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Home » Multi-Level Marketing » Natura Brasil Review: Can You Really Make Money with Natura Brasil?

Natura Brasil Review: Can You Really Make Money with Natura Brasil?

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Home » Multi-Level Marketing » Natura Brasil Review: Can You Really Make Money with Natura Brasil?

You are welcome to my Natura Brasil review. Can you make money with Natura Brasil MLM Jobs? Is Natura Brasil legit or a scam pyramid scheme?

When it comes to creating money-making opportunities in the Multi-Level marketing world, beauty products are the king.


I am sure someone has tried to sell Natura Brasil to you, and that is why you are here.

Or, Is Natura Brasil a Scam? Are the Natura Brasil products working?

First, It is a good thing that you are researching before buying into this program; this is how to discover legitimate online business.

Also, please know that I am in no way affiliated to Natura, so expect an unbiased review.

Is Natura Brasil a profitable venture?

Estimated reading time: 11 minutes

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Natural Brasil at a Glance

natura products brazil

Product Name: Natural Brasil
Industry: Cosmetics
Year Founded: 1969
Founder: Joao Paulo Ferreira
Headquarters: São Paulo, Brazil
Price: $20
Rating: 30%
Recommended: No

Summary of Natural Brasil Review

Natura is a Brazilian cosmetics seller that has been in business for over five decades.

The company’s primary objective is to make quality cosmetic available to everyone, that explains the introduction of a Multi-Level Marketing distribution structure.

Despite its years of experience, the name Natura Brasil still sounds new to most Americans.

Its operation has mostly been centered in Brazil and Latin American, not until 2017 when it expands service to the United States.

However, what most people would like to know is if it is a profitable venture.

So can you make money with Natura Brasil MLM Jobs? Is Natura Brasil legit or a scam pyramid scheme?

The problem with Natura Brasil is the company’s direct sales and MLM business model.

It is challenging for distributors to make money with Natura Brasil MLM jobs.

Mr. Jon M.Taylor investigated over 600 MLM companies in the USA and across the world for 20 years. He published his findings in this book titled “Multi-level Marketing Unmasked. “

Mr, Taylor concluded that over 99.7% of anyone who joined MLM or direct sales would lose their money. 

Meaning, the only people who are making money with MLM are 0.3% of any MLM company member. 

Does this apply to Natura Brasil?

We will look at the current Natura Brasil income disclosure statement. This is how you know if the distributors are making money or not.

Are Natura Brasil Consultants Making Money?

You can know how much the Consultants are making by looking at the income disclosure statement.

The problem is that you cannot get the Natura Brasil income disclosure statement online.  

This is not uncommon to Natura Brasil alone. Many MLM companies are using to keeping away this document because the public will know that their consultant is not making money.

I have reviewed hundreds of MLM and direct sales companies.

They have in common that most distributors, i.e., 99.7%, will make a loss while very few people at the top, i.e., 0.3%, make good money.

The 0.3% of the Natura Brasil consultants are the owners, notable investors, and the top distributors at the top of the compensation plan.

This is why I don’t recommend MLM and direct sales business. You instead go for affiliate marketing, which is a better way of making money than MLM. 

Please see how it works here.

You can learn how affiliate marketing works via this affiliate marketing certification training. 

The level-1 with ten lessons is free to join. There is no need for your credit card. Please learn more here. 

What is Natura Brasil?

When it comes to the Brazilian personal care industry, Natura is at the peak.

It has been in existence since 1969, with its headquarters in Cajamar.

Natura is not just dominating Brazil, but the whole of Latin America and some parts of Europe.

natura brasil cosmetics usa

Natura has branches in Peru, France, Argentina, Colombia, and Bolivia, racking a net income of $141.2 million (based on 2017 statistics).

In 2013, Natura made Forbes list of 10 most innovative growth companies.

The company’s objective and mission is to “help build a better world commitment to transparency, sustainability, and well-being.”

The company has created an MLM system where members of the public can become independent distributors of its product.

As a Multi-Level Marketing company, Natura Brasil distributes its products with the help of independent distributors known as consultants.

It pays consultants to its consultants for introducing the product to new people, allowing them to earn a decent income. Learn more about Natura Brasil on Wikipedia.

Natura Brasil Product Line

The company has three brands that operate under its umbrella. These brands are Natura, Bodyshop, and Aesop.

