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Is Rodan and Fields an MLM? Can You Make Money as a Consultants?

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You are welcome to my Rodan and Fields MLM Review. Can you make money with Rodan and Fields consultant jobs? Is Rodan and Fields safe, legit, or a scam and ripoff pyramid scheme?

I am sure you landed here because you are investigating if you can make Money with Rodan and Fields, you are doing the right thing. 


It was while researching an online program that I discovered how to turn my skills and idea into full-time income blogging.

Please know that I have no affiliation to Rodan and Fields, therefore expect an unbiased review of Rodan and Fields from me. 

Estimated reading time: 26 minutes

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Rodan and Fields at a Glance

Rodan and Fields MLM Review

Name: Rodan and Fields
Industry: Multi-Level Marketing
Year Founded: 2007
Headquarters: San Francisco, California, USA
Product Name: Cosmetics and Personal Care Products
Founder: Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields
Price: $49 for a starter kit, and $395, $695, and $995
Rating: 20%
Recommended: No

Summary Rodan and Fields MLM Jobs Reviews

Are the Rodan and Fields consultants making money? Will you make money if you join?

You see, Rodan and Fields is a legitimate multi-level marketing skincare product producing company. 

The problem with all MLM companies (that includes Rodan and Fields); is the majority of the distributors will lose money instead of making money.

It is only fewer people at the top of the scheme that earns the most. 

The 2018 Income disclosure statement of Rodan and Fields reflects that. 61% of Rodan and Fields consultant made an annual average income of less than $300. It even gets worst if you deduct the Rodan and Fields kit and the monthly fees. 

More than half of the Rodan and Fields consultant made a loss in 2018. While just 97 of Rodan and Fields consultants made over $1.2m, each of which is 0.00% of the total consultant. 

Please see the 2018 income disclosure statement in the below:

Note that the above does not make Rodan and Fields a scam or a pyramid scheme. But it shows that you may not make Money with Rodan and Fields as a consultant and distributor of Rodan and Fields products. 

What do you think of my Rodan and Fields MLM jobs reviews? Is Rodan and Fields safe, legit, or a scam and ripoff pyramid scheme?

Can you make money with Rodan and Fields MLM as consultant?

What Is Rodan and Fields?

Rodan and Fields Limited Liability Company also referred to as Rodan + Fields, or you call it R+F, Is a skincare product producing manufacturing company with a multi-level marketing business model and structure. 

Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields had tasted academic and commercial success in their professional fields and their joint venture – ProActiv – respectively. 

ProActiv was their first brainchild, a very successful company line of products that was focused on dealing with acne at San Francisco in 1995. 

On the back of that success, they came together to form a company that produced high-end cosmetics products in 2002, and the name of the company took each of their names to become the Rodan and Fields brand. 

Cosmetics dynamo, Estee Lauder, took the fledgling business into its wing and promoted its products to no avail until the doctors took back the company from Estee Lauder in 2007. 

The doctors then cranked up the heat on management. They ditched the idea of selling through infomercials and in high-end department stores until they stumbled on the working formula – Multi-Level Marketing. 

Rodan and Fields have not looked back, they are not without some bad news. You can read more about the history of Rodan and Fields on Forbes. With some bad news about this company, Is Rodan and Fields safe, legit, or a scam and ripoff pyramid scheme?

Are the Rodan and Fields MLM consultants making money? What do you think of my Rodan and Fields jobs reviews?

Can you make money with Rodan and Fields consultant jobs

Rodan and Fields Product Line

Drs. Rodan and Fields have a professional reputation to consider, being dermatology graduates from the esteemed Stanford University. 

So, it’s hardly surprising that the skincare products from Rodan and Fields are considered top-shelf quality. 

However, the prices they are available for are still truly shocking regardless of the products.

The Rodan and Fields brand of skincare products are in a wide variety. The various Rodan and Fields products can be classified into six regimens type; they are as described below: 

Redefine Collection

These products are available for a range between $20 and $384. They include products like toners, eye creams, skin serums, and cleaning masks.

Each of which helps to keep the skin looking fresh, smooth, and young.

Unblemish Collection

A book out of their pages from their other company, ProActiv that exists to help to counter acne and protect the skin from blemishes.

These products cost between $30 and $320,

Reverse Collection

These skincare products act for skin treatment of various levels. 

They could be mild cases like sunscreens and exfoliating soaps to solutions that help with brightening dull skins.

