Can You Really Make Money with Helping Hands International?


helping hands international

You are welcome to my Helping Hands International review. I am sure you are making your findings on how to make money with Helping Hands International (H2i); this is the right thing to do. But, is H2i a Pyramid Scheme?

This is how to discover legitimate business and also learn how to avoid online scams. 

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Helping Hands International is also referred to as Helping Hands International Concept Ltd (H2i). This article will answer the following central question:

  •  Is Helping Hands International a pyramid scheme?
  •  Is Helping Hands International a legit or scam? 

Please know that I am in no wat related or affiliated to the H2i; also expect an unbiased review from me.

 Please read on. 

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Helping Hands International at a Glance

Name: Helping Hands International
Owners: Mrs. Luzviminda Mac-Elvis
Price: $50
Rating: 2%
Recommended: Hell No.

Summary of Helping Hands International Review

Helping Hands International is a pyramid scheme, yes. There is no other name to call it than that. This is capital NO for me. 

If you are looking for a typical and raw definition of a pyramid scheme, just look at the compensation plan of Helping Hands International.

You only make money when you recruit people. The only difference is that you will not be rewarded with raw cash but different gift items. 

You get more reward by getting more people to pay the $50 membership or registration fees. 

A pyramid scheme is a crime, and this one NGO ought to have been reporting to the authority where they are the practice. 

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What is Helping Hands International?

Helping Hands International or Helping Hands International Concept Ltd (H2i) is an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) that empowers people and the less privileged through member contributions.

H2i was founded by Mrs. Luzviminda Mac-Elvis in 2010; she is a Philippian that has a passion for helping people.

Helping Hands International was co-founded by Dr.Ramiel polycarpic, who is a professional dentist. 

Mrs. Luzviminda Mac-Elvis introduced Dr. Timothy. Odeghe (a Nigerian ) to H2i in an international workshop in Abuja, Nigeria, in 2013. 

Since then, Dr. Timothy. Odeghe has been running the activities of the H2i in Nigeria. Mr. Dr. Timothy. Odeghe is optometry and a graduate of the University of Benin Nigeria; he is the African representative.

H2i is known to be offering unique and humanitarian services that are targeted to help both nonmembers and members of the MLM group. 

Each member has privileges to nominate, identify, or recommend two fewer privileged organizations for empowerment, such as an orphanage home. Helping hands has the policy to empower such a nominate entity with $1,000. 

H2i also has the policy to train members on various trade and skill acquisition training programs. Members have the opportunity to learn:

  • Computer appreciation, 
  •  Website design 
  • Fish/poultry farming, 
  • Insecticide and perfume production
  • Soap Production, 
  • Bead and hat making, 
  • Paint production, 
  • Car tracking

In this Helping Hands International Review, I will be taking you through how the help hands international works.

H2i nigeria

Target Audience of Helping Hands International

H2i advertises itself as an empowerment program for ordinary people.

It is a charitable work that has been done to help the children and the people in different parts of the country.

 Compensation Plan of Helping Hands International

This is the ultimate plan that has been produced by the Helping Hands International. This compensation plan helps to stand you in the top management of the company. You can not make money with Helping Hands International.

In this system, all you have to do is to make a plan and persuade people to make it 2X2 and 2X5 in the form of the matrix marketing system. 

In this process, all you have to do is to fill the matrix system by referring to two persons.

If you add another person, your matrix chain will fill up faster, and you will reach the top level by repeating this process over and over again.

There are five stages of making it big in Helping Hands International. At stage 1, you have to make two referrals, which will be known as ASSOCIATE in this business. In the referral bonus in stage 1 is $16, and the matrix bonus is $10.

That means you will get $26 in the first stage.

In the second stage known as the MASTER STAGE, you have to make five referrals for which you will get $1000 cash.

Stage 3 is known as SUPER MASTERS, where you have to bring five referrals and get the $3000 bonus.

Stage 4 known as the MINISTER, where you have to bring five referrals again, and you will get a bonus of $6,000. If the bonus in this stage matches 5%=$3, 00, then your upper link will get a payment automatically.

Stage 5 is known as MINISTER, where you have to provide two referrals, and you will get a bonus of $12 000. In this stage also if the bonus matches 5%-$600, your upper link will get a payment.

