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The World Leaders and Mass Adoption of Bitcoin: What Are They Saying?

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This article is all about the mass adoption of Bitcoin and what the world leaders are saying and why they are embracing it.

Frequently, the mass adoption of Bitcoin is a topic that almost all members of the Bitcoin community show more concern.


The fact from the very beginning remains that Bitcoin would, in the end, become a great thing and, of course, the mainstream of all businesses.

The increase in the demand for Bitcoin is no longer a thing of deliberation as more and more businesses open vast opportunities for this currency usage.

By now, it’s evident that the prophesied of mass adoption of Bitcoin is here without a ray of doubt.

While some people are still asking if Bitcoin is worth market trading, the current trends of the currency fluctuation will leave that question insane.

In this article, I will take you through the new trend in the Bitcoin market and what the world leaders are saying about this new era of Bitcoin.

You will watch a YouTube video of what the rich and famous people in the world are saying about this excellent crypto coin.

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The Rise in Bitcoin Pricing After The Split

Mass Adoption of Bitcoin

Back in 2013, when cryptocurrency was still experiencing excellent media coverage along with unknown or unprecedented growth in the Bitcoin price, a lot of people were still it to receive global recognition just in few years ahead and at that time is now.

While the Bitcoin development community welcomed a software upgrade “SegWit2x,” which aim aimed to increase the transaction capacity of the network, some people were in doubt, and they tried to avoid the split of the currency.

Still, of course, the dream wasn’t a futile one.

For the first time after the split, Bitcoin’s price climbed over $5,000 with a Market Cap of $76.4B, a high price of $4912.84, a low price of $952.68, a total supply of 16.5M and an entire block of 483372. Isn’t that amazing?

The Best Time to Invest in Bitcoin

 Now let us see the different trends of the skyrocket prices in the past few months after the split.

Between June 30th,–July 31st, the prices of Bitcoin were regulating between $2483.50 and $2839.18. However, the month of August;

Between July 31st-September 1st, the amounts of Bitcoin after the split has experienced the most significant height regulating between $2839.18 and $4912.84.

By September 1st and 2nd, the price of Bitcoin climbed above $5,000, and the prophecy remains that the cost of Bitcoin in the nearest future remains limitless but unknown yet.

This information is from CoinDesk on the Bitcoin Price Index (BPI).

Whatever you’re thinking now is the best time to get involved in the Bitcoin market.

I call it an insane question if anyone still asks at this point if Bitcoin is worth investing in or if it’ll be globally accepted for transactions.

It has already become a significant mainstream for most online marketers as a means of commission or benefit for service rendered.

The era of Bitcoin’s mass adoption is now- not the next year and, it’s time to take your chance.

Why You Should Invest In Bitcoin

 At this point, almost everybody has heard about Bitcoin or know little or much about it since it rose so high and dominates the headlines.

However, you may still be wondering why you should invest in Bitcoin at this high rate or if it’s late to join the moving boat.

Here’s the catch I want you to hold onto first- until the price of Bitcoin hits $10,000, you aren’t late at all.

The exponential growth of the Bitcoin market and price remains unprecedented, and, of course, you can get involved anytime.

Below are some reasons why you should get involved and invest in Bitcoin now:

  • Bitcoin is unstoppable.
  • Because of its mass adoption.
  • Because of its Halving Protocol.
  • Bitcoin is very safe or secured.
  • The transaction of Bitcoin is straightforward.
  • Bitcoin has a low inflation risk.
  • It appreciates value.
  • Bitcoin is flexible.
  • It’s effortless, and the transactions are speedy.
  • The trading or purchase of Bitcoin isn’t taxed.

Among many other reasons why you should invest in Bitcoin, the above listed should be the basics. Bitcoin growth is unstoppable.

Bitcoin’s mass adoption by merchants as payment methods, more money markets investing from different places, and more advocates.

For the first few years of Bitcoin’s existence, it was only used or permitted as a means of private exchange, but the story is different today and should be a lesson drawn from the mass adoption and general usage.

