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Infinitus Review: Can You Really Make Money with Infinitus MLM?

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You are welcome to my Infinitus review. Can you make money with Infinitus MLM Jobs? Is Infinitus Legit, Scam, or a Pyramid scheme? 

It is good you want to know more about how to make money with Infinitus USA making your findings of online programs are how to discover legitimate business and also avoid scams.


Please know that I am not promoting nor marketing Infinitus MLM. 

Therefore, expect an unbiased review of the Chinese company.

Please read on. 

Estimated reading time: 12 minutes

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Infinitus MLM at a Glance

infinitus review

Product Name: Infinitus Affiliate
Founder: Lee Kum Kee
Price: $24
Rating: 20%
Recommended: No

Summary of Infinitus Review

Infinitus USA is an international multilevel marketing (MLM) company that produces and markets Chinese herbal supplements. 

The company has a business opportunity for individuals interested in earning a passive income in countries where they operate.

However, its compensation plan is rigid, and earning is highly dependent on recruitment as profit is equally nonexistent.

Why You May Not Make Money with Infinitus MLM

Because the company’s MLM business models, limit how much you can make.

Over 20 years of research has also shown that only 0.3% of people join the MLM business of any company that will make money; the other 99.7% will lose their money.

Mr. Jon M.Taylor published the result of his findings in the book titled “Multi-level Marketing Unmasked “;

The interpretation of the above research is this. MLM will not make you money, most especially if you are starting. 

I have also confirmed the above findings from over 100 MLM companies I already reviewed.

MLM companies always reward the companies’ owners, the people at the top of the MLM scheme, and the special investors.  

If you are joining, you will be made to work for the people at the top, and in the end, you will earn pennies.

This has nothing to do with the Infinitus MLM. This applies to all MLM companies

Usually, I always use the income disclosure statement to prove the above findings’ validity, but you can not find the Infinitus MLM income disclosure in the public space. 

Most MLM companies hide their Income Disclosure Statement to prevent the truth about the actual earnings from coming into the limelight.

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Making money in the 21st century is about helping people and rendering values.

The value you render will compel your audience to visit your shop/website to see what you are selling because they want their problem to solve. 

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What do you think of my Infinitus review? Can you make money with Infinitus MLM? Is Infinitus Legit, Scam, or another pyramid scheme

What is Infinitus?

Infinitus is an international multilevel marketing (MLM) company that produces, markets, and sells Chinese Herbal Products under the LKK Health Products Group (LKKHPG). 

In 2011, the World Brand Labs estimated the value of Infinitus at USD 3.1 billion and ranked 49th among “China’s 500 Most Valuable Brands.”

The parent company, LKKHPG, is a hundred-year-old large-scale enterprise specializing in Research and Development (R&D), production, and sale of Chinese herbal health products and employs over 3000 people. 

The three primary divisions of the company are based in China, Hong Kong, and Malaysia. 

Chinese division, which was established in 1992, has 36 branches, 28 service centers, and nearly 5000 exclusive stores in Mainland China alone. 

Without mincing words, the Infinitus brand is trendy in the Asian market and has global headquarters in Asia- China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, and the Philippines. 

In the West, the company operates out of its only headquarter based in Canada. You can read more about Infinitus USA on Wikipedia.

But, what do you think of my Infinitus review? Is Infinitus legit, pyramid scheme, or scam?

How to make money with Infinitus MLM

Infinitus USA Product Line 

The Infinitus product line targets the health and wellness niche, which overflows with consumers and combines traditional Chinese and western medicines.

The primary products target health, but other products are on skincare, home, and personal care.


This is a skincare product that has clear and smooth skin and was made from modern technology of skincare and Chinese herbs. 

Generally, the line includes creams, cleansers, and whiteners.


There is personal care products such as shower cream, toothpaste, conditioner, shampoo, and breath spray. 

These products come with natural components and 

Glycoside Homemade

This is a line of homemade household products such as laundry detergent and dish wash detergent made from herbal plants. 

Infinitus MLM Compensation Plan

Infinitus has a complicated compensation plan, but I’ll summarize it.

It takes six months to move up each ladder in the hierarchy of leaders, so you may have plans to stay for a while with Infinitus. 

There are nine hierarchies:

  • Intern Sales Supervisor
  • Sales Supervisor
  • Senior Sales Supervisor
  • Intern Sales Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Senior Sales Manager
  • Sales Director
  • Senior Sales Director
  • Chief Sales Director

Infinitus used some technical terms in its compensation plan when they talk about the sales volumes:

  • PPV – Personal Volume
  • GV – Group Volume
  • OV – Organization Volume

These sales volume requirements are similar to most MLM payout systems, which means you earn more when you and your recruits sell more. What do you think of my review of Infinitus?

