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Fancy Hands Work from Home Jobs: Can You Really Make Money?

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Home » PERSONAL DEVELOPEMENT » Fancy Hands Work from Home Jobs: Can You Really Make Money?

You are welcome to my Fancy Hands Jobs review. Can you make money with Fancy Hands work from home jobs? Or, Is Fancy Hands Jobs legit or a scam?

The question is, how much can you make as a Virtual Assistant with Fancy Hands online jobs.


Fancy Hands provides Virtual Assistant jobs, and they also have a pool of clients in their database that constantly seeks Virtual Assistant tasks.

Fancy Hands Jobs include sending emails, scheduling appointments, making phone calls, and other essential administrative tasks.

I am sure you will like to know the good, the bad, and the ugly about Fancy Hands Online Jobs, you are surely in the right place.

Please read on.

Estimated reading time: 21 minutes

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Fancy Hands at a Glance

Fancy Hands Jobs

Program Name: Fancy Hands
Founder & CEO: Ted Roden
Official Phone No: +1 (646) 755-9298.
FAQs: Frequent Ask Questions
Email Address:

Summary of Fancy Hands Jobs Review

One of the best ways to start an online business and start making money is to start working as a Virtual Assistant (VA). But can you make money with Fancy Hands work from home jobs?

I can assure you that this is one of the best companies that is making it possible to become one.

This is a website and company that provide specialized contract workers and support services of virtual assistants for everyone that needs it from various remote locations.

Most Fancy Hinds’ virtual assistants are contractors and freelance workers that do their jobs from their various homes and locations.

For you to make money with Fancy Hands work from home jobs, you only need to have the skills to use the websites and software with a good internet connection.

What do you think of my Fancy Hands Jobs Review?

What Is Fancy Hands?

This site has been around since 2010, and it is a company that provides virtual assistants (VA) for busy professionals within the United States only.

The company does not entertain clients internationally.

Fancy Hand is a site that provides a Virtual Assistant service, and it gives you an excellent work-from-home opportunity.

You get paid as per the tasks and not by the hours that you spend.

If I look at it closely, the site does provide you an opportunity to earn some bucks.

As a Virtual Assistant, you would need to finish some tasks.

The good part is that you are working from the comfort of your home, and you do not have to go anywhere.

As long as you are efficient and can communicate, you would be able to make a decent amount with Fancy Hands jobs.

I would have to agree that it makes life easy because you can give your work to an efficient person and concentrate on other tasks.

Would I recommend Fancy Hands Jobs? Absolutely! But, can you make money with make money with Fancy Hands work from home jobs?

For elaborate details about the site, you must read the full review that I have written just for you! Learn what people are saying about Fancy Hands-on Quora.

What is Fancy Hands work from home jobs for?

Fancy Hand is a Virtual Assistant site which helps business owners to hire people on a freelance basis. In this competitive world, there are endless tasks to complete.

Wouldn’t you want a personal assistant for handling text messages and phone calls?

You cannot do that all by yourself because you have many other things to take care of.

The company comes into the picture and makes life easy breezy for you!

How? You can hire a Virtual assistant for a nominal price and do what you love!

Yes, they believes that you must do what you love and leave the rest to them.

There are Virtual assistants from all over the world, who would complete the tasks which are instructed by you.

A personal assistant may be expensive to hire but a virtual assistant at this company would make life easy and will not burn a hole in your pocket.

If I talk about this site as a working opportunity for people then it is a great way to earn!

You work as an individual contractor and choose the number of hours you wish to work.

The site does not ask for the experience or any requirements, you just need to be a good communicator.

It is a New York-based company owned by Joshua Boltuch which makes life simple for business owners and it gives an opportunity to work as well.

What do you think of the review of Fancy Hands Jobs?

How Fancy Hands Jobs Works

Clients often employ Fancy Hands to gain extra time so that they can focus their time and effort on another pressing task.

Most time, the clients give these jobs out to websites and companies that provide Virtual Assistant services.

Such companies such as Fancy Hands website, because they don’t have the time to do it.

Fancy Hands is, therefore, use as a tool to gain more time as they contract a simple task to a virtual assistant. A job such as online research, event planning, setting up conference calls, telephone calls, booking flights, etc.

