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20 thoughts on “Is Young Living a Pyramid Scheme? Can You Really Make Money?”

  1. Thanks for the well researched and informative review, much appreciated. After reading through it I know, and I speak for myself, that if I signed up as a distributor in this company, my fate is sealed and I will lose money. The company operates in a very competitive industry and the business model ensures that making money at the bottom of the chain is the hardest. There are other business alternatives as you have recommended which promise a more stable income.


    • Thanks for reading my Young Living review. It is all about how to make money with Young Living. You are right that it will be difficult fir any one to make money with Young Living, most especially new distributors.

      You will just be making money for the people at the top of the scheme. 



  2. Thank you for sharing a nice article with us about Young Living Multi Level Marketing company. By reading your article , i realized that Young Living product essential oil and home product sell by MLM strategy. Anyone join this company and earn money.

    My mother used Young Living Product that was very healthier. So i want to share this article if you happy with me.

    • You are right. Young Living products are great and it works. 

      The challenge is that the distributors are not making money.


  3. Young Living’s mission is a chemical-free home. That’s why I decided to order my Starter kit. He was the starting point for the transformation of my home. I have allergic asthma and am allergic to the whole range of allergens (dust mites, dust, heavy odors, etc.). Before she used strong bathroom cleaners, she would feel every breath for a couple of hours. It’s amazing how it choked me. The same thing happens with scented candles, perfumes, etc. When I studied the compositions a bit, I realized what I was inhaling and what I was applying to my body. I became aware of the fact that our skin is our largest organ, and that I brought everything into my body through it.

    • Thanks for reading my Young Living article on why Young Living an MLM and not a Pyramid scheme..

      Young Living is not a scam but you can never profits with this venture. The Young Living distributors are not making money. It will be very difficult for you to make money working for Young Living. 



  4. Thank you for this review that you gave offered on young living at a glance. I came across this platform about 2 years ago. A friend told me about their products and the benefits of joining. Also telling me how I could make easy money if I join the platform but he left out the part where you have you work hard to recruit members for your rank to be high

    • Thanks for reading my article on how to sell Young Living for a living. Young Living is an MLM Company. They refer  to the self as a direct sales company because of the stigma of MLM. 

      It is good to know that Young Living is not a Scam because they deliver the stater kit you will pay for. The cost of the starter kit is $160. 

      The company have some issues. You can not make money with this company because of the mlm business model they are running. Also they have pending case in court, they are been accused of running a Pyramid schem product driving company

      I will not invest in this company.



  5. I wouldn’t exactly call Young Living a pyramid scheme because they do offer a tangible product – essential oils, diffusers and such. Their oils smell really good, but to be honest, the pricing is too steep for monthly consumption. Unless you’re a big fan of aromatherapy and loaded with a lot of money, I don’t see how one can be buying this stuff all the time. It’s more of a ‘want’ product than a ‘need’ product, so you’re dealing with a very selective market here.

    • Dear Cathy,

      You are right, Young Living is not a pyramid scheme but a MLM company. The problem is that you can not make money selling their products.a thanks for reading my article on how to make money selling Young Living.




  6. The figures that really stick out are the repurchase by members a year or two later.  The drop off is incredible and does not bode well for the company.  Though they have been around a while it is unfortunate the company pushes enrollment over product sales.  I was part of an MLM that did what you mentioned here and stopped paying commissions for product sales unless the member bought a large amount of PV for the other side of the chain.  Completely ridiculous and it gives members of MLM’s a bad taste in their mouth.  

    Fantastic analysis and review.  Buyer beware of any MLM’s that push recruitment over product! The commission payout data give the impression of a ponzi scheme, too bad since it probably was not intended to do so.

    • Thanks fir reading my review about Young Living and how to make money selling Young Living essential oil product.  I also appreciate your comments.



  7. Hello there.  I am a little ashamed to admit this but I did 3 different pyramid schemes.  You think I would have learned after the 1st one that these things do not work or are very hard to maintain and be successful at.  Just the thought of the people who were above me or very successful at doing this make me queasy. 

    They had a certain lust about them that was very shady.  Thank you for shedding light on this company because this is becoming a huge industry to get a part of. 

    I like the products I.e. the essential oil.  Does the Young Living product sale on Amazon? 

    Especially if you are younger.  

    • Thanks for reading my Young Living review. The article was based on how to make money with Young living and to also investigate if the distributors are making money or not.



  8. Many thanks to you for giving us such a wonderful piece of information .

    Your article is really informative and I enjoyed reading it. It is well structured especially with the aspect of table of contents. Great work. Online business is truly the key to make full income.

    You can make money easily from the house at the comfort of your bed and even when you are asleep. I can see that the Distributors are not making money. Young living is not good for me then. 

    Thanks for sharing this great work.

    • Most distributors are making just $1 monthly according to the lawsuit. Some set of distributors are in litigation with the Young Living. The lawsuits is still on going. 

      The young living 2018 income disclosure statement also sighted that 88.8%of distributors made an annual average income of $4 in a years. Considering the cost of the starter kit of $160. You will be running at a loss as a distributor.

      thanks again for your comment.

      Really appreciate.


  9. The fact that this company has been in business for so many years and aside from all the negative feedback it’s gotten, the company still makes money.

    If you sign up you’ll basically be paying hundreds of dollars just to get started, which means that the owners will be earning a lot while you will only be earning a very small percentage of the sales. 

    So, how do the Young Living distributor makes money? 

    • Thanks for your comment. Most Young Living distributors make an annual average income of less than $300 per annum. People that actually making money now are the early joiners. That’s is the people at the top of the pyramid scheme. 

      They earn very big because the member and downlines are working for them. 

      Thanks again.



  10. Nice written post. My wife was about to sign up with Young Living. Good thing, we read your review. I know that essential oils are in demand, but for them to market oil that keeps fight disease is crazy. I’ve also noticed they have had some cease and desist notices for gimmick marketing. Thanks for helping us make the right decision. 

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