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Is 4life a Pyramid Scheme? Can You Really Make Money?

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You are welcome to my 4life Research review. Can you make money with 4life Research Llc MLM jobs and careers? Is 4life Research legit, or a scam pyramid scheme?  

Are 4life Research Distributors making money? 


You are making your findings of 4life Research careers jobs; it is how to discover legitimate online business and learn to avoid scams.

Please know that I am not a 4life Research MLM; therefore, expect an independent review of 4life Research jobs. 

Please read on.

Estimated reading time: 18 minutes

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4Life Research at a Glance

is 4life legit, or a pyramid scheme scam

Product Name: 4Life Research USA, LLC
Industry: Nutrition & Direct Selling Multi-Level Marketing
Products: Nutritional, Health, and Wellness Supplements
Headquarters: Sandy, Utah, USA.
Founder: David and Bianca Lisonbee
Year Founded: 1998
Subsidiary: 4life Research Llc, Japan.
BBB Rating: A+
Price: $25 + Price for products
Rating: 30%
Recommended: No

Summary Review of 4life Research MLM Jobs

4life Research Llc claimed to have the best wellness and healthy products in the world today. 

4life Research’s business model is direct sales distribution, also known as multi-level marketing.

The essence of my 4life Research review is to know if you can make money with 4life Research MLM jobs. 

The problem is this: you may not be able to make money with MLM companies. 

And why is that?

Mr. Jon M Taylor did 20 years of investigation of 600 MLM companies. He discovered and concluded that 99.7% of distributors of any MLM companies would lose their money.

He stated that only 0.3% of distributors of any MLM companies will make money.

Please read Mr. Jon M Taylor’s book titled “Multi-Level Marketing Unmasked” about his discovery.

What is the meaning of this? 

It implies that the company owners, the particular investors, and members at the top of the MLM ranks will be making money for any direct sales company. 

Is this also applying to 4life Research MLM Jobs?

***Are the 4life Research Distributors Making Money?***

To know if you will make money with 4life Research career opportunities, we will look at the current income disclosure statement of 4life Research.

Make Money with 4life research MLM jobs

Source: 2019/2019 4life Research Income Disclosure Statement

The income disclosure statement above that the two lowest ranks of 4life Research MLM jobs are:

  • Builders (4.1% of the total distributors); each made an average of $612 for a year, and 
  • Associates (72.6% of the total distributors); each made an average of $900 for a year. 
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • International Diamonds (<1% of all distributors); each earn an annual average of $110,940
  • Gold International Diamonds (<1% of all distributors); each earn an annual average of $503,268
  • Platinum International Diamonds (<1% of all distributors); each earn annual average of $2,511,000

You can see that the lower level distributors earn a penny while members with high ranks earn big, and they are so very few. 

It shows that Mr. Jon M Taylor’s finding above is valid for the 4life Research MLM company.

If you join 4life Research Inc as a distributor, you will not make money; instead, you will be working for the people at the top of the scheme. 

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  • What do you think of my 4life Research review? Is 4life Research legit or another scam pyramid scheme? 
  • Do you think you can still make money with 4life Research MLM jobs?

What is 4life Research?

4Life Research is a multi-level marketing company focused on creating patented and high-quality health support products. 

Their products are mostly focused on building immune cells and supporting the immune system.

These products are designed to give the immune system the ability to recognize potential threats and respond to them before they do any damage.

They also have nutritional meal packs, general wellness, and products designed for teens and kids.

 In this 4Life research review, we shall go into more detail about how 4Life Research careers work.

 4 Life was founded in 1988 by David T. Lisonbee, who also happens to have over 30 years of experience as a network marketer. 

The headquarters of the company is in Sandy, Utah, USA.

The company also has a subsidiary, 4Life Risearch Japan LLC, founded in 2001 and is the company’s line of business responsible for the wholesale distribution of groceries and related products.

4Life Research has offices in more than 25 nations and sell their products in over 50 countries on five continents and supports a network of global independent distributors through 4Life Research Careers and 4Life Research Jobs.

They have also won numerous awards.

4life Research Product Line

The company focuses on health-related products, and this 4 Life Research review will have us examine some of their products.

There are over 100 different products under the 4Life product line, and they cover essential wellness to skincare, multivitamins to dental products, and even animal health.

Their flagship product is the Transfer factor plus. Some of their product lines include

Transfer Factor Immune Support

This product is made using exclusive and patented processes and transferring factors from cow colostrum and chicken egg yolks.

It helps the immune system identify potential threats and fight back.

It also helps the immune system remember and identify the threat if it ever occurs in the future.


This product line contains five different products that help you burn fat, manage your weight, and increase vitality.  

Energy Go Stix

This product line features five different products that provide energy support in on-the-go packets.