These products are available at costs between $42 and $374.


These products take the best things out of the other product lines to bring unique solutions for the client.

Soothe Collection

This line of products is produced with people that have sensitive skin in mind. 

The product line includes replenishing creams, sensitive skin serums, and gentle cream washes to reduce visible redness and keep the skin fresh. 

Soothe products cost at least $41 and $311 at most.


These are basic skincare essentials like skin supplements, sunscreen, moisturizers, lotions, etc.

The point is, regardless of how much the skincare products are based. 

There is some unreasonable pricing strategy that is meant to cover for its compensation plan. 

Rodan and Fields MLM Jobs and Compensation Plan 

Rodan and Fields make it easy for their distributors by listing out the different ways to earn money as a consultant with this establishment. The ways include:

rodan and fields customer service

Retail Commissions

Consultant with Rodan and Fields have wholesale discounts and preferred retail prices for the products they purchase and sell.

rodan and fields payday

The difference between the cost of the products and the retail prices make up the profits of the distributors from product sales.

Consultant Bonuses

Rodan and Fields consultants operate on Multi-Level marketing strategies, which means that the Consultants are ranked according to their achievements in product sales and recruitment. 

Is Rodan and Fields safe, legit, or a scam and ripoff pyramid scheme?

One of these ranks is the ‘Consultant,’ and consultants that sell products to people in this rank – which could be their start-up package or monthly order – get a commission on their sales.

Personal Team Commissions

There is a provision for consultants to earn from people that register under them.

rodan and fields amazon

Through personal team commissions, sales made by members of your downline attract a commission to your account; so far, you are qualified for it.

Generation Bonuses

Advancing to the rank of ‘Executive Consultant’ alongside any of your downlines will qualify you for a Generation bonus.

This bonus improves as the members of your downline qualify to join the ‘Executive Consultant’ rank and beyond.


Rodan and Fields have many performance bonuses in store to keep the consultants motivated through stuff like car incentives, paid vacations, little monetary gifts, and so on.

Of course, these plans are reminiscent of what you’ll see in the compensation plan of every other MLM company out there. Just like those MLMs, there are strings attached to these carrots.

What is your take about my Rodan and Fields MLM jobs and the compensation plan? Can you make money with Rodan and Fields MLM?

Is Rodan and Fields legit, safe, or a ripoff and scam pyramid scheme?

==>Rodan and Fields Compensation Plan PDF DownLoad

How to Become a Rodan and Fields Consultant

The essential requirement to join and become a Rodan and Fields Consultant is Money. 

Once you can cover the start-up costs that include a starter kit and product packages to kick start sales. 

You must also make a provision for a monthly purchase quota with a careful investigation and selection of an experienced and reliable upline that can teach you the basics of being a Rodan and Fields consultant.

The starter kit contains training tutorials and a product brochure, and there are  four product packages:

Rodan and Fields Consultant Kits PDF Download

How Much Does it Cost to Join Rodan and Fields MLM Jobs?

The starter kit for Rodan and Fields’ prospective Independent consultant costs a flat $45. Aside from that, there are three product packages on offer, the most expensive packaging costs $995 but is valued at closer to $1,500.

Thus, the consultants earn a more significant percentage of returns compared to the $395 and $695 product packages.

Finally, the consultants must be ready to remit at least $100 every month to keep his/her accounts active. 

Who Can Become Rodan and Fields Consultant?

The products are made for the elites of society, as evidenced by the price. 

However, consultants or distributor with a good understanding of the cosmetic market is a perfect fit for selling these high-end commissions.

How to Make Money with Rodan and Fields MLM Jobs?

So, how do you make Money with Rodan and Fields? While there are numerous bonuses, commissions and profits on offer.

You can make Money with Rodan and Fields in two ways: You can Profit from retailing and earning commissions from team building.

Retail Profits

consultants can get the Rodan and Fields line of products at 33%-off discount rates for regular customers. 

Also, for customers that have placed their monthly orders on auto-ship, consultants can sell at 16% more than the retail price. 

Either way, that price difference will deliver sufficient benefits for distributors, especially when the high cost of Rodan and Fields products are considered.

It must be noted, though, that these profits can only be received if the orders are made using your R+F weblink when purchasing over the internet. 

Commissions From Team Building

Commissions and bonuses depend wholly on ranks and point volume. 

Point Volumes are MLM units that measure your activity in either sales or recruiting, depending on the company. 

