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Pruvit Ventures MLM Jobs Review: Can You Really Make Money?

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You are welcome to the Pruvit Ventures Review. Can you make money with Pruvit MLM Jobs? But, Is Pruvit a pyramid scheme? Is Pruvit Ventures Inc legit or a scam pyramid scheme?

Or, Is Pruvit an MLM?


It is good to investigate how to make money with Pruvit MLM jobs; this is how to ascertain legitimate business and avoid many online scams. 

Please expect to get answers to many of your questions and know more about Pruvit MLM business opportunities. 

Also, please expect to get truthful and unbiased information as regards the review of Pruvit Ventures.

Please keep reading. 

Estimated reading time: 17 minutes

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Pruvit Ventures Inc

Founder: Brain Underwood
Products: Food, Beverages, and wellness.
Price: Annual membership fee $37
Rating: 35%
Recommended: NO

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Summary of Pruvit Ventures MLM Jobs Review 

pruvit mlm

Pruvit or “Prüvit” is an MLM company that distributes and sells weight reduction “Keto” supplements. Pruvit MLM jobs are legit and not a scam company with a unique compensation plan. 

However, it relies heavily on recruitment by its Pruvit Promoter, and the average annual income of its distributors is inadequate.

But, can you make money with Pruvit as a promoter and distributor? 

Why It Is Difficult to Make Money with Pruvit MLM Jobs 

Because Pruvit MLM is using a direct sales business model, it will be difficult for you to make money with this company. 

It has nothing to do with Pruvit but has everything to do with its business models, i.e., Networking Marketing. 

Mr. Jon Taylor did years of direct sales companies’ findings and discovered that only 0.3% of MLM members will make money in any MLM company and that 99.7% will lose their money. 

You can read his findings in his book ” Multi-level Marketing Unmasked. ” 

After reviewing over 100 MLM companies, I can confirm this study to be accurate. 

To find out if it is also true for Pruvit. Look at the current or past income disclosure statement for Pruvit, MLM. 

The 2019 Pruvit Income Disclosure Statement. 

Observed the first two ranks and the last two ranks. 

Look at the number of distributors and how much they made for that year. 

Lower Rank Promoters

48.52% of Promoters, i.e., 19,259. Made average annual income of $14.08

Rank 1 (R1) Promoter are 15.70% of all distributors, i.e., 6,231. She made an average annual income of $282.22.

Higher Rank promoters

Rank 10 (R10) Promoter 0.02% of total distributors i.e. 8. Made average annual income $1,222,195.01

Rank 11 (R11) Promoter 0.01% of the total distributors i.e. 4 made average annual income of $1,115,523.58,

I looked at the least rank “Promoters” with a total distributor of 19,259, with average earnings of $14.08 in a year. 

That is to tell you that each of those sets of distributors lost that year because they have to pay subscription fees of $37 with many other costs associated with marketing efforts. 

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 What is Pruvit?

Pruvit is another multi-level marketing company that focuses on health and wellness; it also promotes Keto products. 

Pruvit encourages weight loss through the use of Keto products. 

The Pruvit brand’s idea is that you can take this supplement instead of following low carbs or keto diets. 

Pruvit products provide the body with external ketone bodies, elevating the ketone levels in the blood and putting the body into a state of natural ketosis.  

Although there are varying dates as to when the company was created precisely, it was incorporated in 2014 and was founded by Brain Underwood, who is currently the CEO. 

The company has its headquarters in Melisa, Texas, United States. 

It also has offices in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore, and Taiwan.

Although on its website, Pruvit claims that Keto OS, its exogenous ketone flagship product is not a weight loss product, it doesn’t seem to be what the company is presenting. 

For instance, there are claims that if you followed the supplement solely, it will reduce your appetite and lead to weight loss. 

The company places its disclaimer at the footnote of the website.   What do you think of my Pruvit Ventures review? Can you make money with Pruvit MLM jobs? Is Pruvit legit or a pyramid scheme?

pruvit ventures Inc promoter

Pruvit Product Line 

Pruvit flagship products include:  


This is a meal supplement that suits people who are on the ketogenic diet.

Keto-OS Max

This supplement comes in powdered form and comes with the option to have caffeine or not to have it.

Keto Kreme

It is a flavored creamer that goes with coffee. It is in powdered form also.

Keto Reboot System

This supplement resets your body’s metabolism by reprogramming your genes to use fat for fuel.

Pruvit Compensation Plan 

There are five ways to earn money with Pruvit:

  • Kick-Off Rewards
  • Gameplay Rewards
  • Residual Rewards
  • Leadership Rewards
  • Partner Rewards

Kick-Off Rewards

Bonuses are paid in the first 30 days after getting started as a Pruvit Promoter. 

The bonuses include Gopro and MVP Bonuses.

