LifeReader Psychic Reviews: Is It a Legit Online Psychic or Scam?

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You are welcome to my LifeReader review.

Are you a Psychic, professional wondering if LifeReader is a legit psychic reading site or a scam?

Are you looking for trustworthy Psychics Readers online?

Do you want to know if you can make money as a reader on the LifeReader plan?

Or, Is LifeReader a scam?

It is good you are doing your research about Psychics Reading; this is how to discover legitimate online business.

Then you are in the right place; I will take you through a lengthy but quality review of LifeReader and all you need to know either as a client or a prospective Psychic reader. at a Glance

psychic reading onlineName: LifeReader
Owner: Bischoff Nils-LIFE COM LIMITED
Founded: 2009
Industry: Astrology and Horoscope
Price: Free (First 4 Minutes); $5.5-6.5 per Minute
Rating: 88%
Recommended: Yes



What is

LifeReader is an online Psychic reading website that has a pool of qualified Psychics (Readers); they entertain clients and customers worldwide.

The company was established in 2009 in Auckland in New Zealand, but they accept and admit quality Psychic all over the world.

The online community around the world access and enjoy the services of their Psychics for a fee.

Life Reader is one of the popular psychic’s websites across the globe.

The private independent company offers its services to clients from all over the world.

Currently, LifeReader is among the leading horoscope firms in Uk, Australia, and the U.S.A. Life Com Limited owns the domain.

This psychic’s website audience around the globe estimates at 39.6% with most of its traffic coming from the USA.

LifeReader was established with the aim of offering psychic reading services to clients. Clients can choose what service they prefer; either a live chat or a direct phone call.


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This site provides services weekly in love and relationships forecasts and other life spheres from reputable horoscope readers, shamans, astrologers, and many more.

As a customer, you only need to choose your preferred reader, hit click or call and get answers to all your questions.

Horoscopes utilized in reading and foretelling events that will unfold in your life include Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Aquarius, Sagittarius, and Capricorn.



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Reasons to Become a Reader on

  • You have an opportunity to build your customer base and earn a consistent income onlinepsychic online readings
  • is reputable, trusted, and high quality online psychic reading website.
  • Your earnings will be paid directly to your bank account via direct deposit monthly.
  • You can easily decide your pricing as regards multi-currency level pricing per minute.
  • Secure online access to the breakdown of your readings and earnings
  • You will have access to customers globally that want readings done for them.



The Requirement to Become a Reader on

  • Experience of Readers Maters required a reader with a High Standard of Ethics and that of Professionalism.

Psychic readers that pride in helping his or her clients.

Only readers that have prior psychic reading experience and that of expertise will be accepted on the platform.

Also, preferred readers should be able to work in an online environment.

It is the reader’s talent and skill that counts.

  • Test Reading Requirement Before Approval

All readers with a successful application are required to conduct a test reading with at least one or more assessors of

This test reading is after the first successful review of the applicant.

  • Background Checks Before Admission

Every reader applicant will be subjected to background checks.

This is to ensure that only legitimate readers are admitted on

Any applicant with criminal records will be rejected.

  • A Reader Profile Name Will Be Required

You will be required to have a unique user name for your profile on

Only your real name is allowed to be used as the user name. The user name must not have been used on any other website.

  • Reading Method Prefered By Readers

You can only conduct readings for clients via Chat and Phone.

You will need to state the preferred reading method you offered on your profile.

  • Minimum Online Hours Required Per Readers

Every psychic working on has no limit on the number of hours they can work on the platform.

However, because of the high number of traffics received on, each reader is expected to do a minimum of 25 hours of readings for clients weekly.

Each Psychics reader must exhibit a high rate of acceptance from clients on the platform.


How Psychics Readings Work on

psychic online reading

Every Reader on has the opportunity to work from anywhere in work and when you decide to work.

You are to log in first to your account, enable your availability status from offline to online; then you start accepting reading via Chat and Phone from clients.

At the end of every reading, clients will have the opportunity to give feedback on the performance and quality of the text received.

As a reader on the platform, you will have the opportunity to contact your existing clients via the intra-mail system.

The does both the billing processing, traffic sourcing (Marketing), and customer support; thereby helping the readers to concentrate on rendering quality readings to customers.


Step to Access Live Psychic Readings On

At, you can access readings via Chat and Phone.

After your successful registration with LifeReader. You will need to choose your preferred Online Psychic Reader.

online psychic reading


You can choose to connect either via the Phone or Online Chat. The system put in place by the will do the remaining job.

All LifeReaders went through a proper selection process before admission. Therefore they are capable of certifying you. also pledged that your personal information and readings are confidential, private, and secure.


