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NHT Global Review: Can You Really Make Money?

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You are welcome to my Natural Health Trends Global – NHT Global review. Can you make money as an NHT Global distributor? Is NHT Global legit or another pyramid scheme scam?

It is good you are here to make your findings on making money with NHT Global as a distributor. 


It is through investigating online programs that you can avoid as many MLM scams and also discover legitimate businesses online

Please know that I am not in any way associated with NHT Global MLM; therefore, expect an unbiased, complete review of the NHT Global MLM job from me.

Please read on.

Estimated reading time: 16 minutes

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Natural Health Trends Global MLM Jobs Review

Product Name: NHT Global
Industry: Health and Wellness
Founder: Terry LaCore
BBB Rating: A+
Price: $75 plus Autoship
Rating: 30%
Recommended: No {Check Out My #1 Recommendation }

Summary of NHT Global MLM Review

Natural Health Trends Global is an International Multi-Level marketing and e-commerce company with distribution in over 50 countries. 

Natural Health Trends Global is into the production and distribution of Beauty, Herbal, Lifestyle, and Wellness products.

Can you make money with the NHT Global MLM job? Is NHT Global legit or another scam pyramid scheme? 

To be exact. NHT Global is legit and not a pyramid scheme scam. 

The problem with NHT Global MLM jobs is that the company is running a direct selling business model.

What is the implication of that?

The direct selling business model is known with MLM companies, and it is designed to favor and enrich the owners, special investors, and the MLM members at the top of the compensation plan.

Research of over 600 MLM direct sales companies that took 20 years to conclude by Mr. Jon A Taylor shows that 99.7% of MLM company distributors will lose their money .i.e. only 0.3% will make money.

You can read the full report of the 20 years of research in the book titled “ MLM Unmasked by Jon M Taylor,” It is free to download and read. 

This book shows that only the company owners, the particular investors, and the early joiner at the top of the compensation plan will make money. The other will always lose their money. 

Is this also true for NHT Global MLM jobs?

It is the first question you must ask before joining NHT Global MLM jobs.

It is the only way to know if NHT Global distributors are making money or not? 

Are the NHT Global Distributors Making Money

You will go through the Natural Health Trends Global income disclosure statement; yes, that document will show the number of distributors of NHT Global that are making money according to their compensation levels. 

is NHT Global legit or Pyramid Scheme scam

Source: Global Income Disclosure Statement for 2019

Note: Natural Health Trends Global decided not to show the distributors’ earnings according to the distributors’ compensation levels.

Below are extracted from the 2019 NHT Global income disclosure statement:
  • Only 47% of the Natural Health Trends Global distributors earn a commission, while 53% earn nothing (i.e., $0).
  • Of the 47%, Natural Health Trends Global Distributors that made money in 2019; 69% of those distributors earn annual average earnings of $221
  • Out of the 47% NHT Global Distributors that made money in 2019; 11% earned between $1,000 to $5,000 {their average was $1,967)
  • Of the 47% Natural Health Trends Global Distributors that made money in 2019; 1% made between $5,000 and $10,000 {with average of $6,340}
  • Out of the 47% NHT Global Distributors that made money in 2019, 2% made over $10,000 annual average income.
  • Of the 47% Natural Health Trends Global Distributors that made money in 2019, 1% made over $50,000 annual average income.

What is the implication of the above?

The Natural Health Trends Global income disclosure statement for 2019 shows that very few people are making money, i.e., less than 0.3% of the direct sales distributors made money in 2019. 

It shows that Mr. Jon M Taylor Research findings are also valid for NHT Global MLM jobs. 

Note that 69% of the 47% of distributors that made money earned $221 in a whole year, i.e., $18.4 monthly!

If you deduct related business expenses, what remains?

Also, deducting the essential membership cost of $75 and the monthly fees of $9.95 (after 2-months). 

It is why most NHT Global distributor will lose their money. 

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What is NHT Global?

Terry Lahore founded Natural Health Trends Global in 2001 and is a subsidiary of Natural Health Trends Corporation.

It was initially called Lexxus International before rebranded to the current name. 

NHT focuses on the production and sale of health, nutrition, and personal care products.

Natural Health Trends Global is available in over 20 countries, including the USA, UK, Mexico, Singapore, Mongolia, and Newzealand.

Natural Health Trends Global is located in California in the USA and is currently headed by Chris Sharing, who was appointed President in 2007.

Although Natural Health Trends Global is Sharon’s first MLM venture, he has held positions as the CFO, President, and Mattel, as Vice President of International Finance.

