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Vorwerk MLM Review: Can You Really Make Money with Vorwerk?

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You are welcome to my Vorwerk MLM review. Indeed, you are here because you want to make Money with Vorwerk jobs? But how much can you make as Thermomix Consultant? Is Vorwerk MLM a Pyramid scheme?

It is excellent you are here to research Vorwerk MLM.


Investigating business opportunities online will help you discover legitimate business and avoid many possibilities of business leads that are scams.

I am not affiliated, nor will I make Money with Vorwerk jobs. Therefore, expect an unbiased Vorwerk MLM review from me.

Please read on.

Estimated reading time: 11 minutes

Vorwerk thermomix MLM Job Review

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Vorwerk MLM at a Glance

Founder: Carl & Adolf Vorwerk
Year Established: 1883
Headquarters: Wuppertal, Germany
Products: Household, Kitchen
Items, Cosmetics, Services, and Appliances
Price: Free
Rating: 25%
Recommended: No

Summary of Vorwerk MLM Review

Vorwerk Thermomix is an international company headquartered in Germany. This company’s primary business is the direct distribution of many different products like cosmetics, household appliances, Vacuum cleaners, and Kitchens accessories.

The company has been around since 1883; therefore, Vorwerk is not a scam. But, is Vorwerk MLM a pyramid scheme?

Can you make Money with Vorwerk jobs? Are Vorwerk Thermomix consultants and distributors making Money?

Vorwerk is a direct sales company. You call it a multi-level marketing company because they use the MLM businesses model in the distribution and sales of the company, several products, and services.

Only 0.3% of MLM Members will Make Money.

It is discovered that 99.7% of any MLM member or direct sales company will lose their Money. That implies that only 0.3% of people that join any company will make Money.

Jon M.Taylor’s research of MLM companies for years came up with a book titled “Multi-level Marketing Unmasked.

This book exposes all the MLM companies, proving that you will make no money if you are new in any MLM company, you may just be working for the guys at the top.

It is only the founding partners, the owners, and the people at the top of the scheme of any MLM company that will make real money. Other members will lose their money in the long run.

So, working as a sales consultant and Vorwerk Thermomix distributors will not make you Money; because this company is an MLM company and they only reward only the top 0.3%

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What is Vorwerk Thermomix?

Vorwerk Thermomix has been around for more than a century. Founded in 1883 by Carl and Adolf Vorwerk, the company has its headquarters in Wuppertal, Germany.

Initially, the company started by manufacturing gears and gramophones. It later modified its products and created its vacuum cleaner.

The high-performance Kobold came to being, and the rest became history.

With over 130 years of experience, Vorwerk Thermomix now has more than 12,000 workers and 633,000 self-employed advisors.

The company has adapted its product line and expanded it to over 75 countries using direct selling or network marketing as its business model.

The pillar of Vorwerk’s product is its carpet production and stuffing fabrics. However, the company has a line of food processors called Thermomix launched in 1971.

Also, the company launched Jafra cosmetics, its newest product in 2004.

You can be a consultant of any of Vorwerk products Thermomix, Kobold, or Jafra, with each product having its compensation plan.

Jafra products are particularly popular in the USA.

Vorwerk Product Line

Vorwerk’s products are split into different categories that range from home/kitchen appliances to beauty products. Although Vorwerk started as a carpet producing business, it has expanded into the following independent brands:

  • Vorwerk Carpets
  • Kobold Vacuum Cleaners
  • Thermomix kitchen appliances
  • Jafra Cosmetic
  • Lux Asia Pacific water purifiers and air filters
  • Vorwerk Carpets
  • Vorwerk’s carpet is the brand’s first product.

They include textile and elastic floor coverings, which are in high demand in Germany.

They had a line of beautiful floorings in 2016, Vorwerk flooring generated 70 million Euros.

Kobold Vacuum Cleaners

These products have been in the industry since 1930.

It makes sense to have vacuum cleaners while still producing carpets.

The Kobold Vacuum cleaner line started with the original Kobold upright vacuum cleaner produced in 1929.

However today, it has a variety of vacuum cleaners such as the KOBOLD VR300 Vacuum Robot cleaner, handheld, and cordless vacuum cleaners as well as Vacuum cleaner accessories and window cleaners.

Vorwerk Thermomix Kitchen Appliance

Thermomix is a kitchen appliance that has the functions of 12 devices into one.

It is a multifunctional appliance and comes with It comes with mixing bowl, Varoma, butterfly whisk, a simmering basket with lid, measuring cups, splash guard, and spatula and costs £1,149/€1,359.

