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Autopilot Profits By Ewen Chia Review: Can You Still Make Money?

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You are welcome to my Autopilot Profits By Ewen Chia Review. Can you make money with Autopilot Profits By Ewen Chia? Is Autopilot Profits By Ewen Chia legit or a scam?

I am sure you are making your findings if you can still make money with Autopilot Profits By Ewen Chia.


It is essential to research internet programs and products; this is how to discover legitimate online programs and help people avoid online scams.

This was how I discover the best affiliate marketing education platform in the world that changed my life and help me established this website that is now making me a full-time income today.

Please know that I am not promoting Autopilot Profits By Ewen Chia nor affiliated with the program. Expect an unbiased review of Autopilot Profits By Ewen Chia from me.

Please read on.

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Autopilot Profits at a Glance

make money with Autopilot Profits By Ewen Chia Review

Product Name: Autopilot Profits
Founder: Ewen Chia
Price: $37 With 14 Upsells
Rating: 8%
Recommended: No {Check Out My #1 Recommendation}

Summary of Autopilot Profits By Ewen Chia Review

Straight to the truth about Autopilot Profits. It is another very low-quality training on how you can make money quickly online.

Ewen Chia used Autopilot Profits to promote his multiple (Over Seven) products on Click Bank.

Autopilot Profits look similar to Ewen’s other products that seem to make a lot of money for him alone and not the buyers. I have reviewed over 500 of these kinds of online training programs.

Is Autopilot Profits By Ewen Chia legit or a scam? Can you make money with Autopilot Profits By Ewen Chia in the 21st century? 

Please know that Autopilot Profits By Ewen Chia is legit and not a scam.

But don’t expect heaven to fall; I can promise you that Autopilot Profits will not teach you what can equip you to make a reasonable amount of money. 

You can access most of the training in the public domain online.

My Recommendation

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I joined Wealthy Affiliate in 2016 while still working a full-time job as a banker. This training helps me to start my online business in no time. 

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What do you think of my Autopilot Profits By Ewen Chia review? Is Autopilot Profits By Ewen Chia legit or a scam?

Can you make money with Autopilot Profits By Ewen Chia? 

What Is Autopilot Profits By Ewen Chia?

Autopilot Profits is an online program that supposedly teaches you how to make money online, and everything about online marketing businesses.

Ewen Chia launched it; author of “How I Made My First Million on the Internet and How You Can Too!

The Complete Insider’s Guide to Making Millions with Your Internet Business” and favorite affiliate marketer.

It contains ‘step by step processes on how to make money overnight and contains video tutorials and pdf lessons.

This course promotes the use of an online ATM that ‘replenishes the amount of money in your bank account while you sleep.’

It reveals the secrets of internet/email marketing, list building, and teaches you how you can make money without having to work for it. And that is where the problem begins.

What do you think of my review of Autopilot Profits By Ewen Chia? Is Autopilot Profits By Ewen Chia legit or a scam?

Can you make money with Autopilot Profits By Ewen Chia?

How Much Does Autopilot Profits By Ewen Chia Cost

Autopilot profit will not only cost you your hard-earned money; it will cost you your time and your patience.

It costs 37 dollars but does not be deceived, that is just the tip of the iceberg. Piled with upsells after annoying upsells, Autopilot profits were strategically made to drain you of your money.

Autopilot profits have 14 upsells, selected 7 of the upsells includes the following:

  • Mega Traffic Package – $67
  • Autopilot Social Profits– $147
  • Instant Websites – $197
  • Ultimate Free Traffic Software – $297
  • Super Affiliate Millionaire Online Workshop training – $297
  • Complete Business Setup – $297
  • My Top Tier Business (MTTB) – $49 + $19/month + $1997

This is no surprise as over eight products launched by the owner; Ewen Chia has turned out to be total scams.

Ewen Chia sells affiliate products in several. These niches including:

  • Debt Consolidation
  • Dating
  • Weight loss
  • MLM and business opportunities
  • Dog training
  • Golf
  • Law of Attraction
  • Supplements
  • Music
  • Financial Aid
  • Real Estate

But his methods are outdated, deceptive and it is not advisable to go for such a product in 2019 and beyond.