However, the company has suffered some reputation damages with some lawsuits due to filing lawsuits against LaCore and its founding President Mark Woodburn.

However, its flagship product Alura Lux, a vaginal lubricant that costs about $50, helped the company regain its reputation.

NHT Global MLM made about $500,000 within just two days after launch.

Like other MLM programs, Natural Health Trends Global needs distributors to market its wide range of herbal and organic, lifestyle and general wellness products, and beauty care products.

As NHT Global distributor, these are some of the major product categories of the company:


Under this category, you will find products designed to help you live your best life and protect against harmful bacteria.

They include gut enhancers and digestive health protectors such as probiotics.

An example of a product under this category is CurcuMore, a patented form of curcumin combined with age-defying antioxidants in green tea and grape seed extract.

It’s a dietary supplement that helps prevent aging while maintaining a vibrant life. CurcuMore costs $87.14 for regular customers and $61 for preferred customers.

Personal Care

Under this category, you will find the flagship products of the company.

These products include face masks, muds, creams, face lotions and serums, moisturizers, hand protectors, sunscreens, and skin hydration systems.

You can find BioCell SC, a facial mask that helps rejuvenate the skin and retails at $76.63 for a box of seven pouches.


The products under this category are some of the most popular ones in the company.

This product is made from organic and natural botanical sources; these products help protect the body organs from free radicals and improve blood flow and support the cardiovascular system.

An example of a product under this category is LivaPro, a bottle of 90 capsules and retails at $110.


This category contains Alura Lux, the company’s famous vaginal lubrication, which retails at $54.29.

In this category, you will also find Natural Health Trends Global products that act as oxidants and rid the body of free radicals. 

NHT Global Compensation Plan 

NHT Global MLM runs a simple compensation plan. You will get a Retail Business Center (RBC) when you sign up.

To activate the compensation program as an NHT Global distributor, you need to purchase a builder pack with initial product order and sponsor two people as your downline.

You will get a commission based on product sales and affiliate orders. The NHT Global MLM runs four affiliate ranks.

Make money with NHT Global as a Distributor

They include:


Requires 90 PV worth of products in a single order that can be self-bought.


The Silver level requires 250 PV of products or an accumulated PV or 1500 GV.


When you sign up with a Business Builder’s Package, you get promoted to the Gold rank. 

You also need to purchase 1000 PV worth of product or generate an accumulated PV of 1250 or 3000 GV.


To get to the Natural Health Trends Global MLM platinum rank, you need to sign up with a Business Builder’s Package and get 1250 PV products.

You need to meet a monthly 90 PV requirement to qualify for commissions as an affiliate under NHT Global MLM affiliate.

The commissions are paid as a percentage of the sales volume made and are spread across three ranks.  

Bronze affiliates

Get to earn 3% on level 1

Silver affiliates

Get to earn 5% on level 1 and 3% on level 2

Platinum and Gold affiliates

Get to earn 10% at level 1, 5% at level 2, and 3% at level 3

Level one represents personally recruited affiliates, while other levels are the recruits of your affiliate.

How to Join NHT Global? 

To become one of NHT Global distributors or retailers, you have to join in through an affiliate.

According to the information on their website, you can not join in as an NHT Global distributor through the website.

To join, you need to go through one of the Natural Health Trends Global independent distributors’ websites.

As soon as you become a retailer with NHT Global MLM, you have to buy products at a discounted rate for personal consumption or retail purposes. Next, you begin building your downline.

How Much does it Cost to Join NHT Global?

What is the cost to join NHT Global MLM jobs? 

To join NHT Global MLM, you need at least $75, and after about 60 days (2 months), you have to pay $9.95 per month.

However, this is an exception for the extra $9.95, and that is if you are an affiliate of Platinum Business Builder’s Package.

There are other packages you could also get.

They include:

  • StemRenu Bronze Package: $180
  • Personal Wellness Gold Package: $948
  • Skindulgence Platinum Package: $2188
  • StemRenu Platinum Package: $2188
  • Platinum Wellness Package: $2288

Who Is NHT Global MLM Jobs For?

NHT is for anyone interested in health and wellness products. It is available in over 50 cities in the world.

You have to be a great salesperson before you can convince people to buy you from you.

How to Make Money with NHT Global

You have several ways to make money as an NHT Global distributor.

Although most of the ways to earn are tied to commissions, you can earn through retailing. Here’s how you can make money with Natural Health Trends Global.


You can make money as an NHT Global distributor by retailing.