How to Choose the Best Psychic on

You will have access to enough information about the LifeReader psychic by visiting their profile page.

Clicking on profile name of any psychic will take you to their profile page where you will have access to the following information about them:

  • Full detail about the psychic (Background and Bio detail)
  • How long the psychic has been on
  • The number of readings they have done
  • Experience an area of expertise
  • Testimonial from clients
  • You can even chat with any one of them as long as they are active online.


Top Psychics Readers on LifeReader.compsychic and scams


How to Detect and Spot Fake Psychics Readers

There are many fake and scamming psychic readers online.

This is why you must avoid unknown websites that claimed to provide online psychic services.

Most of those psychic websites and mobile services are without owners, and they parade fake readers that are ready to scam you.

Knowing how to spot fake psychics websites will help you to avoid parting with your payment and personal information to scammers and will prevent you from reading junks as your readings.

Here are a few things you should know about fake Psychic websites:

  • Only Use Trusted Websites or Mobile Apps

What to do if you are in doubt of any online program or website is to search for a review of that site.

You must be able to detect a review that is making money from the site and a real review that is ready to call a spade a spade.

I am sure that a search brings you to this site.

Any legitimate program should be able to allow you to sign on for free so that you can have a feel of such a website. In the case of a psychic site, the legit website should allow you some minutes of free readings.

Also, look out for the volume of information on the websites, study the profile of the psychic readers, and review and ratings of users.

Are what you are reading genuine? Are the readers have real profile pictures? Usually, legitimate psychic readers will never user avatar pictures or Tarot cards as a profile picture.

  • Pay Attention to Their Claims

You must pay attention to the promises and claims on any site you are visiting for psychic's readings.

If they claim that they can predict 100% accurate personal future happening about your life, then you must be, but if they claim to achieve about 80% of prediction them, you can guess they are legit.

Avoid any psychics site that exaggerates their results.

  • You Must Be Aware of the Method Used

You must be sure that your psychic reader is sincere about the method of achieving your readings. This information is usually on every psychic readers' profile.

A trusted practicing psychic reader will never mind give you information on how they achieve your readings; each psychic reader has different practices.

No matter which methods you're psychically employed ensure it is shared with you.

  • Check the Psychic Reader Review and Ratings

Ratings of psychic readers by clients and customer is a pointer to how official the website is.

A fake psychic website will show a positive edited rating and review throughout while a legitimate psychic website rating will still have some bad reviews and ratings of readers no matter how good they are.

The ratings and reviews of a legitimate psychic website are always unedited. You can always sort out psychic readers on any reliable psychic sites according to your selected criteria.

  • Pay Attention to Questions Raised By Your Psychic Reader

You must avoid been tricked to saying too many things about yourself. Only avoid your psychic reader essential information about yourself, such as date of birth, time, place, etc.

The point is that the psychic reader ought to ask a few questions; you should do the asking. If the reverse is the case, then you should know that you are ripped off.

Your response can be fed back to you as a result of your readings if you give a lot of information out as initiated by many questions from your psychic reader.


online psychic chat readingsType of Reading Offered on

There are many Psychic readers on that focus on more than one area of psychic readings.

This helps clients to get many problems solved while consulting with a particle reader since they have multiple areas of expertise.

Below is a list of various readers that can be engaged on

  • Love and Relationship

At, you can access psychic readers that are experts in reading about love and relationships.

They will help you with the real happenings in your life, and you will be amazed at what you will discover about your love life.

You will be advised on what you can implement in your love life that will change your love and relationship for good.

They will provide specialized psychic readings that include breakups, family, love, and sex, dating, soulmates, karmic relationship, etc.

If you indeed need such help, is where to visit; they will help you with great insight about your love and relationship life.

  • Psychics and Clairvoyants

Clairvoyants and Psychics on LifeReader platform are exceptional at helping clients in the following areas as relating to:

  • Occult readings
  • Dream interpretations
  • Crystal ball readings
  • Rune Stone readings
  • Tea leaf readings
  • Mind readings
  • Angel readings, and
  • Dream interpretations

Psychics and Clairvoyants readers refer to people who have capacities to foresee future events and often predicts what to come shortly.

It usually requires them observing particular objects that include but not limited to tea leaves, the content of your dreams, and some information gotten from clients.

  • Tarot Card Readers

Tarot card readers are a form of predictions or divination to forecast a future event.

It will help you swim through the tide of the troubled times and help you give you the confidence to live through the challenging time.

It can be very insightful and can give you an answer to a specific question about life.

