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Pokemon Company International Review: Can You Really Make Money?

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You are welcome to my Pokemon Company International review.

Can you make money with Pokemon Company International? Is Pokemon Company International legit or a scam?


You are here because you are not sure if you can make money with Pokemon Company International.

This is a detailed review of all about how you can make money with Pokemon cards.

Please know that I am not a representative of Pokemon Company International. Therefore, I expect an unbiased review of this card and game company.

Please read on.

Estimated reading time: 9 minutes

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Pokemon at a Glance

what is pokemon go about

Product Name: Pokemon Company International.
Created By: Satoshi Tajiri & Ken Sugimori
Industry: Game
My Rating: 15%
Recommended: No

What is Pokemon?

Pokemon Company international also previously known as Pokemon USA Inc. is a subsidiary of the Japanese company created in 1996 but started operation on April 23, 1998, with the main functions of the management of the property outside Asia?

The company is responsible for Pokemon Card Game, licensing, television series, home entertainment, branding, and marketing its products globally.

Pokemon headquartered is located in Roppongi, Minato in Tokyo. They have a separate department that takes care of their activities around the world.

As of today, Pokemon has its headquarters in the following cities Minato, Tokyo, Japan, Washington, London, and Seoul.

In this Pokemon review, you will know what Pokemon is all about and, how you can make money with Pokemon, and I will reveal my best way of making money online that can be earning you over $10,000 monthly within two years.

You will also watch two or more Youtube Videos of What Pokemon is about and how to leverage on making money with Pokemon online.

What do you think of my Pokemon Company International review? Can you make money with Pokemon Company International?

Or, Is Pokémon Company International legit or a scam?

Do I Recommend the Pokemon Company International?

The Pokemon Company is a leading brand in the competitive innovative world, I would totally recommend anyone to work and consume their products and services.

Working with the company gives you an opportunity to be part of the diverse super talented people who enjoy the benefits that come with working in a fast-growing global environment, consuming their products gives you value for money.

Products Promoted By Pokemon International Company?

The company promotes products such as the Pokemon trading card game, animated TV series, comic books, kid toys, Pikachu gloves, pajama sets, and mega power Xbox sets.

Costs and Prizes for Goods and Services

The price of the products is ridiculously as low as $0.10 for trading cards and some assorted toys making them have an edge cutting advantage over their competitors, despite their low prices their products are of high quality.

So you get quality entertainment cheaply, one could make a choice to go for premium products retailing at an average price of $ 50.

Mega power Xbox is expensive with prices as high as $999. This gives the optimum quality entertainment and value for your money.

==>Tricks To Start Making Money With TCGPlayer

Pros of Pokemon Company International

  • ***Great Customer Service***

The company is has a great customer service structure.

It emphasizes the strategies to meet the customer needs above everything else by listening to customers’ concerns; and acting promptly to these issues, thus closing the gap between the customer expectations and the service offered.

This is evident as it has resulted in this company beating its competitors and being the dominant entity in the global market.

This has been successful as the company frequently seeks customer feedback in an attempt to eliminate the risk that comes with dissatisfaction with its products.

Is Pokémon Company International legit or a scam? Can you make money with Pokémon cards?

  • ***Bright Future For Pokemon***

The company has a bright future.

Pokemon Company does a self-evaluation analysis once in a while.

The company puts in place strategic plans within a reasonable time frame coupled with interim milestones as they evaluate their goals and how to accomplish them.

  • ***Systematized Process***

Pokemon Company takes its processes seriously. It’s no doubt that its engineering team is top-notch this is evident by the number of innovations achieved by the company since it was started.

These efforts have been rewarding given the fact that the company dominates its niche in the global market.

This is made possible by training innovators to build their skills in an effort to harness valuable underappreciated trends.

Issues with Pokemon Company International

  1. Slow Process

The background start-up process with the company is slow, most employees have a complaint that the process takes a long time for the benefits to reach a break-even point.

This actually should rather be a learning experience for serious individuals rather than being a con.

     2. Limited Earnings

When you work for the company logically you use the existing affiliate programs instead of developing your own programs, thus you are forced to depend on the merchandise rules and conditions set by the company.

This can be a disadvantage if you enter a program when it’s competitive and it losses the competition later but you won’t be in a position to adjust the terms.

Fortunately, the company sets reasonable terms and conditions for its employees.

   3. No Control Over Competition

As an employee there is little control over the competition, however, this should not be a hindrance to success comes with persistent hard work.