The product line is created from a synergistic amino acid blend to provide a healthy energy boost.

It comes in three forms of ginseng, maca, yerba mate, guarana, and green tea. 

There are also elements of the 4Life Transfer Factor in the GoStix to help the immune system fight potential threats.  

Targeted Transfer Factor

This product line contains ten different products, each designed to target a particular part of the body, boost the immune system, maintain heart function, prevent aging, and support healthy brain functions.

They are a bit on the high-ticket side, with the least $41 and the highest at $68.


It is the only digestive health line the company owns. 

It contains six different products fortified with other herbs to help boost the digestive system.


This product line contains three products that include a liquid dietary supplement to mix packages that combine rich superfruits and the 4Life transfer factor.

Zinc Factor

This product is formulated using a proprietary electrochemistry process, thereby converting the silver to a unique chemical product.


This product line contains eight products formulated for promoting ageless and flawless skin.

It utilizes an ancient Korean water approach to skincare and combines fermented green tea water to rejuvenate the skin.

4life Research Compensation Plan

The 4Life compensation plan is designed to profit associates who take 4Life research jobs.

It contains 23 bonuses, and those interested in 4Life Research Careers will be glad to find out that some of these bonuses are paid daily.

About $2 billion in total revenue has been earned over several years, with 4Life paying back about 60 Percent, $1.2 billion to its members.

It is easy to choose a 4Life research career as a distributor seeing that bonuses are paid on all purchases. 

This 4life research review will show how the 4Life unilevel hybrid works.

You get a particular amount of Life Points (LP) for every product you buy. 

4Life has the following ranks in its compensation system.


You will get 2% commission and 15% commission (1st and 2nd generation, respectively) for generating 50 personal LP in each calendar month.

You also get to qualify to participate in the Power Pool.


To receive commissions on three generations, 2%, 25%, and 5%, respectively, and qualify for the power pool, you need to generate 100 personal LP in each calendar month.

You also need to be signed up on AutoShip or Back-up AutoShip for at least 100 LP.

You need to enroll four Associates or above, with two of them being frontline and have a minimum monthly purchase of 100 LP.


To qualify for commissions up to the 4th generation infinity bonus and participation in the power pool, the Diamond associate needs to generate 100 personal LP in each calendar month.

You also need to enroll six associates or more, with three of them being frontline, and be signed up on AutoShip or Back-up AutoShip for at least 100 LP.

You also need to have 3,000 GLP in your first three levels.  

The Diamond associate also gets the bonus of the Leader.

Presidential Diamond

You need to generate 100 personal LP in each calendar month, enroll eight Associates or above with four frontlines each with a minimum monthly purchase of 100 LP and have 10,000 GLP in their first three levels.

You also need to be signed up on AutoShip or Back-up AutoShip for at least 100 LP and must have two separate Legs with at least one distributor with the rank of a Diamond.

As compensation, you get all the benefits earned as a Diamond and 12% on the 4th generation infinity bonus and 6% Infinity Pass-Through Bonuses.

You also qualify to participate in the Power Pool and get two additional levels of Infinity Bonuses.

Other ranks such as the International Diamond, Gold International Diamond, and Platinum International Diamond and bonuses as high as $50,000 and luxurious trips for different ranks to Africa, Hawaii, and Brazil.

How do you Become a Four-Life Distributor?

If your interest is to join 4life Research Careers, this 4Life Research review has covered you. 

You can become a 4Life distributor through the following steps:

  • Visit and click on the “Sign up” button on the website’s top right corner.
  • You will have to register, so click the “Sign up for just $25” button and fill in the necessary personal. 
  • Your Enroller ID Number information
  • You can check on the “I don’t know a distributor” box if you do not have an Enroller ID number.
  • Next, you should Click “Submit” and then click on “Keep this Address” or “Update address” if you have to change your address.
  • Selection of an Enrollment Pack is optional, after which you click on “Checkout” and then fill in your payment information and click on “Submit.”
  • That’s how you get on the 4Life Research jobs and become a distributor.

You are now a Distributor for 4Life.

How Much Does It Cost to Join 4life Research MLM?

You can join 4Life Research Jobs with just $25 for the Enrollment Kit. 

However, before distributors can begin their 4Life Research Careers, they need to purchase an enrollment plan:

  • Immune IQ Starter Pack: $146
  • Preferred Customer Basic Enrollment Pack: $250
  • Select Customer Premium Enrollment Pack: $525

As soon as you purchase these enrollment packs, you get access to other discounted products + LP. 

Also, you will get more LP with the more expensive Enrollment Pack you purchase. 

You can avoid paying the $25 Enrollment fee if you purchase the Basic or Premium Enrollment Pack.

You also have to purchase a monthly AutoShip order of 100LP, which is about $120 worth of products, to qualify for the Builder Bonus.

