ClickBank University 2.0 Review (Can You Still Make Money?)

What is ClickBank University 2.0 About, Exactly?

You are here because you want to be sure if it is possible to make money with ClickBank University 2.0. This thorough ClickBank University 2.0 review will show you all you need to know about ClickBank University 2.0.

In simple terms, ClickBank University is NOT a conventional University but a marketing training programme designed for new internet marketers to enhance their marketing skills in digital products.

The company teaches you how to create your own online business and how best you can create more money by promoting digital products owned by other individuals via affiliates.

Dr. Timothy P. Barber founded the click bank in a garage in 1998 in San Diego, California. He realized that the rapid growth and embrace of the Internet will definitely create a gab that must be filled.

He aimed to help buyers and consumers locate products and services online seemly.

Click Bank has experienced a massive growth into a leader in the digital marketplace, doing over $3.5 billion sales touching and impacting the lives of over 200 million customers in different countries.

In this click bank review, I will take you through what Clickbank university is and you will be watching YouTube Videos of how you can Make money with the Click Bank University.

Towards the end of this article, I will be recommending my better alternative to Click Bank that can earn you over $20,000 monthly within two years. In this ClickBank University 2.0, you will learn the following:

  • If I Recommend ClickBank University 2.0 or Not
  • ClickBank University 2.0 Review – YouTube 
  • If You Can Still Make Money With ClickBank University 2.0
  • Products Promote By ClickBank University 2.0
  • Price And Cost  of Joining ClickBank University
  • You Know If  ClickBankUniversity 2.0 Is A Scam or Legit
  • The Good And The Bad of  ClickBank University 2.0
  • How You Can Make Money with ClickBank University 2.0
  • My Best Advice For You (Must Read)


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Do I Recommend ClickBank University 2.0?

Click Bank University has a reputation for having numerous sets of training for affiliates.

It is a good choice that can help you as a newbie in digital marketing to gather vast experience and become a pro.

Experience is the best teacher. Most especially if you are looking to making money in click bank marketplace.

However, you don’t have to keep on failing and learn from your own mistakes on the mechanism at your disposal to help you climb up the ladder. Training programs such as Click Bank University are there to equip you with information to help you shoot up.

The programme depicts the approaches that have been used by the most successful internet marketers that you can ever find. As a matter of fact, Click Bank prides themselves on having paid affiliate commissions of over $3 billion.

Learn the secrets adopted by the most successful digital markets and harness them to pave your way to success.

You may find it important to dismantle the Intel provided by this programme to become an affiliate and build affiliate websites.

Besides, the programme is designed to serve both digital product owners and those who synthesis other products and earn a penny from their affiliates.

ClickBank University 2.0 Review |YouTube


Can You Still Make Money With ClickBank University 2.0?

By investing your time and dedication in Click Bank University (CBU), you are no doubt heading in the right direction to help you make money online.

They offer detailed information about product creation; which can be a lucrative online business for you when you are in a good position to create high-quality digital products and generate traffic to your website.

In addition, the programme offers detailed information and videos for affiliates.

As a newbie, you will get to learn what an email list is and how affiliate marketing works. You will be able to make more money when you establish a good email sequence for email marketing.

Also, CBU will enable you to create good incentives for affiliates that will start doing the selling for you.


What Products Does ClickBank University 2.0 Promote or Sell?

CBU promotes digital products. By that, I mean website content. Selling website content is not as easy as it seems and applying the right mechanism may be the key to achieving an optimal result.

That is where Click Bank University comes in to help individuals to create high-quality content that will drive traffic to their sites or earn by promoting other products via affiliates.

The Costs/Price of ClickBank University 2.0

By enrolling in CBU training programme, you will be subjected to pay a fee of $47 every month for the training you receive.


Is ClickBank University 2.0 A Scam Or Legit?

Click Bank University is a legit business opportunity and not a scam most especially for the newbies to venture into the online marketing business.

It is also a noble venture that will enable intermediate online marketers to enhance their marketing skills and make thousands of dollars after a short duration of time.

With the right attitude, Click Bank University may be the ideal business opportunity that you have been looking forward to as an entrepreneur.

If you are fresh out of college and you are wondering how you will start making dollars online, Click Bank University is one of the opportunities you should consider trying.

As a scholar, you require the right platform that will help you market your intellectual performance globally.

Having the ability to create a digital product; expertise, marketing, and general know-how is not all you need to be able to make a living online.

You have to embrace the proper mechanism that will enable you to channel your products to potential buyers. That is where CBU comes in.

The training product will be of great help to you regardless of whether you want to create your own products or just earn through other vendor products via affiliate.

In my view, earning through affiliates is much easier compared to creating your own products but you can go ahead and create your own digital products.

