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ClickBank Pirate Review: Can You Really Make $10k Monthly?

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You are welcome to my ClickBank Pirate review. Can you make money with ClickBank Pirate? Or, Is ClickBank Pirate legit or a scam?

ClickBank Pirate promised to help you earn $10,000 monthly.


Is it possible to make $10,000 online monthly with this program?
I know you are making your ClickBank Pirate findings; researching online before deciding is the right thing to do.

It is how to discover a legitimate online business that can earn you a full-time income

Please know that I am not associated with this program; therefore, expect an unbiased ClickBank Pirate review.

Please read on.

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ClickBank Pirate at a Glance

clickbank pirate login

Product Name: ClickBank Pirate
Founders: David Blaze, Soren Jordansen, and Cindy Battye
Price: $67 Signup fee + $ $37 monthly fee + $197 upsells
Rating: 15%
Recommended: No

Summary of ClickBank Pirate Review 

Clickbank Pirate is an autopilot online software System that the owners promise to make you money automatically.

Is there anything as such?

Can you build a system that will run and make you money automatically?

They also promised that this system would make you $10,000 monthly!

This is my take. 

Clickbank Pirate is legit and not another scam. 

But, you can not make $10,000 monthly with this product. If you make $500, you should thank your God.

It is a product that does not worth paying for. 

Why is that?

You can get all this resource at no cost online. 

Just Google it. 

Therefore, Clickbank Pirate Autopilot is not recommended.

This is what I can recommend.

You can start this affiliate marketing certification training. The level-one of ten lessons is FREE to join. 

Your credit or debit card is not needed for this subscription.

Please learn more about it here.

What do you think of my Clickbank Pirate review? Do you believe that Clickbank Pirate is legit or a scam?

Can you still make money with ClickBank Pirate? 

What is ClickBank Pirate?

Apart from that, they also have their tutorials and other marketing tools and resources for their affiliates.

The objective of ClickBank Pirate is to build an Affiliate Marketing business for members for the promotion of  products within ClickBank

Its a program that and website for their customers as well as provide tutorials and guides on how to make them build traffic and gro as an affiliate marketer.

Its open to anyone on the Internet that is willing to become an affiliate marketer. Please learn more about the Click Bank on Wikipedia and its various products

How Much Does ClickBank Pirate Cost?

As soon as you’re done with signing up to ClickBank pirate, you’ll be offered an upsell of $197 for an extra system, and as usual, they’ll tell you its one of the best ways to make more money on with their product.

Who Is The ClickBank Pirate For?

The product only brings profit to the owners, nothing more nothing less.

The more money you put in, the less money you get out.

How to Make Money with ClickBank Pirate

The concept here is quite simple:

ClickBank Pirate provides already made websites and templates from which you build your own affiliate marketing business.

They provide tutorials, other marketing tools, and resources for their members for them to grow and develop a strong affiliate marketing business centered on ClickBank.

It’s not that much of a sham if they followed up with what they promised, but instead, their tutorials and marketing tools are outdated, and you can only promote their products.

The worse part is that you don’t get to own your website which supposes to be your property

You really would not make anything using ClickBank Pirate.  You’d rather waste money, time and energy trying to know where and how you went wrong with the program.

There is some other website already review that have the same features.

ClickBank Pirate Support and Customer Service

The customer service is fair, although when you click on the ‘contact us’ button, it leads you to the IM Wealth Builders’ support page.

What is Good About ClickBank Pirate?

Two-Month Refund Guarantee

One of the beautiful things about these products is that if you’re not satisfied with it, you can rest assured that you would get your money back after sixty days.

Although the chances are high that you’d lose money permanently, since you pay through ClickBank then its easier to request for a refund.

Website templates

They provide website templates which is a good start for newbies in the world of affiliate marketing and creating a good page that can attract and keep potential customers.

Uses a Legitimate Business Model

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to make money online.

It is a billion dollar business.

Although the materials used are outdated, the business model is still legit, and the principles don’t change.

Issues With ClickBank Pirate?

Outdated Learning Materials

The training materials were created a long time ago, and ever since then, no updates have been made to them.

Hate to break it to ClickBank Pirate, but in any online business, you have to be up to date with as much information, techniques, and strategies as possible.

If they still use training guides that were created seven years ago, it’s not a surprise why you won’t make any money off this site.

Promoting ClickBank only

While ClickBank is a massive place for affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing is not only used on ClickBank.

There are some many platforms out there for affiliate marketing and broadening your knowledge as well as exploring them would help to boost your growth and experience in the Field.

So why limit yourself to ClickBank?

And the worst part about this is that you can’t use your affiliate links, which means that you’ll be earning a lower commission for promoting a link that belongs to ClickBank.

