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Home » Multi-Level Marketing » Team National MLM Jobs Review: Can You Really Make Money?

Team National MLM Jobs Review: Can You Really Make Money?

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Home » Multi-Level Marketing » Team National MLM Jobs Review: Can You Really Make Money?

You are welcome to my Team National MLM review. Can you make money with Team National MLM jobs? Is Team National legit or a scam pyramid scheme?

Researching online programs was how I discovered the best affiliate marketing certification training in the world. It changed my life and also birthed this website. 


Please expect an unbiased review of Team National MLM from me because I am in no way affiliated to this direct sales company

Please read on. 

Estimated reading time: 21 minutes

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Team National MLM Review at a Glance

team national mlm

Product Name: Team National
Year Founded: 1997
Headquarters: Davie, Florida
Founder: Dick Loehr
Product Type: Discount Memberships On Products and Services
Price: $55 (Starter Kit)+ $25 Membership + $35.95 Club Subscription + $795 (2-year Standard Membership) or ($2,915 Lifetime Premium Membership)
Rating: 21%
Recommended: No

Summary of Team National MLM Jobs Review

Team National MLM is a direct sales company that provides membership savings that involved a wide variety of products and services that span over 20 different industries.  

But, can you make money with Team National MLM? 

To detect if you can make money with Team National, take a look at the most recent income disclosure statement Team National

The income disclosure statement of this MLM for 2019 show a shocking revelation. The company has eleven levels of compensation plans with different benefits. 

The different levels of the compensation plan are referred to as Independent Marketing Directors (IMDs). 

Representative is the least IMD with the total number of 18,220 distributors, which is 71.7% of all the IMDs. The average annual gross income for Representative was $0.30, less than a dollar. Other are:

Bellever (1,878 distributors, i.e., 7.4% of the total number of all distributors); earned an average annual gross income of $30.

Achieve 1,196 distributors, i.e., 4.7% of the total number of all distributors); earned an average annual gross income of $175.

Platinum with a total of 93 distributors, i.e., 0.4% of all Team National distributors); earned an average annual gross income $30,993

Double platinum has a total of 40 distributors, which is 0.2% of all Team National IMDs); earned an average annual gross income of $162,353.

The MLM Problem

You can see the complete Income Disclosure Statement of Team National for 2019 below that it is the distributors at the top of the pyramid that earns most. The people at the top of the Scheme are the investors and the owners of the company. 

Over 70% of the whole distributors made no money in 2019. They lose their money; because they bought starter kits and pay the annul compulsory fee.

If you are just joining, you will not make money. You will just be working for the people at the top of the Scheme.

This is not applied to this company alone; it applies to all companies that employ a direct sales business model. You can NOT make money as a newbie with them. This is why it is very rare to see someone that stays with an MLM for straight six years. 

Jon M.Taylor’s book titled Multi-level Marketing Unmasked reiterates this notion that 99.7% of people that join MLM company will lose their money.  

What do you think of my Team National review? For me, this company is no for me. 

My Recommendation

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What is Team National?

 “National Companies,” as Team National is popularly called, was created by Dick Loehr in 1997.

 Since TM was launched 20 years ago, the company has dealt majorly in “helping” people save by selling memberships to the National Savings club.

In the year of its launch, they earned more than a billion dollars from the sales of memberships, a testament to the overwhelming charisma of its leader and founder at the time, Dick Loehr.

Nowadays, the success is being replicated to an extent by the founder’s daughter, Angela Loehr Chrysler, who heads the operations from the headquarters in Florida, United States.

Please read the Team National Policy and Procedure PDF format.

It has repeatedly distinguished themselves in their over two decades of activity as registered members with Dunn and Bradstreet, alongside their membership of the Direct-Selling Association and the United States Chamber of Commerce. 

Team National Product Line 

While the company has a few odd products they sell, including the unpopular ‘Dick Loehr’s Sensational Secret Seasoning Salt,’ they majorly deal with the sales of a membership ticket to join the savings community. 

The concept is different from a thrift or contribution club, as the savings are made instead of the money spent on purchases, and there are four main classes of saving opportunities on offer.

You will decide if you can make money with Team National products line after this. 