If you have something that is gnawing your mind “now and then,” and you really feel that it makes you tick, go ahead and show the world what you have to offer.

But first, enroll in the Click Bank University forum and learn the paramount tips that will help you grow fast.


What I like About ClickBank University 2.0

  1. Some Quality Training

There are some of the high-quality lessons that will keep you on track for many weeks. The programme offers sets of face-to-face videos in addition to over the shoulder video.

Moreover, CBU training has a downloadable written portion which enables you to see basic highlights from the video portion.

      2. ClickBank University 2.0 Is Made To Promote ClickBank Products

From the few videos I managed to watch, I can tell that CBU offers high-quality videos which are very candid and insightful elaborating vividly on how online marketing works.

You will easily know which products to sell, the best way to drive traffic to your website and understand how affiliate marketing works on Click Bank.

     3. It Helps You To Easily Own Your Product Online

Their main training locus is magnificent. It pays more attention to product creation as opposed to other cunning programmes on how to make money that I have come across prior.

When you are well-equipped to create high-quality products, you will for sure be able to drive traffic to your site.


clickbank university reviews


Issues With Click Bank University 2.0

Complete Support is Lacking

Their locked programmes is a turn off in a way. You may have to go for up to 3 weeks without getting any special access.

To access the rest of the training, you have to send them an email. I have reviewed many complaints which depict the process as cumbersome and unmerited.

Low-Quality Webinars

From the customers who attended some of their webinars, their reviews show that the webinars are of low quality.

CBU uses the notion of scarcity (which is false in their case) to promote Click Bank and get more people to sign up. They don’t provide the education required by newbies.

Lack of Step by Step Guides

Click Bank University affiliate training lacks step-by-step lessons that I expected. However, by that, I don’t mean that it is not essential for you as a newbie.

You will still get detailed information about effective affiliate marketing, understand more about email list; how you can make sales using your funnel coordinates.

Unfortunately, there is no interaction in the program. I see no point in paying a monthly fee to just watch videos, some of which were created a few years back.

I would appreciate more interaction showing me how things really work in detailed examples.

Who is ClickBank University 2.0 For?

Click Bank University is all about making money online. CBU best suits new internet marketers who are still in the process of enhancing their marketing skills to be able to make online.

Click Bank University caters to the needs of newbies and helps them to create their own products. More so, newbies learn secrets

they should embrace to become affiliates and create affiliate websites.

How to Make Money with ClickBank University 2.0

CBU offers you the necessary training you require starting earning from digital products. However, this is just a program that helps you to become one of the marketers on Click Bank.

You now make your own products and then Click Bank will help you to sell the products but they will cut some deductions from your earnings.

The same applies when you decide to earn through an affiliate. You just create affiliates on your desired products and channel them through a form of billboards on Click Banks` interface.

The key to increasing your sales is by driving more traffic to your website. Your earning will grow depending on the mechanism you incorporate to drive more sales on your website.

Online marketing is a very lucrative job and when you become a marketing pro, you will no longer require jostling to make money.

Every time potential buyers visit your website or affiliate website, it translates to more dollars into your bankroll.

ClickBank University 2.0 Review (Is It Worth The Money?) | YouTube


My Final Opinion of ClickBank University 2.0

I believes you now know what Clickbank University About is about. You should know that Click Bank University is an essential program that is worth the monthly fee of $ 47. Different innovations and inventions are all calling for online marketing in this digital arena.

Due to competition and restrictions on entry in the market, you need to be equipped with the required marketing skills to secure a niche for your own products or the affiliates for the digital products you are advertising.

Click Bank may be the best investment that you can ever make. Go ahead and utilize your knowledge and earn your expertise. However, their marketing strategy for upsells has not earned my credit since it is prone to promote some scams.

ClickBank University 2.0 at a Glance

Name: ClickBank University


Price: $47 per month

Owners: Matt Hulett, Adam Horwitz, Justin Atlan

Overall Rank: 57/100


Wealthy Affiliate Vs ClickBank University 2.0 

Wealthy Affiliate is generally accepted as one of the best things that ever happen to the online world. This training platform will help turn anyone from any region in the world into a guru on how to make money online.

Yes, I recommend Wealthy Affiliate instead of the ClickBank University 2.0, and why is that? One because they help me know all you can see on this website, I knew nothing about how to make money with my passion or hobbies before now.

You can easily learn how to make over $20,000 monthly within two years. As long as you are committed and hardworking and you successfully follow the training.

The features and benefits accessible to every Affiliate Premium members can never be compared to any similar online platform in the world and that includes the ClickBank University 2.0 under review here.

Do you have any contribution or question? Kindly drop your thought in my comment area below. I will be glad to get back to you in no time.make money clickbank as affiliate

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