•GoPro – These bonuses are reserved for points you get with the first 14 days after hitting a particular Team Volume Goals.

•MVP Bonus – For the early 30 days for hitting specific Team Volume.

Gameplay Rewards

These bonuses are separated into three categories which are:

Retailer Bonus

The retail commission you get for selling products to customers at retail cost.

Endorsement Bonus

Once you have been able to achieve the process of recruiting a particular number of persons into your team, you earn this commission.

Go Fast Bonus

You get this weekly Bonus for referring new promoters to Pruvit.

Residual Rewards 

Pruvit Ventures structures their residual income with the MLM uni-level compensation plan structure.

Leadership Rewards

These commissions accrue to you when you qualify with specific achievements via team building and personally sponsoring.  

Leadership rewards include;

  • Dream Team Bonus
  • Champion Car Bonus
  • Consistency Bonus

Partner Rewards

You can earn commissions from the Pruvit company profit pool by qualifying with specific team volume achievements and sponsoring new promoter members into the opportunity.

Commissions follow a unilevel structure and involve three levels of recruitment.  

Using a unilevel compensation structure means placing an affiliate at the top of a unilevel team while all his recruits are placed directly under him/her. 

Here is how a unilevel- commission-structure works;

If any level 1 affiliate goes on to recruit new affiliates of their own, they are placed on level 2 of the original leg’s unilevel team.

If any level 2 affiliates recruit new affiliates, they are set on level 3 and down a theoretically infinite number of groups. All the above are various ways to make money with Pruvit MLM. What do yiou think of my Pruvit Ventures review?

How to Join Pruvit? 

To join this opportunity, you must pay an annual membership fee of $37 and purchase at least one product. 

Also, you need to be of age legally, have a valid TIN (Tax Identification Number), valid phone number, and proof of residence.

How much Does it cost to join Pruvit?

Your subscription cost depends on your starter packs and the level and rank you want to get started. 

  1. Annual membership fee: $37
  2. NAT Mini Experience Pack: $650
  3. NAT Experience Pack: $1,300
  4. Starter Promoter System- $396
  5. Pro Promoter System- $792
  6. MVP Promoter System- $1499

Who Is Pruvit MLM Good For?

Pruvit products would primarily benefit anyone who desires to lose weight and maintain all-round wellness.

It is also a business opportunity meant for skilled in sales and knowledgeable about MLM.  

How to Make Money with Pruvit MLM?

You have two ways to make money with Pruvit.

The first method is retailing. 

You can resell Pruvit Ketone supplements to customers and earn commissions. 

Secondly, you can earn by enlisting other members who can also become promoters of its products.

The more members you enlist, the more income is generated and the more significant opportunity for passive income through override commissions from your downline.

You also need to purchase a minimum of 50bv about one box purchase of Keto OS MAX each month to enable you to stay active as a Pruvit Promoter and qualify for commissions. 

With your increase in rank comes your increase in volume requirement.

How Much Can You Make with Pruvit MLM?

The money you earn on Pruitt is tied to the number of persons you recruit and the number of products you sell. 

You make different amounts on different levels and ranks. 

To know how much you can make, look at the Pruitt Income Disclosure Statement for 2019. 

I will show the first five levels and ranks and the top two highest grades and the average annual earnings of each of the Pruitt Promoters for 2019:

The First Five Lowest Ranks

  • Promoter Rank: 48.52% of all distributors, i.e., 19,259. Made average annual income of $14.08
  • Rank 1 (R1) Promoter: 15.70% of all distributors, i.e., 6,231. She made an average annual income of $282.22.
  • Rank 2 (R2) Promoter: 4.30% of all distributors, i.e., 1,707. Made average annual income $1,450.02
  • Rank 3 (R3) Promoter: 0.87% of all distributors i.e. 345. Made average annual income $4,003.78 
  • Rank 4 (R4) Promoter: 0.48% of all distributors i.e.191 Made average annual income of $10,045.20

The Top Two Ranks and Level

  • Rank 10 (R10) Promoter: 0.02% of total distributors i.e. 8. Made average annual income $1,222,195.01
  • Rank 11 (R11) Promoter: 0.01% of the total distributors i.e. 4 made average annual income of $1,115,523.58,

You can see that 19,259 of the distributors each made less than $15 in 2019. 

I was considering the annual subscription fees with other costs. The highest number of distributors made a loss for that year.  

It does not make Pruvit a scam, no. It is the nature and the business model that required distributors to work hard to earn. 

So, how much do you make with Pruvit Ventures Inc?

Average and new promoters will make less than $20, considering the company 2019 earnings. 

In MLM, the lower ranks earn pennies while the higher level makes real money. 

Read the findings of Mr. Jon Taylor’s investigations on why you may not make money with any MLM companies as a newbie. 

Are Pruvit Promoter Making Money?

According to Pruvit’s income disclosure, you get to make $500 to $2,000 annually. 