Fancy Hands jobs are executed by Virtual Assistants (VA) that are hosted in the cloud.

VA jobs are mostly part-time, and they work remotely such that they accept the task as they are sent to the pool by the clients.

The clients usually submit their job requests via Mobile Apps, emails, and through another medium such as text.

Such tasks are submitted in a shared pool of task feed were most qualified and available virtual assistants’ pick up these jobs.

As a virtual assistant, you will get paid to do this task on behalf of the clients, and you are responsible for the company.

You report back to the site when the job is completed for the job and task submission.

As soon as the client confirmed that a good job is being done satisfactorily by the virtual assistant (VA), such VA will be paid instantly.

What do you think of my Fancy Hands Jobs Review?

These are basically how tasks are get executed daily in my opinion.

Fancy Hands Work from Home Jobs

Are you wondering about the kinds of jobs and tasks you may be handling on this site?

Usually, Fancy Hands jobs are jobs that can be done and assign online or sometimes via phone calls.

Jobs requested by clients vary, but they are types of jobs that busy people don’t usually have time to do on their own.

Such tasks can include the following:

  • Blogging and Social Media Jobs

  1. Schedule content
  2. Assign blog URLs to an MS Excel/Google Spreadsheet
  3. Obtain website URLs to Google Spreadsheet
  4. Research fresh content sources for social media
  5. Find relevant stock pictures for blog posts
  • General Admin Jobs

  1. Type info from scanned, handwritten notes into a Google Doc
  2. Make reservations and Assign appointments into Google Calendar
  3. Download resumes and change filenames on each file
  4. Combine multiple Word files into one Word file
  5. Finding listings for specific items
  6. Obtain quotes for eBooks
  7. Waiting on Hold – Fast Customer or Lucy Phone
  8. Make Dinner Reservations – OpenTable
  9. Meal Delivery – Seamless Web
  10. Text message, Phone reminder or Escape call
  11. Order a car service – Uber or GroundLink
  • Research Jobs

  1. State-specific URLs to register a new employer
  2. Best rated for Cars
  3. Flight, hotel and car rental prices
  4. Internet Service Providers for a specific city
  5. Best pricing for remote airport parking
  6. Quotes for car detailing
  7. Recent articles on a particular subject
  8. Statistics of a specific subject
  9. Software and tools to collect tweets
  10. Best pricing/comparison pricing for any items
  11. Gift items on Etsy

What Does Fancy Hands Sell or Promote?

Let us say that you want to give a small task to a professional.

It could be a restaurant reservation, sales call, or even finding something on the internet, the client can easily find someone to do these tasks.

One can submit these tasks via email, phone, or the web interface.

In fact, you would be pleased to know that there is a mobile application as well.

You can hire people to do the tasks and these people are efficient and hard-working.

You do not have to hire a personal assistant because you can hire a virtual assistant at a decent cost.

It promotes work-from-home business opportunities for students and stay-at-home parents.

One can easily make $11 per hour by finishing the task. This is decent, isn’t it?

Fancy Hands Plans and Price?

Virtual Assistant required a cost.

Listed below are Fancy Hands Plans and Pricing for the client’s subscriptions.

  • Basic Plan: 5 requests (Monthly Payment of $29.99)
  • Professional Plan: 15 requests (Monthly Payment of monthly of $74.99)
  • Premier Plan: 50 requests (Monthly Payment of $199.99)

You can save 15% of your subscription fee in any of the plans by going for a yearly pre-paying plan. You can call it advance annual payment.

***It is vital to note that each client request has a maximum time of 20 minutes of job durations. ***

How to Become a Virtual Assistant with Fancy Hands

The first requirement to become a Virtual Assistant with this site is to apply on the website under the career menu.

Ensure you register with a Gmail email account that is one of condition to apply.