Autopilot Profits claims to make you easy cash overnight, but the only thing they will make you is regret and oblivion as they serenade you with an empty package and false promises.

Who Is The Autopilot Profits By Ewen Chia For?

In my opinion, Autopilot Profits is for no one who wants to gain accurate knowledge and earn good cash they can be proud of.

On the website, Ewen Chia makes contemptible claims of how there are just ‘nine left’ and the slots are limited but that post has been there for a very long time now and there are still just ‘9 copies left’ even though many people have innocently purchased this product unaware of what a con it is.

What a show of poor advertising.

In all actuality, the course is empty. It’s supposed to be an intensive training course on the secrets of online marketing, but it’s very sparse.

It consists of 20 videos, most of which are about five minutes long, the longest being ten minutes, and a 59 paged document, which is even more proof of its dubious attempts.

The tutorial videos are flimsy and contain little to none of the knowledge Ewen Chia promised because they are just too short.

Even the pdf is scanty with fundamental information that is generalized data. What Ewen Chia pledges for $37, you probably can get for free on the internet, with a little searching.

How to Make Money With Autopilot Profits By Ewen Chia?

The owner of the site made outrageous claims that he can ‘make you $3460.25 within the first 24 hours without you doing anything’ but honestly, that isn’t possible.

It is apparent that to earn good cash on the internet, you have to work for it, but Ewen Chia’s theory is contrary to that.

The program was launched in 2009, and 2014 was relaunched, but there wasn’t any significant difference, he just added more upsells and affiliate links and removed some content which is considered illegal.

Seriously, if you are looking for an honest and enlightening way to make online, Autopilot profits are not it.

Ewen Chia’s Network of Faulty Products

How can own produce so many training programs that are aiming to make people money online? The one reason I can think of is this; he is making money off his audience.

The below are a bundle of product produce and manufacture by Ewen Chia:

  • Fast Track Cash
  • Cash Biz
  • Pure Leverage
  • Autopilot Profits
  • 10 Minutes Cash
  • Autopilot Internet Income
  • Shortcut To $10K
  • Super Affiliate Millionaire
  • Traffic Millionaire
  • Traffic Avalanche
  • Copy Paste Income
  • Internet Success System
  • Alternative To $10K

Ewen Chia is an expert in producing programs that are targeted to drain your credit card and ship your funds to his bank account.

Can you trust an individual with multiple similar programs to be your coach? Programs that can easily be seen and access via various search engines and YouTube?

Training and programs that are sold to you are everywhere free in the public domain.

What is Good About Autopilot Profits By Ewen Chia

There are no advantages or benefits to this course — only regrets. I assure you, the package is not worth the hype.

As I said earlier, the tutorial videos are not as helpful, and the single document provided provides just little useful and generalized information. You’re better off without Autopilot Profits.

***Money Back Guarantee of 60 Days***

If by any mistake you subscribe to this program, you will get your money back; if only you apply within the first 60 days.

I am sure this only applies to the first $37. It will not use to over 13 upsells and down sales.

This is why he has so many upsells.

***Know Owner (Ewen Chia)***

True be told, I have reviewed many scamming online programs with fake, unknown, and many with fabricated founders but in the case of Autopilot Profits, the founder is a real and well-known person with over seven online training program with Click Bank (This is unusual though).

But Ewen Chia the owner is a real and well-known person in the making money online world, and he has mingled with many prominent individuals.

However, Autopilot Profits is as good as another online scam program because it will not make you money online.

I have seen no one that has recommended this program that is not an affiliate of Autopilot Profits.

But then, he is using his popularity in the internet world to dish out many sub-standard products; that can not stand the test of time.

You can attest to how famous he has become on the Ewen Chia website.

***Multiple Niche of Autopilot Profits***

Ewen Chia has included many niches.

The program applies to many and different niches as apply to millions of people around the world.
Autopilot Profits will help you build any niches of your choice, but it does not worth your money.