That is a pitiful amount compared to the amount of time, energy, and funds go into the company.  

The people making more money are those at the top of the ladder and the company itself.

Pruvit Ventures Inc Customer Service Contact

Pruvit is located at Sam Rayburn Highway Melissa, Texas, and can be reached via email at 

How to contact Pruvit?

The physical address of Pruvit is: 901 Sam Rayburn Highway Melissa, TX 75454

Email Contact:

Phone Contact: ( 972) 369-2886.

You also can open a ticket on the website and fill a form stating your complaints, and the customer service will get back to you.

What is Good About Pruvit Ventures Inc

Retail Products

Pruvit has a wide range of Keto products that meet trending needs. 

It is also not that difficult to sell as losing weight is a big deal these days, and people will look for the easiest and fastest method.

 A Knowledgeable and Passionate Team

The company is passionate about spreading wellness to Pruvit members.

Issues with Pruvit Ventures Inc

A Bit Expensive

Joining is pretty much expensive, a product that claims to want to help people lose weight and make an income is incredibly costly to join.

More Recruitment

Your promotion and being eligible to gain big company bonuses depends on how well you’ve recruited people.

Saturated Niche

The health and wellness niche is a saturated one; there is too much competition in the market.

Lots of Complaints

A lot of users complained about the different reactions they get from using the supplement. 

These reactions range from nausea to stomach ache.

Is Pruvit MLM jobs legit or a scam and pyramid scheme? With the many complaints, what do you think?

Online Complaints of Pruvit MLM Jobs

Most of the complaints on Amazon are related to the reactions users get from the product. 

One user said the product made her feel gagging while another said she didn’t like the taste.

However, in particular, one customer was not pleased with the products’ prices and was incredibly disappointed that she discovered it was an MLM program.  Is Pruvit legit or scam?

How do You Get Paid with Pruvit Ventures Inc?

do pruvit promoters get a discount

What is the Pruvit payment method for your earnings? 

There is a different payment period for your commission, reward, or Bonus. 

The monthly commission is paid 15th days of every month; commission and earnings can be paid daily, weekly, and even yearly.

You will get paid your commission via I-Payout. Also, you will need to set up your I-Payout account as soon as you join the Pruvit promoter. 

You will expect and receive the confirmation mail for the setup of your I-Payout account. 

Note: I-Payout is an international Payment solution that will help Pruvit promoters view their commission, check balances, and manage their account online in real-time. 

Pruvit Lawsuit 

Although Pruvit Ventures has had its share of lawsuits, none of them negatively impacts the products or its effectiveness. 

One such case was PruvIT Ventures Inc filing a federal lawsuit against Forevergreen (FG Xpress) for Fraud and Business Defamation.

Is Pruvit Ventures a Good Company?

Pruvit is a legitimate company. But do Pruvit Ventures Inc has good customer service and support?  

As at this time, the Pruvit Venture Review BBB Rating is “C.” 

BBB also has an alert of complaints against Pruvit Ventures that the BBB receives many consumer complaints from its members and subscribers that they are not honoring their refund policy.

Pruvit needs to increase and improve its customer service staffing and support quickly. What do you think of my Pruvit Ventures Review? Is Pruvit MLM jobs legit or a scam pyramid scheme?

Is Pruvit a Pyramid Scheme?

Pruvit MLM jobs is legit and not a pyramid scheme scam but a legitimate direct sales company. 

Pruvit distributes and sells weight loss supplements. Therefore, products are involved in Pruvit MLM. 

Pruvit a pyramid scheme only recruits and the people recruited are also made to recruit to make money. 

But in the case of Pruvit promoter, you are only required to make sales and recruit more Pruvit advocates, and your earn commission from every sale of your downlines. 

Therefore, Pruvit Ventures Inc is not a pyramid scheme company. 

Is Pruvit Legit or a Scam?

Pruvit MLM jobs is legit and not a pyramid scheme scam.

Pruvit is a legitimately registered company incorporated in Texas and has legitimate products under its enterprise. 

However, it utilizes an MLM model of business and relies heavily on recruitment. 

Also, the Pruvit Ventures Review BBB rating is a “C” rating on the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Is Pruvit MLM jobs legit or a scam pyramid scheme? What do you think of my Pruvit compensation plan review?

Pruvit Pulse App

Pruvit Pulse App is the App that gives you access to all about Pruvit Ventures Inc.
With Pruvit Pulse App, you can get prompt on activity alerts about your team as a Pruvit promoter and distributor.

You will get news and daily updates about the company’s latest marketing techniques and announcements via your Pruvit Pulse App.

It is essential to know that only members with an existing account will have access to Pruvit Pulse App. You will be required to use your Pruvit cloud login to gain access.

You can also follow Ketone Conversation using Pruvit TV within your Pruvit Pulse App to have access.