  • Natura

This brand was invented in 1969, and it is a beauty brand with products such as Urbano, Aguas Amo, Aquarela, and Ekos, amongst others. Its product range includes perfumes, moisturizers, and lipsticks.

Bodyshop: This brand has an extensive range of products. All of Natura’s brands have a firm policy against animal testing. Bodyshop has products that cover a wide range. These products include men, shaving cream, moisturizers, shampoos, makeup products, perfumes, and gift items.

Aesop: This brand focuses on sensitive skin. Its products include cleansers and moisturizers for sensitive skin.

make money with Natura Brasil

How Much Does Natura Brasil Cost?

It costs just $20 to sign up as a Natura Brasil salesperson. Also, Natura Brasil has numerous products in the market, and its product line is divided into different cosmetic sectors.

The products are natural, great quality, and reliable, and they are sold for a fair price. Here’s a price list of some of its products:

  • Hand Cream Ekos Castanha only $12
  • Intense Care Mask Ekos Murumuru only $15
  • Maracujá Creamy Exfoliating Soap only $10
  • Maracujá Triple Phase Shower Oil only $25

Who is Natura Brasil For?

Natura Brasil is a health care company that provides all sorts of natural skincare products.

As common with its niche, women are the primary customers. However, there is a skincare solution for everyone.

If you want to earn money and you have excellent selling skills, Natura Brasil is also for you.

It is a sizeable Multi-Level Marketing company, but due to its size, there are other subsidiaries MLM, distributing its product.

How to Make Money with Natura Brasil

Natura Brasil does not operate the traditional door to door sales methods usually associated with most MLM companies.

The company uses physical retail stores.

You can make money with Natura Brasil in two ways, via:

  1. Direct sales, and
  2. Through recruiting others.

Direct sales

Here’s how to go about it, there’s a space on their website where you’ll put your email address and wait for them to contact you, signing up will cost only $20.

As a retailer for Natura Brasil, you will be given a retail store to sell cosmetic products.

Recruiting and Referrals

When you recruit others, you will be given a commission.

However, details about how Natura Brasil consultants earn is very discreet; you’ll have to sign up to find out.

How Much Can You Make with Natura Brasil?

The only way to know the amount you can make with Natura Brasil as a consultant is to look at the income disclosure statement of Natura Brasil for the compensation plan.

But this document is not in a public place. The only form you will find online is the 

Natura Brasil annual report. It is not the same as the income disclosure statement for the distributors. 

The income disclosure statement will show the consultant’s average annual earnings according to their ranks in the compensation plan.

But are Natura Brasil consultants making money?

The Natura Brasil consultant will make between 25% to 30% commission from every sale of products made.  

To make more money, you need to recruits downlines because you can also earn a commission from product sales by your downlines.

Also, you will be competing with 1.7 million other consultants plus the company itself.

This makes earning from direct sales difficult since potential customers can buy directly from the company.

Other details, such as payment structure, are also unknown.

Natura is a great company.

The quality of the products is excellent, but you may not be able to make a full-time income because members and consultants compete with each other in sales.

It is an MLM business with many limitations, and most consultant will lose their money.

What do you think of my Natura Brasil review? 

Can you make money with Natura Brasil MLM jobs as a consultant? Is Natura Brasil legit or a scam pyramid scheme? 

Natura’s Compensation Plan

Usually, direct selling companies have incentives for their sales agents spelled on their website.

However, Natura Brazil doesn’t have one on its website. So we cannot say for sure how much you will earn as a Natura Brasil distributor.

I discovered that you could make some income through its direct selling system.

Natura Brasil Support /Customer Service

There are a lot of complaints about the secretive nature of Natura Brasil.

However, its customer service response time is fair.

To reach them directly on their website, go to the Contact us page and drop an instant message.

Or call their customer care desk +33 (0)1 84 17 07 36 any day between 10 am to 7 pm.

What is Good About Natura Brasil

  • You will be selling quality, natural products, and eco-friendly, without animal testing.
  • And you will be working for one of the biggest health care companies in the whole of Latin America.
  • You will be an independent distributor, working at your convenience.

Issues With Natura Brasil

The secretive nature of the company’s structure limits prospective member options.

There a lot of competition with a limited market.

It operates with a pyramid structure.

Natura Brasil Review

Online Opinion About Natura Brasil

There are a lot of blog reviews about Natura Brasil, most of them positive and satisfactory with commendation about its product quality, and its eco-friendly nature.

However, customer feedback from glassdoor is mixed.