Group Buying Power Discounts 

They provide a platform for people to bundle together and negotiate with manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors to get a minimized process on many different products.

Through the structure, members can log in to Big N Auto Mail and get reduced prices on cars, trucks as well as ATVs and watercraft.

The same discounts can be gotten off motorcycles, rental vehicles, and some of the company’s products. For example, members can get deals between 5% to 30% for joining the Sears Commercial Program (SCOP).

Factory Direct Discounts

There are agreements between producers of some items and the company, that enlists the help of the savings club with an advertisement, while members of the Team get discount prices in exchange for the traffic. 

This deal affords members massive discounts reaching 65% off products like furniture, saunas, flooring, spas, and jewelry.

Business Exchange

Allying with Team National MLM also affords members discounts on services from local or international small businesses.

These cost reductions span a lot of industries, including travel, financial services, health, real estate, insurance, ICT services, and construction.

This means members can save money from hospital visits, mortgages, internet or cellular service providers, merchant processing businesses, home, family or vehicular insurance, and even airfares and hotels if the members use their unique booking engine.

eCommerce Discounts

The company also owns their private shop of consumables, filled with nutritional, personal care, toys, as well as auto-care products.

The difference, though, is that the company makes a remarkable claim that most of the products are available at half the price compared to other similar products in the market.

This price beating of the market is understandably doubtful, but many of the products in the shop are at least 30% below the industry standard in terms of pricing.

An example is websites, which are available for personal use at $12 per month or $99 annually.

Team National MLM Compensation Plan 

The compensation plan depends mainly on the sale of memberships, and the distributors, who are called ‘Independent Marketing Directors (IMDs),’ afforded commissions on the base of their performance and ranks.

The essential qualification for these bonuses is at least two membership sales annually, and renewals are not counted as sales, just as membership cancellations don’t remove any achievements from the distributor’s quota. Thus, there are three central commissions paid out to the IMDS:

  • Residual Commissions

IMDs are subject to a binary compensation structure with each leg on both sides accounting for separate volumes; when you get the required downlines on both legs by sponsoring affiliates to fill either leg.

The right and left legs can be built directly and indirectly and to infinite levels. Just keep in mind that just like most MLMs out there, you will be paid based on the leg that performs the weakest.

The unique part of the binary compensation structure is the cycles. 

When you get a particular volume of points on both legs, which are gotten from the sale of memberships, you qualify for a commission called a ‘Progression bonus.’

  • Fast Start Bonuses

Registering new distributors and clienteles makes the affiliate eligible for some bonuses.

However, you must reach a specific number of sales before you can start earning those bonuses, which is unlike most MLMs.

In the same way, IMDs can earn commissions from the sale of the items that the company produce, even though there is a bit of a controversy on how little those commissions are. Do you think you can make money with team national? 

  • Commissions from Matching Bonuses

These are commissions because of your recruits getting their progression bonuses.

If one of the legs of a team member, cycles their commission by getting the required ten sales points, the team member earns up to 66% of that progression commission. What do think of my Team National review? 

How to Join Team National MLM?

IMDs don’t have as much trouble with the compensation structure because it is free for anyone to join.

how to get out of team national

However, they make it clear that becoming a member is something else entirely.

Getting started as a member of Team National MLM attracts the cost of the IMD Starter kit and a deducted membership fee from your first payout at the very least.

Alternatively, you can either apply for:

  • The Success Club that is paid for monthly, 
  • The Standard Club that is paid for every two years, or
  • The Lifetime Premium Membership that is paid once and guarantees lifetime access to Team National’s services.

How Much Does It Cost to Join Team National?

People Joining Team National as members must first procure the IMD Starter kit that costs $55.

The smallest plan available costs $25 for initial membership but subsequently costs $35.95 to maintain the membership.

Otherwise, the member can subscribe to the Two-year Standard plan that costs $795 for every two years or the Premium Membership Plan that costs $2,915.

Who Is Team National MLM For?

Business owners that deal with retail sales and families that expect to buy a lot will especially find the discounts a worthwhile investment.

This is mainly because some of the plans allow many people to use the same membership ticket to get different discounts.