The readers on use their expertise and experience to give clients practical advice so as that can help them take a crucial decision that can impact futures events in their life.

Readers on platform are good in decoding cards such as:

  • Skat cards
  • Crowley cards
  • Osho-Zen cards
  • Angel cards
  • Kipper cards
  • Rider-Waite cards
  • Lenormand cards

These above-listed cards are different in physical features and the way the psychic readers read them.

  • Astrologists

Astrology involves a system of horoscopes that claims to describe a person’s character and tend to predict the future occurrence of that person based on the current position of the Moon, Sun and many other astronomic objects at the time of their birth.

The job of the Astrologists is to read and study the charts of an individual to know person characteristics and traits. has psychic readers that are good in working with astrological techniques that are used globally, such as:

  1. Chinese astrology
  2. Indian and
  3. Vedic

Many other LifeReader Astrologists concentrate on dealing using astrological practices such as:

  1. natal chart recordings
  2. numerology
  3. karmic astrology, and
  4. horoscope readings


  • Mind, Body, and Spirit

Mind, Body, and Spirit psychic readers on engage clients as regards ways of life, such as:

  • Health
  • Dieting
  • Physical
  • Career
  • Anger management and
  • Spiritual guidance,

They also provide other services that include

  • Relationship and sexual counseling
  • Reiki healings,
  • Animal communication
  • Aura readings
  • Mind
  • Body, and
  • Spiritual Advice


best psychic online readings


Benefits of to Readers and Clients

LifeReader has duo benefits. Both clients and Psychics interest.

As a client, this platform gives you the opportunity to consult a reader who can predict events that will unfold in your life. With such a prediction, you can plan accordingly.

Events will also not get you by surprise and overwhelm.

On the other hand, as a site from which you can earn unlimited bucks by offering various services to clients.

By providing honest reading services to clients and being open to more chats and calls, you open yourself to uncountable benefits. Review | YouTube


Is Restricted to Specific Countries?

LifeReader services are not restricted to a specific country.

This site offers psychic services to a community of clients from all parts of the world. One can work on the LifeReder platform as long as their English is well polished.

However, clients who hail from the UN Trade embargo and US Sanction countries such as Cote d'Ivoire, Sudan, and Democratic Republic of Congo, Liberia, Democratic Republic Korea, Iraq, Lebanon, Sierra Leone, Sudan, and Somalia are restricted.


love and horoscopes


What does Sell or Promote?

LifeReader promotes Psychic services across the globe.

This site provides an excellent platform for both clients and Readers in the spiritual industry.


The Cost/Price to Join Life Reader for Clients and Readers.

As a psychic, you ought to come from a country that is not under the UN Trade embargoes or US sanctioned nations.

When it comes to minimum availability and minimum working hours, users are not limited to a fixed set of working hours.

Nevertheless, for the sake of promoting LIfeReader services, Psychics should be available for at least 25 hours per week.

Psychics should also maintain a high rate of reading acceptance, ethics, and morality.

For clients, the sign-up process is as easy as 1, 2, 3. You only need to select your reader, connect via phone or chat, and then enjoy your reading.

As a client, you need to have a notebook and be open to an answer. For new users, the rate is $0.19 per minute. This only applies for the first 10 minutes. After that, regular rates apply.


Life Reader Coupon Code for Discount Offer


How Psychics Get Paid on

LifeReader will pay your earnings on a monthly basis, mostly by the first week of every month. You get paid directly to your bank account in any country of your choosing.

Provided that the country you reside is not within the UN/US trade embargo/sanction/restricted. the minimum payout amount is New Zealand $20.


What I Love In

  • Every Psychic Reader goes through rigorous background checks to ensure criminals are not recruited as a reader.
  • All Psychic applicant goes through test readings to prove that each Reader is legitimate, qualified Psychic Readers.
  • The website is easy to use/navigate; probably one of the easiest at the moment.
  • New users have a discount call rate of $0.19 per minute, and 3 minutes of free chat.
  • Free daily horoscopes, coupons, and offers for direct sign up on the website.
  • Readers are accepted internationally to work on the platform.


what is horoscope about


 Issues With

  • Little is known about their screening process.
  • Lack of telephone numbers for customers' supports on the website.
  • Devoid of the money-back guarantee.
  • Live video and email readings are not available
  • The $4.50 per minute may be expensive for some customers
  • There is so many Psychic to pick from; it can be tough to choose a Psychic reader.


Who is LifeReader For?

This company targets Psychics, mediums, tarot card readers and clients who are either offering reading services or in dire need of the same.

This website is also suitable for every individual across the world that required psychic readings of any type.