You can get this program and training in the public domain.

Complaint About Autopilot Profits By Ewen Chia 

***Poor and Flimsy Marketing***

On the website, the owner proclaims exaggerated incomes from using the products.

I mean, the site isn’t the least convincing and the publicity and claims made are substandard, cheesy, and unrealistic. Here are some of the wild claims he made:

  1. It can make you $3,460.25 in 24 hours’. Unless you’re practicing magic or you’re being given the money, there is no proof that this can work anywhere.
  2. You don’t have to touch anything to make money.’
  3. Having ten or more ATM Machines working together to bring in cash automatically and speedily into your account every minute of every day while you sit back and do nothing.’
  4. You won’t need a product., website, or domain name – unless you want one. You won’t even need a hosting account.’

All of these are misleading claims that are too good to be true.

***Annoying Upsells by Autopilot Profits By Ewen Chia ***

Those that have used Ewen Chia’s other products are familiar with the malignant and recurring upsells he splashes at you in a frantic frenzy to get you hooked on the products he’s advertising.

There are more than ten upsells on his site which includes:

  • Autopilot Profits – $37
  • Mega Traffic Package – $67
  • Autopilot Social Profits– $147
  • Instant Websites – $197
  • Ultimate Free Traffic Software – $297
  • Traffic Millionaire – $19.97/month
  • Shortcut to $10K – $9.97
  • Super Affiliate Millionaire Online Workshop training – $297
  • Cash Biz – $29.97
  • Traffic Avalanche – $37
  • Copy Paste Income – $37
  • Complete Business Setup – $297
  • My Top Tier Business (MTTB) – $49 + $19/month + $1997
  • Pure Leverage – $24.95/month + $19.95/month

What is more frustrating is that when you try to leave his page, you are bombarded with so many pop-ups and redirect links that leave you wondering just why you came there in the first place — no support of any form.

Even more proof of this products’ lack of trustworthiness, there is no support provided: no technical support, no forum, no active social media platforms, or member community.

There is no form of customer care, overhyped, and disappointment.

***Direct Lies and Contradiction of Autopilot Profits by Ewen Chia ***

Ewen Chia promised that ‘He’ll swap in your payment info, turn on the traffic and suddenly you’re the owner of a money-making empire,’ but on his earning disclaimer, it is clearly stated:

He promises to make you a ‘whirlwind’ of cash without you doing anything at all but entering your name and details but apparently, he has ulterior motives.

is Autopilot Profits By Ewen Chia legit or a scam

***Illegal Methods***

In earlier versions of the product, Ewen Chia boldly stated that he used ‘Blackhat methods’ which are illegal and can be penalized for by major search engines.

It was only recently that he removed this claim.

These are the reasons why you should not purchase Autopilots profits. It is not worth it.

***Valueless Training***

Autopilot Profits does not worth the price and various upsells you are going to pay for it. The training is shot, and your man never makes money with it.

It makes up affiliate marketing essential for beginners; the thing you can find all over the internet and in the public domain.

It is just a repackage for a resell to the newbies that knew nothing about online business.

***Creating False and Fake Scarcity***

Using scarcity to make sales online is good if it is going to be scarce, but using a lack of fake and lure people to purchase an online product is not ethical.

Employing fake countdown to force newbie to make the purchase is wrong.

If this product is not a scam, why would the owner trick people to buy?

If people are satisfied with your product, they will purchase willingly without any push that is if they see any value addition. This is why I did this Autopilot Profits By Ewen Chia Review.

autopilot profits  products description

***Ewen Chia’s Many Duplicated Products***

The owner of Autopilot Profits is known for the production of many old and scamming online products.

All you need do is to search and read the various review of his several online products.

How can own produce over seven products and 80% being classified as fake and scam? He is just a Jack of all trade that is a master of none they say!

Public and Online Opinion of Autopilot Profits

Unsurprisingly, I am not alone who as a contrary testimony of this product as there are several other reviews of this product only attesting to the fact that it is a scam.