H2i Customer Service and Support 

In helping hands international review (h2I), the company supports people by giving a business loan, educational funds for the children who are their member, T Scholarship for the Orphans, scholarship for the Religious People from their Humanitarian services.

The owners of the company support it as they think helping people is a service for the nation.

They also provide trade and skill acquisition services, asset and property support services, financial empowerment services, and scholarship award services.


How Helping Hands International Works

Do many people want to know how to help hands international work?  

You join H2i by visiting their website and register. 

Then to conclude your registration, you have to make a payment of $50 to complete your H2i membership registration. 

You stand to get rewarded with any of the following when you pay the $50; this is why H2i a Pyramid scheme. 

  • Free educational fund
  • Business Loan
  • Trade and skill acquisition training
  • Child Education fund
  • House of your own
  • Business support fund, or 
  • A brand-new car

To get involve and grow with the H2i compensation plan, you start the recruitment of more members that is ready to make the same $50 payment. 

 The more people you get recruited to your downline, the more you get rewarded.  This is why you can not make money with Helping Hands International. 

What I Like In H2i

  1.  In this matrix chain system, you will get to earn in five different stages. With the increment in different stages, you will get to make more, which will completely change your life. These are the rewards that you will get in completing every matrix chain.
  2. The entry fee in this matrix system is only $50. This amount, you have to pay only one time. If you prefer a paid member of your chain, then you will get 20% of the bonus. That means you will get $8 if you refer a paid member to your referral matrix chain. Not only this, if you bring another member to the matrix chain, then you will also get an additional bonus from the company.
  3. There are five stages of the compensation plan. In the first and the last stage, you have to fulfill the criteria for filling the matrix chain with two customers. In the middle second, the third and fourth stages, you have to produce only five members according to the matrix plan.

The Issue with H2i

  1.  It is very hard to find the customers to fulfill the matrix chain. The information that has been provided regarding the origin of H2i is vague at times.
  2. Getting a bonus is possible only when the market is free. It is tough to overview the market with so many plans from the other companies.
  3. H2i is a Pyramid scheme and it must be avoided.


 Is Helping Hands International a Pyramid Scheme?

Yes, H2i is a Pyramid scheme, and it is a scam. You can not make money with Helping Hands International. It is not only a scam but a waste of time, energy, and resource.

What is a pyramid scheme?

A pyramid scheme is a fraudulent way of making money that is completely based on the recruitment of new members or investors. The initial members recruit investors that will, in turn, recruit more investors, and it goes on like that. 

You don't get rewards until you pay and recruit members that also pay. 

Because this scheme is based on recruitment, it usually collapses when the pool of potential recruits get to saturations.

This is precisely how Helping Hands International works.

Why is H2i a pyramid scheme scam? Helping Hands International is a pyramid scheme because there is no product and services involve.

H2i will make you pay a sign-on fee of $50, and you are expected to recruit more people to pay $50, and every member recruited are made to pay $50 contribution.

People are getting rewarded for paying a $50 sign-on fee. It is the accumulation of this money that has been shared around for gifts and various rewards.

Is Helping Hands International Worth It?

Thanks for reading my Helping Hands International review. Can you now make money with Helping Hands International? Is Helping Hands International a Pyramid Scheme? Or, Is Helping Hands International a scam?

When you boil things down, H2i is a multi-level marketing pyramid scheme.

This is my take about the H2i. It is not worth it because H2i is a pyramid scheme. 

In an organized country, it is a pyramid scheme is illegal and a crime. 

The question you ask yourself is this. Which values are you creating with your contribution of $50? Making money online is about solving real-life problems

What do you think of my helping hand's international review? Do you still think you can make money with Helping Hands International?

Are you a member of this program? Please do feel free to drop your opinion and feedback in my comment area.

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2 thoughts on “Can You Really Make Money with Helping Hands International?”

  1. I am not a member of this program but I would give it a try. However, I think there are better alternatives out there. There matrix chain system of rewards, and all the different requirements, seem hard to fulfill. I would definitely do more research first before paying that upfront fee.

    • Thanks for reading my Helping Hands International review.

      Please know that you can not make money with Helping Hands International because it is a Pyramid scheme.



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