Affiliate Program of

Affiliate marketing is when you (a website owner or an individual) help a company (in this case, promotes its products and services for a commission.

When you help promote the sites, and you refer a new customer, then you will be paid a commission for your task. has an affiliate program with which any website owner or bloggers can promote the website and start making money right away.

You can earn prominent promoting on your website. The site offers a viable commission structure and great support from their affiliate team. accepts affiliate marketers worldwide, and this includes international websites.

You will earn $100 for every new account that spends over $30 in his/her first 30 days.


How To Make Money With

As a Psychic, this site is an excellent psychic and spiritual platform for earning handsomely. The online psychic reading chatinitial process is registering on the website, and creating your user profile.

The name you use in the profile has to be unique; either your real name or artistic alias.

You should also put a high-resolution image of yourself, provide proof of prior experience and pass a test reading conducted by an assessor.

From there, you build your customer base and earn where and when you like. There is no maximum to how much one can make.

Customers can purchase esoteric or life-coaching category services.

Through professionalism, customer’s feedbacks will raise the demand for your services as well as the price you charge.

This opens you up to customers around the clock, thus more opportunities to earn more.


Alternatives to

An alternative to LifeReader includes Vastu, Feng Shui and Numerology consultants who provide astrology services and Vedic astrological services for astrological magazines, for Palmistry books and Astro books.

Nevertheless, LifeReader is so far the best option available at the moment.


Support and Customer Service on requires you to contact support via an online form.

Also, you are encouraged to visit Frequent Ask Questions; your inquiries must have been taken care of in the listed FAQ.


World Wide LifeReader Phone Contacts

United States +1 (415) 448-7507;
United Kingdom +44 (0117) 325 3661;
Australia & New Zealand +64 (09) 887 9736;
Rest of World +1 (415) 448-7507.

LinkedIn Contact: LifeReader LinkedIn
FaceBook Contact: LifeReader Facebook Page



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psychic readings freeIs a Scam?

LifeReader will only engage in professional psychics.

Every Psychic applying for jobs on LifeReader will be tested to be sure that they are good professionally.

Also, background checks will be done on every reader before they are allowed to have access to the clients; this will help eliminate any individual with a criminal record.

Though is based in New Zealand, they attract readers and Clients worldwide.

It is a global platform, and the Psychics readers and clients are not restricted to a specific region or location.


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In case you are looking to consult Top Psychic readers around the world, they can be found on the platform.

It is indeed a great place to get high and legitimate readings done.

I can attest to you that is a company that is trusted, and you can receive an accurate and legitimate reading from.

It is one of the top ten trusted Psychic reading platforms online and not a scam.


Type of Readings You Can Get on platform has different categories of psychic readings that are further split into specialized Psychics Readings such as follows:

  • ***Mind Body Spirit Categories***

  1. Feng Shui Advice
  2. Spiritual Healing
  3. Sexual Counseling
  4. Reiki Healing
  5. Aura Readings
  6. Fertility Readings
  7. Crystal Healing
  8. Motivation Guidance
  9. Chakra Readings
  10. Diet Advice
  11. Spiritual Guidance
  12. Naturopathy
  13. Animal Communication
  14. Life Coaching
  15. Anger Counseling


  • ***Love & Relationships Categories***

  1. Dating Advice
  2. Karmic Relationships
  3. Relationship Advice
  4. Soulmate Readings
  5. Past Life Readings
  6. Love & Sex Advice
  7. Family Advice
  8. Breakup Advice


  • ***Psychic Clairvoyants Categories***

  1. Channeling
  2. Oracle Readings
  3. Paranormal Phenomena
  4. Mind Reading
  5. Crystal Ball Readings
  6. Rune Stone Readings
  7. Tea Leaf Readings
  8. Shamanism
  9. Spiritual Readings
  10. Angel Readings
  11. Psychic Medium
  12. Dream Interpretation
  13. Automatic Writing


  • ***Tarot Card Readers Categories***

  1. Osho Zen Cards
  2. Skat Cards
  3. Crowley Cards
  4. Angel Cards
  5. Rider-Waite Cards
  6. Other Tarot Cards
  7. Lenormand Cards
  8. Kipper Cards
  • ***Astrology Horoscopes Categories***

  1. Natal Chart Readings
  2. Horoscope Readings
  3. Vedic Astrology
  4. Indian Astrology
  5. Chinese Astrology
  6. Numerology
  7. Karmic Astrology
  8. Classical Astrology Reading Review | YouTube


Is Worth Your Money?

What do you think of my LifeReader review? or are you still wondering if LifeReader is a legit psychic reading site or a scam?

I can assure you that it is not a scam website.