Below is a list of requirements you must meet to be eligible to become a Virtual Assistant (VA) on this site:

  1. You will have to be a native English Speaker and be based in the United States of America (USA) to get a job as a virtual assistant.
  2. Your communication skills must be very great because you will need to receive instruction from different people and places.
  3. Ensure you are good at using different kinds of tools and apps that simplify VA jobs such as Google Docs, Scheduling apps, Google calendar, etc.
  4. You must have a good computer with a consistent internet connection.
  5. Be good at talking on the phone and also be good at using the internet because that is your primary access to jobs that will be assigned to you.
  6. You will also need a good microphone with an audio headset that is connected to your phone
  7. You must be skillful in a variety of fields; this will give you extra advantage to handle multiple tasks. You must be willing to:
    • Try out need things
    • Be self-achiever,
    • Show initiatives,
    • To take responsibility and
    • Be ready to try out new things.

How Much Can You Make with Fancy Hands work from Home Jobs

This is the question most people ask a lot in the different forums about Fancy Hands. How much money can a Virtual Assistant with the Fancy Hands?

As a Virtual Assistant with Fancy Hands, you can be making between $3 to $7 for every completed task, but some job is worth even more. Fancy Hands also pay its Virtual Assistant per task.

The amount you will be earning will depend on the following:

  • How good you are on the job,
  • The number of tasks you can execute and complete within a given time,
  • The availability of the task and
  • Also the time of day.

It is essential also to know that tasks are priced according to difficult it is to get such completed within a specific time.

On a good day, a Fancy Hands Virtual Assistant can also make $12 an hour.
Averagely each task at Fancy Hands takes 20 to 30 minutes to complete.

If you are good at performing your task, you can be promoted to a managerial position where you will have the opportunity to manage other task assistants.

You will choose your working hours. There is the availability of tasks 24 hours. Therefore you can decide the number of hours you plan to put to your work.

You decide either you are working full-time or part-time with the Fancy Hands. What do you think of this Fancy Hands Jobs Review?

How to Claim and Complete a Task at Fancy Hands

As soon as your application is okay. You will log in to your Fancy Hands profile.

Tasks that must be claimed will be listed with the amount of money that will be paid on your Fancy Hands dashboard.

You need to go through the task requirements to know what the client wants you to do. And you can then decide if a particular task is meant for you or not.

You should know that you can only claim a task at a time. You can not take too many task at the same time.

If you act reluctantly, a task can be claimed by another Fancy Hands Virtual Assistants while you are still reviewing it.

This is why you must act swiftly in claiming any task you are sure you can execute well within a specified period.

You are to start working on any task immediately; and you cannot claim a job and wait on it.

You have to complete all task at the agree time duration.

There is some task that you can not treat immediately, but you must agree with the terms of every task.

You will need to wait until they open shop before such a task can be executed.

In this instance; you can place such a task on hold (with a written note) and move on to another task.

You must go back to the job at the set time, and the system will prompt you to conclude such a task.

Any completed task will be relayed to a mentor Queue where a Fancy Hands Virtual Assistants manager will review the job and check if it is okay.

If the task is not done as required by the client. It will be sent back to you for a revision.

There is a handbook that will be handed over to you on how to claim and complete a Fancy Hands task.

What do you think of my review of Fancy Hands Jobs Review?

Click to Download Fancy Hands Hand Books PDF Format

Fancy Hands Mobile Application (App)

The site has a great mobile smartphone application with a lot of features for both Android and iOS.

The Fancy Hands is the only virtual Assistant service provider that is accessible via a dedicated mobile app. It has a beautiful user interface with almost all the functional capabilities of their browser website.

Features you can find in the Fancy Hands Application include:

  • You can view your usage statistics
  • View the list of existing requests placed
  • You can create and submit a new request by typing (text) and useful for recording a fast voice recording request
  • VA can take pictures or access existing picture that is needed to complete any task
  • You can update the task list
  • It will help you to place text request
  • Create a new action for your to-do list.
  • You can archive tasks and access them at the same time
  • Search through your jobs
  • You can read and send mail to support via the App
  • Write a short- and long-term action plans on your to-do list in the App.
  • Edit your to-do list, i.e., You can clear the to-do list and take the item off at the same time.

How to Get Paid at Fancy Hands

Virtual Assistant at Fancy Hands gets paid every Tuesday.

Fancy Hands will pay you via Dwolla as a direct deposit to your bank account.

It will take roughly 3 to 5 working days to process your Dwolla direct deposit payment.