For Rodan and Fields, the Commissionable Volume (CV), which is also called Sales Volume (SV) or Personally Sponsored Qualifying Volume (PSQV), is determined by the number of products needed to be bought before a consultant can be considered for commissions. 

The base quota is set at 100, and if you sell through your ‘Consultant’ account, you qualify for a commission that can give you a tithe from the consultants and customers that you recruit personally (L1).

There are other commissions available too, but they are equally tied to ranks like the Personal Volume commissions will require you and your team to generate 600 sales volume points. 

From these 600 points, it is expected that 100 points come from you. If you qualify, you get a commission of 5% on the positions your team generates from recruitment and retail sales beyond your first line of referrals.

You must pay attention to the development and guide the activity of people in your downline. 

If you can mentor eight consultants to become ‘Executive Consultants, you are promoted to the fifth rank, and that gives you access to 5% commissions of earnings from up to five generations in your downline. 

Your reach can even expand to six generations if you get promoted to even higher ranks. Is Rodan and Fields legit or a ripoff and scam MLM pyramid scheme company?

How Much do Rodan and Fields Consultants Make?

As a Rodan and Fields Consultant, you can only make money from retail profits on the sales you make; you can not make money recruiting people. You only earn money from purchases made by people you refer to Rodan and Fields as a distributor. 

The available Rodan and Fields income disclosure document in the public domain as at the time of writing this article is the 2018 Rodan and Fields Income Disclosure Statements (Download it here). 

So much is the Rodan and Fields consultant made according to the income disclosure statement of that of 2018? You will be observed that over 61% of Rodan and Fields independent consultants made $325 as their Average Annual Income in 2018, 29% of the Rodan and Fields independent consultants made $2,342. 

See the breakdown of Rodan and Fields independent consultants’ earnings in 2018:
  • 61.3% = $325
  • 28.9% = $2,342
  • 5.90% = $6,919
  • 2.80% = $14,705
  • 0.70% = $34,209  
  • 0.30% = $69,062
  • 0.20% = $151,750
  • 0.1.% = $351,325
  • 0.00% = $1,203,920

It is so sad to see that less 0.00% of the Consultants made average annual earnings of $1,203,920 to be precise 97 of the Rodan and Fields independent consultants made average yearly earnings of over $1.2m in 2018.

This is always what you see with multi-level marketing companies. It is the few people at the top of the pyramid that earn the most. 

Consultants and distributors at the top of the mlm scheme are the early joiners of the company and the owners and investors with significant capital in the company.

So, how much can you make selling Rodan and Fields? Knowing that you have to get the starter kits that varied in pricing from $49 for a basic starter kit, and $395, $695 to the RFx Express Business Kit that cost $995. 

If the average annual earnings for 61% of Rodan and Fields independent consultants were $325 and suppose you subscribe for the basic starter kit, then your yearly earnings will be less than $300 if you deduct the starter kit price. 

Note that the monthly subscription fees are not considered here. How can you work for a year and earn $300? That is $25 monthly and less than a dollar in a day. 

And average Rodan and Fields consultant will make less than $300 annually and less than a dollar a day working and selling for Rodan and Fields.

So, Is Rodan and Fields worth it? Rodan and Fields do not worth your money and investment. 

how much does a rodan and fields consultant make

Source: Rodan and Fields Income Disclosure 2018 PDF Format.

Are Rodan and Fields Consultants Making Money?

The Independent Consultant at the top of the mlm scheme, the investor in the company, and the owners of the company are the only ones making Money with Rodan and Fields. 

You will not make money if you are just joining the MLM company now. Instead, you will only be working for the people at the top of the scheme. 

This deduction is made from the Rodan and Fields 2018 Income disclosure state. Over 61% of the Rodan and Fields consultant made less than $350 in that year. 

If you deduct the cost of the starter pack and the monthly subscription fee, most Rodan and Fields will run at a loss. i.e., They will make nothing. 

It was discovered from the 2018 Rodan and Fields income disclosure statement; that 97 Rodan and Fields Consultants made an average annual income of $1.2m.  

That figure represents 0.001% of the whole consultant for that year. i.e., 97 out of over 10m consultant made $1.2m while over 61% 0f the consultant made less than $300 in a year. 

So, are the Rodan and Fields consultant making money? No, they are not making money, and you may not make money if you join. 

Why Is It Difficult to Make Money with Rodan and Fields MLM Jobs?