Who Is 4life Research MLM Jobs For?

Multi-level marketing requires being able to sell. 

So, if you are thinking of getting on 4Life Research Careers, you need to sell.

However, 4Life Research is for those who would like to have a side gig or even turn it into their main hustle.

It is available in most countries around the world so that anyone can become a distributor.

But it is quite challenging to sell products if you do not have good salesman skills.

How to Make Money with 4life Research MLM Jobs

 Do you like to learn how to make money with 4Life Research?

There are two ways to generate income in your journey on how to make money with 4Liife Research.

Personal purchases

Every month, you have to sell 100PV worth of products to keep yourself active and active your commissions for that month.

So, you have to purchase a 100PV every month personally.

Retail Sells

You can resell them as a retailer for every product you purchase and earn both retail profits and your commissions.

However, some of the products are really on the high side, so; you will need to do a lot of convincing.


One of the most common ways on how to make money with 4Life Research is to recruit.

To move up on your rank and earn more bonuses, you need to recruit more distributors.

As you and those you recruit purchase more PV and recruit more distributors, you get to move up the leaderboard and earn more.

4life Research 2018/2018 Income Disclosure Statement

4life Research Llc is a direct sales company. 

It is public knowledge that it is difficult to make money with any MLM company.

Why is that?

The MLM business model is designed with compensation plans that reward its owners, particular interest and investors, and the MLM’s high-rank members. 

You can learn how much you can make with 4life Research MLM job opportunities; by looking at the 4life Research Llc income disclosure statement. 

See the 4life Research Llc 2018/2019 income disclosure statement below.

You can see that the Associate’s ranks’ distributors are 14.1% of the total distributors, and each made average annual earnings of $612, i.e., $51 monthly. 

Also, the Builders rank is 72.6% of the total distributors; each made average annual earnings of $900, i.e., $72 monthly.

The total number of the distributors of the two lowest ranks (Associates and Builders ranks) is 86.7%, and they did not make money for that year.

4life research careers and distributors

Source: 2019/2019 4life Research Income Disclosure Statement

The higher ranks make good money, and they are very few, I.e., less than 0.03% of the whole distributors.

That leads to the main question; how much money can you make with 4life Research MLM jobs? 

How Much Can You Make with 4life Research MLM?

You must investigate any MLM company before you join. 

Always check out the Income disclosure statement to know if the current distributors are making money. 

From the 4life Research income disclosure statement above of 2018/2019, it will be difficult for you to make money with the 4life Research MLM job opportunity.

Just as discovered by Mr. Jon M Taylor. 99.7% of people in any MLM company will lose their money. 

He finds out that only the owners and the high-rank members make money in the direct sales company. It is also true for 4life Research. 

From the income disclosure statement above, the top rank members make perfect money while the low-rank members make pennies. 

For instance, the two lowest ranks are about 87% of the distributors with an annual average earn less than $900 for a whole year. 

By the time you deduct the 4life Research starter pack’s cost that ranges from $195.00 to $363 and the cost of marketing activities.

You can see that many 4life Research distributors will not make money with 4life Research MLM jobs. A lot of them will even lose their money in the process. 

How much can you make? If you join 4life Research MLM

Jobs, you are likely to lose your money in the long run. 

You may not make more than $51 monthly as a 4life Research distributor. 

What do you think of my 4life Research review? Do you believe that 4life Research is legit or another scam and pyramid scheme?

Do you think you can still make money with 4life Research MLM jobs?

4life Research Support /Customer Service

The 4Life website is adequately designed to help its distributors and users.

The website lists terms of use clearly, so users are aware of what they are getting into.

4Life representative is available on email (,, and phone (801-562-3698, 801-256-3102)

What is Good About 4life Research MLM Careers?

Years of Experience

4Life has been in existence for a while now and has experienced hands running it. It has also managed to gain a reputation for itself.

In 2019, Direct Selling News ranked 4Life Research 43rd largest direct-selling company.

It has also received numerous awards, accredited by the BBB since 2014, and has a 3.5 rating under its BBB profile.

4Life is also a member of UNPA (United Natural Products Alliance), The American Botanical Council, Chamber of Commerce, IASDA (International Alliance of Dietary/Food Supplement Associations), etc.

Provides Training

As a registered distributor who wants to learn the ropes of making money with 4Life Research, you are assisted with training to help you get up on your feet and start recruiting others and selling. 

The “4Life University” is designed to provide distributors with step-by-step training on how to help you build your business, replicate a website, and learn about the company’s products.

Easy and Affordable to Join

Becoming a 4Life distributor is relatively easy, and all you have to pay at the start is a one-time payment of $25 for an Enrollment Kit.

When compared to other companies, this is quite affordable.

Issues With 4life Research MLM Careers

It Relies Heavily on Recruiting

You have to recruit more people before moving up the leaderboard.