Evasively Exaggerated Homepage

Once you open the website, the first thing you would see on the homepage is a lot of exaggeration and precious promises about the program.

Many Upsells

As soon as you subscribe to the program, you instantly get an upsell of about $197 if not more that also promises to help you make the best use of this product as well as make you about $10000 in your first week!

Is ClickBank Pirate Legit or a Scam?

Ok, ClickBank Pirate is not a scam but legit affiliate marketing training. 

The problem is that it is a low-quality product.

Why is that?

You can quickly get all this resource in the public domain and at no cost. I meant free access to all this and even better on YouTube and Google or other search engines. 

The owners of ClickBank Pirate made many promises, but you can only learn a few basics of affiliate marketing with this program but not as much as you need to become very successful online.

ClickBank Pirate is not worth paying for as at the moment in time, because you can even find a better FREE online affiliate marketing training. 

Please know that ClickBank Pirate is legit and not a scam.  

Please check out a FREE affiliate marketing training; you will also create for yourself a FREE website. 

The few people who recommend these products are making money from it (The ClickBank affiliates marketers).

What do you think of my ClickBank Pirate review? Do you still think you can make money with ClickBank Pirate? 

Wealthy Affiliate Vs. ClickBank Pirate

Is ClickBank Pirate worth It?

Thanks for reading my Clickbank Pirate review. Can you make money with Clickbank Pirate? Is Clickbank Pirate legit or another scam Click Bank product.

Clickbank Pirate is an outright scam.

Please stay away.

It is an outdated old product that is not relevant to today’s online business.

what are good side hustles

You cannot employ Clickbank Pirate to make money online in the 21st century.

Instead, you need to create an audience that your activities can be adding value to daily.

You cannot make money online if you are not ready to help and provide a solution to your online audience.

It is the value that you are rendering that will bring your audience to your platform, and that is what will make them stay clue to you.

I recommend you learn how to make a full-time income with Wealthy Affiliate.  You will learn how to transform your hobbies and passion into a full-time business online. This is how I earn with this Website.

What do you think of my Clickbank Pirate review? Can you make money with Clickbank Pirate?Do you agree with me that Clickbank Pirate is not legit but another scam product.

Let me know what you think by using my comment area for your feedback.

ClickBank Pirate Review – Video

6 thoughts on “ClickBank Pirate Review: Can You Really Make $10k Monthly?”

  1. It’s cool when companies like ClickBank Pirate are interested in developing their partners. I love it. So they care. It is important. But the information that was relevant 7 years ago doesn’t sound tempting at all, and the price increase… Well, I don’t even have to get into it, it’s not for me.
    And, yeah, thanks John for your research!

    1. Thanks for reading my ClickBank Pirate Review.

      My main question is can you really make money with this ClickBank Pirate?

      The claim that ClickBank Pirate can help you make $10,000 monthly is a terrible thing. To me, it is to dissuade the newbies and make them sign up. It is not that easy to start making money online. It is required a lot of seriously hard work.

      There is another terrible claim, that u=you don’t even need a website to make the $10,000. It is possible to make money online without a site but it very unreal to make $10k without one.

      You can NOT make $10,000 working online without identity. Your website is your identity. The good thing is that you can create and learn how to create your website FREE with Wealthy Affiliate.

      Do check it out.



  2. This is too bad. Most of these packages are so overpriced and they are marketed so professionally that the desperate layman falls for the trap.

    The whole idea is to offer peanuts in return and just scam the end customer to spend their money in hopes to earn something in return. Total rip off!

    1. Thanks for reading my ClickBank Pirate scam review.

      You are right. This is why ClickBank Pirate is NOT recommended by me because it is good as a scam.

      ClickBank Pirate is outdated and very old PDF training on how to make money with Click Bank.

      If you are keen on making money with ClickBank Pirate; You can learn directly from the ClickBank Universuty program.



  3. I have found for myself new information about a new field, thank you. More and more people want to make quick money. But what’s behind it or what’s it gonna cost you? Wouldn’t it be better first to go and ask for an expert? Or at least explore 10 similar practical articles like this. The topic is very relevant. Just spending 5 minutes on reading the article you will benefit yourself as I found it useful and concise.
    But if Click Bank is so bad, is there an alternative in the market? Or something similar, but much better? What should I pay attention to?

    1. Thanks for reading my review of Clock Bank Pirate. Are people making money via Click Bank Pirate?

      This was why I title my review as “can you make money with ClickBank Pirate?

      There are many Click Bank Pirate scam review online. Just search for is” Click Bank Pirate a scam?”

      After reading my review, what do you think of the click bank pirate review scam? Is Click Bank Pirate worth it?

      It is your decision to decide, I am to advice you.

      My articles is just my opinion after a lot of investigative review.



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