One primary reason why the consultant finds it very difficult to make Money with Rodan and Fields is because of the multi-level marketing business model of the company.  The MLM model is designed to sell products and services but does not help the distributors in any way. The MLM business structure is designed to put more money in the pocket of the investors and the owners of the company. 

It is only the people at the top of the scheme that earn the most. 

88% of distributors of any mlm companies will not make money; they will end up losing their money, and they are the late joiners. 

If you are just joining any MLM company, you will be working for the people at the top of the scheme.  

MLM use the model to promote and market their products using the members as sales agent instead of spending money on the traditional advertisement. 

The MLM companies use that advantage to raise the price of their products for members that are ready to pay to subscribe. 

But in the long run, the consultant and distributions always find it challenging to sell the products because of the high cost. And if there are no sales, there are no earnings in Rodan and Fields compensation plan. 

Also, because of the distribution of commission among the different levels and ranks of the compensation plan, the price of the products is too high compare to how much you can get it on other stores. 

Consumers of Rodan and Fields products find it too costly to buy. Hence they buy on Amazon and other channels. There is no way to sell any overpriced products. 

Another reason why Rodan and Fields consultants are not making money is the saturation of the market with the same products. 

As soon as you get a new Rodan and Fields consultant, they will be competing with you in the same region and the same market. 

Also, it is challenging to convert downlines; one of the ways you make money is commission sales from your downlines. 

Because of the attrition rate, it is challenging to recruit downlines to Rodan and Fields as a new consultant.


Rodan and Fields Amazon

Many people are asking if you can buy Rodan and Fields products on Amazon. Yes. You can get any of the Rodan and Fields on Amazon.

If you a Prime member of Amazon, you even enjoy free two-day delivery, and you will have exclusive access to the following:

  • Kindle books
  • TV shows
  • Original audio series
  • Music, 
  • Movies

You will see many of Rodan and Fields product reviews that are positive. 

See the screenshot of some of them below:

Rodan and Fields Pulse

What is Rodan and Fields Pulse?  Pulse is a web-based proprietary suite of Rodan and Fields. 

It aids and provides support for all consultant recruitment. 

This is a web-based tool that is put in place by Rodan and Fields to help the growth of the company organically. 

Currently, Rodan and Fields Pulse is available in two versions, they are:

  1. Rodan and Fields Pulse Basic or PULSE Basic, and 
  2. Rodan and Fields Pulse Pro or PULSE Pro


The basic version of PULSE includes Rodan and Fields business tools, reports, and library. The library is made up of resources and tools that will help Rodan and Fields consultant manages your customers. 

It helps you grow your Rodan and Fields team building business and performance. There is no subscription fee or payment to use this version.


The PULSE Pro version is made up of all the features of the PULSE Basic features, also with two personal websites. You will have full access to Rodan and Fields tools and resources that includes virtual platform, solution tool contacts, and the advanced reports.

Please know that PULSE Pro is only available to Rodan and Fields consultants on a monthly subscription. 

This version is not a free tool for interested consultants. 

PULSE Pro is optional forever Rodan and Fields consultants; it will cost you the US $24.95 monthly. 

You can cancel your subscription at your time of choosing.  

You can request for cancellation of your Rodan and Fields PULSE Pro by calling the Rodan and Fields support at this phone no: +1 (415) 273-8000

NOTE: PULSE Basic is available for free for all Rodan and Fields consultants for recruitments and conversions of leads. 

 You can download the Term of Use of Pulse Business Management Suite here. 

Rodan and Fields MLM Jobs Payday

Rodan and Fields payday is also referred to as RF Payday. 

The Rodan and Field’s payday is an online virtual portal that helps Rodan and Fields consultants receive their commission payment virtually. It is like your internet banking application. 

With the help of Rodan and Fields payday, you can quickly transfer your earnings as a consultant on the Rodan and Fields to your bank account effortlessly, thereby getting your payment and commission via RF Payday. 

  • How to Activate Rodan and Fields Payday

To activate your RF Payday, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to PULSE here
  2. Visit the menu select RF Payday
  3. Authenticate and verify your access (Use your personally identifiable information)
  4. Input your password and supply the security questions
  5. Setup your RF Payday account preferences

These are FAQs About RF Payday Here (PDF)

Rodan and Fields Customer Service 

 Rodan and Fields Customer Service Number 

  • 415-273-8000 or fax at 415-273-8036. 