Ewen Chia is also infamous for his other products which are equally as miserable and although he claims to be a super affiliate, word on the street is that he sells cheap stuff.

Is Autopilot Profits By Ewen Chia Legit Or a Scam?

Autopilot Profits By Ewen Chia is legit and not a scam.

Though, Ewen Chia is a real and well-known person online.

But he is known for chunks of online training programs that are classified by many reviewers as scams.

The make-up and quality of the content of Autopilot Profits training are terrible and laughable.

Therefore, Autopilot Profits is not an exception.

It is also another scam product by Ewen Chia. This is because every claimed on the sales page is faked, exaggerated, and misleading.

The aim of the program is not to help you but to make the owner more money.

Because there is a better version of this training in the public domain (on several search engines and YouTube)

Can any business that is legit online run on autopilot? Unless you build your business organically and your SEO (Search engine Optimization) is excellent.

Ewen Chia has over eight training programs on how to make money online. Can you imagine! This is a rip-off mindset.

What do you think of my Autopilot Profits By Ewen Chia review? Can you make money with Autopilot Profits By Ewen Chia?

Do you think Autopilot Profits By Ewen Chia is legit or a scam?

Is Autopilot Profits By Ewen Chia worth It?

Thanks for reading my Autopilot Profits By Ewen Chia Review?

Can you make money with Autopilot Profits By Ewen Chia?

Is Autopilot Profits By Ewen Chia legit or scam?

Maybe the methods recommended in this product works in the days of old when it was first launched, perhaps it was a hit then, but this is the modern age.

The truth is this, Autopilot Profits By Ewen Chia will not make you money.

what are good side hustles

The program has been review and classified as a scam by over 80% website owner online.

The only people making money are those people promoting it and the owner himself.

How can an individual have over eight similar products focussed on making people money online?  Check out all Ewen Chia products here.

Autopilot Profits or its methods are not applicable in today’s world or the future as they are outdated and the course itself is highly ineffective.

Making money online is not as simple as presented here. It is very tough and needs a lot of hard work and months of dedication.

I can assure you that you’ll have a better and much more elaborated shot at internet marketing success with Wealthy Affiliate.

What do you think about my Autopilot Profits By Ewen Chia Review?

Have you purchased any of Ewen’s products before?

Are you making money with Autopilot Profits By Ewen Chia?

Please drop your thought in my comment area below. I will reply to you ASAP.

I have reviewed many of this kind of online training program and most of them from the click:

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4 thoughts on “Autopilot Profits By Ewen Chia Review: Can You Still Make Money?”

  1. Tiffany Stafford

    This looks like just another one of Chia’s $2000 scams.

    Honestly, for people just trying to make some extra income, stuff like this is actually sad. It’s predatory.

    I really appreciate how this article gives so many examples of why NOT to trust this program.

    Even if I was tempted in the first place, the article was incredibly informative on why I should stay away.

    1. Thanks for reading my autopilot profits review. Chia is all over internet and he is associated with many scamming online program.

      This is why you will see headings such as “Is Autopilot Profits a Scam?” or “Autopilot Profits Scam”.

      It is is sad to know that despite many of my kind of article trying to inform people about the legitimate ways you can make money online.

      People still go for this kind of autopilot profits that I am not recommend.

      Thanks again for taken your time to drop this comments. And I observed that this is not your first time here too. Really apreciate.


  2. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. I assume people who are really making that kind of money would likely not be marketing it to the masses, thus diluting the economic impact.

    1. Thanks for reading my review of Auto Pilot Profits by Ewen China.
      I agree with you, any individual that have access to such funnel will not like to extend it to others.

      That is a signal that somebody is not telling us the whole truth.

      Making money online should be adding real value to targeted audience.

      When ever you can not identify the real value addition in a product then you should not Torch or kiss such product a goodbye.

      This is why I am not recommending Auto Pilot Profits by Ewen China.

      What do you think about Eben China and its autopilot profits?

      Thanks for taken time to drop your comment. I really apreciate


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