Target Audience for Pokemon Company International

The target audience has always been kids since they naturally love playing games and reading comic books, but the company has been increasing its efforts to keep up with the adults as evident by the recent advancement of the games as well as the franchise as a whole.

Such a good example is the game app Pokemon Go targeting the millennial groups and adults by invoking nostalgia from the initial Pokemon games which were booming in the 1990s when they were young.

From my observation, the company is making an effort to cut across all the generations. Can you make money with Pokemon cards?

Is Pokemon Company International legit or a scam?

what is pokmon about

How to Make Money with Pokemon Company International

An affiliate marketer can make money by promoting Pokemon products in exchange for a commission or cut profits from the goods sold.

Every time a sale is made from a recommendation on a web page by an affiliate she/he makes an earning.

In other words, the products are provided by a third party while an affiliate provides a marketing and sales channel.

You can make money with Pokemon cards by selling them online.

==>Simple Tricks To Start Making Money With

Selling Pokemon Cards Online

  • Post Pictures of Your Pokemon Cards on eBay

Real pictures of your Pokemon cards must be taken and posted on eBay to show the buyers what exactly they are buying.

Make sure the pictures show any part of the card that may have defected. Ensure that your picture includes both the back and front of the cards.

If you can also offer free shipping on the cards, that will boost your sales and you will get a better rating on eBay.

  • Locate Website That Buys Pokemon Cards

There are several websites that collect Pokemon cards, locating such websites can help you sell your cards. Such a website has its specification on how much they are ready to pay for your cards.

The challenge is that most of this website only buys mint conditioned cards; such a website will only buy mint cards. Defect cards will be difficult to be sold on such a website.

  • Splitting Your Pokemon Cards for Sales

Listing your cards separately will help you earn more than bundling them together.

The implication is that it pays to sell a single card than selling them together. You make more money splitting them.

  • State Your Pokemon Card Detail

When selling your card online, ensure you state your Pokemon card detail. Your card will not attract a quality audience if the details are not stated. Features of Pokemon card you should list should include:

  1. The condition of your card is your card still in mint or old or in between
  2. Is your card holographic, shadow or shadowless?
  3. Is your card a rare one or a common one?
  4. Lastly stating the set number of your card is also key
  • Have a Good Bidding Strategy

Ensure you have a good strategy to make a good sale on eBay. One of the best ways is to price your card very low initially such that it will attract people to start biding.

After that, there will always be a counter-bidding between the buyers, which will eventually raise your profits.

But if you are sure that your card(s) is important and valuable, it is advised you raise your price as you start bidding to avoid loss.

Also, apart from online sales of Pokemon cards, you can also make money with Pokemon cards by Physically selling Pokemon cards in-person meeting people in stores where Pokemon cards are been sold, shows where cards are been sold and Pokemon meet up shops.

Other ways are to also start a Pokemon card collection, Collecting Pokemon Cards, and reselling at a better price making your margin.

You can locate where rare and special Pokemon cards can be found, ensure you get and purchase them at a better price.

Is Pokemon International Company legit or a Scam?

Pokemon International Company is legit and not a scam.

The Pokemon Company has been successful in commanding international recognition in the entertainment industry.

Its common knowledge that this success leads to job opportunities as well as the growth of businesses.

Being an affiliate of the company means making money all day long even when you are sleep, thus making passive income which should be a priority for every freelancer.

This a good way of earning extra income which could boost one’s income in addition to being an opportunity to utilize free time maximally.

This is coupled with the fact that the affiliate program requires low start-up costs.

This is only related to referral in order to sell products without actually having to create a product or ship them makes it a great opportunity.

Is Pokemon Company International legit or a scam? Can you make money with Pokemon cards?

Is Pokemon Company International Worth It?

Can you now make good money with Pokemon cards? What do you think?

Is Pokemon Company International legit or a scam

what are good side hustles

Working and being a consumer of products from Pokemon Company is one of the fruitful experience for both consumers and marketers as their products and services are top-notch.

It can be noted that the advantages of their products and services overweight the disadvantages.

In summary, what is Pokemon about? Pokemon is one of the leading companies in animated TV series, comic books, kid toys, Pikachu gloves, pajama sets.

The gaming industry is a multi-million dollar business, you can even be making money online playing video games.

Indeed, there are several opportunities in the gaming industry. You can make huge money selling Pokemon cards online, most especially on your own website.

You will need to work hard though with better strategies to make your margin.

The good news is that you can have your own website and it is also free. Claim your FREE websites here.

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