Before now, Fancy Hands pays through PayPal, but they have migrated entirely to paying via Dwolla now.

Is Fancy Hands A Good Money Making Venture?

If you talk about virtual assistants then I would say that they are making a decent amount by working from home.

A work-from-home opportunity can be excellent for stay-at-home mothers or students.

If you have good communication skills and basic computer skills, you can earn a good amount on this site.

The pay rates for the virtual assistants are $2.50 – $7.5 per task. It may be appealing and sometimes you may not like the type of task.

However, you have the choice of choosing the task.

Do note that you need to give an aptitude test to be a virtual assistant on this site. You would also need to submit a recording of the self.

As for the clients, who buy the package, they would benefit by saving time and money.

When you hire a personal assistant, it gets expensive and a virtual assistant is practical. Yes, you save time as well as money.

What is Good About Fancy Hands?

  1. It helps the business owners to save time
  2. One can save money by opting for the plans. Hiring a personal assistant can be expensive!
  3. It is a great work-from-home opportunity.

My Issues with Fancy Hands {Red Flags)

  • VA Payment Is Via Dwolla and Not PayPal

Fancy Hands payment to Virtual Assistants are now entirely handled by Dwolla instead of PayPal; this slows down the way VA get their money.

PayPal is the most popular online payment that many people are used to. This is a minus for me.

  • Fancy Hands Low Pay

Fancy Hands payment is too low for any Virtual assistant to be committed to the job.

Some of the tasks that are priced between $3 to $7 will take you between 20 to 30 minutes on a good day.

But this is not for every job; many of the tasks take up to an hour to deliver.

Can you imagine earning such low pay per hour in the USA?

Fancy Hands Payment are Not Guaranteed

Your payment as a Virtual assistant to Fancy Hands is not guaranteed.

The client must approve your payment before you can get paid by the Fancy Hands itself.

If the client decides not to like your job, then you will not be paid.

  • Fancy Hands Is for US Based Virtual Assistant Only

Fancy Hands will only work with the United States of American Virtual Assistant.

Therefore, if you are outside the USA, don’t bother to apply because your application will be rejected.

BBB rating is usually consulted and like by many to know the way they respond to customer complaints.

The BBB ratings of Fancy Hands as of the time of this review are (C-); C Minus BBB ratings for me are not suitable for any company.

The highest rating is A+; this is considered to be the opinion of the Fancy Hands clients.

fancy hands jobs

Fancy Hands can terminate or revoke your membership status if in any case, you go against its Terms of Use Agreement.

It is essential to read the Fancy Hands Terms of Use Agreement to limit your exposure before you go far with this company.

See a screenshot below:

ancy hands virtual assistant jobs

Source: Fancy Hands Terms of Use Agreement

Who is Fancy Hands for?

As a business owner, you can hand over a number of tasks to the Virtual Assistants.

These include typing hand-written notes, making hotel or travel reservations, setting a photoshoot, planning an event, managing calendar, proofreading documents, and much more.

The site is also meant for those, who are looking for an excellent work-from-home opportunity.

You can take up tasks and make a decent amount of money.

How to Make Money with Fancy Hands work from home jobs?

The question is – how do you make money with Fancy Hands work from home jobs?

You can make money with Fancy Hands work from home jobs Online Jobs by working as a Virtual Assistant.

All you need to do is give an aptitude test. Yes, your grammar would be tested as well!

Do note that you need to make a recording of you as well.

At Fancy Hands, you would be handling basic tasks to administrative tasks. Some tasks may require you to do simple research and others may require you to make phone calls or plan an event.

It is a great experience and the icing on the cake is that you can earn as well!

A client may even ask you to make hotel reservations for upcoming vacations!

Your job as a virtual assistant will not be boring!

For business owners, it is a great way to save money and time.

How? Your tasks will be handled by the efficient virtual assistants, who are happy to do the task for you at a nominal rate. I would agree that this site is very useful!

Alternative to Fancy Hands Work from Home Jobs

Yes, there are alternatives but I am not sure if they are better or not. I

do consider Fancy Hands as a legit and competitive site.

Many freelancers are working on the site and they are having a wonderful experience.