There are many complaints about its MLM structure, poor management, and low commission.

There’s also a series of complaints about the expectations which put consultants on the edge.

Natura Brasil’s centralized nature is an issue users feel there’s a lot of petty politics going on at the expense of consultants.

Is Natura Brasil a Pyramid Scheme?

Natura Brasil is legit and not a scam pyramid scheme. 

Though Natura Brasil is not a pyramid scheme scam, Natura Brasil is one level marketing company.

Why is Natura Brasil not a pyramid scheme?

Natura Brasil MLM jobs is not a pyramid scheme because there is a product involved. 

Pyramid scheme business and investment do not require sales and distribution of products and services.

You can only earn a commission with Natura Brasil as a consultant via sales of its products. 

You will also make money and earn a commission from product sales by your referral and downline.

What do you think of the Natura Brasil review? Can you make money with Natura Brasil MLM jobs? Is Natura Brasil Legit, or a scam pyramid scheme? 

Is Natura Brasil Legit or a Scam?

Natura Brasil is legit and not a scam pyramid scheme.

Most MLM companies are mistaken to be a scam and pyramid scheme. The same applies to Natura Brasil because it is a direct sales company.

99.7% of any MLM company member is highly likely to lose their money according to Mr. Jon M Taylor’s investigation as written in his book titled “Multi-Level Marketing Unmasked.

This is why many think Natura Brasil MLM jobs are a scam and not legitimate. 

But this company seems to be focused on making products that are animal testing free. 

This is a good sign, and its products have received a lot of positive reviews.

However, when it comes to money-making, I would have to pause if I were you.

This is because reselling products to make profits when you do not even know what the compensation plan seems very funny.

What do you think of my Natura Brasil review? Is Natura Brasil legit or a scam?

what are good side hustles

 Can you make money with Natura Brasil MLM jobs?

Is Natura Brasil worth It?

Thanks for reading my Natura Brasil review? Is Natura Brasil is a scam?

With this review, can you now make money with Natura Brasil? Are Natura Brasil products working?

When it comes to direct selling, a lot of beauty products with a large customer base exists.

So, how do you get these loyal customers to your side selling a similar product?

While Natura Brasil has a fantastic product line, accumulating products for resale might not be your thing.

So, if you will like an alternative, I will like to introduce you to Wealthy Affiliate.

Unlike direct selling, you do not need to stock up products with affiliate marketing. Using a Wealthy Affiliate, I have been able to earn six figures monthly successfully.

Will you like to find out how I was able to gain my financial freedom? Click on this link. Have you used any Natura Brasil product?

What do you think of my Natura Brasil review?  What was your experience, kindly share with us in the comment section below.

Natura Brasil MLM Jobs Review – Video

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  1. Thanks for the explanation given and such an amazing review about Natura Brasil. 

    I was looking to make an online business using a affiliate marketing and promote different products. I’m a first premium member on Wealthy Affiliate and i want to say that it was my best decision I made. I have some difficults in finding a good niche and build my website there. Do you think if i can promote this Natura Brasil products on my affiliate marketing website and where can i find a good niche to increase my traffic?

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    1. Thanks reading my Natural Brazil review.
      I am sure you can get all the niche you need to make money with Wealthy affiliate 



  2. Lots of MLM opportunities floating around right now. Although you say it’s a good product company, yet they still want sellers to create sales. Do they not have marketing in place if their product is good? 

    I feel direct selling can be pretty hard, I’m much more into soft sales. That’s why your Wealthy Affiliate opportunity seems great. I will look into that a bit more later on. 

  3. Hello there,thanks for this awesome article it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me,I have been looking for legit places like this where I can make some legit cash,but right now I can’t separate the good from the bad as the rate of scam is too high and I can’t afford to lose my hard earned money to fruadstars.but I must definitely give this one a trial.

  4. This actually sounds like a quality, legitimate line of skin care products. I recognized some of the sub-brands, such as Aesop. This may be something I keep in mind to purchase, but I’ve never been a fan of the MLM structure. I am especially wary of how secretive they seem to be. But once again, this blogger’s articles are certainly more detailed and informative than the one-pagers a lot of people put up, and that makes it easier for me to make an informed decision.

  5. From what I can tell, Natura Brasil is a decent company but is it worthwhile to invest time and money into it? I’m not sure. I would rather invest my efforts into companies like Wealthy Affiliate that has been around for so much time and has made so much money for so many people.

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