For example, a business owner that subscribes to the 2-year plan covers the purchases of up to eight of his/her employees for those two years, just as grandparents, their children, and great-grandchildren can use the same membership account to get discount off items they want to buy. 

How to Make Money with Team National MLM

There are three ways to make money with Team National as an IMD:

  • Discount and Retail

Being a member of Team National gives you access to a discount on some services for the duration, depending on the plan you pay and subscribe to.

The Standard Plan provides 2-year access for Team National’s Factory Direct, Group Buying Power, Business Exchange, and E-Commerce discounts.

They also offer massive price reductions for purchases from Big N Marketplace and other equally huge stores for a few extra people on the same plan.

There’s the added advantage of getting cheaper hosting and domains off MLM Big N Website Program too.

If these discounts on the products bought using the memberships are exploited through retail sales by the IMD, it doesn’t take a genius to determine how much profit can be gotten.

  • Selling Memberships

The discounts are marketable advantages that will certainly be worth consideration by people of the elite class of society, as well as small-to-medium business corporations for better profit margins on retail sales.

For an IMD, that’s excellent news indeed.

Unfortunately, there’s the drawback of the fact that using these discounts means that the person can no longer negotiate for better prices. 

People are also limited by how much they buy to justify the hefty fee paid for membership. This limits the possible sale of memberships for the distributors.

Nevertheless, you still have a commission from the sales of memberships to look forward to when you do.

  • Commissions

The platform is run based on points gained from the sales of memberships.

For each cycle completed, there’s a progression bonus paid, as well as a commission on your downlines completing a process. 

Also, you earn more as you get higher in rank.

The difference, though, is that you need three progression bonuses to break into the lowest position. From there, you can only move up by sponsoring affiliates that have reached the “Presidential Rank.” Do you think you can now make money with Team National as an IMD and distributor?


How Much Can You Make with Team National MLM?

How much money can you make as an IMD of Team National? This will take us back to the Income disclosure statement of 2019.

Team National Income disclosure statement of 2019 shows clearly that only the top rank levels are making money. 

team national imd login

The topmost level, I.e., Double Platinum of just 40 distributors made an average annual gross income of $162, 353; while over 18,000 lover distributors made nothing in the same years.

So, will you make money with Team National? No, you may even make a loss. 

You are expected to pay for IMD Starter Kit ($55); $25 Membership Fee, and $35.95 Success Club Subscription. And at the end of a whole year to now make $0.30?

You know that is a loss.

That proves the assertion of Mr. Jon M.Taylor’s, according to his book titled “Multi-level Marketing Unmasked” (also sighted withing this article).

He claimed that 99.7% of everyone that joins MLM company would lose their money. So, if you are just joining, you may not make money with Team National.

Why It Is Difficult to Make Money with Team National MLM

One major reason why it is difficult to make money with Team National (TN) is that the company employs direct sales (Multi-level Marketing) business model. 

Most MLM companies have this same problem of trust and Pyramid scheme label; because many people do not know the difference between a pyramid scheme and Multi-Level Marketing.

Because of the MLM nature of the business, the model requires a lot of recruitment of more distributors. Thereby you have many distributors chasing the same number of audiences. 

Can you imagine 100 distributors chasing 300 audiences? 

Before you know it, the targeted audience will be streamlined to 200, i.e., 200 distributors will now be chasing 200 audiences; this is why it is difficult to make sales and make money as a direct sales agent in a close market. 

The company often encourage the recruiters (IMDs); because it favors the company. Every new distributor of Team National MLM must purchase a Starter Kit of $55, a Membership Fee of $25, and a success Club Subscription of $35.95 must be paid. 

All those money are going directly to the company. Who owns the company, people at the top of the pyramid scheme? 

It is essential to know that this does not make Team National a scam; it is just the way the direct sales model works for these companies.

$55 for IMD Starter Kit + $25 Membership Fee + $35.95 Success Club Subscription + $795 for 2-year Standard Membership or $2,915 for Lifetime Premium Membership

Team National Income Disclosure Statement

I will be examining the Team National Income Earnings Disclosure of 2019.