Rodan and Fields Customer Service Email


Rodan and Fields Headquarters

  • No. 60 Spear Street, Suite 600
  • San Francisco, CA 94105

 Rodan and Fields Product Inquiries 

 Rodan and Fields Pc Perks Monthly Order

  Rodan and Fields Recent Order Inquiry

 Rodan and Fields Inquiry Product

 Rodan and Fields Sales Inquiry

 Rodan and Fields Compliance Inquiry

 Rodan and Fields Inquiry Sourcing

Rodan and Fields Media Inquiry

Rodan and Fields Non-PR Inquiries 

Rodan and Fields  Innovation and Licensing 

Benefits of Being a Rodan and Fields Consultant

  • Dependable Founders

Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields have proven themselves to be exceptional dermatologists and have academic respect as their foundation. 

Also, they have a successful record in building a company, with ProActiv earning rave reviews for effectiveness. 

On that note, their products are somewhat trustworthy. 

  • Exponential Growth

Rodan and Fields have multiplied in the years since its inception, and the company has been rewarded accordingly along the way. 

In 2016, Rodan and Fields crossed the $1 billion mark in product sales and had been named both the ‘Fastest Growing Brand in the United States in the Last Five Years’ and the ‘#1 Skincare brand in the United States’

Issues with Rodan and Fields

  • Expensive Products

Success for distributors is heavily reliant on sales, but the price of Rodan and Fields products sticks out too much to encourage purchase, even with its high quality.

  • High Registration Costs

Joining Rodan and Fields requires the consultants to tender $45 for the starter kit and $395, $695, $995 for the product packages. 

These are high figures, even for MLMs. The company also imposes a monthly order quota that could cost as much as $100. It’s less of an earning opportunity than a chance to lose money.

  • Income Disclosure Statement

The data from the 2016 and 2018 Disclosure Statements for Rodan and Fields show that 99.71% and 99.4%, respectively, of involved consultants, earned less than minimum wage. 

2018’s Income Disclosure Statement also points to the fact that most consultants enrolled with Rodan and Fields are not making money. They end up quitting their jobs.

On that note, only ten out of a thousand people will earn something reasonable from work.

Complaints About Rodan and Fields

The most online complaint about Rodan and Fields is about the wrongly charging and refusal to cancel credit card requests. 

 Another major complaint is about the cost of the Rodan and Fields products. Many confirmed that the products are great but are too expensive. 

See some of the screenshots below: 

rodan and fields reviews
rodan and fields make money
  1. Source: GlassDoor
how to make $2000 with rodan and fields (1)
can you make money selling rodan and fields

2. Source: Consumer Affairs

rodan and fields how to make money

3. Source: Better Business Bureau Website.

Rodan and Fields BBB Reviews Rating

Rodan and Fields have been accredited with the Better Business Bureau(BBB) since the 29th of December, 2020. 

The company enjoys a BB Rating of A+, with only 130 complaints in the last three years, which is a good number compared to the dirtier MLMs.

The implication of that is that they have a great turn around time when responding to their customers. 

rodan and fields consultant support

4. Source: Better Business Bureau Website.

Rodan and Fields Lawsuit 

It is all about the Rodan and Fields lash boost lawsuit update and others. 

Olay Regenerist, a subsidiary of Procter & Gamble, filed a lawsuit against Rodan and Fields for advertising a line of serums that take care of wrinkles. 

Also, Melissa Ryan leads the plaintiff to attack Rodan and Fields for a line of eye-lashes – the Lash Boost Eye Serums – that was believed to contain a harmful ingredient – isopropyl cloprostenol. 

This ingredient could cause so many reactions, and the side effects were never talked about, which sparked the need for a lawsuit.

  • How to Join Rodan and Fields Class Action Lawsuit

Are you interested in the Rodan and Fields class action suit? Ensure that you have evidence of your purchase and usage of the Rodan and Fields products.

Check out how to process your Rodan and Fields class action submission here. 

You will also know the possible class action lawsuits that you can join.

Is Rodan And Fields a Pyramid Scheme?

No, Rodan And Fields is not a pyramid scheme. 

Though, Rodan And Fields is a multi-level marketing company. That does not make it a pyramid scheme. 

Many believe that MLM is as good as a pyramid scheme; MLM is not a pyramid scheme.

MLM is legal, but the pyramid scheme is not. 

 What does a Pyramid scheme mean? 

