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My Freelance Paycheck Review: Is Freelance Paycheck Legit or a Scam?

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You are welcome to my Freelance Paycheck Review by Laura Pennington. Can you still make money with My Freelance Paycheck? Is Freelance Paycheck Legit or a Scam?

This detailed review will try to answer all your possible questions. In the end, you will be able to decide if this is what you want to pay for.


My Freelance Paycheck is a legitimate training program written by Laura Pennington.

My Freelance Paycheck is all about how to make money online as a writer and freelancer. It is a training program that promised to coach you on how you can make money as a writer.

Laura Pennington claimed that she would help you to become freelance and a great writer; writing and making money from home.

In her videos, she claims to reveal various ways in which you can earn $500+ weekly from what she refers to as “secret paychecks” earned by merely typing words onto the computer.

This is a misleading statement because there is nothing secretive about becoming a freelancer and a writer which you can achieve without paying a dime; because it can be seen in the public domain.

While realistically, the figures she quoted are inflated for the sake of making a sale.
make money with my Freelance Paycheck

Freelance Paycheck training package contains legitimately useful information; although but with a lot of exciting statements.

If you are looking to kick-start your freelancing career, my Freelance Paycheck by Laura Pennington can offer some insight on how to get started.

But it is not recommended because you can find on the public domain at no cost to you.

Also, you can quickly become a writer making a lot of money for yourself.

This Affiliate Marketing training can help you earn over $10,000 monthly within two years. The level one of the training is made up of ten courses which are free to join.

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My Freelance Paycheck At A Glance

Product Name: My Freelance Paycheck
Founder: Laura Pennington
Price: $47 + $37 per Month (upsell)
Rating: 48%
Recommended: No

What is My Freelance Paycheck?

My Freelance Paycheck is a training program by Laura Pennington that coaches her audience on how to become a freelance writer and start making money from home.

You cannot make money directly with the site except you are promoting this product for a commission, but the coaching provided by My Freelance Paycheck can help you become a freelance writer, but you have to bring out your credit card for the fee.

If you decide to pay for this product you will have access to learn from Laura on how to earn and be a profitable writer; at least that is the impression that this program gave its audience.

With the availability of internet access worldwide and the need for various print and non-media to produce content.

There is a constant demand for excellent and high-quality writers around the world by organizations and individuals to get their stories out to the world.

This is why Laura Pennington came in to take advantage of the situation and make money from this program; which is smart of her.

But this training program is full of exaggerations and exciting statements.

As a freelance writer, all that is required of you is to provide quality content for your clients for money.

But the big question is this; is My Freelance Paycheck training worth the money?

My Freelance Paycheck ‘s training package consists of the following:

  • 158-page PDF format book.
  • One hour+ audio version of the book in mp3 format.
  • Twenty-five short videos on freelancing.
  • The success multipliers book where Laura Pennington interviews other successful freelancers share their tips on success.
  • A set of 5 templates that you can use to formulate emails to clients.

My Freelance Paycheck does not have any geo-restrictions. You can access this product from anywhere in the world as long as you make the purchase.

What do you think of my review of My Freelance Paycheck? Is My Freelance Paycheck legit or scam?

How Much Does My Freelance Paycheck Cost

To be a member of My Freelance Paycheck, you have to cough out $47. Once you pay this amount, you can access the members’ area of the site.

You are expected to continue paying $37 monthly so as to continue to have access to the training and leads.

There, you can download the book and audio as well as the rest of the training package.

How Affiliate Makes Money with Freelance Paycheck

You can make money in two major ways with My Freelance Paycheck, they are as stated below:

***Make Money with My Freelance Paycheck As A Writer ***

My Freelance Paycheck offers clear guidelines on how to make money working as a freelancer.

Laura Pennington uses straightforward language and an apparent breakdown, including tours of her freelancing accounts to show you how to get started and keep going.

If you understand and follow the program, you will be able to start earning from the internet.