This Income Earning Disclosure is for all Team National Independent Marketing Director (IMD) based in the USA that is eligible to make money through their downline (downline commission).

Team National has eleven ranks for all its Independent Marketing Director (IMD) that spans from the least rank “Representative” to the highest rank “Double Platinum”
From the table below, i.e., the screenshot of Team National Income Disclosure Statement.

Independent Marketing Director (IMD) that are Representatives are 18,220 (71.7% of the total IMDs); they each earned an average annual income of $0.3 in 2019.

The remaining ranks of the IMDs earn as follows:

Believer Rank of 1,876 (7.4% of total IMDs) earned an average of $30 in the whole of 2019
Achiever Rank of 1,196 (4.7% of total IMDs) earned an average of $175 in 2019

Gold Rank of 78 in numbers (0.3% of total IMDs) made an average of $13, 488 each in 2019

Platinum of 93 in total (0.4% of total IMDs); made average of $30,993 each in 2019, and

Double Platinum 40 in total (0.2% of the total distributors); made an average of $ 162,353 each in 2019.

team national mlm

Source: Team National Income Disclosure Statement of 2019

From the analysis above and from the Team National income disclosure statement of 2019; you can see that it is only the owners of the company and the very few investors that are making money.

The Representative ranks made $0.3 each and they are the majority (i.e. 72% of the whole distributors). These are the lower ranks and foot soldiers.

These people paid for starter kits and the annual fees; deduction that will throw 72% of the Team National distributors into loss-making for a whole year.

This does not make Team National a scam; it only shows that MLM model-driven company will not make you money if you are not an investor and the owners of the company.

I suggest you start building your own business with this affiliate marketing certification training.

No team is required; you will learn how to turn a real-life problem into making a full-time income.

Level-1 of ten lessons is FREE to Join. Learn More here. What do you think of my Team National review? Is Team National is legit or a scam? 

Team National Customer Service and Support 

You can reach Team National’s customer service center through:

Toll-Free Number

  • 800-227-6030, and 

 Main Phone Number

  • 954-584-2151.


  • (954) 584-2747

Main Office Location Address

  • 8210 West State Rd 84 Davie, FL, 33324-4641,

Email Address


What is Good About Team National MLM? 

No Products

Making money as a member of Team National is much more about membership sales and selling some unique work.

You don’t have to deal with returns since cancellations don’t count against you, and you make no deliveries or inventories in selling memberships.

It’s a straightforward business

TEAM National MLM

For the most part, Team National is big on mentoring, support, and loyalty. Team National’s structure is built to help newer members get the most benefits from the system.

Also, the central government of Team National ensures that they don’t default on legal counts.

They never cross the limits of Multi-level marketing.

This remains true whether the individual members follow the law regarding network marketing rules and regulations. 


There are few exposed details of the discounts that members are entitled to, but there’s little doubt that these savings are beneficial for those that regularly spend, especially on things like travel. 

The membership can offer significant savings. If you’re making a big-ticket purchase or you’re a frequent traveler, for example, you will benefit even more from the membership.

Team National MLM Complaints

Not an Independent Business 

The essence of investing in MLMs, for most people, is getting away to stand alone financially. People are willing to work to the point that their money starts working for them.

Regardless of how nice the concept of this company is, it is doing the opposite.

IMDs don’t get to change anything about the company if the rules or prices change, all they do is help build it with their productivity, and depend on them for peanuts in return.

Do you think I am not fear in my Team National review?


There’s a big problem with how affiliates earn just $25-$50 on registering a member that paid close to $800 on a membership ticket without buying goods.

There’s even more issue with that distributor earning $100 for a personally sponsored distributor that paid close to $3,000 to sign up. It’s just not fair.


There’s no information about what distributors can earn in the compensation plan, the types of memberships, products, and sales training.

The result being that, in the only document, Team national is transparent with – the Income Disclosure Statement – close to 80% of their active members earn less than $1,000. What’s worse?

A sizeable number from that population earn nothing at all.

Three-Days Membership Cancellation Too Short

Team National has three days of membership cancellation if you don’t like what you subscribe to.  

While not seven days or thirty days?

Some members claimed not to be aware of the three days cancellation option; they thought they could have more days to make the cancellations.  

