Can You Really Double Your Bitcoin? Scam Alert

You are welcome to my review on how to double your Bitcoin. I am sure you are here because you want to know if it is possible to double your money by increasing your bitcoin.

But can you double your bitcoin? Are bitcoin doublers are legit or scam?

Yes, you can double your bitcoin, but how. What are the legitimate ways to get your bitcoin double?

There are ways you can get your bitcoin doubled, and there is another one way you should never try to get your bitcoin doubled.

Can You Really Double Your Bitcoin?

You have to work and buy or invest your money to get it doubled. Why would you just give out your bitcoin to be doubled within a day or two? 

This is a sign that you are lazy and you don't want to work for your money.  There is no FREE money anywhere.

To avoid extended reading, please take my advice. It is all a scam. All those sites are scammers.

There is nothing like such; it is a way to get you scammed of your Bitcoin.

Trust me, I already tried over ten websites to try my luck, and too satisfied my curiosity, none of them doubled my Bitcoin non return my investment.

All over the world, people are being conned into believing that by taking part in doubling bitcoin schemes, they can make a killing in the currency market.

Nothing can be further from the truth as there is nothing like free money.

There are no free lunches anywhere in the world. The higher the amount of promised return by any scheme, the higher will be the risk associated with it.

Never Give Out Your Bitcoins to Any Website

Any scheme that offers 100% or even 50% returns needs to be taken with a pinch of salt.

Think like a businessman, if you were to get funds from any agency that needed you to deliver cent percent returns so that the agency can reward its shareholders; would you take it?

No rational investor will ever fall into such traps, and it is strongly recommended that even you do not fall into such.

Instead, there are so many strategies and ways you can invest your money and resource that will yield far better profits.

The problem with Bitcoin is that when you part with your coin, you can not get it back, it is gone forever, and no one will have mercy on you.

To avoid losing your hard-earned money or Bitcoin, avoid the following messages online.

Run from such websites where you see the following phrases: Double your bitcoin in 10 hours, double your bitcoin in 24 hoursdouble your bitcoin in 100 hours, etc.

It is a pure scam; you will see a display of great graphics showing ways people are depositing their bitcoin; it is just a scheme to make you believe that people are doubling coins.

If you deposit your coins, you will regret it. There are other excellent and proven ways to make more money with bitcoin than going for money doublers online.

How Bitcoins Work?

Bitcoin is a borderless currency that is not subjected to any kind of capital controls that other currencies are subjected to.

quit forex and crypto trading

It is distributed worldwide and is a form of decentralized digital money created to increase the velocity of business transactions in online marketplaces.

In the past five years, the overall acceptance of bitcoins has increased across the globe. And even e-commerce companies have started accepting bitcoins during the check-out process.

Since no government or central authority is in charge of bitcoins, it is exposed to far higher risks than any other kind of financial instrument.

The upside is that it is not affected by economic cycles or slow down as compared to other kinds of currency.

Bitcoin is the Future of Money

Bitcoin has increased in value from less than a dollar in early 2010 to over $14,000 today.

Though this does fluctuate regularly; the popularity of bitcoin is due to the recent mass adoption of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

This gradually increasing universal acceptance has led to people thinking of gaming the system to make gains through nefarious means.

And one such method is to float a doubling bitcoin scheme to which gullible investors fall far and end up losing all that they had.

Bitcoins help in transferring money between two people that decide to engage in any business transaction.

Non-profits are using it to raise funds for charitable causes.

And individuals are now more than eager to accept bitcoins when they are planning to transact business across the world.

Bitcoin has broken the third World limitation of difficulty in getting paid online; the implication is that anybody can now do business between themselves across the continent.

Is Bitcoin Doubling Worth It?

The most crucial step is to be able to identify what a scam is to be able to avoid it, the whole point of this article is to sincerely inform you that you can NOT get your Bitcoin doubled.

Instead, you will only get scammed and get your Bitcoin stolen. Indeed this is an online scam.

There is nothing like getting any bitcoin doubled; you will see all this advert online. They are everywhere online.