A Pyramid scheme is a business model and structure that is based wholly and entirely on the recruitment of members without the existence of products and services. 

This company is not a pyramid scheme because there are products involved.  

Not only that. Rodan And Fields have a policy that does not reward the recruitment of independent consultants.

Rodan And Fields consultant will only earn a commission from sales made by their referrals. 

That makes it far away from being a pyramid scheme.

Is Rodan and Fields an MLM?

Yes! Rodan and Fields is a multi-level marketing company that is located in San Francisco. Yes! Rodan and Fields is a legit, safe, but not a scam and ripoff pyramid scheme. Rodan and Fields is an American manufacturer and distributor of skin care and anti-aging products. They sell and distribute their products via Rodan and Fields consultants. 

But are the Rodan and Fields consultants making money? 

The challenge with this company is the direct sales business model they are running. 99.7% of the people who join MLM companies will lose their money, i.e., only 0.03% of people who join will make money! Those that make money are the owners, notable investors, and the people at the top of the compensations. 

But, I can assure you that Rodan and Fields is legit, safe, and not a ripoff, scam pyramid scheme. People result in declaring MLM as a scam because they can not make money with them. 

Is Rodan and Fields a ripoff?

No! Rodan and Fields is legit, safe, and not a ripoff or a scam pyramid scheme. Rodan and Fields consultants decided to call them ripoff because they find it very difficult to make money. According to this investigation, only 0.03% of Rodan and Fields consultants are making money, according to this investigation about MLM and direct sales company. 

When the Rodan and Fields consultants can not make money, they start to call them names. No, Rodan and Fields is reputable, legit, and not a ripoff, scam pyramid scheme. 

Joining any MLM is a lot of work, especially if you are not binding at the inception of the company’s establishment. It is only the early joiners, notable investors, and the owners that are making money. 

What do you think of my Rodan and Fields MLM jobs review? Do you know any Rodan and Fields consultants making money with these MLM jobs?

Do you think that Rodan and Fields is safe, legit, ripoff, or another scam pyramid scheme? 

Is Rodan And Fields Natural and Safe?

Do dermatologists recommend Rodan and Fields? 

Do Rodan and Fields have toxic ingredients? Is Rodan and Fields FDA approved? 

Rodan and Fields is safe. Some Rodan and Fields products are (OTC) over counter that complied with the FDA’s protocols, guidelines, and regulations. It is advised to investigate ingredients that make up any products you are using on the Environmental Working Group’s Skin-Deep database.

Rodan and Dr. Fields are dermatologists. They have done a lot of clinical study and research with the company-tested products. There are many testimonies online about how great Rodan and Fields are aging on the skin. 

What do you think of the Rodan And Fields products and my reviews of the consultants’ jobs? Is Rodan And Fields safe, legit, or a scam, ripoff pyramid scheme? 

Can you make money with Rodan And Fields MLM consulting jobs? 

Is Rodan and Fields Legit or a Scam? 

Rodan and Fields is legit, safe, and not a ripoff, scam pyramid scheme.

Rodan and Fields have great products, beauty, and cosmetic products that work. The company always delivered the product you pay for. 

The problem with Rodan and Fields has to do with its business model. Rodan and Fields is a multi-level marketing company.  

From my investigation about the company, if you join the company as a consultant, you may not make money.  

From the 2018 income disclosure statement of Rodan and Fields, the average annual income of 61% of the consultant is less than $300.  

You may even make a loss have the deduction of the cost of Rodan and Fields starter kit and the mandatory monthly fee. But, this does not make the company a scam. 

Rodan and Fields always deliver what you pay for, and that includes the starter kits and the products you purchase.  It is only people that are affiliated with this MLM product that gave a positive Rodan and Fields review. 

Can you make money with Rodan and Fields consultant’s MLM jobs? Is Rodan and Fields safe, legit, or a ripoff and scam pyramid scheme?

What do you think of my Rodan and Fields MLM reviews?

Is Rodan and Fields worth It?

Thanks for reading my Rodan and Fields MLM jobs Reviews? Do you think you can make Money with Rodan and Fields consultants’ MLM jobs?

Is Rodan and Fields a ripoff and pyramid scheme? Or do you think Rodan and Fields is legit, safe or another scam

In my personal opinion, Rodan and Fields does not worth it; and why is that? Because you may not make money.

I won’t join Rodan and Fields to become a distributor or a consultant. 