You can easily work from home and earn money by completing the tasks.

In fact, by spending a few hours in a day, you can earn up to $50 which is good enough!

As a business owner, you can save time and money because the price is not too high!

There is a site called Zirtual but the price may be a bit steep to hire professionals.

There is Time Etc which also allows you to hire professionals. People are even hiring professionals from Upwork and FREELANCER.

Zirtual site has some very cool features but Time Etc wins the race because the pricing is superior and you get a free trial as well.

Online Opinion of Fancy Hands

Fancy Hands is loved by most of the business owners because they do not have to pay a fortune to complete the tasks.

In fact, it is a great business opportunity for the freelancers, who can take up tasks of their choice and earn some money.

Some of the users felt that some of the projects are under-priced.

However, most of the reviewers believed that it does help them earn decent bucks.

The business owners felt that it is the best and the most affordable way to get their work done.

Fancy Hands Work from Home Jobs Application Denials

Have you been denied by Fancy Hands of your interset to work with the company?

The truth is that there are no significant reasons why these applicants are not employed by Fancy Hands

There is a lot of complaint online that Fancy Hands deny many applications without informing the applicants of the reasons and why those applications were denied.

It is pathetic that people are not happy with the management of Fancy Hands the way they frequently denied the Fancy Hands Applicant of the opportunity to work with the company.

Many of these people are well educated with even Ph.D. degrees, but they are still found to not suitable to work as a Virtual assistant to Fancy Hands.

See screenshots of a few of many online complaints.

fancy hands work home

work fancy hands

Is Fancy Hands Legit or a Scam?

Fancy Hands is legit and not a scam.

what are good side hustles

There is no major scam warning about Fancy Hands online.

But the question is this, can you make money with Fancy Hands work from home jobs?

The company has been in the Virtual Assistants service business since 2010, and they have been doing okay.

When you take a task and such a task is done well according to the specification, and such a client approves, you will be paid. It is on record that Fancy Hands will always pay his Virtual Assistants.

If at all, your task is sent back for a redo, you will redo the job and return it, and you will get paid.

Agree that the pay may not be that great, how long with it takes you to earn good morning while making between $3 to $7 per hour?

Also, many clients will only contract out those jobs that they hate doing themselves. This is why you have to take your time to review jobs before taken them.

Screenshot of some online complaints about Fancy Hands:

jobs like fancy hands


Fancy Hands work from home jobs

Is Fancy Hands Online Jobs Worth It?

Thank you for reading my Fancy Hands Jobs review. Do you think you have what it takes to make money with Fancy Hands work from home jobs?

Or, do you think that Fancy Hands legit or a scam? In my opinion, Fancy Hands Online Jobs is not a scam.

In fact, it is a very useful site for both business owners and freelancers. You can get the job done at a nominal rate.

For freelancers, it can be a great part-time or full-time job. One can make a decent amount of money by working from home.

The business owners can save time and make great savings as well! In fact, there is a mobile application that makes life easy for business owners.

Should you choose Fancy Hands for hiring a freelancer or working as a freelancer?

Absolutely! There is no shade of doubt about that.

Do you know of any person involved in Fancy Hands Online Jobs? Can you make money with Fancy Hands work from home jobs?

Kindly drop your opinion or comment on my comment area if you have any contrary view about fancy hands, I will be eager to read from you.

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16 thoughts on “Fancy Hands Work from Home Jobs: Can You Really Make Money?”

  1. Aw man….I was really excited, until I saw how terrible the pay is! Also, that one review about being turned down as “overqualified” is something I’ve dealt with myself. What other opportunities like this are you aware of, that have a better reputation?

    1. Hi,
      Thanks for reading my review about the Fancy Hand Jobs.

      There are so many such opportunities every where online. You just need to search and chase your passion. You can easily turn your passion and skills into making a full time income online.



    2. Do you have to sign up for a Dwolla Account in able to get paid? Or is it just their platform and you would only have to supply your routing and acct number to Fancy Hands?

      1. Dear Cheryl,
        You will need to sign up for Dwolla before you get paid.

        Thanks for reading my fancy hands jobs review.

        Really appreciate.