Jafra Cosmetic

These products are exceptionally popular in the USA.

It includes a range of beauty products. Most of Vorwerk’s products are difficult to find on Amazon. However, Jafra cosmetics can be found on Amazon.

Lux Asia Pacific Water Purifiers and Air Filters

Vorwerk sells water and air purifiers under the brand name Lux.

The product is primarily focused in Asia; in 2010, the brand made a turnover of 31.7 million Euros.

AFK Group

In 1968, Vorwerk started a financial service arm to help support its customers.

The group deals with small to mid-scale businesses to aid business continuity.

Vorwerk Compensation Plan

Vorwerk is very secretive about its compensation plan as you would not find it on its website.

However, as a Thermomix consultant, you earn $220 per kitchen appliance you sell and $380 for making five sales in a month.

On the other hand, as a Jafra Cosmetics consultant, you earn depending on your rank and activity.

Your retail commission is about 25% to 50%.

You also get referral and recruitment bonuses for the additional members that join your team.

How to Join Vorwerk MLM?

Joining Vorwerk is free. The requirement to become a Vorwerk, Kobold, and Thermomix consultant is to buy a product of the brands.

However, to become a Jafra consultant, you have to purchase a starter kit and set up your business.

What does it Cost to Join Vorwerk Jobs?

It is free to join Vorwerk Thermomix and some of its product lines. You only have to buy its products to become a consultant.

It makes a bit of sense, as it would be challenging to promote a product that you do not use.

On the other hand, for Jafra cosmetics, you would have to purchase a consultant case for $60.

The case comes with Jafra product sampling, a brochure, an instructional DVD on how to host parties, and a product catalog.

As a new consultant, you get up to a 50% discount during your first 50 years.

Who is Vorwerk MLM For?

Anyone can join Vorwerk but, it is more suitable for people who are keen salesmen and women and can host parties promoting goods from Vorwerk.

How to Make Money with Vorwerk Jobs

The essential requirement is to own the product and promote Vorwerk.

So when choosing a product, it is advisable to go for something you would be willing to use at home regularly.

You need to understand the product you are selling and be enthusiastic about what it can bring to your health, cleanliness of the home for you to succeed at direct sales.

To make Money, you have to sell more products.

How Much Can You Make with Vorwerk Jobs

On a basis earning $220, Thermomix consultants operate on commission per appliance, after five or more sales per month, it rises to as much as $380 per machine.

Are Vorwerk Distributors Making Money?

The company does not have a comprehensive income disclosure on how much its consultants earn.

Its annual report for 2018 did not indicate the Vorwerk income disclosure statement.

The income disclosure of the consultants and distributors are batched together for the whole group. It is what many direct sales companies do, just to prevent you from seeing the real stuff.

Vorwerk Support/Customer Service

If you have any complaints, you need to contact the customer representative of your country of residence.

Also, making a complaint to the consultant that sold the products or recruiting you is a more natural way to resolve issues.

You can also go to to submit your complaints or read the company’s FAQ.

What is Good About Vorwerk MLM?

Innovative and Quality Products

Vorwerk has been in the game of producing quality products for years, and so they are in high demand because of their high-quality products.

The company has been inspiring its customers for generations.

Wide Range of Products

As a mother brand, Vorwerk has a wide range of products.

It means that customers loyal to the brand can switch from one product to another, creating more revenue.

Open to Several Countries

Vorwerk is for all countries and regions; it is available in over 70 countries worldwide.

It has had centuries to build its reach, and the company now has a representative somewhere in the world.

Free to Join

You do not have to pay to join the company, but you have to purchase a product before you earn.

However, Vorwerk collects no fee for you to be a consultant.

Issues with Vorwerk MLM

No Compensation Plan

One of the red flags of Vorwerk is the lack of a compensation plan.

A compensation plan helps a would-be consultant understand why they should join the company, especially seeing how the company has detailed its commission’s structure.

Expensive Products

Vorwerk has some products that are quite high-end products.

Except for its cosmetics arm, the rest of Vorwerk products are entirely on the high side.

You may be able to buy more products neither nor sell to your consumers since the business relies on direct selling.

Online/Offline Complaints of Vorwerk

Most of the complaints about this company on Trustpilot revolve around customer service and the courier service’s attitude to the product they delivered.

Some customers also expressed displeasure over purchasing a product only to have a newer model released weeks later.

The company did not communicate the newer models’ launch to its users, which resulted in a lot of disgruntled customers.

Vorwerk Lawsuit

In 2014, Australia’s consumer watchdog filed a lawsuit against Thermomix for allegedly misleading consumers over the safety of the TM31 model.