Online Complaints About Team National

There are people frustrated about the fact that earning from Team National is a pipe dream they keep feeding people. 

Team National Reviews BBB Ratings

The Better Business Bureau of Team National review rating is A+.  But Team National is yet to be accredited by BBB. The rating is a measure of the effectiveness of customer service and support of the Team National and how fast they handle dispute resolution.  

 It is important to note that the Better Business Bureau does not yet accredit the Team National. 

team national scam

The A+ BBB rating is different from a company getting accredited by BBB. 

For a company to be accredited by the Better Business Bureau, such a company will be subjected to some accreditation standards.

 Team National is yet to be accredited because BBB is yet to determine its business has to meet accreditation standards. A business has to make a commitment and

resolve that they will treat all consumer complaints with due diligence.

 Any company that wants accreditation will also pay certain fees for accreditation review and continuous monitoring. 

Team National Complaints Lawsuits

Team National has some online customer complaints that were raised by filed a complaint with the Florida Attorney General and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), informing them to both investigate the many illegal income claims of Team National distributors. has a database of history of these claims, and has notified Team National of its findings of its members many and incorrect claims of good earnings that are schemes to lure innocent Americas to join the MLM program.

Though Team America responded to Tina.Org stating that it takes allegations serious, but since them, the company is yet to take down any of the stated income claims down from those websites.

The above are Team National complaints that can be crystallized to lawsuits. You can read more of  Team National Summary Action on

Team National Lawsuit

There is no mention of any charges against Team National since its inception, which is hardly surprising since there is no sufficient information to charge them in the first place.

I am certain that they must have tied their term of use and privacy policy very well, which is excellent for the company. 

Is Team National a Pyramid Scheme?

Team National is not a pyramid scheme.

Team National MLM business model and its non-physical products made it seem like a pyramid scheme.

But what is a pyramid scheme?

A pyramid scheme is when a company employs a business model that rewards people for the recruitment of members that is based on the promise of incentives. 

 In a pyramid scheme, there are no products and services involved. 

When you recruit members, and such members are expected to recruit more members for earnings that are based on fees paid for each recruitment. 

 So, why is Team National not a Pyramid scheme?

Team National is not a pyramid scheme because they offer products and services. What do you think of my  Team National review? Do you think the company is a pyramid scheme?

Is Team National Legit or a Scam? 

Team National is legit and not a scam pyramid scheme.

Team National has been around since 1997. And for a company to have succeeded in that log, it implies that the company is doing something right.

Team National MLM is using a direct sales model that is popularly known as Multi-Level marketing. Everybody has often mistaken MLM companies for a Pyramid scheme.

And they termed them to be a scam.

 No, not all MLM companies are a scam. This is what makes Team National legitimate. But Team National has many other issues that are not that great such as:

 The Team National three days membership cancellation is a scam; it is not possible to know the worthiness of a product within three days. 

Team National Independent Marketing Directors (IMDs) are not making money, which is seen in the Team National Income Disclosure for 2019.

It shows clearly that over 88% of the IMDs are not making money. What do you think of my Team National review?

Is  Team National legit or a pyramid scheme scam? Can you make money with Team National MLM jobs?

Is Team National MLM Worth It?

 Thanks for reading my Team National review? Do you still think you can make money with Team National? 

Is Team National is legit or scam? Or is Team National a pyramid scheme?

 This is my take about this MLM company. Do I think Team National MLM worth the money? No, Team National does not worth it. 

 And why is that? This MLM company will demand and tasked you to sell excessively priced membership to your family and friends.

You will also need to motivate and drive your Team and downline to do the same.

 Members-only have three working days to decide if they want to keep the membership or cancel instead of the regular 30 days offered by other standard companies. 

 Another terrible situation is that of the income disclosure statement. It shows if the Independent Marketing Directors (IMDs) are making money or not. 

 The income disclosure statement of Team National for 2019 shows that over 72% of the Independent Marketing Directors (IMDs) at the Representatives levels (lowest rank) did not make a dine-in 2019. 

 They made a loss because they are made to pay annual fees and starter kits for that year. 