Infinitus MLM Bonus is in Five tiers. 

Basic Sales Bonus

This bonus offers you a 10% bonus on personal and group sales. 

This means that if your group sells $250 worth of products, you’ll get $25 as a bonus. 

However, there is a downside as the premium is also dependent on the total GV.  

In other words, if your group’s GV is just 1,000, you only get 2% instead of 10%. 

Extra Sales Bonus

Extra sales bonus qualifiers are groups with achieved 10,000 GV or more. 

If your group falls under this category, you’ll get 12.5% of the total sales. 

However, payment applies only to the binary log that qualifies. 

Performance Bonus

This bonus is dependent on OV, and you get a maximum bonus of 6%. 

To get this bonus, you have to sell more products. 

Infinitus pays distributors with 10,000, 1.25%, and it increases with the maximum being 6% for 4.5 million OV. 

This bonus is also dependent on the binary leg.

Leadership Bonus

Bonuses paid at this tier are dependent on the number of people with “leader” ranks in your group. 

If you have a leader in each level up to 9th rank, you get a 10.5% bonus. 

To qualify, each class also needs at least 10,000 GV.

Market Bonus

The market bonus gives you a share of the global sales revenue of the company. 

You get a maximum of 1.1%. However, it would help if you qualified for each leg of the bonus. 

For instance, if you have two legs generating 100,000 OV and 500PPV, you will get a 0.5% share. 

How to Join Infinitus USA

Individuals interested in the business opportunity will also have to meet some easy requirements like legal age and legally residing in the country where they intend to be distributors. 

Also, to join Infinitus, you have to be referred by someone. 

However, if you do not have any referee’s username, you can join by connecting to a customer care representative.

How Much does it Cost to Join Infinitus MLM Jobs?

Unlike other similar MLM businesses, joining Infinitus as an affiliate marketer is relatively cheap. 

It involves paying a “startup” fee. The fee is pegged at $24 per year. 

Also, membership is renewed automatically as long as you purchase an Infinitus product within the year.

Who Is Infinitus MLM Jobs For?

The Infinitus business opportunity is only recommended for experienced markets that have established themselves selling traditional health products. 

Newer marketers will find it challenging if they make the products their sole passive income stream.

How to Make Money with Infinitus MLM Jobs and Careers?

Similar to other MLM products, you can earn with Infinitus through commissions and recruitment. 

If you sell more products, you earn through retail commission.

 Also, if you recruit more people into your team, you earn through bonuses and team commissions.  

How Much Can You Make with Infinitus MLM Jobs?

You will only have access to one document on the income disclosure of Infinitus. 

The amount you make is dependent on the number of people you recruit into the system and the number of products you sell. 

According to the income disclosure, distributors of Infinitus in Canada make between Cdn $49 and $964 annually. 

However, we can see from the compensation plan that earning with Infinitus is not an easy feat.

Are Infinitus MLM Distributors Making Money?

No, distributors are not making money. For one, there are lots of similar products like Infinitus selling out there. 

Secondly, the compensation plan is created so that you are not meant to make a profit. 

It will take you six months to move up a leader ladder, and if within those six months, you are unable to acquire the required points for the leader rank, you have to start all over. 

Infinitus USA Support /Customer Service 

The company lists the ways to contact it in all partner branches across the world on its website.

China Contact Address:

17/F, 12 Zhujiang West Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou.

Phone Number: (8620) 3816 8888

Other countries:

Infinitus can be reached via email and phone.

  • Phone Number:18557055603

What is Good About Infinitus USA? 

Cheaper Registration fee compared to other MLM businesses. 

With just $24, you can become a distributor with Infinitus, and there are no upsells. 

Also, you can easily renew your membership just by buying products within that year. 

Long years of tracked success

Infinitus has been around for a while and has membership from across the globe. It is easy to trust a product for its consistency. 

International Company

Infinitus has branches in America, Canada, the Philippines, and Singapore, while its primary operations occur in China, Hong Kong, and Malaysia.

Complaints About Infinitus USA

A limited number of countries available

Although Infinitus claims to be a global company, its operations revolve around Asia, Canada, and America.

Monthly Sales Quota: you need to make a lot of sales to earn a bonus.