The trading of Bitcoin is far easier than you think. All you have to do is buy your coins using your credit or debit, bank, and or PayPal account. It’s as simple or straightforward as that.

And the most exciting part of this digital coin is that it can’t be changed, hacked, or manipulated, and since they are digital, they can’t be copied or counterfeited.

You can send and receive money anywhere and anytime around the globe with Bitcoin.

Bitcoin also eradicates one of the biggest problems with the current currency “dollar” or other currencies around the world, which is inflation.

Also, the fact that the purchases of Bitcoin aren’t taxed is another added advantage for Bitcoin traders.

Now, instead of being highly volatile as experienced in its early stages, it has attained a steady growth rate over the past few months and stabilized with steady daily growth.

Different Ways to Earn Bitcoin

  1. You can earn Bitcoin as a regular income
  2. You can earn freely by merely completing some online tasks
  3. Accepting them as a means of payment
  4. You can obtain from interest payments
  5. Earn from mining
  6. You can earn through trading
  7. You can earn Bitcoin as a tip for excellent services rendered

Also, many people make Bitcoin through gambling, although not recommended.

Is Bitcoin Really Worth It?

What is your take on the current mass adoption of Bitcoin by many people around the world and what the famous, world leaders, and the rich are saying about it?

The instabilities or you call it fluctuation in Bitcoin price may scare many from embracing Bitcoin now.

Are you still wondering if it’s the right time to invest in Bitcoin?

There is no right or wrong time, the best time is now, there are many ways to deal with Bitcoin, you can buy Bitcoin and hold for as long as you can or purchase and reselling as the price appreciates.

The good news is that the mass adoption of Bitcoin and why the world leaders are now accepting and embracing it is improving the pricing lately. You can learn more about Bitcoin on Wikipedia.

You can make a lot of margins, most especially if you are buying and reselling one of my favorite websites for that is the  LocalBitcoin, where you can trade Bitcoin with your local currency, no matter where you are in the world.

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16 thoughts on “The World Leaders and Mass Adoption of Bitcoin: What Are They Saying?”

  1. This definitely one of the best invention of our era, it is safe reliable and just like the stock market.
    I have invested and have no regrets as yet

    1. Dear Tyrese,

      thanks for reading my article on Mass Adoption Of Bitcoin And What The World Leaders Are Saying​.

      I hope you will visit again?



  2. Bitcoin is interesting and it sure is generating a whole lot of conversation. I feel a bit differently from you because I feel like bitcoin is collapsing and people are now seeing it for what it is. It was going crazy in mid December and everybody wanted to jump on the bandwagon. It has been declining since that major bubble burst. With that being said, I still think it’s a smart move to mine it. I would never purchase it though. But anyway those are my thoughts, and I really enjoy reading other peoples take on bitcoin.

    1. Mellissa,

      thanks for your thought. If you know where Bitcoin is coming from you will know that it has come to stay. Bitcoin is not going any where now. If you are smart and you can take some element of risk it is better to invest now!!! You can invest any money you feel if you lose you wont feel it. 

      As at 2011 Bitcoin was less than a dollar. With all the assort thrown at Bitcoin, it ought to have gotten destroy but is will not. So take a deep breath and invest ONLY amount of money you can give away even if it crash, it is better than loosing out entirely.



  3. I don’t know much about Bitcoin but read your review with a certain amount of interest.

    I would have thought by now that government would have stepped in and regulated it or the banks “fed” got involved and created their own crypto. Maybe this will happen, what do you think?

    1. Hi Mick,

      I know that Bitcoin has come to stay. There is no weapon targeted by the Fed or any country that can stop Bitcoin. Why is that? Because Bitcoin and other crypto is not own by any country but centralized. It is a store of value.