 At the same, the few people at the top Scheme, i.e., 40 double platinum earned (i.e., 0.2% of the distributors), made over $162,000 in 2019.

 This does not make this company a scam, but it proves that you cannot make money selling multi-level marketing products. 

 What do you think of my Team National review? Is Team National legit or scam? Or, Is  Team National a pyramid scheme? 

 Why don’t you start this affiliate marketing certification training that will help you build your own business online?

The level with ten lessons is FREE to join. Learn more here. 

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14 thoughts on “Team National MLM Jobs Review: Can You Really Make Money?”

  1. Hey review you have there. I have heard little about Team National from a friend, having stumbled into this article I now have a better perspective of its entire framework. It is indeed a viable business opportunity that encourages it’s members to work in other to earn more from it’s numerous bonuses. Nevertheless question I would love to ask is that, what qualifies a member to be on a higher rank ?.

    1. Thanks for reading my Team National MLM review. 

      Thanks for your question, what qualifies a member for higher rank is to recruit and recruit always. 

      It is all about how to make money with Team National MLM. 



  2. Chimmhogevagreenesnr

    Hello there! this is an amazing review you have got here on this platform. Though this is my first time hearing about Team National and how it works but my problem with it is that the affiliate earnings is quite too small and at such one needs to think twice before signing for it.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for reading my review on how to make money with Team National. 

      Note that Team National is a legit MLM company; they preferred to call it a direct sales company. 

      thanks for your comments.



  3. Hello John, Thank you for this very detailed and informative review on team national, I understand that for a review as comprehensive as this has under gone a lot of conscious, calculated and deliberate effort in bringing this together, I heard about team national from a friend and he was sounding very convincing so I decided to do some research about it and here i have found answers to the many questions in my heart, thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for reading my Team National MLM review.

      It is all about how to make money with Team National. Though Team National is an MLM company. It is not a scam but a legitimate company. 

      Thanks for reading and dropping comments. 



  4. Hi John, I had not heard about Team National before and from your review, I would run a mile in the opposite direction if ever approached to join them. 

    I know you say that they are not a pyramid scheme, but there is just so much that points towards one, that personally I would clasify them as a pyarimd scheme in disguise. The annual earnings of the bulk of the distributors are just shocking. 

    Thanks for the warning. Liné

    1. Thanks for reading my Team National MLM review. 

      Though you are taken the company to be a pyramid scheme. But, Team National is not a pyramid scheme but a legitimate direct sales company. 

      The problem is that you may not make money as shown in the Team National MLM 2019 income Disclosure Statement.  It is only the people at the top of the scheme and the owners that are making money. 

      The article is all about how to make money with Team National 

      Thanks again for your comments. 



  5. Straight off to the point. Why would I want to join a company that wouldn’t make me money? It’s very obvious that those at the bottom of MLM companies are wasting their time and making money for the people at the top. Team National MLM is one of those as I have seen from the income reports. It’s a no no for me and thanks for sharing this insightful review.

    1. Yes, that is the question I ask myself. Why would I join Team National knowing that I won’t make money? 

      I don’t know why people join these MLM companies. 

      Thanks for reading my Team National MLM reviews. It is the focus to let people know your limitation on how much money you can make with Team National 



  6. I have never heard of Team National before reading your article. And thank you for providing such a thorough review of what actually Team National is. It’s great of you for being honest and letting us know that although Team National is legit and it’s no scam or a pyramid scheme, it is not something that a person who wants to make money online would want to consider joining in. 

    1. Thanks for reading my Team National MLM review.

      Yes, people are making money with team National, but you can not make a full-time income as proven in this article. 

      Please know that Team National is legit and not a Scam company. 

      Thanks for your comment.



  7. Damn, lucky I didn’t sign up to this program. Lately I’ve been hearing a lot about this and thought it was a great opportunity. I’ve had enough of scams in 2020 and it’s time I finally find something that’s actually good and going to work. I don’t want to waste anymore money and I have about $100 to invest. What do you recommend I get into instead of Team National? Thanks

    1. Thanks for reading my Team National MLM review.

      It is all about how to make money with Team National MLM. 

      Please know that Team National is not a scam but a legitimate MLM company.



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