    3. I had never really thought about Fancy Hands before reading this, so thank you for such a thorough overview. To me it definitely sounds like it’s not worth the money. However, I could see earning that pay in a place with a very low cost of living — like if I moved to Thailand haha. Is there a company similar to this one but with better pay and Paypal that you recommend?

    4. It looks like this could be a viable option for someone looking for supplemental income. I have two questions about Fancy Hands Job application.

      A friend of mine wants to get out of fancy hands how she deletes her accounts? And if an application is denied, what can applicant do to re-apply and get admitted?

      Thanks for the great review.

      1. Dear Kimberly.s,

        Thanks for reading my Fancy Hands Jobs review.

        Ok. To get out of fancy hands jobs and cancel your fancy hands manually. Go to your billing information page on your profile page. Just click cancel my account. Or you can communicate directly to the Fancy Hands support center to cancel your Fancy Hands services.

        It is that easy.

        Also, to answer your question about fancy Hands denial of your application.

        Yes, Fancy hands can turn down your application, and in fact, they are used to deny many people.

        I think you should thank your star. Fancy Hands is not a job that worth your time, it is purely a waste of time and energy working with Fancy Hands.

        I wish they deny my sister her application the first time she applied. She would have gone far with her blogging business now, but she was with the Fancy hands jobs for years. In the end she left and become a blogger.

        She learned how to become a money-making blogger with Wealthy Affiliate. The money she made in her first year as a blogger was times 80 of what she did with Fancy Hands Jobs for six years. I mean 80X of earnings of six years in one year of blogging for money.

        I am happy for you for getting your application denied at Fancy hands jobs.

        But if you insist you must work and surfer with fancy hands. Just Re-apply.

        You may be lucky for some days.



    5. Well, good review, John.

      I think Fancy Hands is not a scam but a place where freelancers can sell their services and get some money for it.

      It’s a decent way to earn some money or even a living if you choose to.

      What is the best skills I need to become a great Fancy Hand employee or skill I need to be a good Virtual Assistant?

      Nothing special, but not a scam.

      1. Dear Allen,

        Thank for reading my Fancy Hand Review.

        I am glad you came and you even drop a comment. Thank you.

        I think you will do great as a Fancy Hand or virtual assistant in on any platform if you have the following skills:

        * You must be ready to improve yourself all the time
        * You need some basic account skills
        * You must be a good sales person
        * You must be a good communicator
        * You must learn to plan and strategized

        Thanks again for the nice comments



    6. Fancy Hands seems like an ok company. It’s nothing to write home about but it’s not a scam either.

      I don’t know if it’s the best place to be when you’re a beginner (maybe something like the other company – wealthy affiliate, might be better) but it’s another way to make some money.

      A friend of mine joined but have a pproem of how to cancel her account. Do you know how one can cancel an account on Fancy Hand platform?


      1. Thanks for reading my Fancy hands review. The objective of the article is to investigate if Fancy Hands is a scam or not.

        To cancel your account with Fancy hands, go directly to the billing information page. Then click on the link that state Cancel your account. Or send a mail to the Fancy hands support team with all your details and request to cancel your account.

        What do you think? If you have other issues, kindly contact me by dropping your comment.



    7. As someone who works from home, I really appreciate how incredibly thorough this article is regarding all the pros and cons. It sounds tempting, but I’m hesitant because I’m not sure it would be worth my time. Does the author of this article know of any similar opportunities that might pay a bit better? Thanks!

      1. Thanks for reading my Fancy Hand Job Review.

        Yes, you can make money with the Fancy Hands Jobs, but it is not worth you time and energy.

        You can develop a system that will help you to make a full time income onlone



    8. I could use a virtual assistant for my business. It’s been hard finding a good one, so it’s nice to read Fancy Hands helps with promoting the tasks/projects I might share on the platform. Even if I were a virtual assistant myself, $11 per hour is not bad for an online gig. How many virtual assistants are on this website?

      1. Thanks fir reading my article on how to make money with Fancy Hands.

        Office assistant is a great initiative. But can you really make good money with this Fancy hand?

        One of my strong point is that there is nothing like your own business?

        That is why I am recommending Wealthy Affiliate.

        Sincere regards


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