It also offers you flexible timing, and all you have to do is build your affiliate website and sell the products. However, you have to put in the work if you aim to make money.

Unilevel/Binary Residual Commissions

The NHT Global MLM program pays out commissions using unilevel and binary models.

It means that the affiliates at the top unilevel team pay those underneath their tree. So, if Bronze affiliates earn 3% on level 1, Silver affiliates get to make 5% on level 1 & 3% on level 2.

On the other hand, with the binary model, you make money when the top of the binary team pays out with the other affiliate of the same level.

For instance, if you are level 1 and have another team member in the same rank, you receive an equal payout from the top-ranked affiliate.

For discounts on products, you get the following value based on your rank:

  • Bronze – 5% discount
  • Silver – 10% discount
  • Platinum/ Gold – 30% of discount

How Much Can You Make with NHT Global MLM Jobs?

Before launching your career as an NHT Global distributor, you need to learn how to make money and investigate how much money you can make with NHT Global. 

You can know how much you can make by looking for the Natural Health Trends Global annual income disclosure statement (Most companies will not have it in the public domain).

You can get the Natural Health Trends Global income disclosure statement for 2019 and summarize how much the distributors made. 

See below:


  • 47% of the whole distributor made money
  • 69% of those that made money, i.e. (47% of the entire distributors) made $221 for a whole year.
  • 1% of those that made money (47% of the whole distributors) earned $50,000

What is the implication of the 2019 Natural Health Trends Global income disclosure statement?

It shows that 99.9% of NHT Global distributors lose their money in 2019. 

Can you imagine making $221 for a whole year? i.e., less than $19 monthly!

If you deduct the membership cost of $75, monthly fees of $9.95, and other business-related expenses, that will take any NHT Global distributors to a loss.

If you are joining NHT Global MLM jobs, it will likely be exceedingly difficult for you to make money.

The people that are making money are the owners, notable investors, and the members at the top of the compensation plans, i.e., the distributors’ 1%. 

It is another proof that Mr. Jon M. Taylors’ findings of MLM companies are accurate. 

Note: I am not saying that NHT Global is a scam.

No, NHT Global MLM is legit and not a pyramid scheme direct sales company. But it will be very difficult for you to make money with this company. 

But, how much can you make if you join NHT Global MLM? You will likely make less than $20 monthly. 

You can reach NHT Global MLM via the company contact page.

You can also send: 

  • Email: or 
  • Call (East Coast): 732-515-9873, 
  • West Coast: 626-872-0889. 
  • The company’s headquarters is located at Rolling Hills Estates, California.

What is Good About NHT Global? 

There is only one thing I like about NHT Global MLM asides from the fact that you have to join the MLM through an affiliate; it is the fact that the company works hard on its comeback with its products.

When joining NHT Global as a distributor, you need to go through an affiliate.

This makes it easier for other affiliates to have downlines.

Also, despite having had bumpy rides with legal actions, the company made a comeback with Alura Lux and sold an impressive amount just within 48 hours of launch.  

Issues with NHT Global MLM Jobs

Unnecessary Autoship

Asides from paying $75 for unnecessary registration, you still have to sign up for the auto-ship of products worth at least $500.

So, you have to spend more time selling off the products, or you will have to pay for the next authorship from outside your capital.

Bears Resemblance to a Pyramid Scheme

Although NHT Global is not a Pyramid scheme, it bears a lot of resemblance to one due to its compensation plan.

Its compensation plan relies on a unilevel and binary model, and that means top rank members need to keep recruiting to earn more.

Even before changing the company’s name from Lexxus International to Natural Health Trends Global, the company had many legal issues.

It took the launch of Alura Lux to get the company back into the people’s good books. The company has a few legal actions filed against it for fraudulent practices.

These legal actions will make you wonder if NHT Global is a Pyramid scheme.  

Fewer Successful Affiliates

NHT Global pyramid scheme semblance is seen more when you notice that only 1% of its top executives earn over $1,000,000.

Pyramid schemes work in such a way that other affiliates are using them to enrich one person.

Online Complaints About NHT Global

In 2016, Natural Health Trends Global was accused of not being compliant with Chinese laws and was sued by shareholder plaintiffs Wang Juan and Manh Dao.

The NHT was also accused of making false and misleading business prospects. However, the lawsuit was settled in July 2017 for $1.75 million.

Other complaints about the products revolve around the cost of getting the same product at a cheaper rate than what NHT is offering.

NHT Global Reviews BBB

The review of NHT Global BBB is A+.