      Bitcoin was less than a dollar in 2011, but it is now over $6,000 in 2018. Bitcoin will fall and rise, but it will continue to survive. It is only good to invest any amount that you can risk. DO NOT put all your investment into Bitcoin. If you have $100 buy what you can and use a wallet that you control like the best hardware wallets ever.

      Thanks for visiting my webpage.


  4. Hello Jofa,

    I was doing some research on cryptocurrency and I happened to stumble upon your page. The information you provided is very clear and perfect for beginners like myself.

    My friend and I have been talking about this for a month now and needed that extra push.

    I will most definitely recommend this to my friends and we will be returning to double check.

    kind regards,

  5. I have heard a lot of people talk about bitcoin, and how it is a great investment.

    Are you personally investing in bitcoin right now? Would you ever suggest to buy a certain amount of bitcoin during the year then try to resell it for a profit?

    Also I have heard people talk about other crypto currencies, like ripple? Do you have any experience with this type of currency — or should we stick with bitcoin?

    1. Bitcoin has come to stay because it has gone through a lot of challenges and it is still withstands all the challenges. It started from less than a penny in 2011. It cost over $4,500 today. My advice to you is that do not invest in bitcoin more than the funds you can avoid to lose. Because bitcoin will always fall and rise again and fall again. 

      Please don not take my advice as an expertise advice because i am not an expert in investment or business. i am just a common man that like the Bitcoin ideal. 

      Thank you for visiting my web page. 



  6. Jofa; I fond your post interesting. For some time now mI have been hearing about Bit Coin but never in so much detail as you have presented it in your post.

    From the convincing way in which you have presented your information I am thinking to take positive action.

    There is one thing that I need clarity on , that is: after buying the Bit Coin, will I have to find my way through selling it to some one else, or is it a trading business like the Stock market?

    I do not have knowledge of trading that way.

    1. Hi DocasW

      You have so many option on what to do with your Bitcoin. You can keep them for a long while, you can invest your Bitcoin to earn more money or you can trade your bitcoin. 

      For trading of Bitcoin, you can do that on this LocalBitcoins. it accept all countries and region. You can also invest your Bitcoin on Bitconnect. 

      People are making lot of money with Bitcoin, you should know that it is not advisable to pump all your money in Bitcoin. Only invest money you can loose. Bitcoin trading or investment is a volatile business.

      Really appreciate you visit to my website


  7. I did not know you could earn bitcoin by completing online tasks. That was very exciting to read. Can you give me some examples of things I could do online to earn bitcoin revenue?

    Also on what I could trade and earn bitcoin revenue as well.

    I’m literally over here with a pen and pad taking notes. Keep up the good work and thank you for the wonderful insight.

    1. Hi James, 

      You can do so many things to earn money via Bitcoin. People are making million of dollar daily online trading and making margin via Bitcoin. You can buy and store value in your bitcoin, this implies buy and keep bitcoin for a long time. The expert predicted that bitcoin may get to over $10,000 in the next three years, also reaches over $1m in the next 15 to 20 years. 

      You can also buy Bitcoin when it falls and sell when it appreciates in prices making margin. You can do what I am doing here educating people promoting product relating to Bitcoin through your website. In the process making money via commission you earning from affiliate marketing. 

      And so many other stuff you can do. Check out my write up on Proven Ways To Make Money With Bitcoin

  8. Very interesting.. I’ve been learning more and more about bitcoin the last couple of weeks and In talking with some people, it is true that it seems a bit uncertain at this point. But, recent years of it accumulating so much trading power and seemed to prove otherwise. I guess there is always, or seems to always, be a catch. Bitcoin seems so amazing and perfect, but I can’t help but resist because it is so amazing. I don’t know, what do you think?

    1. Hi Kyle 

      All I can tell you is that Bitcoin is here to stay. Buy Bitcoin with certain amount of money YIU can properly loose and ensure you keep it a one of my best and Top Three Hardware Wallets . It will or may definitely appreciate in future. 

      Bitcoin was les than a dollar this time in 2011 but it worth over $4,000 today. 

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