Psychics can employ LifeReader so as to start offering their services online to various people that need quality readings online.

So far, this site is offering the best deal among the top 10 psychic networks online.

This coupled with the limited entry requirements, ease to sign up and navigate the site makes this product a worthy venture.

Are you a Psychic or a client with LifeReader?

Do you have any information that is contrary to what I have provided on this platform?

Is LifeReader a legit psychic reading site or a scam?

I will love to read your side of the story. Kindly drop your contribution or question in my comment area below.

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17 thoughts on “LifeReader Psychic Reviews: Is It a Legit Online Psychic or Scam?”

    • Thanks for reading my LifeReader review.

      LifeReader is not a scam and you can try it out ASAP. LifeReader is a legit online Psychic center.



  1. While I believe psychic stuff as a whole is a scam, this site is not. You can legit make a solid living here. My sister started back in 2013 and she is now able to live on her own. She moved out from her friend’s and makes almost as much as I do and I have a degree! It is almost insulting! LOL! I am happy for her and I think it is worth a shot for anyone who likes this kind of business.

    • Thanks for reading my LifeReader review. It is important to note that Life read is a legitimate website where psychic chat readings can be doing.

      It is also one of the best platform for phychic reader to get job and participate in helping people.

      At LifeReader.Com rigorous investigation and background checks are done on any new phchic reader.

      This is why the LifeReader is highly rated and well respected most especially on Psychic chat readings.

      . John

  2. It’s funny because I actually used a psychic from this site recently. It was a positive experience and I think a lot of people find it useful. The price per minute is a bit high but if you find the right psychic they will make it worthwhile.

    • Thanks for reading my Life Reader review. Life Reader is a great place to do physchic chat reading.

      Just ensure that you are not given too much of your information out at the inception of the caht readings.

      I can also assure you that Life Reader website is not a scam physchic chat reading site.

      And you know what, you can also make money with Life Reader website.

      Thanks again for your visit.



  3. Interesting article, John. I’ve personally been noticing a rise in these services. They’re everywhere nowadays and it’s really hard to tell which one is real and which one is not. Do you have any extra tips on how to stop the fakes ones besides the ones you wrote? Sometimes they pay on ads a lot and they rank at the top searches. It’s difficult to tell what’s going on.

    • Thanks for reading my LifeReader review.
      You are right. The are lot of fake readers online. If their is a Fake reader that implies a that there are real ones.

      You get to know them by the questions that are asking you. As soon as they are asking questions that you know it can lead them to know you, then you should know that they are scammers and Fake psychic readers.

      Thanks for your comment



  4. Dear John,
    You are one hell of a blogger. I love your in depth work. You are always out to give your audience the best.
    I wish to personally know you. Great work you have done in respect of

    There is no one client or any psychic reader that will not appreciate your work here

    Thank you.



    • Dear Moses,
      Thanks for checking my website again and mostly to read my review. I am glad you liked it. I am mostly happy you are taken time out to drop those comments.

      I knew you are a regular reader of my review on this website. Thank you again.

      I will be happy to know what you feel about by website and which area you think I can improve on my website.

      Thank you again.



  5. Great post. I know there have been some similar sites with expensive phone numbers before, but this looks genuine.
    I have several friends who are “readers” and I can promise you, there are genuine gifted people out there.
    I think it is quite a commitment to do 25 hours a week of reading so I will continue with my Affiliate Marketing for now.
    Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

  6. Hi there!

    Actually, I haden’t heard of LifeReader before I read your post. This seems like a very big network of psychics that has a lot to offer to those who feel a need for some psychic advice.

    A little sad to see that they don’t have a money back guarantee but good to see that they at least have a discount call rate so you can feel if it’s right for you.

    I just have to ask if you have psychic abilitys yourself?

    Regards, Jan

    • Hi Jan, 

      Thank you for visiting my webpage. No, I don’t have the Psychic ability. I wish I do? 



  7. This is quite an interesting and impressive review and one I enjoyed reading greatly.
    I have come across life readers of one skill to the another before and with just are shook of hands in greeting, they told me things I never knew anyone else will know.
    Blew my socks off if you want to put it that way so yes, some of these life readers are original I can say that.

    Your review is thorough and the locational segmentation of embargos makes a lot of sense to me while reading it.

    Thanks for the great article, I may take this chance and see how it works.

    • Dear Richard, 

      Thank you for visiting my webpage. LifeReader is a great place for any Psychic to start making money doing what they love doing best. A lot of people that want reading have a place and home on LifeReader website. 

      It is inspiring to know what life has ahead of you sometimes. 

      Really apreciate



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