And why is that? Because I now know that majority of Rodan and Fields consultant is not making money. It is only the people at the top of the scheme od the mlm program that is making money. 

The people at the top of the scheme include the investors, the first set of consultants that join the mlm, and the owners of the company.  

If you are new or just joining, you will be working for the people at the top of the scheme.  

The 2018 income disclosure statement of Rodan and Fields reflect that over 61% of the distributor loses their money or made less than $150 for a whole year. 

Are you a Rodan distributor? What do you think of my Rodan and Fields reviews? Is Rodan and Fields legit, safe, or a scam, ripoff, and pyramid scheme?

Can you make money with Rodan and Fields MLM as a consultant?

Rodan and Fields MLM Jobs Reviews for Consultants

10 thoughts on “Is Rodan and Fields an MLM? Can You Make Money as a Consultants?”

  1. Skin care products cater to the vanity of persons and their desire to achieve lovely skin while eating anything they desire. These two ladies have been able to tap into that psychology and build a sizable income from it. The method chosen is however, to their advantage and not to that of the majority of their so called consultants. I too have been into the multilevel marketing business and know firsthand, that only a few are able to gain true financial freedom using this method.

    1. Dear Russell, 

      Thanks for reading my review of Rodan and Fields.

      The article is about how to make money with Rodan and Fields.

      Thanks for your comments. Really appreciated. 


  2. Hi John, well done for the effort you put into this post. Making a detailed review of this nature requires great research. 

    Rodan and Fields consultant has a low success level because if over 60% of members earn lower than $400 in a year, it means that so many will leave the business every year because they cannot survive on that level of income. 

    Most common problems with MLM companies is that they reward requires a great deal of work to accomplish which not so many people can achieve, and some of the leadership compound some of the problem by focusing on creating new product and company once they have made some money leaving stranded distributors or consultants who have been aspiring to achieve success with their effort. 

    Greed is also a factor. Good post. Cheers

    1. Dear Joseph,

      Thanks for reading my Rodan and Fields review.

      The write up is all about how to make money with Rodan and Fields as a consultant and distributors.

      Thanks for your time.

      Really appreciate. 



  3. Hi John,

    Thanks for your insightful and thought-provoking review of Rodan and Fields and MLM in general.

    I have to admit that once I got to your description of the Rodan and Fields history, the sirens went off in my brain and I was immediately turned off the idea, I only really skimmed through the rest of your article.

    If a company failed with Estee Lauder and failed in high-end department stores but is now a success through MLM, it really begs too many questions of both the products and the company

    But, I tend to disagree with you on generalizing about MLM’s. I think the business model could work if MLM companies limited the number of levels and concentrated on more affordable products in general. 

    Personally, if my partner was spending $300 + on one beauty product, I would have serious issues.

    Obviously Rodan and Fields don’t fit into the category or business model, that I mentioned above. This is why the product is difficult to sell and the low-level distributors make less than $300 a year. 

    It’s outrageous that the owners have made a fortune out of the little people that are the bread and butter of their company. 

    It’s not a scam (as far as the legal term goes) but it is seriously unethical!

    1. Thanks for reading my Rodan and Fields Consultant Review. The article is about Rodan and Fields and how to make money. 

      I also investigate if the Rodan and Fields are really making money.

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  4. This is a very thorough review. 

    I hope others find it as useful as I did and maybe save themselves from learning the hard way. Generally, I don’t have a high opinion of MLM programs, but sometimes when you find out that their products are actually of high quality, it can be tempting to think you could do okay selling them. 

    Your review seems to confirm what many others say, that the Rodan and Fields products really are good. 

    The problem, though, becomes apparent when looking at the income disclosure figures you shared. As you point out, only a tiny percentage are making over $1 Million. 

    The gap between them and the next tier down is pretty drastic, too. $350 is not a good income for a year, but there is a huge difference between that and the $1 M level – but less than one percent are making that much, too. 

    Based on your review, I think it is better to order their products from Amazon and leave the selling to someone else.

    1. Dear Randy, 

      Thanks for reading my Rodan and Fields Consultant Review.

      The article is about how to make money with Rodan and Fields as a Consultant.

      I am glad you are taken the time to drop your comment. 



  5. Changingworldnews

    Thanks for the deep review into Rodan plus Fields. This is one of the most comprehensive review I have ever read on a company. All the facts, the pros and the cons regarding the company are outlined and precisely explained. This article really gave me all the information needed about this company. Thanks for sharing.

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