Being realistic about the earnings is essential. Ultimately, Laura Pennington wants to make a sale, so the gains are inflated.

Make room for the typical ups and downs that come with any job venture, do your research, and work diligently.

You can also sign up for the affiliate program and market My Freelance Paycheck. The commission earned from sales is a great way to add to your income.

***Make Money Promoting My Freelance Paycheck***

The only way to earn money directly from My Freelance Paycheck is to sign up for their affiliate program.

My Freelance Paycheck pays 75% on Fronted and Upsell sales and 30% on recurring transactions. Payments go through Paypal, Braintree, and Clickbank.

Indirectly, applying what you learn from My Freelance Paycheck can earn you money working as a freelancer.

This training program is very comprehensive on how to work as a freelance writer including the best sites to work from, how to bid, type faster, interact with clients, and how to snag the best jobs.

You may not earn $500+ weekly, but you can make good money after following the guidelines offered by Laura Pennington’s My Freelance Paycheck.

Is My Freelance Paycheck legit or scam? What do you think of the review of My Freelance Paycheck?

My Freelance Paycheck Support and Customer Service

There are no complaints on the internet regarding My Freelance Paycheck customer service.

You can contact My Freelance Paycheck customer service through:


Mailing Address: 4281, Express Lane, Suite L2521, Saratosh, FL 34249

Emails will receive replies within 48 hours.

What is Good About My Freelance Paycheck?

  1. Click Bank – 60 Days Money Back Guarantee

My Freelance Paycheck is a product sold on Click bank that automatically qualified it for the 60 days money-back guarantee which is well known with all the Click Bank products.

So, you have this assurance that your money is safe even if you try to purchase to see what is inside of the My Freelance Paycheck.

A warning though. It may be difficult and tough sometimes to get your money refunds through Click Bank.

  1. Real Testimonials

Most of the several fake online programs usually pay people to false testimonies about how successful their plan is.

My Freelance Paycheck employs real people with real testimonies. How do I know? You can google the images of those testimonials to be sure.

  1. Founder of My Freelance Paycheck Is Real

The founder of My Freelance Paycheck Is Real is a real person and also well known in the online industry.

Though the webpage of My Freelance Paycheck looked scamming the owner “Laura Pennington “ is a real person.

Just Google her name online you will observe that she is real and well known in the MMO (Make Money Online) industry.

  1. Freelance Business Model Works

Writing is just a tiny aspect of a freelancer. There are so many things you can do freelancing.

The most popular freelancing platform known with a lot of freelancing market place is Fiverr. You can outsource jobs and have people working for you from anywhere in the world.

If you are based in New York while people are working for you in India, Africa, Japan, and Canada. You can outsource any jobs. This is the future of online business.

Therefore, My Freelance Paycheck business model is legit and proven to be working. You will be adding value to clients. It is not just any fluke program where you are using the MLM model to strip people of their funds online.

  1. Step by Step Training Program

It is a well-orchestrated training package that offers step by step guidance on how to build a freelancing career.

The information contained in the program is valid, and once you apply it, you will be able to begin earning an income. It is just straight forward.

The program is especially useful to beginners since it teaches them strategies and concepts that take years to self-teach.

The purchase is a one-time expense, and you get to refer to the material as many times as you need.

Issues With My Freelance Paycheck

  1. The figures indicated on the program as weekly earnings are inflated.
  2. Information is too bulky and may feel overwhelming.
  3. You need a reliable internet connection to benefit from the program.

Public and Online Complaints About My Freelance Paycheck

My Freelance Paycheck has been on the market for only a few months. Thus far there are no negative reviews about the product.

It is worth noting, though, that most of the reviews available on the internet have a strong sales pitch geared towards making a commission from your purchase.

There are, however, genuine reviews that speak frankly and they all agree that My Freelance Paycheck is not a scam. It is an authentic program that is well-created and worth buying.

Most Click Bank product like this has many sets back. Other click banks products already review includes:

 Alternatives to My Freelance Paycheck

There are many freelance writing courses available on the internet. Some of them are free like Writing Revolt by Jorden Roper, Open University, and Writers in Charge by Bamidele Onibalusi among others.