Issues with Pruvit Pulse App

This Apps does not have good feedback from the various users and members of the promoters.

The other comment about the review of the Pruvit Pulse App is exceptionally damaging.

There is a need for the company to improve the Pruvit Pulse App for practical usage. What is your experience with Pruvit Pulse App?

Is Pruvit MLM jobs legit or a pyramid scheme scam? I will love to read what you think about this app.

Pruvit Promoter Frequent Ask Questions (FAQs)

***Is Pruvit Ventures Inc an MLM company?***

Yes, Pruvit Ventures is a multi-level marketing company, also known as a direct sales company. 

Pruvit employs its many promoters for the sales and distribution of supplemental ketone Products.

***What does Pruvit MLM Jobs Mean?***

Pruvit Ventures is a direct sales and network marketing company that produces and distributes Keto supplements.  

The company’s business model is the MLM system.  

The company employs its Pruvit promoters for the sales, recruitment, and distribution of its products for a commission.  

***What are the benefits of being a Pruvit Promoter?***

As a Pruvit promoter, you stand to make money from five different types of rewards:

  • Kick-Off (Go Pro Bonus and Go MVP)
  • Gameplay,
  • Residual,
  • Leadership and 
  • Partner Rewards. 

Any of these rewards will pay cash bonuses or Pruvit Bucks. 

***How does being a Pruvit Promoter work?***

A Pruvit promoter is expected to promote and sell Pruvit products to earn commission and bonuses. You are also likely to recruit more Pruvit promoters because you stand to earn commission on your referrals’ sales. 

You can also achieve the above via their company website that will be assigned to you. 

***Do Pruvit Promoters Get a Discount?***

A program that offers Pruvit promoters a discount of 22% with the whole of the free box of Pruvit products within the range $85-$160 ever four months. 

It is to reward every Pruvit customers and promoters that have committed to using the SmartShip monthly. 

***How much does it cost to be a Pruvit promoter?***

It will cost you just $1 annual membership to become a Pruvit Promoter.  

You will also have access to the Promoter Cloud back-office software. 

***How much does it cost to join Pruvit MLM Jobs?***

It will cost you $37 yearly fee to join Pruvit; this will also give you access to the back office and a website. 

You need a minimum monthly purchase of a box of Keto OS. 

Note: There is a difference between joining Pruvit and becoming a Pruvit promoter.

***How do I Cancel my Pruvit membership?***

For any Pruvit promoter or distributors to cancel membership, you have first to cancel your SmartShip subscription. 

Do the following to cancel your SmartShip:

Go to your profile page at the back end to click manage the “Recurring Orders section.”

Then click cancel, then click okay to verify the cancellations. 

***How long has Pruvit been Around?***

Pruvit has been around since the 25th of November 2014. They open to business on 11/25/2014 in Texas, USA. 

what are good side hustles

***What is the Pruvit Ventures Inc Customer Service Number? ***

The Pruvit Ventures Inc Customer Service Number ( 972) 369-2886.

***How Often Does Pruvit Have Sales?***

Pruvit Sales have sales at least monthly.

 ***Who is the Founder of Pruvit?***

Brian Underwood is the founder and CEO of Pruvit.

Is Pruvit MLM Jobs Worth It?

Thanks for reading my Pruvit Ventures Review. Can you make money with Pruvit MLM jobs? Is Pruvit an MLM? 

Is Pruvit legit or a pyramid scheme scam?

My take is this, Pruvit is legit and not a scam business opportunity. Pruvit is not a pyramid scheme. 

But, it will be tough for you to make money with Pruvit MLM as a promoter. 

All MLM companies are used to rewarding the people at the top of the scheme while paying the people who are just joining pennies. 

You saw the income disclosure statement for 2019, which shows that the least rank “Promoter” made an average of $15 in a whole year. 

You can also read the discovery of investigation made on all MLM companies that shows that only 0.3% of the MLM members will make money. 

Do you want to make money? You can start affiliate marketing certification training. 

You will learn and know how to start making money with your website, just like this site.

Try out the free training with ten lessons. Learn more here. 

What do you think of the Pruvit Ventures review?

Can you make money with Pruvit MLM? Do you believe Pruvit MLM legit or a scam? 

Is Pruvit a pyramid scheme? Or, Is Pruvit an MLM? 

Have you used the Pruvit products before? What is your take about Pruvit Pulse App? What is your take? 

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    1. Thanks for reading my review about the Pruvit Ventures Inc review. It is all about how to make money by Pruvit Promoters that do the work of Pruvit MLM. 

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    1. thanks for reading my Pruvit ventures Inc reviews. It is all about how to make money with Pruvit ventures and as a 

      Pruvit promoter. You can become a pruvit promoter and start chasing your friends and family members.  But, you may not making money with Pruvit MLM. That is what this article is all about. 

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