And from the income disclosure, it isn’t hard to see how few distributors ever get to be top earners.

Complicated Compensation Plan

First, you need points, and then you need to enter a pool and get shares in the company.

The four-life compensation plan isn’t so easy to understand.

A Tad too Expensive

While it is easy to admit that the initial enrollment plan is affordable, other packages are expensive.

Some of the products are also expensive as it is cheaper to get supplements of the same kind without spending so much.

Major Online Complaints About 4life Research MLM Jobs

On June 6, 2016, sent a warning letter to 4Life with claims of over 140 examples of misleading health and disease-treatment claims made by 4Life’s Distributors about its products.

These complaints raised questions such as is 4Life research legit or a scam? 

However, the website called for the suspension of such distributors.  

Other complaints revolve around delayed response and shipping.

Is 4life a Pyramid Scheme?

No, 4Life is legit and not a pyramid scheme scam. 

Usually, many people mistake MLM companies for a pyramid scheme because of their business models and many negative experiences.

But what is a pyramid scheme? 

Why is 4life Research MLM not a pyramid scheme scam?

A pyramid scheme business model is an investment opportunity that makes you recruit people for a commission on fees paid for joining the business opportunity.

i.e., You will earn a commission on fees pays to every person you recruit. 

Your referral can only make money from commission earned from the fee paid by the people they refer to. 

In a pyramid scheme, there are no products or services involved.

4life Research MLM is not a pyramid scheme because it is into the sales and distribution of health and wellness products.  

What do you think of my 4life Research review? Is 4life Research legit, or a pyramid scheme scam? 

Do you think you can make money with the 4life Research MLM job opportunity? 

Is 4life Research Legit or a Scam?

4life research is legit and not a scam pyramid scheme. 

The company is legitimately registered in the USA.

However, the company’s business model makes it quite questionable because of the MLM business model that rewards the owners and people at the top of the compensation ranks. 

The problem is that a high percentage of 4life Research distributors are not making money. They will call the company out that it is a scam. 

But be sure to know that 4life Research is legit and not a pyramid scheme scam

4life Research Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Is 4life an MLM Company?

Yes, 4Life Research USA is an MLM company that is into the sales and distribution of nutritional supplements, health, and wellness products. 
The company currently has a presence in more than 25 countries, with over 300,000 distributors promoting various products. 

How Long Has 4life Been in Business?

4Life Research was established in 1998 with the mission to improve the lives of people through science. 

The company has its headquarters in Sandy, Utah, United States.
They are known for the distribution and sales of Health, Wellness, and Nutritional products. 

Are 4life Products FDA Approved?

The FDA disapproves of 4Life Research.
But also know that 4life products are not a drug. It is only drug manufacturers that need to through the tedious approval process of the FDA.

The FDA and drug approval work include the development and pre-clinical and FDA reviews of safety and monitoring. 4life products are supplements and not drugs. 

Who is the Founder of 4life?

The founders of 4life are David Lisonbee and Bianca Lisonbee.
You can learn more about 4Life Research on LinkedIn. 

Is 4life Research Worth It?

Thanks for reading my 4life Research review. Can you make money with the 4life Research MLM job opportunity? 

Is 4life Research legit or a pyramid scheme scam? 

4Life Research has some great products under its product line. 

However, these products can work based on the individual using them.

When it comes to supplements, there are no guarantees that you can get treatments just from supplements.

Eating healthy, following your doctor’s advice, and exercising will go a long way to keeping you healthy.

For questions such as is 4Life Research a pyramid scheme, this 4Life research review has provided adequate answers.

The only downside to 4Life is that the income does not tally with the amount of work required to go into it.

We must not also forget the fact that some of the products are expensive.

Do you know anyone with 4life Research MLM? Or are you a 4life Research distributor?

Are people making money with 4life Research MLM jobs? 

Do you think that 4life Research is legit or another pyramid scheme scam

Thank you for Reading my 4Life Research Review. Have you tried 4Life products or being a distributor? Is 4life research careers worth it?

Kindly share your experience with us.

How to Make Money with 4Life MLM Jobs (Video)

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      This 4Life Research review is focused on how to help people that want to become 4Life Research distributors and have MLM jobs.

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  2. 4Life Research is an online marketing scheme involved in the sales of health products, aimed at building immune cells and supporting the immune system by providing all the necessary nutrients needed.

    As much as it focuses on health, it’s also a medium to earn money as well as serve as another sources of income since it involves buying and selling of these products. 4life is not a scam, it is an opportunity.

    1. Thanks for reading my 4Life Research review.

      This article is all about how to make money with 4Life Research MLM jobs

      Please know that 4Life Research is legit, and not a scam pyramid scheme.

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      It is all about how to make money with 4life MLM jobs. 

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