Is Copy Paste Income a Scam And Will You Make Money With It?


Is Copy Paste Income another Ewen Chia Scam? I am sure this is why you are here; maybe you think you can make money with it? I am here to give you all you need to know about Copy Paste Income, and in the end, you will decide if you want this.

Copy and Paste Income is one of the many products Ewen Chia uses to promote his products and make more money for himself at the expense of his customers.

With the techniques he employs, it's quite obvious, and that’s precisely what I’ll be showing you in this review.

Copy Paste Income at a Glance

Product Name: Copy Paste Income
Founder: Ewen Chia
Price: $37 + high upsells
Rating: 3/10
Recommended: No


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What is Copy Paste Income About, Exactly?

Copy and paste income is one of Ewen Chia ’s online money making products that promises to be the fastest and most profitable way of gaining profit online. The only skill and experience you need is the ability to “copy and paste” for anyone around the globe.

How Much Does Copy Paste Income Cost?

To become a member, you have to pay $37 only, until you start getting bombarded with tons of upsells you cannot avoid which are up to $117.

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This means that Ewen’s primary focus is on making more money off you, not for you.

Who Is The Copy Paste Income For?

I would not recommend this for anyone that wishes to spend money wisely and make money online.

How Can You Make Money with Copy Paste Income?

Copy Paste income is a program that models the ‘affiliate marketing’ business to make you money online.

While affiliate marketing is a good business model to follow, Ewen makes poor use of it with his “secret method” being just “giving away free viral eBooks.”

Ready-made eBooks are already available on the site, for you to give out. All you need do now is find affiliate products online and insert your affiliate links in them and give them out.

With each click on your relationship, you earn a commission.

With about six coaching videos, the site primarily teaches you how to give out your eBooks and put them up on forums and Facebook groups with outdated techniques, and that’s it!

It’s a bit too simple if you ask me, something’s quite fishy here…

How many of your audience will take their time to go through such a low-quality eBooks and click your affiliate link?

Again, posting low-quality content on social media without engagements makes it practically impossible for you to have any benefits whatsoever from.

Well like it says on the disclaimer at the bottom of their website that there is no guarantee that this product will make you money.

As a blogger, many of these online programs have been paraded everywhere just to rip off innocent newbies. Some of them are listed below:


Copy Paste Income Support /Customer Service

For starters, there’s no customer care icon or anything that leads you to the contact page on the home page.

As if that’s not enough, Ewen Chia does not even have a community on any social media that can give you any meaningful support.

What is Good About Copy Paste Income?

1. Quickly get your money back because it’s a ClickBank product
2. contains useful information

Issues With Copy-Paste Income?

1. No free trial

Most good products allow a one-month free trial instead of taking your money without your understanding and being satisfied with the product.

Copy paste income is so ‘confident’ at you would become a millionaire after using their product that they tell you to pay instantly, only newbies would fall for that silly technique.

2. A lot more upsells than necessary (and you can’t skip them)

Naturally, any businessman wants to make money off his products, most of them use upsells online, but when the upsells become too high and mandatory for you to access the next page, that becomes a huge problem.

The upsells on copy paste income are so many and by the time you’re done purchasing all of them, you would have spent over $117 on upsells only! And you wouldn’t have made a dime from it.

3. Member’s area is accessible by anyone

Ideally, you’re supposed to pay to become a member, but because you can still have access without paying is enough to show that this was not a well-thought program.

4. The Sales Page is Evasive

On the Sales Page, you ’ll see the content of about a thousand words if not more with each paragraph telling you that ‘I did it so can you’ and prompting you to ‘click that button’ but does not tell you how exactly you would make money with the product.

5. Poor customer support

You won’t see anything that says something along the lines of ‘contact us’ on the website itself, and as if that is not a big enough red flag, as successful as Ewen Chia claims to be, there are no communities on any social media that you can reach out to for support.

Public and Online Opinions of this Copy-Paste Income?

Most of the testimonials on the site are fake, right from the images down to the text itself, so I would instead ask you to visit the following websites for genuine and honest feedback on this product:

Is Copy Paste Income legit Or Scam?

Copy paste income is a total scam. I would have called it a low-quality product, but the amount of money that is stated that you will be making is over exaggerated.

In the long run, you will instead be making the owner richer.

Apart from this, whatever you would learn have all been outdated, so it’s practically of no use.

My Final Opinion of Copy Paste Income


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What do you think? Is Copy Paste Income a Scam? Do you think it can make you money with what you have read about it?

For me, this product does not worth your money whatsoever. There is a better online training program that will impact your life positively, and it is called Wealthy Affiliate.

That is what has helped me so far; making four figure online doing affiliate marketing has changed everything for me.

The question is this. Why would this man be producing junks of such scamming products that is always a fraud?

4 thoughts on “Is Copy Paste Income a Scam And Will You Make Money With It?”

  1. Great! Yet another scammer out there to rip you off. $37 to become a member is reasonable, but paying $117 just to get rid of upsells which you cannot avoid is simply outrageous!

    • Thanks for reading my Copy Paste Income review.

      You are right. Copy Paste Income does not worth your money and time.

      There are better ways to make money online. You need to check my #1 Recommendation online business.

      I don’t need to recommend my #2 because I only have just a way to earn big online helping people.

      Thanks for visiting my page again.



  2. These sort of scams legitimately scare me, because I can see how people get sucked in.

    If you’re broke, eager, and looking for something easy- this is your ticket. But the truth is, it’s not.

    Too many buy-ins, too many hidden details, and really- who wants to bug all their online friends with these weird ads and promotions?

    No thanks. It all just looks a bit too unbelievable to me.


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