As of this review, the NHT Global is yet to be accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

What is the difference between BBB accreditation and the ratings? 

The rating is a measure of how fast an institution is taken care of its customer complaint, dispute, and reported issues. 

While accreditation helps an organization decide to put a structure in place to take care of various customer complaints and disputes. 

Learn more about the NHT Global Review BBB rating here. 

The A+ review ratings of NHT show that the company is handling customer issues greatly. 

 Is NHT Global a Pyramid Scheme?

NHT Global is legit and not a pyramid scheme scam.

It is a company that has been around for a long time. 

People mistake the pyramid scheme with direct sales companies because of the MLM business models that make many distributors lose their money. 

The pyramid scheme is a crime both in the USA and in many countries. 

NHT Global is not a pyramid scheme because the company produces and distributes health and wellness products. 

There are no physical products in any pyramid scheme business. 

What do you think of my review of NHT Global MLM jobs? Is NHT Global legit or a scam pyramid scheme?

Can you make money with NHT Global MLM jobs?

Is NHT Global Legit or a Scam?

Is Natural Health Trends Global real business opportunity 2021

NHT Global is legit and not a scam pyramid scheme. The company is a real business opportunity.

what are good side hustles

People are scare of getting into any company that practices MLM business models because the distributors are usually not making money. 

They have real products designed to attend to humans’ needs. Although the company has had a little more than its share of legal actions, NHT Global is Legit and not a scam.

You can see the full address and location of NHT Global via the BBB website, as stated below:

  • Location Address: 609 Deep Valley Dr. STE 395; Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274-9900.
  • Phone contacts: (310) 541-0888
  • The Principal Contacts: Mr. Chris Sharng (President) and other Mr. Scott Davidson.

What do you think of my NHT Global review? Do you think otherwise that it is legit or another pyramid scheme scam?

Can you make money with NHT Global MLM jobs? 

 Is NHT Global MLM Jobs Worth It?

Thanks for reading my NHT Global Review. Can you now make money with NHT Global MLM jobs? 

Is NHT Global legit or another pyramid scheme scam? With all you now know about this company, what is your take?

Also, from the NHT Global income disclosure statement, it will be difficult for any new distributor to start making money with NHT Global.

As an NHT Global distributor, we see that it takes a lot of time, energy, and skills to get to the top. 

In my opinion, NHT Global is legit and not a scam pyramid scheme. 

The problem with NHT Global MLM jobs is that you may not make money with this company and a starter.

The direct sales business model is a structure to favor the company owners and the very few at the top of the compensation plan. 

I recommend you channel your energy into an affiliate marketing online sales program that will help you to own your own online business in no time. 

What do you think of my NHT Global Review? Do you agree with my recommendation?

I will love to read your comment.

How to Make Money with NHT Global (Video)

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  1. Great NHT Global Review. I have been involved with a number of MLM companies, all of them legit (as far as I know) and many of them sold great products to boot. 

    My problem is exactly as you state:  It’s difficult to make a profit because so many people are put off at the mere mention of MLM.  

    They are off-put immediately and aren’t interested in the products at all.  

    While I realize that most of the profit goes to the top (read: founders) level, I do know people who have been successful.  

    I’ve noticed that these are usually people who have been former corporate CEOs or have previously build up successful businesses. 

    So…not us.  Or not me, anyway!

    I thoroughly recommend the “#1” choice that you have linked to this page.  You know, for people like me 😉

    1. Thanks for reading my NHT Global Review.

      It is how to make money with NHT Global MLM jobs.

      Please know that NHT Global is legit and not a pyramid scheme.

      Thanks for your comments.



  2. Antarctic Adventures

    I love seeing unbiased reviews, I absolutely trust your opinion more because you look at it objectively! I think NHT Global is just similar to other MLMs out there. It definitely isn’t a scam and people can make money, but with any MLM, its super hard to get started without chasing your friends and family. If you don’t have a large following I wouldn’t expect success. 

    1. Thanks for your comment about my NHT Global Review.

      yes, you are right that NHT is legit and not a scam, but it is difficult to make money with any MLM company.

      Thanks again for your comment.

      the article is all about how to make money with NHT Global MLM jobs.



  3. I’ve always wondered if NHT Global is legit and not a scam pyramid scheme. And I thank God I have been able to find out.  However I am very comfortable with wealthy affiliate for now and I think it’s better I devote my time to something that’s fruitful and something I trust.  Thank you very much.  

    1. Thanks for your comment.

      the article is all about how to make money with NHT Global.

      Thanks again for the comments


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