Instead of losing your bitcoin because of your creed, you can invest in buying and keeping top altcoins for long-term investment. 

As soon as you release your bitcoin to them as a form of investment, you will never get it back. Every Bitcoin doubling schemes are fraudulent, and they will forever be.

Since bitcoins are created through complex mathematical equations that create blocks that are then added to the public ledger, blockchain technology helps in tracing the source of funds.

Trust levels in cryptocurrency are still low, given the hacking attempts being made globally.

This Bitcoin revolution is all about building real businesses for the long-term, or basically, Bitcoin is majorly for a store of value.

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12 thoughts on “Can You Really Double Your Bitcoin? Scam Alert”

  1. Dear John,

    I personally think its impossible to just up and double your hard earn bitcoins by simple doing a few gigs or punching a few numbers, no thank you i will stay with the amount i have.

    I have had enough of these scam



    • Dear Irene,

      I am sure you did not comprehend my article. the focus of my article is to alert the online world of this bitcoin doubling schemes. It is everywhere now and people are been scam daily.

      It is an awareness campaign by me to let you and others know of the inherent loss that is awaiting anyone that thinks he or she can just submit bitcoin to unknown person and expect it to just get double of the amount at a latter day.



    • Can I Invest the amount of Bitcoin that I want to double and also receive profit in just 12 hours?

      Can Bitcoin investing yield significant gains. Do Bitcoin double Really work?

    • Dear David,

      Bitcoin doubling is a SCAM. There is no other word to describe it, you can suppress the truth. The truth will remain the truth.

      If you submit your Bitcoin for doubling you will lose it. It IS A SCAM…..

  2. I was scammed 1.1 bitcoin, this guys are thieves, your shouldn’t invest or deposit bitcoin with ANYONE, they are all liars, their thick is they give you back the double of your first two or more deposit to lure you in completely then make you an offer you cant say NO to, the whole process is really fast,their support kept mailing and calling me, and suddenly I couldn’t get through to my wallet,after all effort to get my bitcoin back was unfulfilled ,I reported the site and to the police and FBI which they claim they don’t operate in the states ,I later sort for help on my own.

    • Dear WENDY,

      You are right. These people are making a lot of money scamming people. We must stop them. This is one reason I wrote this article. To stop the scammers. They are reaping where they never plant. It is your duty and mine to remain vigilant and spread the message your bitcoin cannot be doubled.



  3. It’s just so sad that because of the rampant increase of scammers in the crypto world that it’s not gaining enough momentum for the world to already accept. It’s great because slowly but surely it is becoming more acceptable to both consumers and producers. However, these scammers make it hard to see which ones legit and which ones are fraudulent.

    I hope people find your article so they get educated even more. 🙂 Thanks for writing this.

  4. BTCX3 is paying, I just got my first payout. Invested 0.05 BTC and get 0.1 BTC in 24 hours! The instant payout, and a weekly payout of 0.1 BTC for the next 8 weeks. Tested and Trusted!! www BTCX3 com.

    • Hi Daneil,

      This is my personal opinion and for my audience. All Bitcoin Doubling sites are scams. It is a way of enriching the owner of the site. I already tried a lot of these sites and I have been scammed. Please don’t double your Bitcoin or any Crypto coin for that matter. You will never get your Bitcoin or Crypto coin back.

      Rather keep your Bitcoin or you can re-sell them on Localbitcoins websites.

      have a great day, I hope you will be here again.


  5. Hi, John!

    If there’s one thing that I run away from once I hear it, it is DOUBLE…whether it is double your money or double your income. Experience has shown that in the majority of cases, it’s a way to lure people into a scam. Think 419 and their tactics of doubling physical cash. To me, it’s no different when someone promises to “double” my Bitcoins.

    I totally agree with you: there is nothing like free money. It’s still a wonder that people get conned into believing that their Bitcoins can be doubled. Well, maybe out of curiosity…but then, there are websites like yours and I wish people would do their research and be informed.

    Thanks for the scam alert…I hope this reaches as many people as possible.


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