There are also low-cost programs that go for $10 or less including Udemy’s Skool of Creativity and Mark Manson’s Blogging and Writing Course.

You can also go for the high-end writing courses that cost upwards of $500 including Gotham Writers and Faber Academy.

Is My Freelance Paycheck Legit Or Scam?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to use My Freelance Paycheck. My Freelance Paycheck is a legitimate program from a legitimate source.

So far no customers have complained of additional charges to their credit card once they paid the initial $47.

what are good side hustles

The site is safe, and there have not been any complaints about the downloadable material.

Is My Freelance Paycheck worth It?

What do you think about my Freelance Paycheck Review By Laura Pennington? Is My Freelance Paycheck a Scam? My worry is that will it make you money in today’s digital age.

Yes, you may start making some pockets of money. But, it won’t take you far.

Therefore, this product is not a scam, but it is inferior to my #1 recommended online business.  My recommended product has everything that will help build your online business. Please check it out.

The training is great, and a lot of people are making money. I am referring to over 1.5m members making money online with a lot of proof.

Are you making money with my Freelance Paycheck Review By Laura Pennington? Kindly drop your thought or concern in my comment area.

I will be glad to get back to you in no time.

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13 thoughts on “My Freelance Paycheck Review: Is Freelance Paycheck Legit or a Scam?”

  1. My Freelance Paycheck is right platform to start with. This improved my knowledge about various concepts related to digital and affiliate marketing. Their email templates are very well written. These templates eased my communication tasks. For beginners, it is the right option. What do you say John?

    1. Thanks for reading my My Freelance Paycheck review. I can agree with you that it is a legitimate platform. But the question is this, is the money worth it?

      I believe the materials to become a freelance writer can be found anywhere online. You can learn to be a writer via various platform online such as YouTube, Google, Bing and Yahoo.

      In my opinion, why can’t any writer start a blog and be making money why you can write for your own platform.

      It is the best way to make consistent money online I.e, becoming a blogger. The goodnnews is that you can learn the art of blogging via Wealthy Affiliate. The Level-One (10 Courses) is FREE to join. You don’t need your credit card to join.

      Thanks for visiting my site again.


      John. A.

  2. Well detailed review, with this i have all the information I need and I have decided to buy Freelance paycheck. Thank you so much for this review. let me see what I can get from this

  3. I’m almost surprised it’s legit! With a name like Laura Pennington, it sounds like she invented the identity just to sell a product about writing!

    Still, it’s nice to see that some people really are trying to help other people make money online. Thanks for the review and for pointing me in the direction of more affordable, useful options!

  4. I understand if you think the estimated weakly earnings is inflated, but must say with a powerful strategy and definitely determination you can make that much.

    I have not purchased this ebook but I have a good feeling about this one. Nice review anyways.

  5. This sounds like a solid program packed with useful information. Although, where I am somewhat skeptical is with the fact that the numbers you can actually make may be inflated. Otherwise sounds like a good program I may check out.

  6. After reading the review on my freelance paycheck I am very tempted to try it out but I will take all your recommendations in consideration before I make an informed decision. Thank you for all the information.

  7. Why are people still joining such programs? Is it because you’re tricked into thinking just because this looks real (and is from what you said) you’ll just make thousands of dollars with little work? I would rather learn how to do it and put in the effort needed and be patient until I start making real money.

  8. This is really amazing, making money by just typing words into the computer. I am really interested, how do I go about making payments for the video? I’ll love to start immediately.

    1. Dear Ikechukwu,
      I hope you read my review properly? Freelance Paycheck Review By Laura Pennington is not a scam but I am not recommending it for you. It will not make you money online.
      Please check my # recommended the online program as highlighted in my article.

      You can drop your thought in my comment area if you are having a problem creating your accounts. I will help you.
      I hope you are okay with my answer?

      Sincere Regards


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