At least 14 customers suffered from severe burns as a result of faulty lid seals.

They had pay penalties of $4,608,500 for misleading representations about its Thermomix kitchen appliances.

Is Vorwerk a Pyramid Scheme?

No, Vorwerk is not a pyramid scheme, but a legitimate company. It is a company with over a century of experience in production.

It is a legitimate business that produces and sells household appliances and cosmetics and other products and services.

However, it utilizes the direct selling business model, and since its products are not essential, selling them might be a daunting task for a consultant.

And many people usually mistake MLM companies to be pyramid schemes. I also wrote an article about why all mlm companies are a scam.

Can you make money with Vorwerk jobs? So, what do you think of my Vorwerk MLM review? Is Vorwerk a pyramid scheme?

Is Vorwerk Worth It?

Thanks for reading my Vorwerk MLM review. Do you still want to make Money with Vorwerk jobs? Is Vorwerk MLM a Pyramid scheme?

I admire the fact that Vorwerk is a company that puts more priority on its products than on recruitment.

what are good side hustles

It is because the company created an MLM structure free to enter, unlike many MLMs with starter fees and upsells.

However, its lack of an open compensation plan makes it a bit shady.

Also, its products seem on the high side for mid-scale retailing.

The one alternative to earning online for me is through alternative marketing.

There is no need to buy products, stockpiles, and no need for direct selling.

Through Affiliate Marketing, I have been able to build a steady six-figure monthly.

If you like to find out how to begin your affiliate marketing journey, click here.

What do you think of my Vorwerk MLM review? Can you make Money with Vorwerk jobs? Do you believe Vorwerk MLM is a pyramid scheme?

Do you know anyone member of Vorwerk? Or have you bought their product before?

Please share your Vorwerk experience with me in the comment section.

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8 thoughts on “Vorwerk MLM Review: Can You Really Make Money with Vorwerk?”

  1. Hey John,
    Very good review of Vorwek Thermomix review. I’ve never liked MLM companies. I don’t care for the fact that you have to build your downline in order to be a success.
    I also feel that if a product is expensive then you should make sales and get the higher commissions.
    I prefer affiliate marketing to MLM and it’s a much better way to a successful online business. Your thoughts?

    1. Dear Rob,

      Thanks for reading my Vorwerk MLM Review. It is how to Make Money with Vorwerk.

      I am glad you like my article.

      Really appreciate your comments.



  2. I am not a big fan of MLM’s at all. I have been in a few and it is certainly not my cup of tea. Some people do well at it, but a great majority will not make it. Even worse, they will have lost a lot of money trying. Vorwerk MLM does not seem promising at all. If the company can not show a compensation plan, that is a red flag to me.

    1. Thanks for reading my Vorwerk MLM review.  It is all about how to make money with Vorwerk Jobs.

      It is important for people to know that Vorwerk is a legitimate online business and not a scam.

      The only challenge is that it is a direct sales company. he common features of all direct sales companies are that they always reward the owners and the very few at the top of the pyramid. 

      Thanks for reading my Vorwerk MLM review and how to make money with Vorwerk jobs.



  3. Tha k you for sharing about Vorwerk I didn’t know about it until now. You mention that only about 98% of people involved with MLMs will lose their money, that’s a staggering percentage! Vorwerk offers products that one can actively sell which is great except for the fact they are not needs as such. After reading this I think I would prefer to go with Affiliate Marketing. 

    1. Thanks for reading my Vorwerk MLM review. The article is all about how to make money with Vorwerk jobs.

      Just like other MLM companies. People are making money but those are the very few at the top and owners of the company. 

      Thanks again for taking the time to drop your comment about my Vorwerk Thermomix review



  4. I think one has to be very brave if they are willing to join an mlm business. Succeeding in this line of business is no easy task and as was said in this post only those at the top tend to make money from an mlm business. If you are late to the party it becomes quite difficult to make a lot of money.

    One thing I do like about some mlm companies though is that they offer amazing products. This can’t be said of all of them but most that I have across offer good products to market. 

    I do not like the idea of Vorwerk not including a compensation plan as it is one of the ways to convince a prospect to join an mlm business.

    1. Hi Manuel,

      Thanks for reading my Vorwerk MLM review. The article is all about how to make money with Vorwerk jobs.

      Vorwerk Thermomix is about direct sales or calls it MLM. At first, it will seem you will make money but at the long run, it is a waste of time. 

      It is not about Vorwerk Thermomix as a company but it is the business model that in practice here. That is direct sales. 

      Thanks again for reading my Vorwerk Thermomix Review.



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