Saturated Market

There is a lot of MLM companies selling food supplements and skincare. 

Low Success Rate

Making money as an Infinitus distributor can be challenging. 

The compensation is designed to get the minimum bonus, and you have to acquire loads of PPV.

Needs a lot of time in team-building

It would help if you focused on recruitment to maintain the position title and corresponding commission. 

It would help build your team as sometimes earning depends on your binary legs’ strength. 

Online/Offline Complaints About Infinitus MLM?

Infinitus is not BBB accredited. On its Facebook page, Infinitus has a 5 out of 5-star rating.  

One user also claims that her mom is a genuine user and distributor of the product. 

However, the lawsuit the product has faced says differently.  have you seen any negative reviews of Infinitus online before now?

Infinitus Lawsuit

Being initially based in China, where transparency on public records is not commendable, there is limited information on previous or current lawsuits against the company. 

However, a news report from BestChinaNews in 2017 stated that Infinitus health products faced fraud allegations from many older Chinese customers and senior citizens. 

The news also mentions some side effects of products, as reported by disgruntled users.

Is Infinitus a Pyramid Scheme?

No, Infinitus is legit and not a scam pyramid scheme.

But, Infinitus is a legit MLM company that was created in China. Many mistakes MLM companies to be a pyramid scheme because it is always difficult to make money.

Pyramid scheme promotion does not involve physical products and realistic rendering of services. 

The pyramid scheme is purely based on recruitment and recruitment only. 

Members of any pyramid scheme will only earn from fees paid by members for joining the recruitments team.

Infinitus MLM is all about sales and distribution of Chinese health products; therefore, it is not a pyramid scheme in any way.

The problem is that you may not make money to drive any MLM business model as a distributor.

It is only the owners, unique investors, and MLM members at the MLM scheme’s top to make money. 

This has been proven by Mr. Jon Taylor’s 20 years of MLM research. Please read it up. What do you think of my Infinitus review? Is Infinitus a pyramid scheme, scam, or scam?

Is Infinitus MLM Legit or a Scam? 

Infinitus is legit and not a scam and MLM pyramid scheme.

Also, Infinitus is not a scam because the company markets real products, even if its effectiveness is questionable.

Infinitus MLM was established in Guangzhou in 1992; the company is producing and marketing Chinese herbal supplements. 

Though it is not a scam, it will be tough for you to make money because of the company’s MLM business model. 

Please know that Infinitus USA is not a scam, but a legit MLM business. What do you think of my Infinitus? Can you make money with Infinitus MLM?

Is Infinitus MLM worth It?

Thanks for reading my Infinitus MLM jobs review. Can you now make money with Infinitus MLM jobs? Is Infinitus legit or a scam? Do you think Infinitus MLM is a pyramid scheme? 

No. the thought of marketing a product such as Infinitus in an already saturated market should be enough to stop you.

Another red flag is the fact the compensation plan is rigid. The amount of PPV, GP, and OV needed to earn bonuses is incredibly high. 

Also, earning is highly tied to recruitment.  

However, if you are looking for other means of earning money online, you may want to look to Affiliate Marketing. 

I have a tested and proven model of earning money through affiliate marketing. You can check it out here to find out more. 

What do you think of my Infinitus review? Can you make money with Infinitus MLM? Is Infinitus legit, scam, or another pyramid scheme? What do you think of Infinitus USA? 

Please drop a comment below; I will like to hear what you think about Infinitus USA.

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  1. This is a very comprehensive review of infiinitus. 

    I cannot say I have heard about this company before. It has been around for many years which is the only plus that I can see. 

    It’s very true what you have said about MLM companies, they are notoriously difficult to earn money from. Recruiting if you are new is next to impossible unless you do pay ads which can work out as very expensive for very little reward. 

    Being taken to court is a big warning sign in itself. Even though it’s not a scam, I don’t recommend joining it. Many others will learn a lot from your review, thank you very much for sharing.

    1. Thanks for reading my Infiinitus MLM Jobs review. 

      It is all about how to make money with Infiinitus MLM jobs.

      Thanks for taken the time to drop your comment.



  2. Thanks for this detailed review, you provided all the helpful information.
    However, I will follow your advice and I will not go into business with them, because you really work mainly for the earnings of those who are at the top.
    I think Infinitus MLM is not suitable for the general population, but especially for those who have tried their products, believe in them, and are willing to promote and market them.

    1. Dear Nina,

      Thanks for your comment.

      It is all about how to make money with Infinitus MLM jobs.

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