review about it and they are exposed to to to being scammed. 

    I am really happy with this article and it’s nice that I came across this post and so I can easily stay away from this mlm company. I know that max international scam is not actually a scam. 

    But, it is no for me. 

    Thanks again.



    • Thanks for reading my review of Max International Jobs. And while selling Max international Cellgevity is not a Scam. 

      I can see that Max International is everywhere now across the world. It is all about how to join Max International from the USA, Nigeria, Canada, Philippian, New Zealand, etc. 

      I also discovered that there is now Max international fitness college in the USA and they also have one max international school in Lagos ( I doubt if this has anything to do with Max international MLM opportunities)

      This is what you should know about the so call Max International scam. It is not a scam but a legitimate MLM business.

      The problem is that you can not make money with Max International MLM because the distributors are not making money. They are just patching by. You can use affiliate marketing models in selling these products online with your own websites. 

      You can start this FREE affiliate marketing certification training now. 

      Thanks again



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